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  • Wazir:

    @raj - Dumbness HELPED me, too. Glad that I watched it on the big screen :). Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    posted 8 years, 6 months ago
  • Margarita With A Straw:

    Anurag Kashyap, in one of his recent interviews, mentioned that Kalki used to do her daily activities at home sitting on a wheelchair, to prepare for her role in Margarita.
    Expecting Kalki to surprise the audience in a big way!!

    posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  • Badlapur:

    Rave reviews all over the net. Waiting to read what meetu has to say :).

    posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  • Lingaa:

    Seemed to me more like a review of Rajni/Thalaiva/Superstar than the film itself :). Well, to each his own...

    posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  • Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty:

    @Pradeep Well, wiki confirms your assumption :)

    posted 10 years, 1 month ago
  • Hawaa Hawaai:

    The question is - Will this film make money? As, such films need to.
    Even though we keep praising films which don't ride on the "RICH & FAMOUS" actors/directors/producers and are well-attempted, or even, at times, well-made, it still remains a fact that "BOGUS & MINDLESS" films led by Bollywood stars (read ShaRK, SalaMAN) keep joining the 100/200/500-crore club. Such a shame!!

    posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  • Total Siyapaa:

    3 ways aren't "many ways" in case of Mr. Mukherjee's films.

    posted 10 years, 4 months ago
  • Jai Ho:

    Terribly disappointed with your rating.. Was expecting "Watch if you have nothing better to do".. :(

    posted 10 years, 5 months ago