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Lightyear poster

Wogma rating: Watch for sure, preferably in theatre

Quick review: Lightyear is, at the same time, a celebration of the science fiction genre, a reminder of the magic of Toy Story, and a solid science fiction story in its own regard.

Toolsidas Junior poster

Wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for it to come on TV/online

Quick review: This predictable, run-of-the-mill underdog film skips the training montage and uses fun layman language to explain the technicalities of the sport. Indeed, not enough to warrant your time and energy. But not a complete loss if you end up watching it anyway.

(Available on Netflix)

Anek poster

Wogma rating: Catch on TV/online for sure

Quick review: Preachy, but about a situation that many of us might need schooling for. Series of debates and monologues are sewn together to ensure the rest of the country knows that they don’t know the lived reality of fellow citizens from the seven sister states. A stimulating 2.5 hours followed by a killer of a 3-letter word climax that summarises the attitude at the root of the problem.

Jalsa poster

Wogma rating: The keen must watch on screen; else TV/online

Quick review: A thriller on a slow-burner that mulls over the inequalities in society without getting preachy. Well-shot, well-performed, and even well-written, except for one last bit where it gets manipulative—thankfully doesn’t take away from the experience. (Available on Amazon Prime Video)



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