Happy 10th!

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I get asked, if not told, often, “Don't you get bored watching films?!”
I haven't been able to respond to that with anything other than a blank stare. I don't understand the question. I do the next thing I was taught to do to deflect a difficult question. Reply with a question, “How does one get bored watching films?”

More likely than not, the next statement is, “Oh, I would never be able to do it! I admire your patience.”
2-3 hours in a dark hall, watching color and sound unfold in all it's glory. It is not like one is being asked to meditate. Though, I must admit, watching films has become quite meditative over the years.

As I discard the thought of opening my mouth to say anything as insane as that, I get a sorry look, “I really pity you. Poor thing, has to watch all kinds of trash.”
Now this one I know the response to! “No-no-no-no-no. I love the act of watching every movie. I expect only one in 10-15 movies to be good. If I don't watch a 100, how will I see 10 good films?” I bite my lip as I think of sex comedies and horror films. They are not my thing.

The, “you are crazy” look on their face doesn't wane. We all smile and move on.

Don't pity me, dear reader, don't admire me. Just know that a cinema hall brings pure bliss. Writing about the experience, is a bonus.

No fanfare, no bells and whistles. Just plain happy to be 10. Here's to many more “100 movies a year” years!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Congrats Meetu. Looking forward to the next 10.

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