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  • Om Shanti Om:

    I loved the movie OSO. I appreciate the attempt that Farah Khan has made, in her own style, to bring forth the hypocrisy that is still so prevalent in our Bollywood- one that adores those who succeed, and the other that totally ignores the not-so-lucky actors. She has beautifully woven the two together. Even if it is mindless, I still liked it. It is a complete entertainer.. a paisa wasool. I cant think of anyone else but SRK who could have played the 2 characters with equal ease, so what if the hair grows overnight!!!! Who claimed the movie was purrfect!!! I can't compare OSO to CDI, they are class apart.... they are theme apart. It's good to see Farah Khan doing what she loves to do ..So far as overacting is concerned, it certainly is SRK mark.. we know him for that, so what's new...the movie is MAST, and a MUST SEE.

    posted 16 years, 6 months ago