The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises is closure at its best: wise use of classic components like a brute villain, a slowly growing film that takes its time to revel in it’s linear structure, establishing every detail for you to absorb and an explosive yet comforting end. Do yourself a favour and don’t compare the film to its predecessors. Watch The Dark Knight Rises the way it should be watched: not in 3D, and with an open, patient mind. You will be blown away.

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Director: Christopher Nolan
Running time: 165 minutes
Genres: Action, Fantasy
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Christopher Nolan really knows how to play with our minds. He sparked a whole new world of ideas in our heads with The Dark Knight in 2008, and of course, had a field day with Inception, but if you pay enough attention, you’ll realize that he isn’t trying to impress us with The Dark Knight Rises. Nor is he merely telling a story (or closing one, in this case). As a sensible filmmaker and storyteller, he’s left the best (read: eccentric, layered and mind-boggling) parts behind, with the peak of the trilogy, which was The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Rises is what a finale should be; all-encompassing yet mysterious enough to hold one’s intrigue, mature, and not experimental in it’s treatment of characters and individual scenes and it builds up to a spectacularly fulfilling, almost calming climax and end.

The film begins with a near-dystopian Gotham, a shattered Bruce Wayne and no sign of Batman, 8 years since the tragic night he took the blame for Harvey Dent’s wayward crimes. By now, Gotham has taken an economical and global hit (very well merged with real-life crises) and Bruce Wayne shows no sign of returning as the city’s “masked vigilante”.

The slowly panned out first half establishes all it’s characters and the scenario with meticulous detail. This could have been an impatient viewer's grudge with the film, but Nolan gives you enough to bite on before an impending explosion of a second half.

We are introduced to Bane (Tom Hardy), a muscular masked terrorist leader who intends on destroying Gotham City. While Hardy’s personality as Bane doesn’t match up to the sinister villains of the previous films (and it’s safe to say here that Ledger’s Joker is very hard to match up to), his sheer gritty look is enough to instill fear. Here his mask does the trick; often you can’t understand what he’s saying but you’re half expecting him to, at any moment, lose his temper and tear everything to pieces. His brute demeanor convinces you that he can break Batman apart, and that coupled with a looming fear is what classic villains are made of.

Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) a jewel thief who robs for survival, and has several heated interactions with Batman. Tradionally, she’s known as Bane’s aid, but in the film she follows her own trajectory. Hathaway is strong, witty and plays her part of the Catwoman (although she is never called that) with much panache. Marion Cotillard plays the millionaire Miranda Tate who is a part of the Wayne Enterprises board, and a means of support for Batman as she encourages him to stand up to his responsibility.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, the young police officer is a symbol of our voices as an audience. Through the film we keep expecting Batman to rise, and we never lose faith in him, and Gordon-Levitt’s character recreates the faith that the film continuously needs to fall back on. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman resume their characters as Alfred, Fox and Gordon respectively. All of this is familiar territory; a predictable build up to Bane’s terrorist plans and as an audience that has seen the first two films, we know what’s in store for us.

However, as Batman rises and the film starts rolling into action, every moment that you witness is filled with the baggage of 7 years and 2 films, and Nolan presents every moment victoriously. He gives you what you want to see, triumphs what needs to be triumphed, and slashes what needs to burn. And therefore, unlike The Dark Knight (and my intention here is not to compare the films but our reception of them), this film doesn’t knock the ground off your feat, but manages to restore it back in place for your sense of stability. The Dark Knight Rises is mature story telling; it closes ends but also leaves a tiny mischievous slit open. It has a barrage of inspiring dialogue and superhero morals soaked in action-heavy sequences that are visually epic (kudos to cinematographer Wally Pfister and Hans Zimmer for the audio-visual treat). Essentially, the film gives you everything that you would need in a finale. You might have wanted more unexpected craziness and more edge of the seat moments (the expectations this film was riding on was almost unreal). However, The Dark Knight Rises is more about what you need as a viewer (and a follower of the trilogy), which is a fluctuating closure: one that’s classic and mature, and yet satisfies your need to be surprised. And for recognizing and executing that, take a bow Nolan.

This review is by guest reviewer Swetha Ramakrishnan. Swetha Ramakrishnan is currently living and working in Mumbai. She's a self-confessed film enthusiast and can most likely be found talking to anyone and everyone about popular cinema and her love for SRK. Swetha Ramakrishnan also blogs at

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So-So, by Murtaza Ali : The Dark Knight Rises suffers from a loose plot and an excess of superficial characters.

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  • Violence: Lot’s of action, but not too much gore
  • Language: English mostly, no curses
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: Finale of the epic Batman trilogy where the Batman rises after 8 years of exile
  • General Look and Feel: Dark, brooding and grand

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165 minutes

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Damn! I think I'm going to bunk work tomorrow and go watch it :)

Worth it, from what i understand, @Amber :)


What is the reviewer trying to say? Most of the review is about the characters and the last paragraph has sentences "The Dark Knight Rises is mature story telling; it closes ends but also leaves a tiny mischievous slit open. It has a barrage of inspiring dialogue and superhero morals soaked in action-heavy sequences that are visually epic (kudos to cinematographer Wally Pfister and Hans Zimmer for the audio-visual treat). Essentially, the film gives you everything that you would need in a finale...."
I mean what is your review about?

@ abhinav : most of the review is actually my feelings on the film without giving out any spoilers. There's so much one can talk about with this film but it's best experienced yourself :-) The last para is basically trying to say that Nolan has chosen to go the classic route for his finale with a linearity and no experiments but still manages to punch in enough surprises to satiate - In true Nolan style. I think my last para is pretty self explanatory?


But the question still remains, "Why so serious Bane, why so serious"

Often i ve exprienced that when big prominent nd critically overwhelmed filmakers (Nolan , Peter Jackson)deliver their films it turns out to be a farce ,nd the reviews completely favours their image. This review seems exaggerated , well it's not the conclusion , but am aving the feeling of doubt.

Jake - Press screening, organized for reviewers :) Book your tickets ASAP! Last I heard they're all sold out for the weekend. And as you can read above, you must watch TDKR at the first chance you get!

Guddu - I suggest you watch the first two films, (stay away from ALL reviews and anything written about any of the films henceforth) and then go see TDKR. Once you've done that, let me know how you like it, and then proceed to read my review again. We can then swap opinions :)

Yeah ...yeah ! it was a plesant movie , i didn't had any high expectation with dis one , hence i was not dissapointed . Hannibal masked Bane was no match to joker , Selena a k a Catwoman was a miscast by Anna Hathway compartive to Michelle Piefler in the 90's Batman. Christain reprise as Batman with more adreanline.Despite packed with so many twisted plot i wasn't bored , thanks to the presence of visually appealing action sequences and bunch of characters with responsible intent all around, saved my money. @swetha it's about opinions which are varied , the fact is TDKR is a worth watching movie but not better than it's preccedor.

Having watched the film twice, I can now say that this review is a very well assessed reading of the film and its characters.

The film suffers from problems, of that there is no doubt. And most people will be disappointed in the fact that this one does not 'match up' to its rather illustrious predecessor.

However, in delivering a film that deviates from expectations (as opposed to 'does not meet expectations'), Nolan has done what Nolan does best.

subhasish christche

the first thing i have noticed is,,we got a situation in the movie,,and again and again we struct in it. its beyond a movie,,beyond a story. its about a hope,,about a regular prayer for the man with a mask for the last 4 years when he was running and dogs and cops were chasing him.

after watching the dark knight in 2008,,i became the disciple of batman. after watching the dark knight rises,,i realized he is god.

sometimes when your excitement level cross the limits,,,u cant explain much. same happens to me.

batman is a normal human being, who inspired us to ask Jesus Christ not to take our sins. he is among and within us showing the way of perfection and purification.

The anticipation and enthusiasm was rife amongst the masses. As expected, the movie entertains and enthralls the viewers with his action sequence which held everyone captivated and spellbound. Being the third of a trilogy the onus to excel was even more in this movie and one would feel that the movie has done justice to its viewers.

Well, I am back as promised! I loved the review even though I found the ratings a bit too generous.

IMO, The Dark Knight Rises suffers from a loose plot and an excess of superficial characters. It wouldn't be a hyperbole to say that, given Nolan's usual standards, The Dark Knight Rises is a mere exercise in mediocrity. The typical Hollywood style ending accentuates it further. But, if one overlooks these flaws, the movie serves to be a decent experience. The Dark Knight Rises is definitely not the Batman movie that we deserve, but it surely is a movie that we would find difficult to resist.

I have also written an exhaustive review for my blog which can be read at:


@Meetu Dont tell me you haven't seen Gattu :-| was really looking forward to a review from you

@Harsh The one show in the appropriate theater and timing got cancelled. :( Will have external reviews and twitter verdict (if there is enough data up by tomorrow though)


I understand.. have been a victim of these show cancellations in the past, but managed to catch a morning show on Saturday. Do try to watch it on DVD.
Like Rajeev Masand stated, "its one movie that will make to every list at year-end, of movies that you SHOULD have watched but couldn't"

Jake - Isn't it really good? :)

Guddu -I appreciate your opinions, no really I do :) The more people talk about the film, the better!

Pradeep - What you said.
Thanks, though. Heehee :)

Subhashish - How inspiring :)

Murtaza - Thank you! As I said, flaws apart, I feel this is the finale that the trilogy NEEDED, and not necessarily one that us as audiences wanted.

I am really amazed nd to the way Wogma is operated , the kind of participative and interactivity this website provides to it's users is really surprising . At first it was Meetu nd now Sweta , i don't think there is any reviwer who likes to reply it's user comments , unbelievable . I started following dis site back in 2010 when Ishiqya was released , since then i can see lot's of changes and improvement . I ve found dis website even more reliable than IMDB .

@guddu Thanks! We do try and I am glad I have the support and enthusiasm of my reviewers. They are doing it out of passion only, and completely voluntarily. :D

and "even more reliable than IMDB" - wow!! You made my day and more!

This is very great movie amazing movie!


@swetha : IT IS AMAZING.
I envy you. ;)

Guddu - Wow you really made my day too :)

Jake - :)

Sanjeev Kumar Dangi

I fully agree with @abhinav. I am ardent follower of wogma and I couldn't confirm that this article is indeed a review. Wogma has a credibility and should not encourage something like this.


Direction: 4
Story: 3
Lead Actors: 3.5
Character Artists: 3.5

Dialogues: 3
Screenplay: 3
Music Director: 1.5

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