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Tangled is everything you want an animated movie by Disney to be. Its fun, adventurous, action packed, touching and filled with lough-out-loud scenes. A complete package indeed. On top of it the first half could very well be called a musical, and a very good one at that, mind you. It takes the fairytale of Rapunzel and creates a thrilling adventure for you to enjoy with your family and friends. We all walked out of the theatre - content, grinning to each other and getting every bit of our moneys worth and then some. An absolute must watch in theatres.

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Running time: 100 minutes
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Tangled is a story of the long haired princess Rapunzel. “Oh, but we all know the story of Rapunzel, so whats new in there?” - you may ask. Aherm, absolutely great visuals for starters. This is the first CGI fairytale from Disney and it is totally worth the wait. For once, they’ve made some intelligent use of 3D technology and the scenes are not forced. The story is predictable, but isn’t that the case with all Disney animated movies in general? No one goes to watch Disney animation movies for their brilliant plot. We go there to laugh & cry and sing & dance with the characters we know we are going to fall in love with. Tangled does all that with great finesse. It has some very imaginative and lovely characters, especially the horse and the chameleon.

Irrelevant and needless information alert: My love for movies descends largely from my dad, and my elder brother. But Dad loves action, brother is a sucker for science fiction and I had a particular liking for murder mysteries. Animated movies were something we all liked immensely and always made up for a good watch together. The point is animated films have that quality to bring a family together. To have in it, something for everyone. To give everyone a happy time.

I love musicals. Though, Tangled is not your classic musical, it certainly has its elements. Alan Menken has a done a superb job with the music and Glen Slater’s lyrics are great too. Some of the songs bore striking resemblance to Mulan, that probably would be because both movies share the same director in Byron Howard (co-director in case of Tangled as Nathan Greno was mentioned as the director too).

Let the records reflect that I’m now officially a fan of this guy. ‘When will my life begin’ felt a lot like Mulan’s ‘Reflection’ and ‘I’ve got a dream’ had a ‘A girl worth fighting for’ like ring to it. I’ve listened a lot to Mulan’s OST and am looking forward to listen to Tangled’s too. Usually, if the voice-over artists are not the singers too, its a huge turn off. Thankfully, Tangled had a voice-over artist who could sing masterfully - Mandy Moore.

She’s done a fabulous job as Rapunzel. But I expect excellence in singing from Mandy Moore. Who surprised me was Zachary Levi. Donna Murphy was all class as the evil Mother Gothel. The supporting cast was superb in their small yet thoroughly entertaining roles.

I guess, I’ve convinced you enough, so grab a few friends or take your family along with you and enjoy this movie. If you have kids its a crime punishable by law in the state of Neverland, not to take your kids for this movie. Watch in theatres for sure.

This review is by guest reviewer Aniket Thakkar. Aniket Thakkar, is a writer and web developer, and he loves to talk about himself in third person. When he is not busy devising evil-genius plans of world domination, he can be found writing at his website http://flashfiction.in Ever since he took the red pill, he is on an ongoing mission to find out how deep this rabbit hole goes. Aniket Thakkar also blogs at http://flashfiction.in/.

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  • Violence: Only the fun kind.
  • Language: Totally clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None. Only Disney’s trademark true loves kiss. The best kind.
  • Concept: All Rapunzel wants is to step out of her tower for one day.
  • General Look and Feel: Beautiful, gorgeous animation. Treat for the eyes.

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