Dhoom 3

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It is one really long chase sequence, lots of Aamir Khan for Aamir Khan fans and of course you have some smart action sequences. Nothing more than that.

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Running time: 175 minutes
Genres: Action, Revenge
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Dhoom 3 - Preview

There is something very intriguing about films with magicians as the lead character. It adds a very appealing aura of mystery. Then of course, you add Aamir Khan to the mix and the curiosity raises a notch higher - regardless of what you think of him as an actor.

Especially considering, here Aamir Khan has a complete open hand to be himself rather than the character. Anyway, given the action genre, any actor - whether playing the hero or the villain - can slide by with a range of three emotions.

Sliding down on the "what matters" scale are Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. Here they seem to have been sidelined completely into generic and repetitive roles. Sad. Considering it was so much fun to watch them in Dhoom. I'm not even going to get into how awful Dhoom 2 was.

I guess my problem is that I look for story. And here the characters open their mouth and you know how much importance the writing department has received - A police officer saying, "The thief leaves a card behind. Let's make him rob again." Really?

Now, when the men in the mix are going to be treated as props, what hope is there for the woman? I guess we should be thankful that she at least gets to wear gorgeous colors, make some "dance" moves and in general look pretty.

Slick action choreography, execution and special effects are what matter and that's something Dhoom 3 doesn't seem to skim on. The action looks world class and the hope is that they haven't covered everything they have to show off in the trailer. The action buff in me hopes there is a more, lot more.

Yet, misgivings abound when you remember the director's last film was Tashan. And yet, this is perfect balance of expectations to walk into a theater with. Let's see what the end of 2013 has for us, then.

- meeta, a part of the audience

"How did you do it?" A question every magician takes pride in not answering. Of course, Dhoom 3's magician, Saahir (Aamir Khan) is asked that too, but as an audience it peaked my interest only half-heartedly. Mainly because It is a tad predictable despite being indigestible. Two things in a movie that I have very little patience for - predictability and implausibility.

But, then again, Dhoom 3 has Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra trying to pull off Rajni-style stunts. How much more meta can unbelievability get? To their credit they do their best in bringing out laughter, whether well-meant or not is a matter of 'to each his own'. I did feel like observing a two minute silence in mourning as I saw Uday Chopra get a better role as comic relief than Abhishek Bachchan as sidekick. Oh well.

But then again, with Aamir Khan around every one is a sidekick. So, Aamir Khan does his bit with an intense look persistently on his face for the first half of the film. It is annoying, but then again I walked in expecting that. But pleasantly, he shifts gears in the second half and actually pulls off his role very cleverly.

That leaves Ms. Kaif to start with some "Indian Goddess song and dance" thing. It does so happen that her role is a little more than just that. Just about enough for the feminist in me to not say, "she was used as a prop." Even so, the performance itself doesn't require any great emotion. Anyway, what place does emotion have in an action flick, other than superficial.

And superficially infused it is, the romance, the dedication a son has for his father, the revenge - all of them seem to just be fillers in what the movie is really meant for - action. The action sequences themselves are some shoddy, some pretty neat, all of it inspired from something we have seen elsewhere. Yet, for those of us who haven't seen too many action films, some bits can be a new experience.

Similarly, the story will not be a new experience for anyone who has seen The Prestige. And for those people the comparison will be equivalent to blasphemy - what Ghajini was to [Memento}(http://wogma.com/article/my-favorite-movies/ "Memento Review"), Dhoom 3 is to The Prestige.

I just don't understand how the audience is expected to look over the fact that Dhoom 3 is nothing but a 3 hour long chase sequence with not just enough thrills. To add fuel to fire, what the makers thought as important is repeated and in slo-mo for effect. Sigh.

And yet, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Dhoom 3 finds its share of takers and more. sigh again

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Naresh Kumar Deoshi, Apun Ka Choice : ...Dhoom 3 may not be a perfect thriller, but it’s a ripsnorting entertainer, with catchy songs, elaborate choreography, superb stunts, bike chases firing on all cylinders, and a wonderful climax that leaves you high, but not dry. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama : ...DHOOM-3 is one solid entertainer loaded with attitude and star power that will leave fans of the series salivating for more. It is miles ahead of its predecessors in the DHOOM series. This will shatter previous records and set new ones. SURE-SHOT BLOCKBUSTER.... full review

Thumbs up, by Vinod Talreja, Bollywood Life : ...Just stop whatever you are doing, grab a bucket of popcorn and go watch the film – if nothing else, for the sake of the suspense and stunts it has.... full review

Thumbs up, by Aneela Zeb Babar, Desi Martini : ...Aaj phir se bahut sari motorbikes Niklengi DHOOM se ... full review

Thumbs up, by Somesh Sinha, Desi Martini : ...Macha diya dhoom! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Sarita Tanwar, DNA : ...Watch it for Adi Chopra’s vision and scale. India has truly arrived where action is concerned. Dhoom 3 sizzles and how... full review

Thumbs up, by Mohar Basu, koimoi : ...Dhoom 3 is a definite must watch. Breathtakingly shot with gorgeous cinematography, this edition notches higher than its preceding films in terms of thrills and mostly in terms of soul... full review

Thumbs up, by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies : ...Dhoom 3 surpasses the biggest of expectations that one carries from a franchise that has only grown bigger with every installment ... full review

Thumbs up, by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA : ...Well this movie has all the dum which was highly missing in so called entertaining masala films of the year 2013... full review

Thumbs up, by K N Gupta, SmasHits.com : ...A great action thriller after a long time!... full review

Thumbs up, by Srijana Mitra Das, Times of India : ...Dhoom 3's story with a twist wrapped around it, like the ribbon around a Christmas gift. Merrily unwrap - flying out of the Great Indian Circus, Dhoom 3 is great fun. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Rummana Ahmed, yahoo! India : ...film was super entertainment, the first half really has edge-of-the seat tension and the twists are really well executed. To give the film its due it is definitely the best ‘Dhoom’.... full review

Thumbs up, by Aparna Mudi, Zee News : ...The movie is sure to keep you hooked; go and watch it for Aamir... full review

So-So, by Deepa Gahlot, cinemaah : ...The point of reviewing a film that is a hit before it even reaches the theatres is that a small number of sceptical readers wan to know whether the film is worth watching... full review

So-So, Daily Bhaskar : ...Despite all the bumbling by the director, fumbling by Abhishek-Uday, some glitches in the VFX, Aamir overcomes all the insurmountable odds.... full review

So-So, by Nikhil Arora, Desi Martini : ...There is no Dhoom 3, there is only Aamir Khan ... full review

So-So, by Rony D'costa, Desi Martini : ...Doom Machale. ... full review

So-So, by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare : ...To give you your money’s worth there’s a star cast. There’s Katrina’s great glamour, there’s Uday Chopra’s foolhardy comedy and there’s Abhishek Bachchan’s machismo. ... full review

So-So, by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal : ...the poorly constructed narrative surrounding characters who appear half-baked and devoid of warmth, and the ‘returns’ oriented casting choices make this film a less than entertaining experience than it could have been.... full review

So-So, by Martin D'Souza, Glamsham.com : ...Take out Aamir Khan and you have Kaizad Gustad's BOOM!... full review

So-So, In.com : ...Ultimately, the film is let down by a convenient script and its inability to deliver solid entertainment.... full review

So-So, by Vivek, India Entertainment : ...Overall, lower the expectations and you will not be disappointed and you will be entertained. ... full review

So-So, by Vinayak Chakravorty, india today : ... It's monster madness, manufactured to leave you in a daze. It's mammoth dumbness guaranteed to be out of your mind no sooner you hit the exit door. In the end of it, if you still like Dhoom 3, it is because of Aamir. There is a vital twist about his role in the film that bars any discussion on his performance. All we'll say is go watch Dhoom 3 for Aamir... full review

So-So, by Shubha Shetty-Saha, MiD DAY : ...watch this film for the thrill of it... full review

So-So, by Karan Anshuman, Mumbai Mirror : ...Ding! I scurried out having lost a little piece of my dignity but grudgingly gaining quite another perspective. ... full review

So-So, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...Dhoom: 3 is fun while it lasts, but it might not leave the viewer with the sense of having watched a film that is truly unique. ... full review

So-So, by Mansha Rastogi, Now Running.com : ... Dhoom 3 is bigger, grander and visually spectacular but has it's share of flaws too. A must watch for the sheer grandeur. ... full review

So-So, by Sukanya Verma., Rediff : ...Dhoom 3 continues the tradition of extravagance in adventure and expenditure by roping in the fastidious Aamir Khan as its latest star antagonist...

So-So, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...It’s all entertainment that’s easily accessible, digestible, and doesn’t ruffle any feathers. Equal parts absurd and visually dazzling, Dhoom 3 remains (and I use this unbecoming term) a decent one-time watch. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Anna MM Vetticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies : ...The object of Sahir’s hate, the head honcho at the bank he robs, is called Warren Anderson, which was the name of Union Carbide’s chairman at the time of the Bhopal gas tragedy. Was it unintentional or meant as a cheeky aside? Either way, I got a chuckle out of it. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks Cinema.com : ...I am not writing it here in details and would like all the friends who have watched DHOOM 3 to take a guess in their individual comments.... full review

Thumbs down, by Shalu Dhyani, Bolly Spice : ...The earlier Dhoom films may have put style over substance but they were still a lot of fun. This one has neither style nor substance, and is too tedious to be any fun. At a runtime of almost three hours, it is two hours too long... full review

Thumbs down, by Suparna Sharma , Deccan Chronicle : ...The film Dhoom 3’s producers paid for was meant to be a grand, seductive, dizzy journey. Unfortunately, our travel companions on this journey are old fogies who have seen and shown us better days.... full review

Thumbs down, by Ameetbhuvan, Desi Martini : ...For a film with Uday Chopra as a high point, the less said the better. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Piyasree Dasgupta, FirstPost : ...Come to think of it, really hard, that could be the best decision the Dhoom:3 director ever took!... full review

Thumbs down, FirstPost : ...Khan is a good dramatic actor and a great comedic actor, but is not a commercial action hero. Someone needed to tell him to lighten up a bit. This is a Dhoom movie after all... full review

Thumbs down, by Shubhra Gupta, indian express : ... Dhoom 3 is more bust than boom... full review

Thumbs down, by Nandini Ramnath, Live Mint : ...whose collective energy occasionally lifts the film out of dross and towards something approaching entertainment.... full review

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VishalM2396: Dhoom 3 was a great movie.

umang305: #Dhoom3 was Fucking Awesome.Amir Khan again proved he is one of the greatest actor.Easily the best movie of the year.

twtrBOLLYWOOD: #Dhoom3 Music, Action, Dance, Emotion, Thrill, Location, Chicago. Above all marvellous unmatchable Aamir Khan. Hat's off to @aamir_khan .

tiger_myself: #Dhoom3 meri taraf se 4/5 stars...

TheBaljit: #etcDhoom3 #DHOOM3 hasati bhi hai, entertain bhi karti hai aur rulati bhi hai

ThatTechGuy23: DHOOM 3 was fantastic!

tenzin58: Dhoom3 s awesome....★★★★★ Amir khan rock here, katrina dance as well. That magic bike....love it. @AmirKingKhan @KatrinaKaif

sushie16: Watched dhoom3 @aamir_khan has given a brilliant performance ! Watch for him ! Loved him every bit

sonalc07: #Dhoom3 = Aamir khan. .. awesome !!

Shadinator: Well to start off I saw dhoom 3!!!! IT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!

sellaajani: Dhoom 3 is the best movie ever seen in 2013. Unpredictable and love this action

sameer_ejaz: #Dhoom3 Amazing Movie

saalimparkar: 100% sure that Dhoom 3 will break all the records :)

RrMahanta: Superb movie must watch it #Dhoom3

Rizzxcky: dhoom 3 is a must to watch

RitwikKaulas1: Dhoom 3.. first day second show. Awesome movie..

rakeshs76734466: dhoom3 is entertainingh well enjoyable and fully action thiller movie........ must watch it.

pooja_pixielove: The theatre is full of hotties :* Paisa vasool already #dhoom3

pgambhire18: All Record is Goan in Dhoom 3 Movies Best Movies in Amir Khan..

pellmelody: #Dhoom3 was damned good. Katrina needed more to do, tho.

omergailani1: Dhoom3 was awesome!! :-)

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MujDude: My one bollywood movie of the year will probably be #Dhoom3

monicaunplugged: #dhoom3 just amazing well done Amir khan and others good story and photography

mohit_parihar: #Dhoom3 Rocks. @aamir_khan all the way

MissBlissz: Cc @Fuljhadii @BabaTwitteshwar: Half way Dhoom 3 and I am mesmerised. Amazing :D"

miharshalpatil: Just watched #Dhoom3 n it's a brilliant film which will destroy all previous records....

Mia_Katoholic: I want Watch DHOOM 3 Again...

mdjasim1993: Nice Act by #Aamir in #Dhoom3,This is the Biggest twins Role Act Ever Done in B-Town.Such a Nice Stunt in movie.Really he is perfectionist.

MarriamQazi: Dhoom 3 was soooo good! Definitely surpassed all my expectations

Manyukan: Many congratulations to the #DhoomTeam. They delivered what was expected. #Dhoom3


malikmarsalan: Dhoom 3 was great

JounAbbas: dhoom 3 . wow..

JadeyPerson: DHOOM3. Crazy shit. Action scenes were insane. Seen a good movie after a long time!!

IAmHashyGill: Dhoom 3 was awesome. Way better than Dhoom 1 & 2. It was worth of time to watch and brilliantly directed by the... https://www.facebook.com/TheHashyGill1/posts/648321085211442

harshvardhandel: अच्छी फिल्म बनी है. http://nbt.in/micron/redirect.html?str=D-VSKa

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Chikaadee: Amir Khan is an absolutely Brilliant actor. Dhoom 3 waw Awesome!! Now I just wish they make Don 3. Had a... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPcIxwXcYIE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

chandrashim: Fantastic Movie.... one of the best bollyood product I ever watched. . Unforgettable night walked a lot.... haha... Dhoom 3 Rock.......

Carita_Dcosta: Dhoom 3 soooo AWSUM♡ I WAN DHOOM4 @juniorbachchan

BIKASHPANDEY099: sure dhoom 3 is bumper hit ! thanks to entire team.

badalsk: Dhoom 3 iz Superbbbb... yaar

BabaTwitteshwar: Half way Dhoom 3 and I am mesmerised. Amazing :D

ashwatg17: will go for second tym to watch dhoom 3..gr8 work by yr films and team @Dhoom3TheMovie

anujsaurav: Aamir Khan, the man with the Midas touch does it once again. Dhoom: 3 is a biggest hit!

ANUJHACKER: Mazaa aa gaya yaar Dhoom 3 dekhke....Aamir ki mast acting...Katrina ki adaye....Aamir ka double role....Awesome... https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=691483110885510&id=100000714835345

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AdyManral: Dhoom3 was pretty good experience! http://instagram.com/p/iJmnI-htCc/

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ABHILNMI: #Dhoom3 awesome, extraordinary and master class

AamirianForEver: i watched dhoom3 it's just amazing movie i have never seen something like this Aamir Khan & Katrina Kaif You Both Guys Create The Magic

21centurie_kant: #dhoom3 best film till date if we consider bollywood...

yogeeii: As close as possible to the horses mouth. Dhoom3, one time watch only.

ViMaL_Verified: Watched Dhoom 3... Not that impressive or anything but can watch once..! The best thing about the movie was my bike ride back home :-D :P

Urvipatel36: Dhoom 3 wasn't so bad

rosaceous: MAJOR twist in Dhoom 3 right before the interval. Too bad the beginning is riddled with silly stunts.

reenaakaurr: Dhoom 3 was alright, in between good and bad

ramjaiswal075: Watched dhoom 3, but dhoom 2 was much better than dhoom 3,

omerfkhan: I was expecting a lot from Dhoom 3 but I guess I just enjoyed amir khans acting at the end ! Overall the movie was just fine...

MuizzCute: DHOOM-3...The movie which I expected a lot but it was bakwass...half movie is gud..

MoviePlanning: #dhoom3 #interval absolutely average so far

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im_swetzo: #Dhoom3 Well.. nt dat great movie bt if u like #Aamir then u shud watch it once .

Dixit_Anand: So Yes,... ;-) #Dhoom3 is not Bad as Expected ! Nice...... @aamir_khan @juniorbachchan @udaychopra

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saket22: Dhoom3 pathetic..Amir K only good thing..cant imagine concept copied blatantly from "Prestige"....Aamir wasnt expected from u...!!!

Rohit24Sinha: #Dhoom3 total waste of time......only one you would like in movie is uday chopra

rakeshua25: dhoom 3 is ok movie isse achha he ki dhoom 1 n 2 dobara dekh le

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PCDharamshi: Stupid movie. I want my money back. #Dhoom3

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nikhil_mittal86: I rarely watch movies in theatre, when i do so it usually bring disappointed - Dhoom -3 is no exception - poor efforts

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karansachdev: So dhoom3 begins work rohit shetty type action. Awesome......NOT

KAJEEVAN: #Dhoom3 far behind from #dhoom2... #magic and #racing scenes likeable. .. other than that nothing in the film.#dissapointed

jaspr_march: watched #dhoom3 .such a wasteful timepass .no building up.sme sort f tie up with #bmw .#amir was pretty average.

Hussayy_: Dhoom3 ki ending ke saath uday chopra ke career ki bhi ending thi.

HrithikJelena: Dhoom3 you disappointed me.

HarisKarim786: #Story was not good as i expected .. :( #film #Dhoom3

gaganjeet: #Dhoom3 - Waste of money and time. As we say in Hindi - Dabba movie hai boss. #Bollywood

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drm_modi: #Dhoom3 crap

divyaa_patel: Dhoom 3 was sick!!

ChyaMayla: Why would Aamir do a movie like #Dhoom3 ?

chinnagadu: The worst first 45min , #dhoom3

AuthorDhiraj: Why would Aamir do a movie like Dhoom 3? It erases our memory of 3 Idiots. #etcDhoom3

arjunan_: Will watch all Xmas releases. Dhoom3 last

ankitsharmatup: Although this is the stupidest movie one can ever see. #Dhoom3

ANDYDIASTWEETS: #Dhoom3 is just total crap. Thanks @aamir_khan and katrina for savung the movie. Abhishek and Uday are terrible

An_Odd_ee: #Dhoom3 will work because of Aamir's star power and holiday season but it's definitely the weakest of all.

AmitWebnet1: I think Chicago police should watch the #dhoom3 they will commit suicide just like Aamir khan.

AditiBardia: Dhoom 3, a big let down! :/

abirnoorani: Dhoom 3 is not up to the Mark of Dhoom 1-2 movie is very slow and pridictebel

303_msd: Aamir . .doob gaya tera #dhoom3

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Want to Watch, by guddu : Dhoom 3

Want to Watch, by Kristofer

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Adam : excellent

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Anup : With some ignorable flaws its a must watch

Yay! Thumbs Up, by naveen rajput : 100

Yay! Thumbs Up, by TimELiebe : Hey, it's DHOOM! Maybe a bit Deeper Than Expected, with Nice Perfs by Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Vishal

So-So, by Anuj

So-So, by Reviewer : If you like movie without any basic concept then you can make plan for this movie...

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots of action but nothing violent as such
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Skimpily clad women dancing in magic shows. One very brief lip-to-lip kiss.
  • Concept: Revenge, cop-thief chase.
  • General Look and Feel: Slick action film with lots of chases sequences.

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175 minutes

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Thanks to Hrithik Roshan who transformed the Dhoom into a massive franchise, the Dhoom3 is being awaited with abated breath.

Had it not been for Dhoom2 there was/is no recall value to Dhoom series.

@Fan huh? Dhoom was a huge hit as far as I remember.


I have liked dhoom more then dhoom 2,,,,,its like an revolutionary film,,,,,infact motor bike industry in india was boosted up by the movie,,,,the craze about bikes was started by dhoommmmm.....


Some people like Dhoom more than Dhoom2. Some like it the other way round. To each one his/her choice.
It is like some like Kambli more than Tendulkar.
The question is which was a better one, and set an expectations trend. And the answer clearly is Tendulkar, I meant Dhoom2. And Dhoom2 was what it was mainly due to Hrithik Roshan following up his Krish act (released in August) by Dhoom2 (released in Oct/nov).

I too loved Dhoom and hated Dhoom 2. My expectations after Dhoom were in fact shattered by Dhoom 2.


@Meetu : I ain't surprised why u hated Dhoom 2 but yes it is indeed a fact that Dhoom was just an ordinary hit while D2 was a record breaking blockbuster riding on the appeal and charisma of one man alone,something which a laboured and 50 year old Aamir Khan with his constipated expressions is incapable of. They'd rather have taken Roshan again for the third installment.

PS:I won't be surprised of the next thing u say is that John acts better than Roshan :P


@Fan : Dude,if Dhoom2 is a Tendulkar then Dhoom is at least a Ganguly. It was indeed the sleeper hit of 2004 despite having 3 expressionless statues as lead actors.


@meetu:Your rating for Dhoom 2 is "watch if u have nothing better to do". Since when did that equate to "hating" or "loathing" a film?

i have watched dhoom 1 and 2 earlier many times and the stunts performed in it are much awesome so i heard and watched dhoom 3trailer and song too so i must go and will watch ist show ist day.........can you tell us how popular this movie trailer in india and usa


We should not forget that a litl credit for being a successful sequal always goes to the first installment....
Because when people watch a movie and like it they definitely go for its sequel doesn't matter how the reviews are for the sequel....
Its the expectation of the people from the sequel bcoz of the first installment which gives more earning to the sequel....
This thing also happens in Hollywood series,,,,the series like transformers,,pirates of the carrabians etc are the example where movies goes on to be worst with each sequel but there earning never decreases bcoz of expectation.......


Yes a part of the credit for the historic first week initial of Dhoom-2 does go to the success tasted by its prequel.But the fact of the matter is that Dhoom-2 sustained exceptionally well even after the initial hype died down & went on to create box office history.Such extraordinary collections are a result of unanimous audience acceptance.I remember Hrithik's look in this movie becoming a style icon for youngsters across the spectrum and the Crazy Kiya Re song becoming a national obsession months & months after the movie's release.
The pattern of Dhoom & Dhoom-2 is sort of analogous to the Munnabhai & Golmaal franchises viz the first parts being sleeper hits & the sequels going from strength to strength. Krrish franchise is the only franchise which has sustained solidly & stably throughout with every single film in the series being a Blockbuster hit!


M litl disagreed with u in case of munna bhai and krish....
According to me lage raho munnabhai is almost as good as munna bhai mbbs and , nor krish neither krish 3 is as good as koi mil gayaa,,,,,,and in both case m talking about the quality of movie not its grossing....


Its not about which film is better or worse.Its about how a sequel sustains after getting a good initial courtesy the hype & expectancy created by its prequel.Lage Raho...opened exceptionally well courtesy the expectations created by M..MBBS but the fact that it sustained so well and had an exceptional box office run implies that it was a movie genuinely loved by the audience.Same goes for Dhoom-2,Krrish & Krrish-3. On the other hand there are films like Phir Hera Pheri,Golmaal Returns which were by and large rejected by the audiences,yet earned decent collections mainly courtesy the hype and expectation created by their far superior prequels.Munnabhai,Krrish,Aashiqui,Murder,Masti franchises are one's where both films were by and large appreciated while Hera Pheri,Dhamaal,Sarkar,Golmaal(only part 1 & 2) are franchises where the second film did reasonably well only by riding high on the first edition.


@anuj - AGREED


@Meetu: it's a moment to rejoice on Wogma. Finally Anuj and Anup agreed on something.



@Fan-The SUN must be risen from SOUTH,,,,lolzzzz

@Fan really? One of them must not be well. :P *Just kidding*

@Anuj "watch if you have nothing better to do" and "switch channels..." are both disliked strongly. A little less, a little more.


@Meetu:Seems like those 2 are the Wogma default ratings for every Hrithik Roshan & Akshay Kumar films barring a few exceptions.The fact that you rated Ghajini & Chennai Express ahead of Dhoom-2 does not make any semblance of sense whatsoever! Worst,you call a supernatural garbage like Talaash talking about ghosts a masterpiece only & only 'coz it stars the biggest urban catering hypocrite in the history of commercial Hindi cinema.

PS:The so-called "thinking actor's" scond biggest hit is Raja Hindustani and his 3rd biggest hit is Ghajini. Brains indeed!!


In fact a senseless violent and illogical Ghajini was rated ahead of a near commercial masterpiece like Dabangg(2010),not only on this forum but across the critics fraternity by & large! Wonder how the same critics would have rated Dabangg had it starred the laboured hamming star of Aamir Khan instead of an eased out naturally stylish Salman!


Being stylish ! it doenst matter,,,,but salmaan khan can doesnt act half as good as aamir,right from the start,,,,u can see the difference best in andaz apna apna ,,,where whole of the movie is controled by aamir khan and salmaan was only the side kick just repeating the dialogues what aamir was saying


And if every ghost movie is a garbaje then indian directers should stop making horror movies too,,,,lolzzz....
Can salmaan could ever act as amir did in talaash ,,, the answer is big no


Dil- 18crores (1990)....
Jo jeeta wahi sikandar - 7.28crores (1992)
Hum hein rahi pyaar ke was a superhit - 1993
Andaaz apna apna - 19.6crores(1994)definatly its an amir khan movie with a litlbsupport of salmaan khan
Rangeela - 21 crores (1995)
Ishq (30 crore) (1997)
Gulaam - was a big hit.
Sarfarosh - 18crores(2000) forth highest grossing movie of the year,,,and i think ur own fav example of being a true masala movie..
Lagaan - 30 crores 2001 - best oscar nomination for india,,,,can u imagine atleast could ever be a salmaan movie to go for oscar,,,,
Dil chahta hei 32crores(2001)
Fanaa 52 crores (2006) declared superhit
Taare zameen par - 77 crores (2007) directed by himself....
And after that what 3idiot has done is a history....
Salmaan khan has done alot of movies in his life blindly,,,,many as sidekick,,,,most of his movie are flop


In case of hritik roshan - wogma has reviewed 8 films of him(including luck by chance),,,,2 has been rated as watch if u have nothing better to do(jodha akbar & dhoom 2) ,, 2 as watch when on tv means above average (krish 3 and kites) ,, 3 as add to must watch list (luck by chance , agneepath and guzaridh), and 1 as pride for ur dvd self(ZNMD),,,,which means most of his movies are reviewed well in wogma,,,,so u r again wrong man....


And for ur naturally stylish actor,,,,atleast amir doesnt edit his body look to look good as salmaan has done in ek tha tiger and dabang 2

@Meetu - well, you know we here in upstate New York are looking forward to this one! :) Maybe we'll all even make it to the theatre to see this one…. I have to admit, a magician thief sounds like fun, and Aamir Khan's always good.

I thought DHOOM 2 was enjoyable, but desperately needed a script. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai were having fun, certainly - for that matter, so were Uday Chopra and Bipashu Basu. Abhishek Bachchan - does he ever have fun, really? Or does he just scowl a lot and not bother to shave…?


@TimELiebe: magician thief is beautfully done in this year's Hollywood product i.e. Now you see me.

As Dhoom3 was already on floors it might not have been possible for them to get heavily inspired from Now you see me, but I would not be surprised if they did change their story a bit to re-use some ideas from Now You See Me.

Coming to Now You See Me, it is a perfect candidate for a remake (or an unauthorized copy) in Hindi. I believe it is a matter of time before they have a carbon copy version of it in Hindi.


5 back to back comments and yet you cannot deny the fact that Salman is a much much bigger superstar and a lot more popular than Aamir Khan. 2 biggest hits of the decade (MPK,HAHK),3 All time Blockbusters,8 top grossers of the year,12 Blockbusters,25 hits and what not! The only actor since Amitabh Bachchan who has created mass hysteria of such nature that even bogus trash like Bodyguard breaks records. As for Talaash,kindly keep your opinions to yourself 'coz not only was the movie rejected by the audience (except some pseudo Aamir lovers) it was an absolute disgrace to the concept of supernatural thrillers. And yes Salman can do a better act than Aamir ham in Talaash though the difference being that much unlike Aamir,Salman neither claims to be a "thinking actor" and nor does he try to be one. He knows what his fans want and he's unpretentious and unapologetic about it. In fact after his act in Wanted,i'd rather have seen Salman do a Dhoom-3 than Mr.Perfectionist(lol).
The likes of Ishq,Ghulam,Sarfarosh,Rangeela were only moderate hits,check out any trade archives of the past and you'd know! The only major hits Aamir has had are QSQT,Dil,Raja Hindustani,Lagaan,Fanaa,Ghajini,3 Idiots. Even Lagaan for all its worth was pulverized by an ageing Sunny Deol's Gadar act which grossed 2.5 times more than Lagaan! So much for Aamir's popularity!


Hum Hain Rahi...was Semi-Hit,Rangeela did 14 crores and TZP did 60 cr nett business. Get those facts right before i start putting up multiple trade links to prove my point! JJWS was an Average grosser and AAA was a box office disaster. That's the price Santoshi paid for side lining Salman 'coz HAHK released the same year and netted a mind boggling 70 cr which makes it the 3rd biggest hit in b-town history after Sholay and Mughal E Azam (despite the manipulative media repeatedly harping about DDLJ and 3 Idiots which have far inferior collections compared to HAHK which single handedly revolutionalized bollywood trade multiple folds).


Ok,,,,so earlier u have 3 hit movies of aamir and now u have 7,,,,waow....
And grossing 20 crores in 1994 - AAA
and 30 crores 1997 - Ishq , is not a superhit,,,i think u r out of ur mind....
And who is saying that salmaan is not popular,,,,not a singular time i have said that,,,ofcoarse he is very popular,,,,infact he is the most searched celebrity of india in 2013 ,,,,inspite of not a single release ...
But whats the benifit of being popular if u dont give quality movies....
I have alot and by alot i mean aloooooot,,,,of my frnds around me who are big fans of salmaan,,,,and they watch every movie if him,,,,expecting every movie would be good as wanted,,,but after watching every movie they say - ok thi yaar itni bhi achi nhi thi,,,,and thats the line said by salmaan fans.....
Salmaan is giving bogus and more bogus movies one after another,,,,,only expectation from audience is giving him high grossing.....
And about MPK and HAHK they are brilient movies,,,,and thats my fav movies of salmaan(although HSSH ’s prem was my best salmaan),,,according to me suraj barjatiya is the best director to pull out great acting from salmaan and guess what salmaan is gonna comeback as prem in barjatiya’s next....eagerly waiting for that....


And when it comes to acting salmaan is not as near as amir,,,infact in last 7-8 years salman has done all of his movie with same expressions,,,its hard to distinguish them,,,,same style of dialogue delivery,,,,nothing is unique about his different characters in different movies....
Yes Salmaan knows his audience and he is giving them what they want,,,,but he has the capability to do better,,,what he is not doing.....


And why some of aamir’s mivie have grossed lesser than salmaan answer is not because of movies are bad,,,,its because of the genre of the movie,,,,now indian audience doesnt go to watch movies on there quality,,,but the consider the genre more....
And m sure this typical masala entertainment genre (m not talking about sarfarosh or khakee or border but m talking about dabang , rowdy r rajkumar etc) will not be entertained by audience for much more time,,,,with flop and below average collection movies like boss , besharam , bullet raja , singh saheb the great , audience has proved that all masala movies are not gonna be entertained my them.....


At last i must add something is support of salmaan - m not an enemy of him,,,i also liked wanted alot and dabang to some litl extent,,,,and will always please his work when ever he gives masala flick with quality in it,,,,i have liked the first teaser of Jai Ho alot,,,and being tabu in it and being remake of superhit south indian movie STALIN am really looking forward to it....


@Anuj - see frnd,,,,u r nobody to me and i know u r gonna comment something against me everytime,,,,thats the thing what u do,,,,picking up faults in everyones comment,,,and m not here to fight with u atall,,,,m not a movie expert too,,,,i dont do much study on how much movies have grossed 10-20 years bfore,,,,may be all of the information i gather would have been wrong(for example rangeela had grossed 21 crores domestically - wikipidiea is the source of my information,,,as m not expert in gathering such information),,,,it seriously doesnt matters to me how much a movie grossed,,,,m just a 22 years old boy who is still doing his studies and m a movie lover,,,,who likes to watch unique and quality movies,,,,i remember 8-9 years before bollywood was in different condition,,,,directors doesnt use to make formula movies,,,,there were no 100 crore clubs,,,,then wanted came,,,,and it was really an awsome movie,,,,but it started a trend of making movies on same formula,,,,and amir is one of the few actors who is trying his hands in different types of movies everytime,,,,thats what i like about him,,,,not like salmaan who is just repeating himself in the same genre,,,,yes i too like to watch masala movies but only when they are few in number,,,,but when u have a formula masala movie in every 2nd week (with great promotion,,extraordinary fighting scenes ,, cathy songs,,,,repeated villains,,,,without having a good plot)it really frusted me ......
I dont know whats ur likes and dislikes,,,,bcoz sometimes u support dabang over Omkara and after few comments u support sarfarosh over dabang,,,,it doesnt matter to me....its ur choice to like what u like.............


30 cr gross of Ishq is an 18 cr net collection in the year 1997 which made it an ordinary Hit! The superhits of the year were Border (61 cr gross,35 cr nett) and DTPH(48 cr gross,28 cr nett). I'm not replying to the rest of your comments 'coz they're too long and most are your personal opinions which i'm not gonna bother countering. Kindly know the difference between "Gross collection" and "Nett collection" before trying to prove Aamir Khan's stardom which is not even half of what Salman Khan commands among the masses!


Very well said Anup :)


I am diverting from the page subject, but nevertheless ...

Looking at official box office records since the 60s, i was surprised to note that the biggest all time grosser is Hum Aapke Hein Kaun.

Its business was much more than 3 idiots, if normalised to the period of 3 Idiots taking into account inflation and correct rupee value etc. I was surprised as I expected a Sholay or Amar Akbar Anthony at that slot (highest grosser after normalising).

It is indeed surprising that media hardly ever talks of the super success of HAHK, whereas at a drop of hat they are willing to eulogise YRF/SRK mediocre outing of DDLJ, and nice but overhyped 3 idiots.


@fan:Adjusted for inflation,Sholay is the highest grosser of all time with a nett collection of 15 cr in 1975 which would equate to anywhere between 550-600 cr in today's dynamics. HAHK and Mughal E Azam would be a close second with around 500-550 cr nett inflation adjusted. Another very under rated all time grosser is Gadar-Ek Prem Katha which incidently was the biggest hit of the previous decade (yes bigger than 3 Idiots) with a nett collection of 75 cr in 2001 equating to around 450-500 cr in today's dynamics. 3I/DDLJ/Mother India follow Gadar which in turn are followed by the likes of Raja Hindustani,Maine Pyar Kiya,KKHH,Amar Akbar Anthony,Muqaddar Ka SIkandar,Dhoom-2,Ghajini,Dabangg etc etc! Here is the list of all time grossers


Well Aamir is doing something unusual this time , perhaps he has tired out of playing roles where he manifest his impeccable acting skills ( Talaash , tare Zameen par etc) . There is a no doubt he is one of the great actors of Bollywood and audiences are eagerly anticipating it, but u know even a "God King can fall " :P . Good Luck Aamir :D , and u too Abhishek and Uday .

Dattaprasad Godbole

@Fan and @Anuj: Just saying, I feel though passionate, sometimes your posts in bulk seem to hijack the discussion. I'd love to read what you have to say, but could you limit it to 2 comments at a time?


Fact about Bollywood critics....A Dhoom film with Hrithik : Watch if u have nothing better to do/wait for DVD...A ditto Dhoom film with Salman/Akshay : Switch channels/low IQ for frontbenchers etc etc...a ditto Dhoom film from a pseudo intellectual midget : All Time Classic/Masterpiece/greatest film ever made/book yor seats right now etc etc...!! :P


...leave applied, tickets booked, finger crossed...ready for tomorrow :)


Surprise Surprise...Krrish 3 gets a better rating than Doom 3 :P Who'd have imagined that coming from Meetu? :D


Its more "Now u see me" than "Prestige".


For a start - Dhoom
movies are not so famous for good
stories,,,,rather we go and watch
them for style ,, jaw dropping stunts
and hot actresses,,,,but Dhoom 3 is
an exception,,,,its has a well
established story given by writer/
director Vijay Acharya Thats the thing what
helps Dhoom 3 for being the best
within all parts....Because it has
both things,,,,too good stunts to
satisfy Masala audience and a fine
story to satisfy audience like me.....
It has been a trend in Bollywood to
show back stories unnecessarily
which doesn't have much impact on
the whole movie,,,but the back story
shown in this is the thing what
makes base for whole of the
movie...... The story has a emotional
content in it,,,,in first two prequels
not a sufficient reason has been
given to the antagonists to
robe,,,,they are just doing that for
there happiness but Sahir Khan the
antagonist in Dhoom 3 has a strong
reason for doing robbery,,,,which
connects the audience with him,,,and
although he is doing illegal thing u
want him to win,,,,and that's an
appraisal for Aamir Khan.... Aamir
Khan is flawless as always,,,,,i cant
talk much about his character
because there is a very big twist
which is connected to him....But
whatever he does is A Grade,,,,Even
his tap dance is too good,,,,yes he
cant dance like Hritik but can Hritik
act like Aamir ,, i don't think
show,,,,every actor has his plus and
minus,,,,but m sure what Amir has
done in tap dance and Malang
song,,,,Salmaan or Shahrukh couldn't
have done better....Action sequence
as i said before are executed too
good,,,,and many of them are done
without any special effect.....Bike
chasing scenes are awesome,,,,but i
would say the scenes done with
special effects are bad ,,,, although
they are good as compared to Krish
3 but are still bad,,,,specially the
scene where Aamir was running on
the wall of the building and when he
was riding bike on the rope,,,i was
thinking is the Dhoom 3 team has
gone mad,,,,that scene was not at all
needed........ Kamli is my favorite song in
the movie when it comes to
picturization (even better then
Malang),,,, the romantic angle given
to the movie is totally not
needed........So Kat is a waste in the
movie if we skip Kamli and Malang,,,,
Abhishek and Uday are as usual like
prequels,,,not giving anything new to
us,,,,,rather jokes by Uday are bad as
compared to first two parts,,,,,but
thanks to script writer the whole
movie has been given to Aamir and
he nailed it..... Its not a movie
without flaws,,,for a start,,,,its too
long,,,,nobody wants to watch 3 hr
movies now a days,,,thanks to the
pace of the movie which give us little
relief from its long length,,,,the
introductory scene of Abhishek and
Uday fighting goons in Mumbai is
not really needed as we have seen
such things a lot of times in first two
parts,,,,,secondly as i said above the
romantic angle was bad,,,,and
sometimes seems bored,,,,the song
Tu Junoon was good but not
required,,,,collecting them all i think
at least half an hour could have
been easily edited from the movie,,,by
which the movie could have been
easily settled to 2 hr & 20 min.......I havnt seen ’now u see me’ but yes the biggest twist has been copied from ’The Prestige’....
So its the best Dhoom movie as per
myself,,,,but definitely haven't
reached the benchmarks set by
Aamir for him self in (Taare Zameen
Par , Gajni And 3 Idiots,,,,also little
less to Talaash),,,,but that doesn't
mean anything,,,,its Dhoom 3 go and
watch it....


Seats are booked.
Reading already some remarks here, so it seems that they did pick a leaf or two from now you see me as I had thought above.
Shameless copy cats, lacking originality. And then they claim to be pioneers in anti piracy. Sau choohen kha kar billi haj ko chali.


Lol @fan....every movie(including the so called Hollywood classics) is inspired/copied from some movie made at some given point of time.I said that when Krrish3 and I stick to my stand even now.


Dhoom revolutionised bikes. But how many bike scenes were in Dhoom2? I mean to say that is there a change of subject everytime?

Yow! Anuj, Anup, Fan - WTF is the hostility for Aamir Khan, anyway? I've liked him in the movies I've seen him in a great deal - though I always he was more of a "serious actor", and we tend to watch more entertainers. I'm kind of surprised he's in a franchise movie, honestly - I guess just he had to pay off a bill, or had his eye on a new car or something?

None of us, OTOH, like Salman Khan at all - he comes off as slimy and bullying, and not at all appealing. I take it he doesn't come off that way to you…?


@Tim:Salman is the biggest megastar bollywood has seen in the last 2 decades based on ticket sales and box office viewership. He's an absolute rage among the domestic mass audiences. Much unlike Aamir and SRK in particular who're more of media and multiplex babies! Salman Khan the name itself is enough to create a stampede at a single screen theatre in the tier2/3 cities where 70% of the movie watching audiences reside.

Personally,i ain't fond of any of the 3. Amitabh,DIlip Kumar are the one's i've grown up idolizing and right now its all about Roshan and Devgan to an extent!


Its Aamir all the way sprinkled with Katrina, and few others. Story line as tiny as the clothes worn by Katrina. Action sequences imitating chota bheem and inspired by shaktimaan. Loved Dhoom1&2, but 3 spells disaster for all the sequels, it so appears

Suman Chakraborty

intolerable supershit! :-@

Direction: 1
Story: 1
Lead Actors: 2
Character Artists: 0.5

Dialogues: 0.5
Screenplay: -5k
Music Director: 1
Lyrics: 1


Watched it, and I am disappointed. Fell way below my expectations.
Not at all what the promos make it out to be, and what the first 2 parts served. Robbery is NOT AT ALL the focus. They did not even bother to show once how even one of those robberies was done, I.e. how did Aamir Khan crack the security - manage to get through and rob - reach the terrace and shower the money ....
Bike chases are way too long. Without any particular edge of the seat in the bike chase you just wonder when would the chase get over.
Storyline is more focused on love, emotions, justifying why somebody is resorting to robbery, ...
Katsina Kaif's role does not bypass 15 minutes in total. Basically one entire song picturised on her, a small presence in a second song, and a couple of dialogs (less than 10) here and there.
Aamir Khan all over the frames, although often with a concentrating scowl. He has done justice to his role.
Abhisek and Uday are irritating as in earlier instalments.
Movie for most time lacks even basic logic. For example why would a banker announce to a Mumbai police guy working for Chicago Police Department that you are fired from now onwards.
Best scenes of high octane stunts are visible in the promos.
Success wise: crossing 150 crores should be a piece of cake thanks to people like me who will see the movie based on its earlier track record and on the fact that this time it has Aamir Khan. But I have my doubts that it would go beyond, because most of the people would come back disappointed as the expectations going into the theatre are sky high - and Vijay Krishna Acharya's product is definitely mediocre.
Finally as regards creativity, apart from the bank loan business there is no copying of now you see me. I haven't watched Prestige so I cannot comment. But funnily, before going for D3 I had some time and was watching some channels. No channel was showing anything worthwhile, and so I stocked to the channel showing Ramesh Sippy's Amitabh Bachhan starrer Akayla. And a few hours later when I watched D3 I had this dirty feeling of similarity where Abhishek has reprised the role of the police inspector his father was playing with a similar storyline in D3. :-)


I am agree with the wogma rating "Watch if you have nothing better to do".

Dhoom 3 could have been blockbuster but sadly it wont. There are some areas where director should have work such as Fan pointed out they did not show us how aamir khan robs the bank. plus the bike aamir rides... it seems Aamir khan got bike which is better than Batman's. that was funny really.

Besides that why Jacky Shroff takes the gun with him before presenting the show to bank managers. This scenes literally show us that he had lost faith and was made up in his mind for suicide.

Aamir in double role seems copied from "The prestige" movie at my point of view they revealed this secret early.


Couldn't resist sharing gems found on te Internet. Following is somebody else's take that I am presenting. I take no credit for it.
Even the action sequences aren’t clever – the bike that Sahir (Aamir Khan) uses can apparently travel on water, fire and in air – can combine with another bike to transform into another machine altogether, and even straddle a rope across two buildings. If the film had gone on any further, it might have solved world hunger.


This one will meet the same fate as Krrish-3. Mixed reviews,50-50 audience acceptance,sensational first week and then fizzling out thereafter. Will settle for a 200-220 cr nett lifetime. SUPER HIT

kunal adnani

Absolute trash.

Do yourswlf a huge favor. Save your money and your time.


@Fan:Dude,150 cr will be netted by the end of the first week itself! This one's a sureshot record breaker.

Although overlong and silly at places,a reasonably watchable and entertainer nevertheless. 2.5/5


When Chennai Express was released nobody was asking for logic,,,,why to expect logic always from aamir,,,,why the cinematic liberty hasnt been given to him,,,,d3 is definatly more logical then CE ,,,, D3 is on the way of grossing 250 crores domestically,,,,have already broken many overseas record too


@Anup, @Anuj: honestly it's a crap movie. CE at least had some entertainment quotient despite SRK. D3 is poor all the way.
It is supposed to be bank heist movie, but not once was a heist shown.
Tap dance was more like a PT class.
Some unknown joker walks in to India's super cop and says that because a chup chap Charlie had once said in anger "Teri to aisi Ki taisi" and because the bank robber uses that as tag line the robber has to be chup chap Charlie. And super cop with an intellectual expression agrees to that, and lo behold the robber is known.
Father's lesson to son, when in dire strait commit suicide.
And I could just go on.
Vijay Krishna Acharya used his biggest trump card at interval. He should,have kept it till almost the end. Once the trump card was used, the film was a downward descend all the way. Supposed high octane scenes were been there seen that variety.
Honestly this one sucks big time. People like me went to watch it on Aamir's name and Dhoom's record so far. But with such bad word of mouth, it would need a miracle to survive. It is even worse than Don2. It will follow Ra.1 meaning yes it will rake in 150 cr but that does not make it a success. If it had been handled brilliantly then it would have raked more than 250 cr.


The WOM is extremely positive among the masses and that is what will keep this movie afloat and enable it to maybe even break the collections of K3 and CE. And yes i did find this a lot more entertaining than the loud,brash and "not so entertaining" Chennai Express. In fact this one's at par with D2 imo!


You do not look for logic in Dhoom films anyway. You just grab a class of coke with a packet of popcorn and have a 2.5 hr thrill ride which is what this delivers in reasonable quantity (definitely a lot more than the migrane inducing CE,the sleeping pill DOn2 and the pukeworthy Ra.1)


And btw,need i say its almost raked in 100 cr in 3 days itself! 200 cr is a cakewalk from here and i'm certain Che-nnai express will be history after this one ends its run (although not K3 hopefully)


@Fan - Really ! Does CE has a plot,,,,,i dont think so,,,,,rohit shetty has just created different situations in the movie and made dhai ghanta movie,,,,,with unnecessary loud music and unwanted song,,,,despite of less lenth as compared to D3 , CE seem much longer then D3,,,,,and yes SRK - he cant make a movie without over acting,,,,,and yes the south indian facter,,,,is one will say something in tamil.(or telgu , i dont know) and deepika will translate it,,,,means we have to here each and every dialogue twice,,,one which we understand and one which we didnt........I havnt expected that ine day i will here that a rohit shetty movie is more logical then a dhoom movie....


102 cr nett approx in 3 days,200 cr+ worldwide initial weekend. Every single record in the book has been shattered. I'm sure by the end of 2 weeks,the lifetime totals of CE and Krrish-3 will be overtaken.

@vishal how did it go then?

@Anuj I am amazed you are surprised, you should know by now that how i like a film has nothing to do with the star.

@PB at the heart, i thought it was more Prestige. But give or take :D

@raj change of subject is fine, but no story is a little cumbersome to take every single time :D

@TimELiebe I think Aamir Khan sort-of alternates between mainstream and "different" cinema. Maybe one is able to fund the other. Just a guess though.

@Suman @Fan :)


Monday:20cr,Tuesday:23cr,Wednesday:30cr expected...staggering unheard of numbers...180cr+ week1,all records broken...might even cross the 300cr mark in the domestic market during its lifetime! WOW!!


" I think Aamir Khan sort-of alternates between mainstream and "different" cinema"~nothing very "different" about any of his films barring TZP(a stolen script and stolen credit).The difference lies in the way the hypocritical media projects this outright "commercial superstar" mainly catering to the pseudo intellects through dumbed down "intelligent films" like RDB and 3Idiots which in reality are nothing more than commercial urban entertainers!


Releasing on 4000 screens a much hyped third product. Ensures that before the negative word of mouth reaches the common man that he is already conned.

@Anuj: I cannot say what kind of crowd you hang out with if the word of mouth that you are getting is positive. I have personally to come across a friend or acquaintance who is not regretting having spent a fortune on a z-grade product. High time that monopolistic producers like YRF are legally obliged to give money back guarantee on a mediocre product.

As regards liking the movie, on this page so far Anuj is te only guy who seems to have liked this crappy product.


@Fan:Read my rating.Says "So So" which is far away from being "liked" but yes a lot more bearable than a Z -ve pungent smelling piece of horse shit like CE. As for people liking it,doesn't matter what kind u hang out with 'coz its impossible for a "disliked" movie to nett unheard of numbers like 25 cr on day 5 of release (working day). I watched it at a single screen in Mangalore and the audience brought the roof down! Your personal disliking has clearly taken precedence over audience acceptance for this movie (just like mine did with CE).


@Reviewer: "Dhoom 3 could have been blockbuster but sadly it wont."~yes,its an All Time Blockbuster and the biggest hit in the Dhoom Franchise edging out the blockbuster Dhoom-2 by a good enough margin.

And how does it matter whether Sahir has a better bike than a brooding,perpectually depressed Batman whose only aim in life was to choose among his blonde gf's and destroy a million dollar home multiple times over? :P


I just saw D3 and I will say that it is an excellent mass appeal entertainer which was not just liked by the adults in my whole circle of friends and families but loved by the kids. I understand that the stuck up critics will like to rip it apart saying it is silly and illogical at many points but the paying masses ignore such minor details to have fun. If movies were made for the critics, I can say 100% of the movies will be flops like Lunchbox, Road, shahid etc. One thing I would like to add is that per Anuj commentary, I don't agree with Amir Khan being a media star. He may not be the greatest actor but he is absolutely of the best and NO one and I mean no one has the capability to select a pure golden script like him. He reads the script from theviewpoint of the public. He is simply amazing in his choice of script selection AND alternation of scripts from one year to another. Critics can write and give stars and feel happy but in the end, they can't reduce $1 from the box office revenue of the superstars!


@Adam:I do not doubt Aamir's popularity among the masses and urban audiences alike. But yes i do claim that the media has indeed elevated his stardom to a level which is beyond what it actually deserves(something similar to Srk's case). I can bet on it that Salman Khan biggest films have at least 25% more number of viewers across India than the biggest hits of Srk and AK,though the media never highlights these facts since Salman films do not exactly cater to the demands of the critics and urban multiplex audiences!


And kindly give The Lunchbox a break :P Its economics was perfectly planned and executed and made good healthy profits for its producers and distributors alike. Yes it catered to only about 2% of the total audience but that's the way it was meant to be! Problem lies with movies like Gangs of Wasseypur(though i loved it),SHanghai,Guzaarish,Ferrari Ki Sawari etc which despite catering to a very limited audience,are sold at huge prices only for selfish producers to fill their coffers and leaving the distributors with a hole in their pockets!

@Anuj just checking, is film-making an art or only and only a business?


@Meeta:Art for the self indulgent film-maker who doesn't care 2 hoots about audience taste,business for the investor/commercial film-maker who make movies for the "aam junta",entertainment-entertainment and only entertainment for the viewer(varying with respect to socio-economic background)! Dunno what it is for the critic though :P


Art,quality etc etc are all subjective and vary from person to person.The definition of a quality film for a CEO will be poles apart from that of a Tea stall owner.There is no real certification/trademark of a "quality film".Awards are "personal opinions" of a handful of jury members while critics are just audience members themselves.
The one and only thing that foolproof is "popularity" which is directly proportional to "viewership". And based on viewership one can easily conclude who the most popular actors/actresses/filmmakers over the years have been. But whose the best and whose not is only an individual perception and cannot be proved or estimated.


@Anuj, @Adam: I am an unashamed Hindi film lover, watching even movies from b level producers and mostly enjoying them. Despite I was really wondering along the 3 hours as to wtf is this garbage rolling out in front of my eyes.
And no it is not word of mouth that sustains it for 5 days. A movie hyped up in expectations like a d3 and having 4000 prints with 6 shows per day over 5 festive days - it is quite easy to get the money in YRF pockets before the wom does its effect. A good movie liked by the masses sustains for several weeks a la Singham, ZNMD, CE, K3, 3i, etc. d3 will die out, after having cashed in on the humongous expectations, after initial week despite there being no serious contender till another 4 weeks.
Wake up from your slumber and accept that you got conned first by YRF and then by Aamir Khan.


10 years ago, without multiplex culture and with limited prints in circulation, this movie would have tanked within 2 weeks. Because by the time the second week bookings would ave opened there would ave been enough damage done by friends and acquaintances who have seen and disliked the film.
A friend or acquainance's word of mouth is not based on the fact that the audience in a mangalore theatre got the roof down, it is based on that friend's personal opinion that it was a so-so film.
Bye bye now from D3 page and the remarks of Anuj. Will be back in 4 weeks for the next biggie. Till then Jai Ho.

ehinome okojie

Why are some persons bent on making Salman, a megastar which he has never been, 7 time holder, highest annal grosser, dont forget akshay kumar has grosses more than any other current star. Salman delivered 3 time highest grosser in dabangg, bodyguard, and ek tha tiger, and could not cross 3 Idiots, Shahrukh without attaining highest grosser of the year still overtook a masterpiece like 3 Idiots. Think about this Aamir Khan had ghajini in 2008, 3 idiots in 2009 and dhoom 3 in 2013 and all became highest grossers all time not like dhoom 2 a highest netter whose gross was behind that of gadar and hum aapke hain kaun and is even competing at home with Dilwale dulhania le Jayenge. though i am no great fan of 3 idiots it is a masterpiece of popular and commercial cinema, 202 cr in a time wanted did 62 cr, what does it say about mr aamir, a hardworking, diligent and dedicated who thinks beyond immediate box office outcome, 12 yrs ago Lagaan lost to Gadar in the box office race, now the less popular film gadar has an actor who is commercially dead, while the lagaan actor is rewriting the pages of history, all we can say is thank destiny for lagaan, rang de basanti and taare zameen par, a man come to change the looks of bollywood forever, aamir is not tall, handsome or muscular but his hardwork opened doors for him, though i will like to see SRK and Aamir hold either the Oscars or the Golden Globe Awards as best actor.
Most popular films on imdb
1. 3 idiots - 90,000
2. MNIK - 34,000
3. Taare Zameen Par - 32,000
4. Rang De Basanti - 30,000
5. Barfi - 29,000

Where are Salman, Hrithik, Akshay and Ajay,
What is the point of having commercial potboilers when the average viewer does not want to talk about you.
If it is all about money ek tha tiger and bodyguard are nonentities in the presence of
slumdog millionaire and life of pi starring the lunchbox khan in supporting roles.


@ehinome: Firstly,imdb is a non entity when it comes to bollywood. Internet is accessed by just 25% of the bollywood viewing audience and imdb ratings do not hold fort! Secondly,Salman has 8 top grossers of the year,10 blockbusters,2 biggest hits of the decade which is a lot more than any other commercial actor. Akshay and Ranbir kinda jokers' do not even feature in the category of stars,forget superstars. They are yet to give a "biggest hit of the year" or the decade. In fact,80% of Akshay's 100 odd films are flops. Hrithik on the other hand has 6 blockbusters,3 top grossers of the year and comes next only to the Khans'. Seems you're just an NRI Srk fanboy relying on false unreliable sources like Wiki and imdb to gather data without having an iota of a clue of the commercial aspects of bollywood films and their actors!


@Fan : Firstly,i am no great fan of the Dhoom franchise as you'd figure out by my ratings...Secondly,with regards to WOM,let the second week collections break all records and i'm surely gonna update u regarding that! Maybe u did not like the film (like many others) but do not deny the fact that there are loads who're loving it!


@ehinome:Salman's Mainpe Pyar Kiya and HAHK are the biggest hits of their respective decades and yes,HAHK is a bigger hit than DDLJ. Let Akshay give at least a hit at par with Dhoom-2 or Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and then we'l talk about him. If your definition of "average viewer" is the media critic or the multiplex junkie then yes you lot have only Aamir and SRK to talk of since that's the audience they cater to(25% of the total audience). But if your definition of "average viewer" is the common man of India there's only one name from no.1 to 10 and that's Salman Khan,followed by Aamir and Hrithik! Ranbir?? Who's he?

ehinome okojie

Until, a bigger site comes for hindi movies, i will keep referring to imdb, my name is khan has been raeted 13th best film of the decade worldwide by users of filmweb, where it is the most popular hindi film, mnik is also the most popular film on allocine, but these sites actually use polish and french respectively and are not as big as imdb, i would want to see an indian based platform that can review films from all over the world even if it is in an Indian language. One, i though follow box office trens i will not like to use it to rank actors as there are a lot of factors determining box office performance mainly when it comes to the appeal of cinegoers, if a movie like dhoom 3 makes 326 cr in India, for example, will any paise get to me, answer is no, so why will i involve myself in saying this was highest grosser and so this person is a star or not when box office performance of movies is like gravity defying effects we watch, box office performance is related to willingness to watch or even information about a cinema product, or can one say if srk or salman where in madras cafe with 1100 screens they will fare better than a ranveer singh or irrfan khan in dhoom 3 with 4100 screens, or can we at best say that sam worthington is the greatest actor of all time, box office figures for for a film can range for a film say Krrish 3 188 - 246 cr, who is correct or not does it really matter, as a ststistician i can only say so so number of people made comments on a particular film i will keep on refering to imdb as long as it is the biggest commentary site, anybody can post any box office figure but nobody can post any comment as easily as the first.
Anyway back to imdb business
Biggest annual hits from 2000 - 2013

2000 - Mohabbatein
2001 - Lagaan
2002 - Devdas
2003 - Kal Ho Naa Ho
2004 - Swades
2005 - Black
2006 - Rang De Basanti
2007 - Taare Zameen Par
2008 - Ghajini
2009 - 3 Idiots
2010 - My Name is Khan
2011 - Don 2
2012 - Barfi
2013 - CE vs D3 vs BMB

So the winner is clear and these two khans have broken lifetime this year (though one is about to break records with D3) some so called incredible mass loving khan is still struggling to reach 187 cr. Happy New Year to all readers of this post and most especially to those who enjoy this post.


Box office numbers and theatrical footfall is the one and only measure of popularity,not some bogus ratings site being referred to by 0.1% of bollywood viewers. And kindly get your facts right. The biggest annual hits of 2000 is Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai,200 is Dhoom 2 and 2003 is Koi Mil Gaya and 2010 is Dabangg. Kindly refrain from making laughably ridiculous statements in order to prove your fanboyism towards the most overrated and pathetic actor in the Khan trilogy! At least refer to Wiki instead of imdb to get accurate details!


@ehinome:As ridiculous as your statement is,even by IMDB the highest rating movie of 2008 is Jodhaa Akbar(7.5) and 2011 is ZNMD with a rating of 8/10. The incredible mass loving Khan set records with films like Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun which took over a year to be broken by the stammering con artist and the midget. Of course i do not expect pseudo fans with zero knowledge of mass audience taste and sensibility to understand this simple fact! Mohabbatein...roflmao...that's how shitty the movie is!!


And btw,CE is 6/10 on imdb. So either you're an absolute retard who cannot count numbers or a fangirl smitten by the stammers' charm to such an extent that u forgot how to count from 1 to 10. Happy new year to u and get well soon!

ehinome okojie

Very soon we will be told that Sunny Leone is a more honorable person than Mother Theresa, When will these babies read between the lines.

ehinome okojie

Almost everywhere in India Ra.One was more hated than Don 2 and still managed to put up decent figures. I remember people swearing and saying they will never watch Srk, 2 years after 3 Idiots record broken, imagine what will happen if people say they dont want to watch Salman and Ajay.

ehinome okojie

200 cr Hall of Fame
1. Aamir Khan (2)
2. R Madhavan
3. Sharman Joshi
4. Kareena Kapoor
5. Omi Vaidya
6. Boman Irani
7. Deepika Padukone
8. Shahrukh Khan
9. Nikhitin Dheer
10. Satyaraj
1. Abhishek Bachchan
12 Uday Chopra
13. Katrina Kaif
14. Jackie Shroff

Lets hope some superstars enter this list next year.

ehinome okojie

We cant believe that same people who are praising salman khan everywhere are denying him from entering the 200 cr club, what a life, dhoom 3 will open the 250 cr club and many stars will leave on dreams, imaginations, fantasies, illusions, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, etc that they are the greatest and their fans will put up defenses like projection, introjection, denial, conversion, projective identification, dissociation, regression, schizoid fantasies, rationalization. Let me not stress aunt Meetu.


@anuj. I agree that some of your facts are true but your hatred of certain stars especially Aamir and Ranbir is blinding you from the total truth. I won't comment on Ranbir since his career is only 6 years old but you must either be out of your mind or missed your medications to say that Aamir is a hamming non actor and not even close to that one expression star Salman. Salman is a superstar in his own place but he had a very long patch of flops. Remember the years where he had flops in a row - Veer, Mr & mrs khanna, London dreams. Yuvraaj, God tussi great ho etc etc. Basically, the decade 2000 has not seen any all time blockbuster until 2009 wanted. That was his turning point and since then, he is repeating himself. JAI HO will not be a blockbuster, mark my words. As for Hrithik, he just gives blockbusters 1 out of 5 times on average. Aamir is the only superstar who gives blockbusters on a consistent basis. Heck even his Tv show Satyamev Jayate was a hit.


Dude,ur comments r so laughable,they're not even worth responding to. Sunny leone and mmoter teresa cannot be compared since they belong to different professions :p and yes,krrish 3 did nett over 200 cr by every source barring one bogus outdated one. Get your facts right before making frivolous comments. I can bet u all my posessions,go and survey the 40cr bollywood viewers across the length and breath of this country and Salman khan will overshadow any other actor in the last 2 decades in terms of number of fans and popularity.

PS:The fact that u include Jackie Shroff in the 200 cr hall of fame shows the kinda IQ u possess.


@adam:dude...when did I call Aamir a non actor?And when did I say I hate him?its only when someone makes frivolous arguments based on half baked truths and falsified data that I begin to present facts and speak in the rant tone that these fanatics and fanboys understand. Aamir is a superstar no doubt and a decent actor too but nobody whose aware of facts can deny the fact that his fan following and popularity is below Salman Khan and perhaps even Srk.Of course its a different issue if ur willing to blindly believe paid media reports without bothering to verify the facts.


It is this kind of false media propaganda that projects a DDLJ to be the biggest hit of Indian cinema whereas the fact is,its nowhere near as big as Sholay,Mughal-E-Azam and HAHK! Its this false propaganda that projects a rookie like Ranbir to be the next global superstar while the fact is that he's yet to give a biggest hit of the year and has given just one solo blockbuster in a 7 year career(compare that with what the Khans' and Hrithik did in their first 7 years). I can go on & on about the ridiculous and false propaganda being spread by our media who incidently believe in catering only to the taste and sensibility of the urban sector forming just 25% of our society!

ehinome okojie

Wow Sallu is very popular, no doubt but does it add value to me, (no) need to answer.
I congratulate on his 48th birthday for delivering many blockbusters.

ehinome okojie

Seems i will schematically look up visual pathway defects this night.

ehinome okojie

I neither like nor dislike actors, i just give an esoteric and paracentric approach to situations when i feel like, some comments by me are not mearnt to be taken too seriously, just what is called wicked humour in psychology.
If there are pro ranbir, srk or aamir guys i may counteract certain statements from them,
though i maintain every statement here unapologetically.

ehinome okojie

As for D3, i have not seen it, and i cant give a judgment, but the trailer suggests there will be interesting moments, though Krrish 3 was nice sometimes it resembled a horror film and its attempt at explaining science was awful, Papa Roshan and his crew did not do a good job on the story, though suprisingly the faulty or should we say faltu story was tolerably narrated, a good entertainer nonetheless but the Indian audience is not used to to superhero- science fiction fusion, though masla aspects propelled its to box office status, however the box office results of K3, CE & D3 suggests that fusion is indeed the present of bollywood. If films like YJHD, CE, K3, D3 worked this year, 2014 will be interesting to watch.

ehinome okojie

It seems D > D3 > D2 in terms of acceptance,
wont be surprised if John dons another avatar for D4. By the way looking forward to Paani, Bombay Velvet and Ranbir's Superhero flick with Ayan.

ehinome okojie

D3 has been accepted by overseas audience, figures from there are mind blowing, actually look forward to a time a movie doing 50 cr at home does 200 cr overseas and thus silence these people who think they are masters of 10 Rs
ticket audience.

ehinome okojie

SRK's definition of pH in MNIK was wow, though he used the term algoarithm instead of negative logarithm, or Omi Vaiya's definition of machine in 3 Idiots quite sensibly comic, Salman Khan's portrayal of frontal lobe syndrome in Tere Naam, or Akshay demystifying the dissociative identity disorder in Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

ehinome okojie

D3 nets 182 cr from all versions domestically.

ehinome okojie

HAHK as a Salman driven blockbuster is almost like saying Kahaani is an Indraneil Sengupta driven hit, funny that some misogynistic elements of desi media forget the (charm} of Madhuri Dixit.

ehinome okojie

Across the world (barring) India the only superstars of Indian origin are Ben Kingsley and
Shahrukh Khan. If i looked at box office numbers it will be Dev Patel and Suraj Sharma.
Well MNIK is the only Indian film that has received a political film society certificate, award received by Karan Johar.

ehinome okojie

Dhoom 3 does not seem to have too may persons going gaga over it in India, impressive first 10 days expected, may be below average in remaining periods despite having 5 nearly open weeks, 248cr trade figure for all versions likely.

ehinome okojie

it does appear that SRK is the most overated entertainer both in terms of popularity and talent, that does not change the fact that he single handedly introduced many non Indians to bollywood.

ehinome okojie

A European site suggested that the most popular Khans are
- Shahrukh
- Saif Ali
- Aamir
especially for non english , non french viewers.

ehinome okojie

Congrats to YRF for Ek Tha Tiger,and Dhoom 3, sometime ago media boys called SRK a YRF baby, now Aamir and Salman are its biggest ambassadors. What a change in 16 months to a 17 year trend.
Good bye for the year.


Dude,ur nuts or something? What exactly are u trying to prove by spamming to the extent of making 14 irrelevant comments in a row?
Firstly,Bollywood is a INDIAN movie industry making movies primarily for the INDIAN audiences. It doesn't matter what some European/American/Japanese/Italian site has to say.
Secondly,check the data,facts,figures and stats of the last 50 years of bollywood based on collection and footfall(theatrical viewership) and you'd notice that Salman in the domestic market(which is where 99% of bollywood viewers reside) is the most "watched" actor after the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar. Srk and Aamir come only after Salman. The difference being that someone like a Salman does not need media manipulations to prove his superstardom,his fans do it for him film after film(8 top grossers,3 all time blockbusters,10 blockbusters,i can go on & on). If you're imbecile enough not to understand such simple facts then it ain't really my fault. Based on box office figures(which is the one and only true indicator of audience acceptance) Salman is the most popular actor in the last 20 years followed by Srk/Aamir and then Hrithik! Now kindly spare us your nonsense 'coz this is a movie discussion forum and not a spam forum where u can get away with all the nonsense you've been blabbering since yesterday without expecting any replies. And mind you,this is the last time i'm replying to any of your comments. You'd have gotten a clue about your dim witted dorky comments from the fact that none(including the blog author) has even bothered replying to any of your nonsense so far. Either your brain's cuckoo or you're just an internet troll with a fetish of pissing people off and deriving sadistic pleasure out of it! Not that i expect anything better from the manipulative Hakla fanboys who cannot have enough fantasies about the stammer spreading his arms out film after film with a diseased look on his face!!


"HAHK as a Salman driven blockbuster is almost like saying Kahaani is an Indraneil Sengupta driven hit, funny that some misogynistic elements of desi media forget the (charm} of Madhuri Dixit."~I'l copy and paste the same statement by replacing Salman with Srk,Madhuri with Kajol and Hahk with Ddlj and it would be a lot more relevant!

How many times do i have to tell u that 99% of bollywood viewers reside within India and 70% of them in the mass sector(B&C centres) which is what Salman has been dominating for years and years together. Overseas/NRI diaspora forms a negligible 1-2% of the total bollywood audience. Its not a Hollywood kinda case where there's a 50-50 viewership from within and outside America.
PS: If any bogus source has called a mediocre Saif Ali Khan whose been bordering on the Average-Flop through his 21 year career a bigger star than Hrithik/Salman overseas,all i can do is spit and laugh on such maggots. Its a clear sign that they've been paid truckloads of pounds to write this garbage,although as always i do not expect u to get it!
And yes,imo Hrithik in Koi Mil Gaya is much more convincing than Srk's ham in MNIK(a domestic box office Average grosser). The only place MNIK did well was among the NRI diaspora in the US and the gulf for reasons best known to them. But as i said,overseas forms 2% of the total bollywood audience,none gives a damn!


2013 year end analysis...



Highest second weekend ever,highest grosser of all time beating the lifetime collections of Chennai Express and Krrish-3. The movie continues to run riot in multiplexes and single screens alike. A 300 cr nett lifetime collection is certainly on the cards!

ehinome okojie

Dhoom 3 - Bye Bye to the masala and remake specialists.
For us greatness is not time bound as achievements come in quantums and leaps, it was Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Chennai Express, and now Dhoom 3, in one year people were welcome to the 400 & 500 cr clubs.
I wrote on indicine after watching the trailer that Dhoom 3 will reach the $9m mark in the USA-Canada and was disliked by Shahrukh, Hrithik and Salman fans, who is smiling now. Reality kicks fantasy and quality kicks quantity, cheers to YRF.

ehinome okojie

Where there is Jai Ho there is no Jail Hole,
where there is Jail Hole there is no Jai Ho.
Speed to January 24, 2014.


....enjoyed the movie...cant say loved it...but still...enjoyed it enough to watch twice ...when other friends insisted... Anyways i like aamir khan ...but may be not enough for me to start hating Salman, hrithik, ranveer...or even srk...post reading the 100 odd comments I do seriously wonder if I am missing sth by not being an ardent follower of some actor or are theymissing enjoying a movie due to their bias...

@vishal good point! :D


Lol...Aamir fans going bonkers after the actor's delivered his first major box office hit in the last 4 years,that too in a well established franchise which was made popular firstly by a rank newcomer like John Abraham and then elevated to a totally different level by Hrithik Roshan. Stop getting orgasmic kid,Dhoom 2 did 82 cr in 2006 & adjusted for inflation would have easily crossed 250 cr in today's market dynamics especially with ticket prices ranging from INR 900-INR 1100 at IMAX screens. Salman still remains the only actor with a career total of over 10 outright blockbusters and 8 annual top grossers and the only actor to have delivered 5 consecutive blockbusters(might become six in another 3 weeks). No stammer or midget has been able to match his performance at the domestic box office and frankly,overseas box office and opinions of dumb pseudo intellectual Nri's is of no concern to us. PS:Let's see if AK can scale the "height" of delivering a 200 cr blockbuster in a sci-fi/superhero franchise in the Bollywood scenario :D

@Anuj and Meetu - thank you for explaining WTF it is about Salman Khan. I guess he's kind of like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Eighties - hugely popular for reasons that surpass understanding…?

Oh, you'll like this: In the United States, you're starting to see a lot of bumper stickers reading simply "NAMASTE". Far as I can tell, most people think it's "Japanese for 'Peace' - or something…" :D

@TimELiebe ha ha ha ha ha...

and yes, your Sylvester-Arnold : Salman analogy works.

@Meetu and @Fan - still waiting for this one to come out on DVD/streaming in the US so we can see it. I'd prefer DVD, because if it's as high-action as the first two, streaming will turn the action scenes into an annoying mess of pixels! :o

You'll like this, Meetu - I found out just how little people know about the NAMASTE they put on their bumper stickers when I saw somebody coming to their car with one of those stickers. I put my hands together, smiled and said "Namaste" - and they looked at me like they didn't know what I was talking about! That's where I found out they thought it was "Japanese for 'Peace'" - or something.

I have come to the conclusion I come from a very large country full of ignorant people….

@TimELiebe dear oh dear!

Well, finally got the Blu-Ray (had to buy it on Amazon, because Netflix lists it as "long wait"). It was okay, and we were all a bit surprised at the downbeat twist in the ending (hopefully I'm not spoiling anything by saying that). Amir Khan did a really impressive job here, though it's more a "showy" role for him than a role that challenges him as an actor - well, it challenged him as an actor, but in different ways than LIKE STARS ON EARTH or TALAASH did. It also gave Katrina Kaif a chance to show of her athleticism, and be sweet and vulnerable (she's always at her best playing jockgirls in love). And hey! For once, the Caucasian actors weren't across-the-board horrible performers! :D

OTOH - is it just me, or did both Abhiskek Bachchan and Uday Chopra both seem to be sleepwalking through their parts? I realize these are action series characters, but Bachchan Jr. only seemed to come alive when he was playing the nerdy guy down on his luck, and even Chopra looked bored at Ali's antics this time! I think it's official - Bachchan Jr.'s Jai Dixit is a self-righteous ass who needs to get over himself.

And another thing - did the movie completely forget Dixit is married and has a kid (at least!) by now, and that Ali's one of his wife's closest friends? Sweety didn't even get a name-check in this movie!

I'll admit, we all loved "Taking Down the Crooked and Heartless American Bankers" plot - I guess you're having some of the same problems with your financial industry as we are in the USofA? Or is our economic meltdown affecting you, too? I honestly don't think the plot would work, sadly - but it was certainly a photogenic way to show complete contempt for The Man! :D

I gave it a "Thumbs Up" - but really, it's between that and "So-So" for me. It's maybe a bit deeper than we expected, and most of the acting prizes for this movie go to the antagonists - I think it's time for Jai and Ali to get desk jobs, because their hearts aren't in butt-kicking crime fighting any more.

@TimELiebe Now, that isn't surprising at all, is it? :P

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