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Salaam Venky poster

Wogma rating: Catch on TV/online for sure

Quick review: Does a film about a mother and son grappling with the idea of euthanasia really need added drama and songs to say what it has to say? No. These water down the merit of the topic and the performances ☹

An Action Hero poster

Wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for it to come on TV/online

Quick review: A spoof that doesn’t rely on slapstick comedy! Yet, doesn’t engage with the details. Sincere and believable performances, an interesting basic plot, and a few quips are the big-picture plusses.

Bhediya poster

Wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for it to come on TV/online

Quick review: Quick-fix, unnuanced writing skims over some social issues preachily. Tries hard to have its heart in the right place. Loses out on a relatively fresh and charming take that had the potential to appeal to the urban conscience.

Drishyam 2 poster

Wogma rating: The keen must watch on screen; else TV/online

Quick review: A compelling story, even if the plot is far-fetched, is executed reasonably well to give us closure after Drishyam. If you have seen the original, though, you will find enough to complain about while appreciating some deviations.



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