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  • Om Shanti Om:

    I thoroughly enjoyed OSO and disagree with almost everything you've written. Once again you fail to analyse what you find wrong in the movie, choosing instead the easier path of berating the movie, the stars, dialogues, etc. I appreciate that we have all our own views. However, you have done a film appreciation course, you now seem to be part of the reviewing community so we expect more. At the very least, please be consistent. You are willing to give up your need for "resemblance to reality" for Jab We Met, but not for OSO. Why? Almost all the accusations you leveled at OSO apply to JWM too. Can't understand. And your ratings also seem're willing to give OSO's spoofy lyrics 4, while Saawariya gets only 1? Finally, can you please tell me other Hindi movie spoofs you've seen? I am referring, please, to spoofs and not to comedies. Thanks for your patience.

    posted 15 years, 10 months ago