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The only thing that is worth watching in the latest Rajnikanth film is Thalaiva himself. Otherwise, it's a disaster of proportions that can only be dwarfed and saved by the magnitude of great man's aura.

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Director: K S Ravikumar
Running time: 175 minutes
Genres: Action, Comedy
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There is only so much that the searing, blistering persona of India's biggest superstar can do, when the film surrounding him is an ordinarily written, poorly directed and shoddily produced mess.

The fact that Lingaa, directed by K. S. Ravikumar (director of one of Thalaiva's biggest hits, Padayappa,) is unworthy of the phenomenon that is Superstar Rajnikanth is no surprise, because very few films are. The disappointment lies in the fact that it fails to enhance or add to the legend of the great man - something that every 'commercial' film built around him now must strive to do.

It can't be too hard, really. The very presence of Thalaiva means his fans will lap up absolutely everything with unconditional joy. Why not risk doing something that will push the envelope to unheard of places - the kind that will take Indian cinema itself to the next level?

Shankar - the only Indian director who at least comes close to possessing the vision to match the Rajni aura - did it to some extent with Sivaji - The Boss and Endhiran. Even Soundarya's Kochadaiyyan was a film that at least tried something unheard of in Indian cinema. In the wake of these films, Lingaa is an unmitigated disaster, when seen purely in cinematic terms.

The strange thing is that one can't accuse the film of not having a story, because it has one, and it is one that had potential. A thieving hoodlum and his sidekicks come to a village that depends on a dam for its livelihood - a dam that is tied intricately with an aspect of the man's past. There's a plot angle that it shares with Kochadaiyyan as well, though I don't want to reveal it here. Not revolutionary, but the story definitely had potential - especially since it gives the film a lot of openings to talk about issues that have been plaguing India all through its past and continue to do so even today.

Thalaiva gets to play saviour yet again, and that's always fun to watch. The problem lies in the juvenile screenplay and some truly atrocious VFX - the kind that an intern at a mid-level animation house would be able to achieve with some amount of hard work.

The film has so many in-jokes, so many references and hat-tips to the Thalaiva legacy, that it becomes hard to take seriously at any point. Superstar is what he is because of the characters he plays in cinema. To have a film that tries to be too clever with its references means that you're always breaking the illusion for the audience. They may be clap-traps, but they destroy the film in the long run.

Another disappointment are the regressive sidetracks involving women. One would love to see a Rajnikanth film where the women have something to do apart from being objects of curiosity, and I'm sure Thalaiva himself would gladly acquiesce to be a part of such a film. Even the most hardcore and male chauvinistic Thalaiva fans wouldn't mind seeing him do such a film. The problem is the filmmakers who make their living by mooching off the Thalaiva aura clearly don't seem to think that women matter in the larger scheme of things.

Sonakshi Sinha, who plays one of the two female leads in the film, plays the same ditzy girl she plays in every film that she's been a part of, save for Lootera. I'm surprised she hasn't exploded yet with the weight of the sheer same-ness of her existence.

Is there a redeeming factor in the film? Of course there is - Superstar Rajnikanth himself. His screen presence is blinding, the conviction with which he emotes is inspiring, and the pure magic that can be the only explanation for the unlikeliest man becoming India's biggest screen god is on full display. There's no one like Superstar Rajnikanth simply because there is nobody like Superstar Rajnikanth. Everything else, including K. S. Ravikumar's slipshod film, pales away.

This review is by guest reviewer Pradeep Menon. Pradeep is a filmmaker and a dreamer. He loves books, rain, winters, tea and his parents. Cinema, however, is the only truth he believes in. He breathes and bleeds film, mostly in hues of saffron, white, green and blue. You can watch his short films at

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Thumbs up, by Subramanian Harikumar, Bollywood Life : ...If you have seen Rajini films in the past, you would know what to expect. I went into theatre expecting a fun film with a good message and plenty of Thalaivar magic. And as I came out to face the blinding sun, I have to say I was satisfied and happy with Lingaa. Go watch Lingaa right away for good, clean fun. Last, but not the least, watch it for Rajinikanth’s energy and sheer screen presence.... full review

Thumbs up, by Anupama Subramanian, Deccan Chronicle : ...Perhaps, the movie could have used with a little bit of cutting edge and full blown vengeance at its core. Also, the long drawn-out climax is a downer. But hey, given all the action packed sequences accorded to the actor known for his kicks and punches, one can't complain much for this piece of masala entertainment, at the least Lingaa will go well with the ardent fans of Rajinikanth.... full review

Thumbs up, Free Press Journal : ...Go, watch it. If you need a break from your schedule, and you want it to be full of entertainment, then I guess, Lingaa would be a nice thing to go for. Watching the superstar Rajini is a real treat. Nothing can be soothing than watching Thalaivaa on a big screen with multi faces. As usual… one should never give a miss to him. ... full review

Thumbs up, by TS Sudhir, india today : ...Watch it if you are a Rajini fan. Even as a masala commercial, Lingaa entertains.... full review

Thumbs up, koimoi : ...Go, watch it. If you need a break from your schedule, and you want it to be full of entertainment, then I guesss, Lingaa would be a perfect movie to go for. Watching the superstar Rajini is a real treat. Nothing can be soothing than watching Thalaivaa on a big screen in dual avatar. One should never give a miss to him.... full review

Thumbs up, by Uma Sudhir , NDTV : ...There is a classic icing on the cake for Rajini fans who got a return birthday gift in the form of Lingaa on the superstar's birthday. Birthday boy Rajini blows a candle and cuts a cake even as everyone sings Happy Birthday to him in the film.... full review

So-So, Daily Bhaskar : ...Like every Rajinikanth film, Lingaa too rates high on entertainment. The film’s story is emotional and interesting. It is a perfect blend of action, romance and emotions. You can simply enjoy it with the sub titles.... full review

So-So, by Kumaresan Prabhakaran, Desi Martini : ...- If you are a critic or a movie lover of logic & sensible films, then please don’t jump for Lingaa. It’s only for SUPERSTAR fans..... full review

So-So, by Deepanjana Pal, FirstPost : ...Lingaa is not a good film. Rajni films rarely are. But like so many of them, Lingaa is entirely aware of how silly it is and rejoices in this. That's what makes them so much fun to watch. I for one am planning to watch the film again just for the subtitles. To quote the film, "Hey Lingaa, let's jinga-ling... full review

So-So, by Ravi Kandala, : ...Lingaa, then, is for hardcore fans of the superstar. For others, it is a long social-drama that fails to excite or engage.... full review

So-So, by Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times : ...anthanam remains the hero's (Lingaa) sidekick, portraying the same character for the zillionth time. But, yes, Radha Ravi (whose father, MR, Radha, was a great screen villain) in a small role - as the father of Sinha's Bharathi - caught one's eye. - See more at: full review

So-So, by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies : ...Still, with Rajinikanth there is some flair that comes in such clichéd sequences as well, something that was well demonstrated with the seetis and taalis that accompanied him every time he got into action. This only went on to showcase again that his movies are best enjoyed with the crowds, something that pretty much turns out to be the case with Lingaa as well... full review

So-So, by Saisuresh Sivaswamy, Rediff : ...Director K S Ravikumar’s last outing was the atrocious Hindi film starring Sanjay Dutt, Policegiri, and going by it he should be given a wide berth. But he does have some good films to his credit in Tamil, including Kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam. He also directed Rajni in two films, both block-busters: Padaiyappa and Muthu.... full review

So-So, by Raja Sen., Rediff : ...n it's own way the film tries to be progressive and forward-thinking, but this isn't about that. It's about a man who brings pleasure to his people. Much like its ridiculous hot-air balloon climax, then, Lingaa is a gas. ... full review

So-So, by S Saraswathi, Rediff : ...K S Ravikumar’s Lingaa works only because of the charisma and enigmatic screen presence of the Superstar.... full review

So-So, by KS Ravikumar, Sify Movies : ...The screenplay of Lingaa skittles from cliché to cliché, packing in every stereotype you can think of. What saves this film from complete disappointment is Rajinikanth the larger-than-life superstar. On the whole, Lingaa is a well-worn, formulaic fare that might appeal to viewers who find comfort in the familiar, and who are still excited by the age-old hackneyed stories about a mass hero turning savior to a village. If it's not entirely unwatchable, you have Rajinikanth to thank! ... full review

Thumbs down, by Krish Sripada, Desi Martini : ...An amazing movie, if it were released 30 years ago. In present day, just a nightmarish bore!... full review

Thumbs down, by kiranm, Desi Martini : ...For a Rajnikanth Multi-starrer flick, Lingaa turns out to be rather boring... full review

Thumbs down, by Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu : ...Rajinikanth’s films work best when he’s butting horns with a strong adversary – the deranged Neelambari in Padayappa, or Rajinikanth himself playing a robotic terror in Enthiran. The villain here is unintentionally hilarious (just watch him wrap his tongue around words like “nayavanjagam”). With the preordained outcome, the stakes are negligible.... full review

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vickygoel6: Watched #lingaa thalaivar carries d film on his shoulder.thalaivar rocks asusual.happy to c him bk.thadi chrctr s superb n vry natural contd

thisissabari: No complaints about the 3 hours after the 4 years wait ! #Lingaa Enjoyed.

surendramohank2: Lingaa film was superhiit

SuperGops: #Lingaa is decent as it is but if the run time is reduced by 20 mins it will be lot more crisper

sumanth_dude: heyy #Lingaa wasn't that bad yaarr... can watch once easily for thalaivaa.. its a good movie...

shyamala_l: There are a few roles that nobody but Rajini could carry off, and #Lingaa is one of them. #PaisaVasool #Recommend

Saravanan_sgr: Linga. ....awesome. ....thalaivar rocks. ..ksr and arr rocks. ..vayasanalum un style innum unna vittu pogala. ..thalaiva. are rocking

santhi90dreamer: Lots of shopping, watched Lingaa and had a great fun :-D #weekends

rockford1811: Another reminder to non-believers..... There isn't anything that Rajni-Can't ...!! Proved again #Lingaa #Rajnikanth @LingaaTheMovie

RealSanjayK: #Lingaa !! Super Duper Hit! Packed Houses! BLOCKBUSTER! King Of BO! #Bangalore @RajiniFC @Rajini_F_C

RaviM73432889: sir lingaa super movie.very happy to see on screen.. sit please announce next project.. varusatthuku oru film pannunga

ravichandran101: #lingaa is a wonderful super star film I like very much

rajinimedithi: #linga nice movie good job #rajiniKanth

psramkumar25: Just saw #Lingaa!!! #Thalaivar is always great!!

priyalosshini97: Lingaa was Pretty awesome!!! Anushka you were mind blowing!!!

Piriya_Praba: Watched #Lingaa with @ShutUpTharsica ... Such a awesome movie!!!

pavan1230: Linga is definetly a worth watchh for #Thalaivaa Superr Starr stealss the showw

OnlyLikethat: Lingaa .. never had so much fun in a movie. Absolutely hilarious. . No one cudve made fun of Rajnikanth like Rajnikanth !!

nmks0: #Lingaa watched 3 times.. loved it to core ! haters/critics/reviewers stay way #iLoveLinga

NIKHIL2CHINT: HI FRNDS all are see linga a awe some movie

Michael_Vasanth: RT itzganz: #Lingaa Good entertainer!!! Loved it!!!

mgsudharshan: But for the impossibl(e)nd stunt sequence everything fell perfectly in place in a rajni"s show . How can u reverse age super star ? #Lingaa

manojismynamefo: #Lingaa awsome movie especially pre independence Raja Lingeshwaran nailed it...kudos

m_ianis: #Lingaa is an absolutely beautiful movie. I love Rajini ♥ even my french gf said he looks handsome and always class.

Letchu_10: Lingaa for the third time. Ticket vaangi koduthu kootittu poraangale!

Kollymedia: #Lingaa - Super Hit @superstarrajini @arrahman

kbruppa: Almost full house.Thalaivar rocks!! #Lingaa

Karthik_bsingh: Happy birthday thalaivaa!! Lingaa movie for 2nd time!!! #superstar #rajinikanth #lingaa #style…

itzganz: #Lingaa Good entertainer!!! Loved it!!!

im_ela11: #Lingaa just loving it. #Superstarrajini Rocking again.. Dialogues were so gud... Dir. #KSRavikumar Mass always....

Harsha_MP: Has #south Indian film industry over taken #Bollywood in terms of high tech technology, distribution methods, huge sets & others? #Lingaa

harsha_bsh: Saw lingaa for fourth time today! @Chinmayi 's 'no mensaan' 'eeswara' and *that train scene where she cries*. Amaaaazing. Much lovelies to u

guroosmedia: As a hardcore fan of @superstarrajini and movie buff, I thoroughly enjoyed #Lingaa. Thalaivar has proved he is a great performer.

gobinathm: 2 me lingaa is awesome Thalivar in every frame.. a 10 yrs & 3 mth old guys happily enjoyed movie, this Shows power of @superstarrajini

dheeksha95: watchd linga!!!! thalaiva u hav rocked!! u r the supr star of indian cimema!!!!@superstarrajini

DDhiviya: Lingaa second show today....Yayyy!!

CinemaAffairs: #Lingaa super hit

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Balasub46670960: Im coming out from "LINGA" SUPER STAR film is very super !

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AshokDurairaj: Please do watch #Lingaa . It will surely entertain you. DoP , art and BGM is too good. Don't believe the negative comments. Good too see


agzhanesh: Super star Linga Movie is NICE....

_shaaaarvin: Lingaa was worth the 25bucks I paid. Good movie. the ending could have been better nevertheless its 3 hours of rajnikanth's magic. Parakas!

_Kirthana: Lingaa was a good movie though. Hahaha I love Santhanam's character.


Yunus_Irshad: Lingaa (U) TAMIL -------------- my Rating: ★★★ JUST ONE TIME FOR OUR THALAIVAR STRENGTHS :- * Superstar...

y2kpoochi: Lingaa , watchable . Not worth 2nd show. Rating 2.5 .

thirosha_: Lingaa was nice until the last part. The last part scenes were ridiculous.

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FirnazMohamed: #Lingaa Was DAM long but not so Bad @superstarrajini @ErosNowSouth

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_thinesh_: Lingaa was not bad tho

yakarthik: #Lingaa - pathetic .

TweetsbyNitha: Sorry bothers but #Rajini is just RIDICULOUS in #LINGAA

swathykamal096: #Lingaa : 2/5. Female leads #Anushka & @sonakshisinha doing its Best.They are so gorgeous thru. @rathnavelu's frames. Sonakshi's tamilip gud

sutharsan_krish: Lingaa was a waste of time

sruthykumar: I'm declaring #Lingaa a huge flop no matter how much money it makes. As an entertainer if you're not delivering quality, pls stop acting.

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saakappa: If you do watch #Lingaa, leave your brain outside the theater and make sure you don't repent for having wasted 210 precious minutes later!

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nkarans: Linga was actually the stupidest movie I've ever seen in my life.

kritika_rawat: Expected something different frm #Lingaa film,but made me feel that I am looking at some 90's film.Fans can enjoy it blindly I guess not all

Karaboondi: Lingaa #boring

iamkumarlv: Short review of Lingaa: "We expected it to be a damn good film; it has been a good dam film"

Iam_Anoj: #Lingaa 2.5/5 - So many "Ennama ippadi panreengalema" moment.. K.S.R gives tough competition to Lingu with his story & screenplay!

h7kar_ayandev: I've never seen anushka dumb like this. #Lingaa

gowtham_gr: Aaa everything about this movie is cringeworthy #Lingaa

_karthiknarayan: If not for the 8 yr old, who seems to have worked on the graphics, I'd have given it a 4/5. Lingaa, unfortunately, is a 2/5 for me. Sorry!

_EverBlazin: Lingaa was a sick movie

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Move over AJ, Lingaa is coming. Hope that there would be a Hindi version.


Fan - Of coarse there is a Hindi version,,,,havnt u seen the trailer,,,,the movie just looks like a bad version of SIVAJI THE BOSS....
And yes we have Sonakshi Sinha doing Sonakshi Sinha in it.....How thoughtful casting.....If Sonakshi Sinha wants herself to be typecast in same roles as she always say she want to act in masala movies because she herself likes to watch such movies ,,,,, then this is a dream come true for her ,, infact Even Tollywood have typecast her.....(Although its altogether a different topic that she can gain some great experience from the biggest masala movie hero of India - RAJNI SIR).....I just Hope that Anushka Shetty have more screen time as compared to Sonakshi Sinha......


@Anup: Not yet seen the Hindi trailer. Rajni has a larger than life image, and it should be nice to see him after a long time. Kochadaiiyaan was nice but Rajni in flesh and blood should be better.


Fan - Not sure ,, the trailer was below average ,, and the songs by Rehman only make it worse....That time has gone when only the presence of Rajni could have Change a bad movie into an entertaining one......


Its not just that the songs are average but they are long ,, really long,,,,which confirms that they will defiantly bore in between the movie ,, which was also the case in ROBOT which could have been a little better movie if those 6 and a half min songs would have been edited....
And the fact that this will be a movie by the director K S Ravikumar which if u dont know let me tell you have made DASAVTARAM with Kamal Hassan which was a really interesting film but has recently given the bollywood disaster called POLICEGIRI....
So it would be my hummble advise keep ur expectations low....


Anup: thanks. Will scale down the expectations. Trailer gives an impression that it is based in the pre independence era. Even though clothes and dressing sense look distinctly 2014.


Seemed to me more like a review of Rajni/Thalaiva/Superstar than the film itself :). Well, to each his own...


Like What I have expected


To be honest this is a pointless review, its nothing more than idol worship. Just because some Superstar has acted it doesnt make it a watchable movie.
Thankfully I dont go anywhere near a Rajnikanth movie after seeing him butcher a beautiful Thenmavin Kombathu and massacring a classic Manichithrathaazhu.

moviebhakt and jj: The review is very clear about the fact that the film is terrible, the writing is terrible, the music is terrible, the VFX are terrible, the regressive manner in which women are treated is condemnable, the direction is slipshod, so please don't waste your time on it. My ratings confirm the same. Anything else in particular you were looking for? Do let me know, I'd be more than happy to comment.

@moviebhakt @jj I don't see where you got the idol worship from? I haven't seen the film but from reading the review I got the impression that it is passable affair for a Rajni fan or a person who can watch *any* film for Rajnikant - the group the reviewer clearly belongs to. In that sense, it is a pretty objective review - it doesn't go all gaga about a film, just because a particular actor is in it. It clearly states, film is awful, but made watchable for Rajni fans because Rajni is Rajni.


Disappointed with the film. Intentions seem good and so the average rating.

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