Why read a review?

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A conversation between a wogma reader (!) and non-yet-reader (?) -

?: Why read a review?

!: Should I watch it or skip it? Pitch it or ditch it?

?:How does a review help? It's just the writer's point of view which could be absolutely different from yours.

!: Could, but not necessarily always is.

?: But, you'd never find a person whose opinion on all movies will match 100% with yours.

!: Don't want such a match.

?: Huh? Then, why read a review?

!: Because a review can give the writer's opinion with explanations on why they liked or disliked a movie.

?: Now, why would someone else's explanation interest you?

!: Because I know why he/she didn’t like the movie.

?: And...?

!: And...I know if I agree or disagree with the writer. Then I decide if the same things appeal to me or bother me. Here, this will solve the mystery -

Writer's reason - Positive Negative
I don't like DON'T WATCH WATCH


?: aaah...but I like watching every movie AND I like forming my own opinion. Yes, I love discussing the movie. Now, why would someone like me read a review?

!: Oh well, to each his own...hey wait, you can read the review after you've watched the movie and discuss it with the reviewer. You are right, it's fun!

So, whether you are a '?' or '!', you are at the right place! :)

- meetu, a part of the audience

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Rishita Gupta:

Found your blog so late damn it. It's amazing. Now I am someone who mostly watches movies after reading review, now these days most reviews are trash. Loved yours of Rocket Singh : Salesman of the year. Came here from IMDB.


Thank you so much, Rishita! Welcome to wogma!

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