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Om Shanti Om is a mediocre variety entertainment program. The movie gets marred because the makers did not have the courage to make a spoof for the sake of a spoof. It is obvious that the story was forced to make the movie sell. Had they stuck to the industry jokes, it would have been as entertaining as a gossip magazine.

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Director: Farah Khan
Running time: 165 minutes
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It is at best a very average variety entertainment program. You have mimicry, song, dance, skit - all woven to fit a theme. Isn't it sad that the biggest "star" of our industry is doing the mimicry and yet it is only mediocre? And get this. Half the time he only has to mimic the hamming, hawing, grinning and face-pulling of ... Shah Rukh Khan.

No guys, my sense of humor hasn't taken a Diwali break. I am intelligent enough to realize the "spoof" genre requires you to make minimal use of intellect. I thoroughly enjoyed the "spot-the-tribute" game. I am sure I got most of the industry jokes. A few of them even had me in splits. And the coolest thing was that the people being made fun of couldn't be offended because the makers were equally vehement in making fun of themselves.

But, it angered me when the movie shifted gears from paying homage to the 70s to actually becoming one of them. Because movies from the 70s certainly were not this blatantly arrogant. However lame, they did afford the audience a justification. No sirs and madam, "anything" doesn't go - sab kuchh nahi chalta hai! - Isn’t that you wanted the citizens of this country to say Mr. Khan?

The movie is reverse engineered. First came the idea of making a movie that took a dig at the movies that gave "Bollywood" its name. Then came the list of names/clichés/industry trends that had to be, with all humility, made fun of. Then came the individual gags. To be followed by the situations that could use those gags. This made the first half and suddenly realization dawned that the audience is not "that" stupid. They need a plot. So, let's throw in the first theme that comes to mind. And there you go, we have a movie. What we also have is this obvious rush to get from one joke to another and one event to another. The end product is choppy with very abrupt plot transitions.

Now, you tell me, where's the time to fit in character development or chemistry between characters? Oh I forgot, spoof - no need for any such thing even if we did have time.

Unfortunately, because of this excuse, I lose the golden opportunity of truly criticizing Shah Rukh Khan's acting capabilities. Spoof, right? One is supposed to overact. It is tragic that Kirron Kher also is annoyingly loud under the same pretext. So what, if in the same movie, Deepika Padukone, a debutante manages to get through with just the right expressions. And she looks drop-dead gorgeous.

The good thing about having a woman director is that many women in the audience are kept happy with a very wet, bare-chested Shah Rukh for almost five minutes. A by-product of which is also a happy male, gay community. So what if the main woman lead is merely used to stun as a pretty prop?

The best thing to come out of the movie is the lyrics. Especially the romantic numbers "aankho meir teri" and "tumko paaya". The picturization of "tumko paaya" is very adorable too. However, the choreography of the faster numbers seems like a medley of Farah's older sequences and thus has nothing new to offer. The one song that does not work is "daastaan-e-om shanti om". It does not have the edge, the zing, that "ek hasina thi" (Karz) it tried to spoof has.

I think my most favorite sequence was the end credits. I love Farah Khan for giving credit where it is due. But, what does it say about the movie, if that is my favorite bit?

These are no dimwits and they have a great sense of humor - Farah Khan, Shah Rukh Khan - basically the Khan family. Then, how could they take their audience so much for granted? Yes, we are in a festive mood, we are willing to lap up anything remotely happy. But, does that mean you shouldn't even attempt to sharpen the movie a bit? Each episode in the movie is a bit longer than necessary. Each cliché repeated a few more times than needed to keep it funny. Each exaggeration a little more melodramatic (imagine that!?) to make it annoying.

The entire movie is a spoof. Then you have a spoof within a spoof. Then a spoof within a spoof within a spoof. So far, so good. You have learnt to excuse the joke driven situation (versus situation driven joke). Then...well, Farah Khan forgot where she had started and Shah Rukh Khan finished of the script for her. And we have this mess - moderately funny, but mess nevertheless.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Beth, Beth Loves Bollywood : ...And as for distressing, if a respected, powerful industry figure like Farah Khan won't make sure there are good roles for women in her movies, then who will?... full review

Thumbs up, by Rachel Fernandes, Bollywood Mantra : ...the manner in which the screenplay unfolds makes it a fun, time pass entertaining film.... full review

Thumbs up, by Fatema H Kagalwala, Business of Cinema : ...Fewer and softer-toned spoofs could have helped infuse more spice in the curry.... full review

Thumbs up, by Angel Rani, Deccan Herald : ... is a no-holds-barred entertainer where subtlety is a rarity.... full review

Thumbs up, by Khalid Mohamed, Hindustan Times : want to rush the screenplay to the ICU unit. Oxygen laao!... full review

Thumbs up, by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live : ...A special mention must be made for the film's excellent dialogue which so cleverly incorporates Bollywood's oldest clichés into these characters' everyday parlance.... full review

Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM : paisa vasool entertainment... full review

Thumbs up, by Anagha Bhat Chandratrey, Intermission, The Bookeazy Blog : ...It’s definitely worth your money!... full review

Thumbs up, Movie Talkies : ...The film has been superbly structured in the first half, which is quite brilliant.... full review

Thumbs up, by surveen, : ...Forget your logic brains, get ready to swirl along with Farah Khan and her magical world of re-incarnation melodrama in Man Mohan Desai style.... full review

Thumbs up, by som, : ...Farah Khan has made everyone act superbly (yes, including Arjun Rampal!).... full review

Thumbs up, by Rupak Ghosh, Passion for Cinema : has the guts to laugh at itself... full review

Thumbs up, by Phoenixnu, Passion for Cinema : ...And this is what i liked most about the film….they are showing the middle finger to everyone. And people have no option but to laugh.... full review

Thumbs up, by Lidia Ostepeev, Planet Bollywood : ...Those who know little about Bollywood films would probably regard ‘Om Shanti Om’ as a rather weak film because it confirms the worst Western stereotypes of Bollywood... full review

Thumbs up, by Hanumant Bhansali, Radio Sargam : ...Om Shanti Om is entertaining but in parts... full review

Thumbs up, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...The film celebrates everything the eclectic seventies represent... full review

Thumbs up, by Raja Sen, Rediff : ...a world of Technicolor convertibles and flares and bling and outrageousness and hamming and tan-tan-ta-da background scores, all in a day's work... full review

Thumbs up, : ...Deepika Padukone is beautiful, graceful and has a great personality... full review

Thumbs up, by Nikhat Kazmi, Times of India : ...the film’s meant to be mad, mindless and zany. And we are meant to be happy, headless and nostalgic.... full review

So-So, by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express : ...Deepika Padukone is one of the finds of recent times, even if she’s cut adrift in the second half.... full review

So-So, by Lakshmy Ramanathan, DNA : ...When you have the entire Bollywood ready to shake its booty for free ipods and expensive coffee hampers, it's easy to film a three-hour movie... full review

So-So, by Krish Ashok, Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa : ...They managed to squeeze every campy, cheesy, corny cliche into a 150 minute package that I have to admit, was fairly entertaining.... full review

So-So, by Vaibhav Wankhede, M TV : ...The problem with OSO is that you can't tell when it is a spoof or when the story is genuinely serious... full review

So-So, by Amit R Agarwal, merinews : ...The biggest Unique Selling Proposition of Om Shanti Om is that it doesn’t hide any inferences or references.... full review

So-So, by Neha Viswanathan, Within / Without : ...There’s nothing more painful than a badly done spoof. The film industry is full of egomaniacal people, we get it.... full review

Thumbs down, by Akshay Shah, Akshay Shah : ...As far as performances go the movie is a disappointment.... full review

Thumbs down, by Deep, Deep's Home : ...Aam Janta does not understand these things much nor they will go so much deep into it. They came to watch SRK doing stupid things and make them laugh. They came to watch SRK showing his six-pack abs, they came to watch those 31 stars dancing with SRK. And that’s it... full review

Thumbs down, by Oz, Desi Train : ...Farah excels when she has to play with the jokes. You can see she’s having fun. But when it comes to the plot line or how to tie in the ends and have it sink nicely into the audience, she fails.... full review

Thumbs down, by Martin D'souza, : ...It’s not a smooth flow of sequences in the first hour and the end, too is long.... full review

Thumbs down, Indicine : ...The fact that it is such a terrible let down, is yet to sink in.... full review

Thumbs down, by Kartick Sitaraman, Passion for Cinema : ...OSO is testimony to how a filmmaker and producer can take their audience for granted.... full review

Thumbs down, by Deepak Venkateshan, Passion for Cinema : ...OSO is engaging at some level but really not a well thought out film... full review

Thumbs down, by Greatbong, Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind : ...Om Shanti Om is less a movie and more a product, directed at entertaining a powerful demographic, adroitly marketed and packaged... full review

Thumbs down, : ...why are our Bollywood bozos still trapped in five-decade-old plots?... full review

Thumbs down, by Saakshi Juneja, To Each Its Own : ...OSO is a miserable attempt at remaking yesteryear’s super hit film, Karz.... full review

Thumbs down, Upper Stall : ...It’s shameful that canvas so big couldn’t afford someone who could write.... full review

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9 readers - 4 yays 3 so-so 2 nays

Not Interested in Watching, by chattermagging

Want to Watch, by ritusharma

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Akon

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Priya Ahmed : really this is a great romantic movie of Shahrukh Khan.

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Sana Khan

Yay! Thumbs Up, by TimELiebe : Fun tribute/lampoon of Bollywood-plus reincarnation murder mystery. Frothy&Dramatic, recommended.

So-So, by Fan

So-So, by Sunny Singh : only 1 time watch

So-So, by Where To Download Hair Again F Free

Nay! Thumbs Down, by right upper quadrant pain ultr first : Cincinnati

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Sunny Leone HD Wallpapers

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

Om Prakash Makhija (Shah Rukh Khan) a junior artist in the Hindi film industry is in love with a star actress, Shanti (Deepika Padukone). They meet, they become friends, but whether or not they are "made for each other" is for you to find out.

What Worked

  • The editing used to intersperse Karz's "Om Shanti Om" with present day shots. The color matching in this opening sequence is amazing.
  • The digital effects used to bring Deepika Padukone in the same screen space as Sunil Dutt, and Jeetendra are really cool. The outcome is grainy but the effect is convincing enough.
  • The gag that a Om becomes a star in the film industry as soon as his last name changes from Makhija to Kapoor.
  • The award ceremony. Absolutely hilarious!
  • Digital effects of the scene in which Om Kapoor remembers things from his past life.
  • The 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' dance step between Govinda and Shah Rukh Khan.
  • The lighting and camerawork in the sequence where the chandelier is oscillating.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • Kirron Kher's spoof of a "bollywood mother". Wasn't funny, wasn't entertaining. Was loud, was irritiating.
  • The Manoj Kumar joke.
  • How on earth did Om Makhija enter the studio set that was on fire through such a small hole in the glass pane of the door?!
  • The product placement all over.
  • The many situations that needed explanation, despite it being a spoof and all that. Anything doesn't go:
    • The transfer of soul and body from Om Makhija to Om Kapoor
    • The disappearance of Om Kapoor's pyrophobia
    • Om Kapoor's change of attitude from being a carefree spoilt brat to a responsible person.
    • The sudden appearance Shanti's soul


This section lists things that I think are not important to the overall impact of the movie. In most cases, it could be explained away by something like, "we noticed the glitch after the scene was shot and there were schedule/budget issues and thus we could not re-shoot it". I like giving the makers the benefit of doubt, but I am amused nevertheless. Hopefully, they will tickle you too.

  • What's with Vidya Balan trying to fit into tight, short dresses? She is so adorable, does she really need to be told to take a look in the mirror before facing the camera?

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Background Score:
Art Direction:
Running time:
165 minutes

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Well done meetu..

Perfect review, Perfect Rating! Completely agree!

I thoroughly enjoyed OSO and disagree with almost everything you've written. Once again you fail to analyse what you find wrong in the movie, choosing instead the easier path of berating the movie, the stars, dialogues, etc. I appreciate that we have all our own views. However, you have done a film appreciation course, you now seem to be part of the reviewing community so we expect more. At the very least, please be consistent. You are willing to give up your need for "resemblance to reality" for Jab We Met, but not for OSO. Why? Almost all the accusations you leveled at OSO apply to JWM too. Can't understand. And your ratings also seem're willing to give OSO's spoofy lyrics 4, while Saawariya gets only 1? Finally, can you please tell me other Hindi movie spoofs you've seen? I am referring, please, to spoofs and not to comedies. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks Ashok!

Dadasaheb Phalke, well I gave Saawariya's lyrics 2.5 - not 1. OSO got 4. I liked OSO's lyrics better. Hmmm...I thought you did not like the fact that I didn't like OSO, do you also not like the fact that I appreciated what I liked?

When did I ever say I expected reality from OSO? I just did not like the fact that in the name of spoofing the 70s, Farah Khan actually tried to make a movie of that era. Now, even in the 70s, the movies were far from reality, but they gave us some explanations as to why things were happening, here there were none. So, I don't think it was spoofed right.

I usually don't like comparing movies, but since you demand a justification - Jab We Met made me laugh and cry. Kareena and Shahid were brilliant. OSO made me laugh a few times, that's it. It's characters did not touch me. SRK was at best annoying and Deepika hardly had room to prove herself. And in Jab We Met too, I was unhappy that I was not given explanations, when they were so easily possible.

I think Main Hoon Na was a very good spoof. In my opinion, Salaam-e-Ishq was a spoof too. Especially the Priyanka Chopra-Salman Khan track. Why do you ask?

I completely appreciate that you expect more from me because I have done a course. Please be specific about what I did not analyse and we'll talk. Otherwise you can be accused of the same thing that you are accusing me - "fail to analyse what you find wrong with this review but choose the easier path of berating it"

Meetu, good review. Though I still feel that you have been kind on them. ;)

To borrow from Mayur Puri's talent - "kuchh reviewers ka dil hi aisa hota hai" Everything is relative, right Sakshi? I have just seen too many movies that are much worse.

its a super duper hit movie.Howerever it a collection some old n some new we all enjoyed the

OSO is “bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai”

There are various categories and types of re-incarnation. A God denying Saddam Hussein was re-incarnated into a God quoting Saddam Hussein on losing his dictatorial powers. A girly man, Man Mohan Desai of the 70s was re-incarnated as a woman, Farah Khan, in the 2Ks. Even I, a person (while growing up), who was repeatedly told that I was selfish, self-centered, heartless, & cruel by my three sisters, was later (thanks to the hard knocks of life) re-incarnated as the only living man who knows what a woman wants. Let me assure you “What women want” is a very complex subject, and to those who are attempting to start on this path, to seek this knowledge, I would like to say, remember two sentences, i) “Really, that is awesome” (punctuate the really with a surprised look and a pregnant pause. Say this like you mean it, whenever she says anything) and ii) "Oh, my, my, you poor girl" (say it whenever you are not saying the previous sentence).

The most complex case of re-incarnation that I have seen is that of the Big Bad Bachchalan. A super star of the year 76/77, Big B was re-incarnated every decade since then as a bigger and bigger flop actor. Today he is a lame horse struggling to cross the finish line. What is more complicating is that while he still exists in the 2Ks, he has been re-incarnated as a clone as well in the form of Lil C. Here is a case where a decent actor has been re-incarnated as a non actor.

OSO is one such re-incarnation story. You do not have to believe in re-incarnation to enjoy this story. It is not as complicated as Big B’s re-incarnation saga. In fact it is a very simple and straightforward story of an unfulfilled man, who comes back to seek revenge against the person who killed him and his ladylove. Nonetheless, this sad and moving story is told in a fun filled over the top manner. The story in OSO becomes a platform to spoof the Bollywood of the bygone era (not necessarily just 70s/80s) as well as the contemporary Bollywood. The jokes, parodies & satire hit you nonstop. It is hard sometimes to listen to the dialogues because of the howling and laughter that engulfs the entire theater. I have never seen people have so much fun in any movie. I never knew this was possible. Interestingly enough everyone has his own take on the jokes. My mentor, Essac Bhai Khopdi who lives above the Sarvi Restaurant in Nagpada Bombay and has won many a Nawabi awards, thought that the blind/deaf and dumb and over the top SRK was a funny reference to Big B’s Black, while the good for nothing star son was Lil C.

Rahim Chacha, my butler, who never likes to be outdone by Essac Bhai Khopdi, has his own views. He thinks that Big B was not invited to SRK’s Bollywood bash (i.e. the “bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai” song in OSO) because Big B did not invite SRK to Lil C’s wedding. Although I may not entirely agree with Rahim Chacha, I do think in many ways, OSO is like this song. While “bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai” gives you an inside look at a typical Bollywood party, OSO is SRK’s invitation to an inside look at Bollywood itself. Farha Khan has left no leaf unturned in making sure that all feel welcome and enjoy this SRK offering, especially the common laymen with little or no knowledge of Bollywood, but it goes without saying that some knowledge of Bollywood will give a viewer a more profound reason to chuckle. In this respect OSO is not as mindless or random as it appears on a superficial level. The jokes and the sequence of the jokes are all well targeted and serve a purpose. OSO is wicked, it is a laugh riot for those who do not know Bollywood and but infinitely more so for those that do.

HR cameo was superb, but Akshay Kumar’s was even better. Govinda & Dharam Paaji were appreciated in the “bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai” song but Kajol got the most whistles. Of all the parodies the one that I liked the most was about the insertion of a mindless item song with mindless words just to make the movie more commercially viable, yes I am refereeing to “Dar-E-Disco”. Hence, next time when you hear an item song such as “Kajra Re Kajra Re” you will know exactly the thoughts that went into its insertion. At the very least, after seeing OSO you wll know why Lil C is making a super hero film, “Darraoona”.

Thanks to the advances in the technology, the unfolding of SRK's past is handled very effectively. The scene where he witnesses himself eavesdropping Deepika and Arjun is marvelous. Finally when “the moment of truth” dawns (at the Filmfare award ceremony) the reaction is just priceless. The look on SRK’s face and his voice (while receiving the award), captures the right amount of confusion, fear, and the acknowledgment of the new truth, without letting go of the awareness of the honor being bestowed upon him. All in all the Filmfare award scene puts SRK in a league never ever witnessed before in Bollywood.

For SRK, OSO is another feather in his cap. As Om Makheja, his hamming is as believable as his seriousness was in CDI. It is a SRK you have not seen before. Just like no one could have played Kabir Khan as well as SRK, let me state that no one could have played Om Makheja as well as SRK. This is why SRK is an actor’s actor, the Don Jungli Billa KHaaaaan of Bollywood. SRK’s Om Makheja is a lovable looser, then as Om Kapoor, the brat, he kicks it up another notch. For me the icing on the cake, as far as SRK’s acting is concerned, was the underplayed and intimate scene where he tells his father that he will try to be a better son (and a better actor). Before I forget, let me state that the rest of the cast and crew, Arjun, Kiran, Shreyas, & Deepika are equally outstanding.

OSO rocks. It is an, in your face, inside look into Bollywood. It is not too late to book your tickets for the next week-end. Some shows are still open but rush, don’t walk, OSO is worth it.

Hi morph! Good to know you enjoyed the movie. You love tearing apart my words, don't you? So, here we go -

I thoroughly enjoyed the "spot the tribute" game. Just because I "got" the jokes doesn't mean they made me laugh. A few of them made me laugh - say 10%. So as per your calculation, that makes it 7.5% of the movie, which is about 12 minutes. Add to that the 2 songs that I enjoyed watching. About 22-25 minutes, I enjoyed, and that is why I recommend watching it if you have nothing better to do.

Credit for overacting?! Had it been funny or tolerable or different - sure. But, that is just his normal annoying style, so why does it deserve extra credit?

Isn't it unfair, that pen and paper are allowed for serious movies and not for "time-pass" movies? I think the latter can be made funnier/more entertaining if the audience is not taken for granted.

Finally, got it, morph! Our definition of "taking for granted" and so "what makes a good movie" is different. Neither is right or wrong, they just are.

No Smoking - I hadn't read the director's blog before watching the movie and had formed my opinion before reading it too. And I know many other people who liked the movie, haven't read the blog and are very happy with their interpretations of the movie.

Anyways, I enjoy the differences, so keep leaving your thoughts.

Movie was alright in bits and pieces but overall it was horrible.

As usual your review is great.


I enjoyed OSO just as much as if not more than No Smoking:

I agree with your review - I've given it a below average rating myself. I was so bored in the second half - it's like the film had morphed into some terrible 70s film - direction, acting, character development had pretty much flown out of the window - the only saving graces being Deepika and Shreyas. If OSO was this bad, I quail at the thought of Saawariya.

Thanks all for your comments!

Amodini, don't compare Saawariya and OSO. They are two different genres. I didn't like either but I know people who liked Saawariya but did not like OSO.

Hi Meetu- totally agree with you on Salaam E Ishq was definitely a spoof and actually quite nice but overlong- I though it was unnecerssarily and excessively criticised for no reason. Mostly agree on OSO, however loved Deepika and though Shahrukh was pathetic otherwise, he gets full marks from me for the Quick Gun Murugan bit- HILARIOUS! Lo love your reviews- keep them coming!

I loved the movie OSO. I appreciate the attempt that Farah Khan has made, in her own style, to bring forth the hypocrisy that is still so prevalent in our Bollywood- one that adores those who succeed, and the other that totally ignores the not-so-lucky actors. She has beautifully woven the two together. Even if it is mindless, I still liked it. It is a complete entertainer.. a paisa wasool. I cant think of anyone else but SRK who could have played the 2 characters with equal ease, so what if the hair grows overnight!!!! Who claimed the movie was purrfect!!! I can't compare OSO to CDI, they are class apart.... they are theme apart. It's good to see Farah Khan doing what she loves to do ..So far as overacting is concerned, it certainly is SRK mark.. we know him for that, so what's new...the movie is MAST, and a MUST SEE.

Thanks Jahan, I thought the Quick Gun Murugan bit was stretched a bit too much. I loved the SRK making fun of his repetitive romantic performances at the filmfare awards. That really made me laugh. But that's about it!

prateek, the only reason not to trash the movie completely is because I have seen worse...much worse!

Hi all,

What I have noticed is people either loved the movie or hated it. And no matter what, people have taken it pretty personally. As in the people who loved it will defend it no end and the people who hated it are trashing it to death.

Keep it going!

Ashish, if I were trashing it solely on my preconceived notions then I wouldn't have liked Chakde! nor would I have liked Don. OSO was a bad movie. There were just a few laugh-worthy jokes - the story was all over the place, the acting was bad.

All I say in my reviews is what I thought of the movie. I certainly will not claim to know what types of shoes the target audience is wearing (unless it includes me :) ). On the same note, I don't think anyone can.

Nice 'I' quote! Just can't figure out how to leave "I" behind. How much ever one tries, "I" follows like Mary's little lamb. Pretty darn adamant it is.


[...] was when we went to watch Om Shanti Om. During the “31 star” song, rabad started screaming “Om Shanti Om” at the [...]

@TimELiebe we have seen a lot of reincarnation in our films. Madhumati or Karz (the one this film is trying to pay a tribute to but is actually just shamelessly copying)
Manoj Kumar covering his face - that's the way he would act - and if i remember right, especially when he was sad/intense :)

@TimELiebe :) Looks like there was a serious mail delivery problem at wogma's end itself. Hopefully, it's sorted.

@Meetu - we're watching this again (we had trouble with ErosNow streaming, and it's one of Tammy's favorite movies), and the homages to Singing' in the Rain are even more evident this time than before, particularly in the first half.

Still love it, still watch it at least once a year - though my wife is sobbing over our new kittens having torn claw marks in her poster of SRK with his shirt off from "Dard-E-Disco"!

@TimELiebe ha ha ha ha ha ha...

well done i love this movie so much

one of the bakwas movie i ever watch ..
i don't know why SRK make these kind of movie
but his body is make me crazy


I have never hidden my dislike for SRK as an actor and to an extent as a human being. I only admire him for his business acumen. And I still stick to that point of view. Nevertheless OSO as a film was an alright Diwali release. That Sawariya flopped alongside probably helped OSO commercially.

Farah Khan did what she usually does well - mix up so many plots from so many films and then sell it as a new product.

OSO did entertain me, though I felt that the jokes on Hindi film personalities were in absolute poor and even insulting taste (that is the SRK touch, and hence why I don't like that human being). Jokes that degrade a particular individual or intend to degrade a particular individual don't make me laugh.

Barring those initial crunching sequences, the film is alright. Felt bad though when the climax of Madhumati was lifted as-is, but then again what do you expect with Farah Khan and SRK at the helm of affairs. That they fitted that climax well into OSO is creditable, and that did give a boost to OSO as a film.

This Is The Best Movie I've Ever Seen.

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