About Wogma

It's unfair that many reviews are all about the story.

  • Unfair to the makers (bad movie makers too!) who have taken great pains to develop a build up and want plot points in the story to unfold in a certain way.
  • Unfair to the audience. Their enjoyment of the movie is hampered. There is some value in knowing things in the story when the movie maker wants his audience to know it.
  • Unfair to the reviewer because having the story form half of the review is just not challenging enough!

Sure, some people like knowing about the story before watching the movie, but do they really like knowing detailed descriptions of scenes or the main twists?

So, here we have reviews 'Without Giving the Movie Away' aka wogma!


Going into the theater with as little baggage as possible is what we aim at here. An attempt is made to be minimally influenced by the history of the director, actors, writers, and of course, gossip around the movie. Sometimes, however, it becomes irresistible, when the stamp of the artist, or similarities with other movies are glaring at you.

Yet, 'Go in with a clean slate' is the movie-watching motto.

'What was the most likely intention of the movie-makers?' Have they succeeded in getting it across? The intention could be an altruistic one to change the society or simply to entertain or tell a story. Have the makers achieved the effect they were trying to create? Of course, I can only tell whether it worked for me.

Obviously, I have limited knowledge of the faculties of film-making. So, I'm often asked, "Do you think you can make a better movie?" Maybe-maybe not. I know I don't really aspire to be a movie-maker. But, I am an avid movie watcher!


meeta started wogma in September 2006. meeta's a part part-time blogger, a very part-time volunteer, near part-time mother of two and a wannabe non-housewife. While, she's written most of the reviews, wogma has a panel of guest reviewers who occasionally put in their thoughts on a movie they have seen recently. Navin handles wogma's backend.