Tron: Legacy

wogma rating: Beg or borrow, but do watch (?) - much more enjoyable in 3D

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Cyber world with real people can only make a movie very interesting. It's low on plot content, but that is compensated by the acting. With the brilliant costumes and design of sets, the 3D action makes this movie a must watch.

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Director: Joseph Kosinski
Running time: 127 minutes
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Kevin Flynn created a video game 20 years ago. His son Sam, finds out that the cyber universe that his father created has become much more than just a video game. Tron: Legacy has some superb action and the special effects are amazing too. I especially loved the design of the bikes and cars, and interior of buildings. Although the entire movie isn’t 3D, those sequences on the Grid, some of which lasted only a few moments, are spectacular and take the cake.

The storyline is quite interesting if you don't know anything about the earlier Tron (1982). After watching the earlier version, the concepts are clearer and I could connect the dialogues better. So, if you haven’t seen Tron(1982) yet, I suggest you do your homework before you watch Tron Legacy.

It is amazing how young Jeff Bridges (Clu) and Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) look! Bridges is fantastic in the film. He dominates, not because of more screen time which is given to him, but because of the powerful performance that he has brought in. Garrett Hedlund starts of very well, but his performance is overshadowed by other characters, as the movie proceeds. Olivia Wilde puts up a decent performance as Quorra, and looks great. Michael Sheen (David Frost of Frost/Nixon) does a small but admirable job with his cunning character, something that only he can pull off.

The basic story is mediocre. It is quite uncomplicated and that makes me dislike the writers. The focus is clearly on the special effects, which more or less makes up for the other faults. The only disappointment, and big at that, are the non-action parts. The characters just sit around and talk, which made me impatient, almost bored. Also, a couple of sequences were ridiculous, and that there was no way something like this could logically happen even in a gaming world. Dramatizing did go a little over the top, but that can be dismissed in the end as a necessary evil.

The film runs with a consistently different look throughout, but what is a gaming world which does not look peculaiar? Lack of colour deserves a huge thumbs up, it really makes the film look like it was shot in a different world. It's funny how much the gaming world is made to have human world aspects, for example emotions. Programs shouldn't understand anything but logic, right? But of course, I am making analogy to Star Trek – my bad. Costumes were amazing, and what with all the light! Camerawork is decent. Sound track is good, but even better is the sound and light harmony. And thank God there is no cyber romance.

No, this is not like Matrix, so don’t think too much. Enjoy the action and cyber universe, which is rich in music and entertaining. Watch for sure, in 3D if possible.

This review is by guest reviewer Shweta Karwa. Shweta is studying engineering in Chemical Technology at UDCT, Mumbai. You can find her on twitter as @intelshwets

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  • Violence: Cyber fights, without any blood or goriness
  • Language: Decent
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: Programs in a video game try to out-smart real people
  • General Look and Feel: Visual treat

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