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d is a very close friend of mine. She wrote this piece as a gift to me when I put up my first 'about' page. These days, I'm also trying my hand at short stories at minusi.com. Do leave a comment there with your feedback.

Having Meetu for a friend is never having to consult the local yellow pages again! From where to find the freshest iceberg lettuce to which is the closest pharmacy open at midnight … Meetu not only knows but is also amazingly generous with her knowledge and, more importantly, with her time.

Meetu is a Chartered Accountant but she’d rather not keep books. She is also an MBA but she’d rather not run a business. She has all that it takes to make it big in a `conventional’ career .. and she has the maturity and courage to ignore it and follow her heart.

See that petite, bespectacled lady in the fairly empty theatre at the morning show? ..… the one seriously taking notes … that’s her. Twice a week, week after week, watching every new release, researching it, making notes, critiquing it and putting it all together to give us without giving the movie away’….. and while at it … shsshing thenot so involved in the movie’ love birds, raging at the rude, poorly behaved ticket seller / buyer / litterer ….That’s typical .. meticulous, organized, won’t-hesitate-to-speak-her-mind Meetu.

Not for her the lazy, haphazard `things will get done when they get done’ attitude … with Meetu things get done when, no, before they need to get done .. and are then neatly crossed out from the TO DO list tacked to the fridge .. or was that one on the list on the desktop .. no .. the wardrobe then? …. And did I tell you about her temper? ….

Let me switch to safer pastures before I get a frank and forthright critique of my writing. In addition to all of this she cares wonderfully for a demanding family with two little kids and a big kid masquerading as her husband. She rules over a little army of house-help with a firm but gentle hand and runs a 24x7 open house for extended family and friend... seriously where do I go to buy your kind of energy Meetu?

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Wonderful reviews, Meeta. You certainly go into my blogroll. :)


Thanks Kishore, highly appreciated!


Thanks, Jugal!


Thanks Biswa! You made my day!! Will continue to sit through...


Thanks Viphu. I would love to do what you suggest, but don't do it for the following three reasons -

1. I do the round-up manually, so I actually go to 60-70 sites for each movie. If I start covering international reviews, there will be tons more. And honestly, it takes up a lot of time, which like with everyone else, is scarce for me :)

2. I would have covered international reviews, if they covered more than 4-5 Hindi movies a year.

3. Like you said, 'Rotten Tomatoes' does it already, I see no point replicating what they do. I am considering having the rotten tomatoes and imdb ratings on the site along with number of votes. Will have to take a look into copyright issues and a way to update them automatically.

By the way, I am so glad you thought of this service in the same terms as the one offered by 'Rotten Tomatoes'. Thanks!

Do keep coming.

Thejesh GN:

Cool blog. Bookmarked it.


Thanks Thejesh!


Thank for your feedback, Paresh. I have been thinking about it for quite some time, now. Will try to incorporate it soon.


:) Thanks Prateek!


Finally a site with sense! And that too a film review site :O one look at the page, and i knew i found the place i've been searching for a long time. Kudos to you! Your reviews are crisp, well written, and actually rates the movie in a very practical way. This is one site i'm passing along to all my friends. Congrats, and keep up the good work.


Thank you, Srinath!


What excellent reviews. keep writing



Will surely do, Prasad!


Hi Babyjiji,

You can get a list of all movies reviewed on this site, according to rating here -



Thanks Satyajit! Will try my best to maintain my sensibilities :)

Mukesh Sarda:

Awesome website. And nice review. Will be in touch. It has been great seeing your website in Cyberworld and Let me know if I can be of any help. Thanks for the great work you are doing in the NGO and save pune trafic etc.

Mukesh Sarda


Hello pretty lady :)

I finally landed at your blog! Yipee!

Keep in touch ok?!



Hey Mel!!! Thanks for dropping by - finally :) Will certianly keep in touch!


hey.. you have an awesome blog.. i visit regularly for movie reviews..
added to my blogroll !


Thanks Shashi!


great site. visit once a day



Thanks, prasad!


Hi Meetu,

i just love ur site, ur reviews are always bang on and i dont watch a movie without checking ur review. keep up the good work.



Thank you rajiv, nakshatra and Divya! Keep coming!!


Hi Meetu..Google search for Chance Pe Dance reviews led me to your site and I loved your thoughtful and witty reviews. Shall always consult your site before watching a movie ever again.

Btw, I fancy myself to be able to analyze a movie by the trailers (The Blink technique :) and your review just confirmed my opinion of Chance Pe Dance. Pretty bullish on Rann and will wait for your review :)


Hey Abhinav, thanks a lot! Eager to watch write about Rann too!! Keep coming ;)




@kishore @Samir Thank you people!! means much!!!

@Asif Thank you so much!! How did you know?


@Shuchita will certainly pass on the compliments.

sandeep | GuruTalks.com:

I'm impressed, nice blog!


@Sandeep thank you!!

ajay :

Wonderful site! Adding you to my Reader :) I would call stumbling across your site as serendipity. A word I like so much :)


hey Meetu,

Was wondering if you received my email about the interview:) hope to hear from you soon!


@Ajay @Beth Thank you guys!

@Bhavika Just replied. Thank you.


good to see a CA who comes out of books and writing so wonderfully. Me too CA and thought many times to come out of serious job and wanted to have fun but so far no sucsess. may you guide me to have fun at work. :)


@prakash yeah, it took me a while to figure that even though i'm good with numbers, they don't make me go crazy about them, like movies or writing does.


@Nafees Thank you so much for your interest in writing for wogma. Right now though, I'm not looking for any writers.

Vikram Karve:

I like your reviews. I do read your review before deciding to see a movie. I find your reviews quite realistic. Keep Writing.


@Vikram Thank you so much!! :D



You people (including the guest reviewers) have been doing a fabulous job. All of it makes a great read. Keep up the good job.


Thanks Shrinivas! On behalf of all writers!


Thanks @Debparna!

Ridhima Sahni:

Hi meetu

Love ur blog. I handle PR for some celebrities and one of my client wants to do a blogger outreach. would request you to share your contact details so that i can discuss the same with you.


ajay brahmatmaj:

didnt you watch zed plus.wanted to read your review.


@Ridhima Thank you. You can send me an email.

@ajay No, unfortunately wasn't able to. Hopefully, I will be able to catch it when it is out on DVD or satellite TV.

tripurari sharan:

Meetu, are you still active on this blog. Wanted to get in touch with you on your email. I happened to browse through your post some , maybe, ten years ago. This had popped up when i was looking through something related to FTII, Pune and I saw your post about the Film Appreciation Course. I was a little dismayed by the cavalier comments you had made about me. I was the director of the institute at that time. I saw it , felt a twitch of sadness for having evoked such strong negative reaction in someone attending the course but then I moved on. All these years later I happened to stumble on your post again in the course of searching something related to me. I am sure you too have moved on far in your life. Just that I am revisiting some of my experiences at the institute to put it together in a book and I felt almost hounded by this ghost from my past. Hence this email. Could we exchange notes on the exact motive emotions that led to these strong reactions? On an email, not on this blog. Would be grateful. I am just curious and assure you that i will restrict it to purpose of my own understanding. I am sure you too have moved on sufficiently to be dispassionate and objective about it.
Tripurari Sharan

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