Krrish 3

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Tiny surprises - some good, some bad. Less good, more bad. Even the keen, should wait for the DVD release.

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Director: Rakesh Roshan
Running time: 150 minutes
Genres: Action, Sci-fi
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Krrish 3 - Preview

It might sound like I'm joking, but I am really looking forward to see the special effects in Krrish 3. The trailer indicates that they are done pretty well. Even if they have been copied from all over the place, as long as they are done well. And of course, they are credited. Yeah, I can be demanding that way.

What I am not looking forward to though is Hrithik Roshan's hamming as the disabled old man. It is one of those things that annoy you with their 10-second appearance in the trailer itself. Other thing of course, is the story. I am really hoping that there is at least as much effort spent on the writing as has been spent on making the film look great.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut. It does look like they might have a better role here than women had in the earlier films. But, that could just be wishful thinking.

Yet, there is hope in the VFX department, unless of course, they've exhibited all the goods in the promo itself. Either way, it is going to be the biggest film this year, a Happy Diwali indeed.

Music Reviews:
Apun Ka Choice - "2/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "3.5/5"
glamsham - "3/5"
IBN Live, IANS - "2/5"
koimoi - "1/5"
Milliblog - "Krrish 3 is the soundtrack equivalent of LOL!"
Music Aloud - "3/10"
indian express - "It's super zero"
rediff - "2.5/5"

- meeta, a part of the audience

Superhero vs. End-of-the-worlder - there are only so many ways this theme can go. Krrish 3 goes exactly that way - predictable down to the last scene and detail. Even so, well-written superhero films have something about the hero's dilemma or the situations he has to go through, to keep you interested. Krrish 3 shows potential with such situations a couple of times, but then they fizzle away. Krrish 3 just fizzles away.

Actually, the film is somewhat of a surprise from what you expect. I didn't expect there to be much of a story - expectations set by Krrish. But, even though they aren't remotely logical, a few things that are cute. Just that the thought was put into it when it wasn't expected - reaches out to you. For example, the manner in which our end-of-the-worlder, Kaal (Viveik Oberoi) gets his army together. Also, as laughable as Rohit's (Hrithik Roshan) pet project is, the concept itself is used adorably.

On the other hand, I expected the VFX to keep me glued but they turn out to be shoddy for way too many parts. The special effects in the first 20 minutes or so shocked me. The inside of an aircraft's cockpit reminded me of how drives in a car were shot in the 50s! When Krrish (Hrithik Roshan) flies, it's just that the fastening cord that holds Hrithik Roshan has been edited out, else you can pretty much tell it's there. However, there are a few special effects that work too.

Despite a thousand and one inspirations Krrish 3's VFX are rather disappointing. There is only so much you can blame on the low budget. At the very least, they shouldn't have attempted the effects and action sequences that they couldn't do well. Mediocrity in this area from an action film of this stature is not acceptable.

One of the other main things any action film relies on heavily is dialogue. And Krrish 3 has absolutely nothing going for itself in this department. "Fusion is the Future," really? It's almost as if it were written for reviewers to fill a paragraph with. Then, you have Krrish sending across public service announcements and blatantly advertising way too many brands. Neither of them - be it noble or money-minded - have a place in a film. They instantly, bring you back to the real world, which is very jerky considering the fantasy world Krrish lives in.

For a few minutes, I was impressed, even if with a fair share of amusement, with the Krishna vs. Kaal metaphor going on in the film. And then of course, they had to spoon-feed it and make you wonder if the villain was named Kaal just so that, a supposedly cool line could be said by Kaal. Oh well.

That besides a child gets an absolutely unacceptable line.

Interestingly enough, I didn't mind the performances at all. It could have to do with my mental preparation for an onslaught of hamming. But the 2.5 hours passed by with very few cringes, at least owing to the acting. Hrithik Roshan's transition from Rohit (dad) to Krishna (son) to Krrish (superhero) makes you admire him. It must not be easy to modulate your voice and keep it consistent the way he does for Rohit. Now, if only he didn't flare his nostrils as a sign of anger and/or disappointment and/or fear.

Priyanka Chopra has very little to do, but there is this one glimpse and it stays for half a fraction of a second, which makes you wish she had been given more to do in that zone. Viveik Oberoi does do a decent job of instilling fear as the mean villain - for about two minutes. After that you just lament for what the character could have been. I guess you cannot fault the actor for that. But that gives him precious little to do. Kangna Ranaut's character, Kaaya too suffers from the same shortcoming in the writing department. Else, she could've been a really interesting character and Kangna was doing a fair job with it too.

But then, if the makers had spent more time on the characters, they wouldn't have had the time to find abrupt places for songs to be inserted now, would they? That besides, the music, lyrics and worst of all the choreography (except for a few steps by Hrithik Roshan) take you straight back to the 90s. Now, where is the need for that?

So, given what I liked in the film, would I watch it again? Not a chance! Do I regret watching it once? I don't regret watching any film once (well, almost - exceptions here and here). Would I mind it if my kids watched it? Not really, only once, though.

If you are a Hrithik Roshan fan - Happy Diwali! For the rest of us, don't watch it and have a Happy Diwali any way! :D

- meeta, a part of the audience

33 reviewers(?) - 9 yays 15 so-so 9 nays

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Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama : ...On the whole, KRRISH-3 has the ingredients that make a splendid superhero film, besides being Rakesh Roshan's most accomplished work so far... full review

Thumbs up, Daily Bhaskar : ... Krrish 3 is visually stunning, emotionally engrossing ... full review

Thumbs up, by Sarita Tanwar, DNA : ...This is the kind of film one can unabashedly enjoy for what it is. Go on, indulge the superhero fan in you.... full review

Thumbs up, by Martin D'Souza, : ...Take a bow Rakesh Roshan. The technology used is brilliant and the overall product is awesome. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Anupama Chopra, Hindustan Times : ...Krrish 3 isn’t a patch on the best superhero films made in Hollywood but it is a step forward for Bollywood. ... full review

Thumbs up, Indicine : ...Does Krrish 3 justify the hype and anticipation? Yes. Does it have any flaws? Yes, but they are very minor flaws and can be easily overlooked because of the high dose of entertainment it offers in regular intervals... full review

Thumbs up, by K N Gupta, : ...Overall, 'Krrish 3' is a great entertainer and a Diwali bonanza for sure!... full review

Thumbs up, by Subhash K. Jha, Star Blockbuster : ... At last we have India’s first truly global super-hero film. Hrithik Roshan slices through the sky skillfully weaving through the emotions and drama and adventure to create a complete entertainer ... full review

Thumbs up, by Madhureeta Mukherjee, Times of India : ...The songs are slightly disappointing and background score (Salim-Sulaiman) is good, but unable to amp up the magnitude of the film.... full review

So-So, by Shalu Dhyani, Bolly Spice : ...This is not the path-breaking film it could have been but worth a watch for its technical finesse. If nothing else, you will surely come back mesmerised by Ms. Ranaut’s shimmering charms... full review

So-So, by Prathamesh Jadhav, Bollywood Life : ...Krrish 3 is a sincere attempt to raise the bar of superhero movies in India, but it has eventually turned out to be an indulgent affair that can keep kids (and Hrithik Roshan’s ardent fans) entertained over the long Diwali weekend.... full review

So-So, by Suparna Sharma, Deccan Chronicle : ...Krrish, meanwhile, can’t keep a job because the world is always putting itself in harm’s way, and he has to drop everything to save it... full review

So-So, by Ameetbhuvan, Desi Martini : ...For a movie that endorses EVERYTHING under the sun it does a pretty bad job supporting assisted birth technologies and bone marrow donation ... full review

So-So, by Nikhil Arora, Desi Martini : ... Krrish 3 is an uninteresting superhero film with little sense of fun ... full review

So-So, by Smita, Desi Martini : ... A story with lots of action but not enough fun. Takes its goodness too seriously. ... full review

So-So, by Suprateek Chatterjee, FirstPost : ...Rakesh Roshan owes the success off the Krrish series to kids like her and to be fair, he hasn’t taken the fan following enjoyed by his son Hrithik and the franchise lightly ... full review

So-So, by FPJ Bureau, Free Press Journal : ...Combine that with Rakesh Roshan’s flair for highly-strung drama and it’s just about likeable... full review

So-So, by Ravi Kandala, : ...The attempt to create an Indian superhero is absolutely laudable, but Rakesh Roshan packs enough gore and cleavage to make the movie unsuitable for children.... full review

So-So, by Faheem Ruhani , india today : ...Krrish 3 may not be a sci-fi flick of Hollywood standards yet it has enough to offer for it to be a one-time watch with your kids. It has a superhero with enough Bollywood trappings if that's how we'd like him to be. ... full review

So-So, by Jaidev Hemmady, Movie Talkies : ...Though the special effects are good enough and Krrish 3 has a real ‘desi’ flavour, for those who have seen Hollywood superhero flicks, Krrish 3 might not seem so impressive.f... full review

So-So, by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA : ... Well this movie might not be a great entertainer but will be a great treat for all the kids over this festive season and is much better than many of recent so called masala blockbuster entertainers like 'Chennai Express', 'Ra.One', 'Bodyguard', 'Son Of Sardar' & many more.... full review

So-So, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...Hrithik Roshan, on his part, breezes through the multiple personas with the requisite zest and conviction.... full review

So-So, by Mansha Rastogi, Now : ...Krrish 3, in summation, scores top marks for the visuals but takes serious beatings in the story and hence ends up disappointing you. ... full review

So-So, by Aparna Mudi, Zee News : ...Want to watch Krrish? Go ahead if you love Bollywood in all its corny finery. If you are a comic book buff and have watched all that Hollywood has had to offer, you may like to steer clear.... full review

Thumbs down, by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express : ...Besides, who’s going to sit seriously through a climactic showdown where superhero and supervillain clash in front of a Bollywood Hungama banner?... full review

Thumbs down, by Bobby Singh, Bobby Talks : ...KRRISH 3 is certainly not a thorough entertainer at all as projected. It begins well but then has nothing significant to offer in terms of thrill, emotions or enjoyable moments right till the climax, unexpectedly. Also, I couldn’t find the good old entertaining, visionary director Rakesh Roshan, anywhere in the film to say the least.... full review

Thumbs down, by aneela.zeb.b, Desi Martini : ...For a movie that endorses EVERYTHING under the sun it does a pretty bad job supporting assisted birth technologies and bone marrow donation... full review

Thumbs down, by Deepa Deosthalee , Film Impressions : ...Mention must be made of the humungous Krrish statue that the local politician installs as a token of appreciation for his vigilance. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Suhani Singh, india today : ...The film's attempts to be path-breaking in special effects and production design ring hollow especially when towards the end in a clear sign to continue the franchise, Krishna has a son. After all a Bollywood superheroine is not cool, right? ... full review

Thumbs down, by Shubhra Gupta, indian express : ...Krrish 3' is a superhero film. It is also a throwback to the creaky family entertainers Bollywood used to make.... full review

Thumbs down, by Mohar Basu, koimoi : ...The lack of novelty is gravely dissatisfactory as the film has absolutely nothing to flaunt except their gusto to try something spirited of this magnitude!... full review

Thumbs down, by Shubha Shetty-Saha, MiD DAY : ...n a nutshell, 'Krrish 3' is the kind of film that keeps you entertained and holding your breath because of the sheer absurdity of it all.... full review

Thumbs down, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...Loud, violent, and utterly lacking in soul - I cannot recommend Krrish 3. I just can't. ... full review

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Not Interested in Watching, by Harpreet Singh : Bakwas VFX

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Yay! Thumbs Up, by Anuj

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Fan : Sincere attempt at sci-fi Indian film

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So-So, by ehinome okojie : Fair attempt at using western concept but there is a lack of depth in scientific knowledge.

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So-So, by Tulai Paul : The Rakesh Roshan – Hrithik Roshan combination in Hindi cinema rose to superstardom

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Nay! Thumbs Down, by Ramen : roshan outdoes himself and delivers another pathetic film...

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  • Language: Clean, except for this one sentence said by a child, as a punch line, no less.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Kangna Ranaut's cleavage. One lip-to-lip kiss.
  • Concept: Superhero vs the villain of the world
  • General Look and Feel: Regular action, superhero stuff.

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No point reviewing this one.I know its gonna be a "watch if u have nothing better to do" considering that u always give tasteless and negative reviews to 21st century bollywood's first and only superstar till date whose destined for glory and a unique legacy of his own! :P

@Anuj Or how about I watch it and review it? :P


I;m sure your lines and paragraphs have already been prepared. The minute modifications regarding the technical aspects of the movie will hardly be an issue,especially considering that this potential blockbuster does not star the Besharam Media manipulated (flop)star :P

@Anuj ouch! That hurt.


i wonder why u did not have anything to say about the music of krrish is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

The music really sucks the life out of this film. I know Rajesh Roshan is dated, but this has to be his worst effort.

@Dharmik I thought the music reviews listed say it all. :D

Dattaprasad Godbole

@Meetu: Troll ko kya nahi react kiya hai, Wah! Keep it up with the cool head.

Also, are you up for a Superhero movies in India discussion? just asking.

Eagerly anticipating this film , the promos are simply magnificient . I loved krissh earlier for its good storyline marred with outstanding production desing and slick action choreography . This time its bigger dan its predecessor . Best of luck HK.

@Dattaprasad What can I say, I am easily amused. :D And not taking bait is even more amusing.

Honestly, I don't think there have been Indian superhero (in films) worth talking about. Mythology, yes! And comic books, I wasn't into, so...I'd think it'd be a discussion with me about Indian superhero would be very dull.

@guddu :D

Anuj u started here too ......


Krrish was the perfect balance between old school storytelling coupled with new age Special effects and content!No wonder it worked brilliantly with kids across the spectrum,be it A,B and C centres.Krrish 3's got its task cut out since the kids who formed a major part of the KMG/Krrish fanbase are no longer exactly kids.But i'm certain Rakesh Roshan's masterful ability as a storyteller & Hrithik's immense box office clout will yield rich dividend to make Krrish 3 one of the biggest hits of 2013. As for the critics/cynics/pseudo's etc etc,they may as well dig a hole and bury themselves this diwali!Or better start counting down to James Cameroon's or Spielberg's next piece of garbage trash :P


@Meetu:Get set for day to day updates of Krrish 3's box office collection on this very forum!I hereby declare my clear intention of spamming to the best of my ability and make the lives of cynics and Hrithik Roshan critics as miserable as possible! :P


"What I am not looking forward to though is Hrithik Roshan's hamming as the disabled old man. It is one of those things that annoy you with their 10-second appearance in the trailer itself."~it is the single most significant reason why b town's most successful film franchise till date has completed a decade and still going strong! Of course to understand this one would have to revisit Hrithik's astonishing,award winning,box office shattering performance in Koi Mil Gaya which made kids from almost every part of the nation idolize their superstar in all of 2.5 hours!

It's fun reading Anuj's comments. I was of opinion that only Rajinikant and Salman have fanatics fans but Hritik has one too ! I too am a Hritik fan - I like him and I somehow know that Meetu does not like Hritik that much - But of course that's her personal choice - She has her own brain, own choices, own selections just like we all have. I am not goign to watch this one as I have not watched Krish but will surely read your review.


I ain't anyone's fanatic mate! My comments are usually made to counter popular media perception based on half baked truth and extreme manipulations! Yes indeed i am a big fan of HR and have the highest regard for him but that's not nothing to do with fanatism. The only aspect of me that's to being a fanatic is my loathing for Ranbir Kapoor,the most manipulative and unpopular so-called "star" in the history of Independent India :P

Anuj u r acting like a buffon , ur vowing to counter every spam against ur favorites, i think worrying too much about filmakers who cash out heavy amount by releasing theirgarbages. But where was ur voice nd energy when Jab tak hai jaan , Ek tha Tiger , Rowdy etc sold out housefull.


@Guddu:I was not a regular commentator on this site during those days! Fyi,JTHJ did NOT sell to housefull audiences and was barely a Hit. As for ETT and RR,my rating for both those films is 1.5/5. But that does not change the fact that both those films were loved by their target audiences and were hugely popular. As for my favorite,yes HR is my fav but despite that i rated Krrish 2.5/5 and gave the same rating to the critically acclaimed Guzaarish(a very melodramatic and OTT film imo). Get your facts right before acting noobish and ignorant!


For anyone who wants to read my preview :

Dattaprasad Godbole

@Meetu: Aww... Ok. Mythology discussion would be fun too. How would you like it to happen - wait for appropriate movie to release or maybe, you already have a movie in mind that would be fun to discuss?


I don't post on this forum very often but I do read the reviews on this website (not for Meetu's reviews but mostly for the expert comments from readers such as Anuj and few others) Meetu is just a wannabe critic who does not know the pulse of the indian audience at all. I guess she has forgotten how the indian audience loves their masala and entertainment. A critically acclaimed movie such as Lunchbox is highly regarded by the likes of Meetu but they forget the fact that this movie is also "inspired" (copied) from many other movies (You got mail, Sirf tum etc)
There are some movies that are truly trash and really deserve the critics trashing like PPNH, Besharam etc. But the fact is that some movies that are not that great are made very entertaining by their Superstar's screen presence, acting and their fans. Case in point is Chennai Express, a very clean, entertaining family film which I and my kids have watched 3 times.
When will these critics watch and review a Bollywood movie through the eyes of the indian audience??

Well, you know we're looking forward to this, Meetu! :)

@Dattaprasad Godbole - maybe we should take this discussion onto Facebok, where Meetu can ignore it? Personally, I enjoy India's recent superhero (or SF/Fantasy with superhero elements, like RA. ONE) films - I and my friends and family (we're a group of Americans who got into masala about three years ago. originally because we were looking for movies with good dance numbers) really enjoyed KRRISH a lot. I would love to see Krrish integrated into Hollywood superhero movies - maybe as part of the Justice League (if they ever make that film)?

@TimELiebe yeah, I know. I ignore on FB? Who says?


@Meeta:Lol at the 2 above comments!I remember u making an absolutely unwanted and tasteless comment on the Ra.1 forum about how Ra.1 is more "bearable" than KMG and Krrish! I guess Adam and Tim's comments summarize my thoughts perfectly. For every one hypocritical viewer full of double standards,there are 2 feeling the complete opposite! No wonder we have India's most successful franchise completing a decade this diwali and still going strong!


@Adam:The only thing Bollywood critics want is some technical finesse,catchy tunes and a few individuals representing the aspirations of around 2% of the Indian population.Or maybe just the names Anurag Kashyap,Irrfan Khan,Nawazuddin,Aamir Khan,SRK would do! So a Salman doing a Dabangg becomes trash while an SRK doing an OSO or an Aamir doing a Ghajini becomes "unique".I beg to differ with you on CE though.Its a very substandard film imo,but i do understand why the masses loved it!

@Dattaprasad oh I meant the superheroes in our mythology are cool. Not the movies.

I used to be a huge fan of Jai Bajrangbali or maybe just Bajrangbali when I was little though. :D Dara Singh played Hanuman, had some very cute songs. :D

@Anuj I don't see the need to call others (reviewers/commentors) names and get personal.
That is border-lining on being unnecessarily mean/nasty. Just thought you should know, I might stop responding if I feel the tone is not nice. (will post this part of the comment on a couple other films too)

Anuj ; audience don't take critics review for granted , people are sensible enough not to be either influenced or infatuated by their review unless he is retard teen like u. I am sure ur incessant anti - Meetu stand will eventually lead u to be barred from dis website . Jab tak hai jaan and Son of sardar both were released on same day and both film entered d 100 cr club. Take care and refer to some books on cinema aspect.

Dattaprasad Godbole

@TimELiebe: A Wogma Discussion Group? Not a bad idea. I'm in.

@Meetu: Hanuman was my favorite too. Perfect Role Model for children - Firstly because he had both the parents; was a Superhero AND Sidekick at the same time; Solved the dilemma of 'shorts over tights or under tights' by doing away with the tights altogether. But am not sure if he ever had conflicts I could identify with. (He being celibate alone dismisses half of them.)


Wow...u even know my age!! You're the one whose even unaware of the fact that SOS was an under 100 cr grosser and in fact made losses for its distributors courtesy its high distribution price of approx 60 cr! Talk of trade knowledge,i bet my worth i'v watched and analyzed a lot more about cinema than some worthless clown whose profile name sounds similar to a new born having lactogen for a diet.As for the audience,yes indeed if 100 folk watch a CNN-IBN review or read a TOI review,at least 50% of them are bound to form preconceived notions about a movie which may not necessarily be correct.I do not expect Guddu's and Pappu's to be understanding something as simple as this anyway!

@Meeta:Its clear and evident who started the use of such pleasant language and i'm ready to bet that this person (whatever be his age most certainly with a -ve IQ) isn't aware of the meaning of a "Bufoon" ('coz if he was,he wouldn't be acting like one!)


And for the benefit of all concerned,let me briefly elaborate how box office works!The 100 cr club is not a criteria for a film's success.The "Total Gross" is what a film collects at the ticket window across all theaters in every territory.Case in point Ra.1 has a total all India gross of 153 cr. Total gross-Entertainment tax=Nett Gross. Entertainment tax right now is around 26%.Ra.1 has a nett collection of approx 115 cr(100 cr club is wrt nett gross). Around 50-60%(depending on whether the film's performed better at multiplexes or single screens) of the nett collection goes to the distributors across India.On a nett collection of 115 cr,Ra.1 generated a DS of 60 cr!This distributor share is tallied with the all India distribution price(sum of the prices at which the film has been sold to individual distribution houses across each territory).Ra.1 had an all India distribution price of 70 cr approx and hence it was a -10 in terms of nett loss for the distributors pan India.Some distributors in metros did make profits on the film but majority(esp in the B & C class centers) ended up making losses.Hence the movie was a "Losing to coverage" equation for the distributors and ended up with a final verdict of Above Average-Average(courtesy producer profit and decent theatrical collections).Same goes for SOS which had a share of 57 cr(nett collection 95 cr) as against a price of 60 cr.

So the next time an unreliable media source calls a film a "Hit" based on the fact that it netted over 100 cr,kindly take it with a pinch of salt and verify the facts (ie only if you're interested in knowing trade and boxoffice facts)


@Anuj: impressed with your knowledge on Bollywood trade.

For me the basic rule is as Adam pointed out above, I.e. ME I MEIN HUM is the Paying customer and what the paying audience likes or enjoys is what is a success. A film like Lunchbox for which very few people are willing to pay money and watch or are even willing to invest few hours to watch free downloaded stuff is to be labelled "CRAP" and to be given 0 stars. And a clean family oriented mindless stuff like Chennai Express to help forget daily grind and just have pure fun is welcomed by masses should be labelled "BLOCKBUSTER" and given 5 stars.

That brings us to the question on what is a professional reviewer/critic's responsibility? is it

I can speak only about how I liked the film. I don't know how to look at films from another person's point of view.

Or is it

As much as possible be aware of what the masses want in a film. Be able to read Paying Customer's pulse and be able to read the trends and changing tastes and values.

If the answer is the first one then every Tom Dick and Harry can be a professional reviewer/critic.

I personally believe that any profession needs lot of work, analysis, difficult lessons, etc. in that sense I strongly believe that the responsibility of a reviewer/critic is to read the pulse of the PAYING customer and relate to whether the film is what the PAYING customer would pay for. Majority people rely on reviews to help decide amongst the constant barrage of expensive films, on which one to shell out 500 Rs per family member (2000 Rs for an average family of 4). Nobody reads the review to see if the reviewer liked the film but doesn't know how to look at films from another person's point of view. So the professional reviewer/critic has to spend hours to analyze box office performance - interact with paying audience to identify the factors influencing the BO - interacting with producers distributor exhibitors to analyze what they believe were the reasons for success or failure - and then correlate all this to be able to catch the pulse the more accurately possible.

So if a reviewer is unable or incapable to judge the pulse of the PAYING audience then he/she deserves 0 stars just as the producer/director who makes an insipid product and gets a 0 star from critics/reviewers/viewers.

Coming to Wogma and Meetu, I admire the work they do. But I do understand now (after following the site for some time now) that it is less of a review site and more of a Meetu blog - on what she liked personally without any pretension that others would like or unlike it. So once you know that it is not a review but just a blog then the value addition is to read the user remarks like those of Anuj, Guddu, Tom, etc. to glean from all that whether the film will pass the test of the pulse of Paying audience.

Coming to Anuj's posts I get the feeling that he's the angry (young) man fighting against the (covert) lobbying done by certain actors or directors or other film personalities to promote themselves in the eyes of population to con them into shelling 2000 Rs per family. I fully empathise with him. I deplore that a mediocre Anurag Kashyap/Basu are made out to be as giants, whereas their films barely survive 1 week in theatres. International film circuits are easy to play once somebody cracks how they operate. Mainline Hindi films would be much more successful than lunchboxes if the producers wanted them to be, case in point is Slumdog Millionaire that swept the Oscars. Thus hyping a Kashyap because his films are exhibited internationally is fraudulently cheating gullible Paying audience; and is unethical.

Let's hope that reviewers see and review films based on paying audiences' point of view, and stop overhyping a Kashyap or a Khan or a Kapoor. A true reviewer/critic is one who could dare to say the truth like the innocent child who shouted in front of everyone that The King Is Naked.


@Fan:Agreed with your definition of a film critic.As a sample here's a link to Komal Nahta's review of the critically trashed Grand Masti which ended up being a much liked movie among the b&c center audiences!


@Fan:As for films like Gangs...and Lunchbox,i strongly feel that they should be made even if they have a 2% pan India audience. But economics is the key when u make films at such a small magnitude and that's where i feel makers of films like Paan SIngh,Lunchbox,Ragini MMS and Peepli Live have played it smart and produced them on shoestring budgets!

P.S: The Lunchbox is a commercial success with returns in the range of 15 cr on a minimal investment of approx 10 cr!


@Fan:I do not have that much of an issue with Meetu's reviews as i have with reviewers' of leading electronic and print media houses who shamelessly go about flaunting their personal likes and dislikes without caring 2 hoots about audience sensibilities and the film-makers' intention!If a reviewer wants to be reviewing a Golmaal with the yardstick of a Lagaan then u cannot blame Rohit Shetty for that.Its the reviewer whose at fault.


@Fan:For all your cynicism regarding The Lunchbox,you'd be surprised to know that its a commercial success with an Roi of approximately 50%(a lot more than the so called hits like Son Of Sardar,Don-2 & Race-2)


@anuj: Lunchbox is commercially good for their producers and distributors but what about exhibitors and audience? Exhibitors made more on boss and grand mAsti. As regards audience, once conned very few would be brave to admit that they got conned - if you see what I mean.


@fan:Lunchbox was always promoted as a film for the niche audiences who are more into artistic cinema than commercial entertainers.Same goes for last year's Paan Singh Tomar which was liked by over 90% of the "target audience" who paid to watch it.As for the exhibitors,The Lunchbox was released in just 400 screens across India which is 1/10th the number of a major commercial venture like CE/Krrish-3.The exhibitors had bought the film at minimal rates and since it was just a multiplex release,it had an average ticket price ranging from 120-140 rs.Hence it turned out to be a plus equation even for the exhibitors,much unlike Boss which released in 2800 screens and ended up burning a hole in the pockets of most exhibitors too.


Anyway ROI can never be estimated from the exhibitor point of view since almost every movie,including the big hits and huge grossers do end up losing in some circuit or the other(except a handful like Dhoom-2,Ghajini,Dabangg,3I).Salman's 2009 hit Wanted was a loser in the multiplexes of the Mysore and Punjab circuits but was branded a Hit 'coz it was a plus equation on a pan India basis. Similarly ZNMD,JTHJ & Talaash were disasters in the single screen dominated circuits of Rajasthan,UP/CP Berar etc but made huge profits in the multiplex circuits of Delhi/Punjab,Mysore,Nizam & Mumbai. Hence they ended up being a plus equation in the final tally & were deemed as box office successes.


An interesting fact is that even the All Time Blockbuster DDLJ was actually a losing to coverage equation in the UP/Central India and Bihar circuits!


Gosh people really get touchy and start defending soft porn movies out here I see (grand masti). Well to each his own, some people call them masala movies some people call them a waste of precious life. Perhaps folks who support such masala movies don't have anything substantial in their life hence they get touchy.
Anyhu ... meetu, your preview for the movie, "looking forward to this movie since you thought the VFX are done nicely" have made me compelled to tell you that:
1) no the vfx are bullshit
2) many people here will defend the movie, and also argue how they feel deeply that the movie "makkhi" had good vfx, those people, please ignore my comment because we live on two different wavelengths so no point
3) any decent PS3 games has similar VFX
4) most PS3 like VFX in the trailer are copied from various Hollywood movies
5) Dhoom 3 VFX would be a delight it seems but m not too hopeful
6) music sucks
7) movie will be a super hit but I request you not to be hopeful and review in your usual style because I am getting older and I seriously don't want to waste my time trying to make sense of shitty masala cinema
8) I respect all Bollywood and my comments are just my comments and if they bother you then please do not bother me cause like I said, there's no point !


Harpreet : thanks for your 2 cents.

Comparing a 10 million dollar bollywood film with a 100 million dollar Hollywood product is unfair. Let's see if Hollywood could ever beat a Krrish vfx on a 10 million budget.


There are 2 kinds of people in this world.One who just keep blabbering their own opinions & try forcing them down people's throats through the liberal use of beautiful adjectives with the clear intention of trying to prove that they have a superior intellectual level that the other.
The second are the one's who have a personal opinion no doubt,yet they analyse and reason every occurrence of an event with proper reasoning and give more weightage to facts that opinions.
1.I haven't yet watched Grand Masti so cannot comment on the film.
2.Cricket is personal favorite sport but that doesn't change the fact that soccer is a lot more patronized and loved(although personally i hate it)
3.Give the so-called legends like Spielberg/Cameroon and Chris Columbus 10 million to make a film & i'm sure they'd make something worse than Toofan!


A lot of folk who go about describing Grand Masti as "soft porn" are the one's who hail American Pie and The Hangover as classics.Now lemme not further elaborate on the hypocrisy of these chaps,usually found watching a pile of Hollywood trash at an Imax near you with a packet of popcorn in one hand and their weekly girlfriend's purse in the other :D


Tbh, the VFX are not too impressive from what I've seen in looks more like a game...Anyway, I hope it raises the bar of special effects in Bollywood.
Other than Hrithik's awesome physique, nothing seems impressive..even the music is shit.


Angrez chale gaye par ...

I never understood the Indians who constantly thrash Mumbai products in favour of Los Angeles products. Both are good in their own domain, we can't and must not compare them. They cater to culturally different audiences and so have to meet culturally different needs.

As regards Grand Masti, even though I might cringe watching it with my family, I am pretty sure that I would laugh out loud at some (if not all) the jokes. And how is GM different than the various American Pies. They are in the same bracket as GM, so why this differentiation and discrimation against one?


Rotten urban middle hypocrisy keeps popping its ugly head in day to day life particularly through the electronic media & the internet.No wonder a Lagaan is still spoken of even today while a certain Gadar-Ek Prem Katha which released on the same day and was watched by 3 times the number of people as Lagaan isn't given its due. No wonder a DDLJ is gievn preference over the bigger hit Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in the 90's. No wonder Mr.SRK is called King Khan while a certain Salman Khan is never given these adjectives despite the fact that he's a lot more popular among people of rural India and the villages/Single screens(who form almost 70% of the total audience). No wonder an totally rejected & and absolutely pathetic actor like Ranbir is being hailed as the next superstar courtesy his negligible fanbase of brainless young teenage girls and middle aged fat aunties! :P


"Give the so-called legends like Spielberg/Cameroon and Chris Columbus 10 million to make a film & i'm sure they'd make something worse than Toofan!"
Anuj, this is not entirely true. While it is true that Hollywood thrives on VFX, this is more of a recent phenomenon. Have you seen Steven Spielberg's "The Duel" and CC's Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire are not VFX movies but movies with good scripts. The cost of the VFX itself is very expensive is US but that goes with everything else too. A movie ticket costs US $12(~Rs 750) and a 3D ticket is about $16 (~Rs1000). The ticket prices itself are 50 to 100% higher. Hence it's a wrong comparison.
And if the vfx can enhance your movie experience, then why not? You may know that even Hollywood movies with just VFX and no strong script will fail at the box office. Case in point - Pacific Rim, After Earth, John Carter, Cowboys & Aliens etc. Hence, a strong script is absolutely necessary for any movie regardless of the new age VFX used. Jurassic Park and Terminator had the first vfx of it's kind in Hollywood backed by a solid script.
I recently watched "The Gravity" in 3D and if anyone has not yet watched it, I would highly recommend this movie. It is a totally engrossing film which has utilized the 3D effects to its full potential. A Definite Must see.


"The Duel" was an average movie while Mrs Doubtfire was nothing but an overrated pile of garbage imo!And yes they do have the finances and the money to make expensive films and that's the precise reason why comparing Krrish 3 with any Hollywood venture is pointless! As for James Cameroon,he's got 2 of the highest grossing movies ever and probably 2 of the most over-rated movies of all time. Titanic and Avatar gimme a headache even when i watch them on TV. The greatest sci-fi film-maker of all time imo is Christopher Nolan and that's mainly 'coz he focusses more on content than gimmicks. Case in point Following and Memento,2 absolutely brilliant independent films made on a shoestring budget!
Coming to Rakesh Roshan,as i said earlier he's one of the few filmmakers today who combines old school Bollywood melodrama with new age manner of storytelling,thereby reaching out to a pan India audience across urban cities,tier 2 cities and even the smaller towns and C centres. This unique combination of good old masala formula coupled with modern day storytelling (a lot of it not entirely original but that's okay as long as it works) is what hit bull's eye wrt KMG and Krrish and hopefully Krrish-3 will do the same!


That Toofan comment is just sarcasm intended. Don't take it too seriously although after watching Avatar i do have my doubts regarding the abilities of James Cameroon making sci-fi. But more so i still wonder why the paying public of the States and Europe took to that garbage in such a massive way. But again,cinema is expecting the unexpected and that's the only thing that explains Avatar being a bigger grosser than The Dark Knight!


The reason is pretty simple why Avatar is a bigger grosser than DK. As some critics raved about Avatar - "The holy grail of 3-D has finally arrived". Avatar started the trend of 3D movies and this was not an ordinary movie but a must-see Novelty Event. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, the ticket prices of the 3D movies is higher, therefore it earned more than the DK. IMHO, I too think that DK is better than Avatar but I can enjoy the DK on my 60in. Flat screen TV but not as much with the Avatar. Titanic was a very emotional tear jerker with great VFX and music. It connected with the masses by tugging at their hearts. Even though I kind of agree with you on the opinions of these movies, I will not trash these epic event movies. The Titanic and Avatar have been liked by millions of people all across the world and earned more than $3 Billion (combined) and to say that they are garbage just contradicts yourself what you have said earlier about critics. If these movies are garbage, then your reviewing capability is no different than Meetu who don't understand pulse of the common person!!


Meetu - I would request you to please change your tag line from:
"A part of the Audience" to "A part of the 1% Audience".
This tag will be very appropriate for your reviews since you seem to like movies which very rarely become hits. Your last good review for a Blockbuster was Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. You have a great dislike for Masala films even though a few like Chennai Express and Dabangg are Blockbuster hits.


"The Titanic and Avatar have been liked by millions of people all across the world and earned more than $3 Billion (combined) and to say that they are garbage just contradicts yourself what you have said earlier about critics."~I said they're garbage IMO! Of course if i give a business rating to these films it would be nothing short of 4/5. But the movie rating for both these films Imo is nothing more than a 2/5.


"Your last good review for a Blockbuster was Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani."~and that's only and only because of its lead actor(a dumbed down C grade version of Raj Kapoor) whom she considers to be brilliant (laughably so). Had that movie been starring any other actor from the rest of b town,i'm sure she'd have given it a thumbs down. Imagine giving a bigger blockbuster like Dhoom 2 a negative rating while giving YJHD a thumbs up! Her personal bias is more than evident.


@Adam:Although one thing u need to understand is that a Lunchbox & a Paan Singh..etc caters to only 10% of the total audience but within that 10%,these films are liked by 8 out of 10 people watching them. While a Dabangg,Ghajini,CE etc cater to 80% of the total audience but within that 80%,they have been liked by 6 out of 10 people. So although the Ghajini's and Dabangg's are a lot more popular(based on viewership),they might not be as patronized as a PST or Lunchbox within the sphere of their respective target audience! Its like comparing Kahaani with Ek Tha Tiger. ETT is a lot more popular since its a lot more watched but Kahaani is a lot more liked within the realm of its limited target audience!

Anuj, Adam and the rest: Umm... Just so everyone is aware, I'm to blame (or otherwise) for that review of YJHD, because I wrote it. And if I read it objectively, I think it is the most balanced review of the film that you can find on the internet. The key flaws have been pointed out, the key strengths have been highlighted, and a larger conclusion in context with the filmmaker's earlier work has also been included.

@Dattaprasad ha ha ha... well, I don't think I identify with the conflicts of any of the superheroes. :P

@Fan I write reviews as a part of the paying audience. I am a part of the audience. And I write whether or not I liked a film and why I liked/didn't like what I liked/didn't like. You read the intentions of wogma reviews in good spirit and that is all we intend to do here, voice our opinions as a part of the paying audience.

I think the definition of who the "naked king" is where we (anuj/you vs me) are so diametrically opposite that there is no point in having a discussion beyond letting our opinions be known. I define nonsense/incoherent/slapstick as the naked king whereas you define anything unsuccessful in terms of money as the naked king. There is no meeting point here.

I would like every critic to shoot down a grand masti regardless of how many people enjoyed it. The trailer itself is disgusting and demeaning.

"once conned very few would be brave to admit that they got conned" - doesn't that apply to people who have paid for and claim to like the commercial successes?

@Harpreet Yes, our involvement with our films never ceases to amaze me. I think we have to consider the VFX for the budget it is made with. Just like we excuse a certain loss of production value in smaller budget films. Our Krrish 3s are small budge films when compared to those made in the US, right?

If you saw the byline for Ye Jawani Hai Deewani maybe you'd have saved yourself some trouble. i didn't like the film much, Pradeep liked it, he's the one who reviewed it. :D

At this point of course, you also choose to forget _my_ rating for Besharam.

And really?
"Give the so-called legends like Spielberg/Cameroon and Chris Columbus 10 million to make a film & i'm sure they'd make something worse than Toofan!"

Seriously, really? See, that is the arrogance that makes me lose interest in a discussion, because it no longer remains healthy. That is like me saying ask Sajid Khan to make an Avatar and he'll make something worse than Buddha Mar Gaya. What's the connection? And a lot of your other comments involve name-calling, so like I promised, ignoring them.

@Fan/@Anuj so it is okay to trash non-Indian films which are commercially successful?

@Adam 1% of the audience is still a part of the audience :D

@Pradeep :D thanks, dude! :D


Speilberg has made a Schindler's List for a modest budget and that was no 'Toofan'.


Schindler's List is no sci-fi.And as i pointed out,that comment does not need to be taken literally!


@Meetu:Movie reviewing on media forums do not have any scope for "personal opinions".Else every Tom,Dick and Harry would be called a critic.You may have a personal opinion regarding a film(everyone does) but once you're performing a task of reviewing a movie for the benefit of lakhs of viewers' from across the spectrum,you ought to be keeping personal preferences aside and review the movie objectively with regards to its intended target audience,its content and its scope!


"If you saw the byline for Ye Jawani Hai Deewani maybe you'd have saved yourself some trouble. i didn't like the film much, Pradeep liked it, he's the one who reviewed it."~does not change the fact that you liked the absolutely pathetic and completely rejected Rockstar,a movie so disliked it trended at under 40% at the box office despite having 2 open weeks. And of course,i'd wanna be pointing out your famous ZNMD "nit picking" barb at the single biggest reason why the film worked commercially or the fact that you choose to ignore the 10 odd films Barfi! has been ripped off from though u do not use the same yardstick for Krrish-3.


"That is like me saying ask Sajid Khan to make an Avatar and he'll make something worse than Buddha Mar Gaya."~don't quite think sci-fi is Sajid Khan's expertise but i do feel Housefull-2's a tad funnier and a lot more bearable than Hangover-2!

P.S: Give Rakesh Roshan 1400 cr to make a superhero flick and i'm more than a cent percent he'd knock your socks off! Especially when he has an actor whose got the looks,physique & body language perfect for a Superhero(assuming that superhero's aren't supposed to dance).


Just for the sake of some facts,the cheapest superhero flick in recent times was Batman(1989) made on a cost of $35M,twice the cost of Krrish-3! Schindler's List had a prodiction budget of $22M,still twice of K3.

**Krrish-2006 performed better than Superman Returns-2006 in most of the territories dominated by the NRI diaspora in the US and even got a thumbs up by some NYC/LA critics while our own brainless pseudo intellectual critics were busy panning the film to the best of their extremely limited abilities**


@Anuj: Your last comment is absolutely spot on. Although critic Taran Adarsh goes a little over board sometimes, most of his reviews are viewed with the "Part of the Audience" glasses. Now, Please don't go about lambasting the guy as he also gave a good review of The Boss, Blue, Ra One etc. As I stated earlier, most of his reviews are on par with the general paying public but not everyone can be always right!! There is a famous critic Khalid Mohamed who gave 5 stars to only 2 or 3 movies but went on write movies such as Silsiilay, Tehzeeb, Tahreekh and Zubeida. None of these movies have been heard or watched by anyone I know. His only movie which was better accepted was Fiza due to the presence of Krrish - Hrithik Roshan (A commercial "Hamming" star comes to the help of a famous critic).
It's only a matter of 2 days before we find the verdict on Krrish from the so-called part of the audience Meetu.


Here's the link to the Krrish(2006) Rotten tomatoes page. 7 reviews including one's from NYT,L.A. Weekly and Hollywood Reporter,all giving it a thumbs up! @Meetu:Read the NYT review. That's the way to review a film. Pity that NY critics can review a Bombay film better than our own domestic one's!


@Adam:Komal Nahta is the best we have! Taran does go overboard too many times and seems fishy on most occasions,not only with his reviews but even with his box office classifications! The lesser said about Khalid Mohammad,Raja Sen,Mihir Fadnavis,Rajeev Masand etc the better!


@Adam:Boss is a rejected movie which had flopped at the BO.Same goes for Blue.Ra.1 just about reached recovery courtesy its humoungous opening but was not a particularly liked movie among the audiences mainly 'coz of its double meaning,cheesy humour which is quite unnecessary for a kid's film!


@Meetu: don't vent others' anger on me (i got a little hint in your previous post). Unless I am mistaken I have not written anything personal or hurt anybody personally. I have expressed my point of view being as person-independent as I could.

Coming to the enraging debate: I agree to your view that "once conned very few would be brave to admit it" applies to commercial films.

The big difference however is that the commercially successful films ( what we label as 100 crores now, and were measured by silver jubilee and golden jubilee milestones in the past) are successful to a large part by re-visiting paying audience. People who liked the film so much that they pay and go to see it again and again in theatres. And this is never a case with conned audience, they would not pay again to watch the film. As famous Kabir had said लकडे की कांठी एक ही बार चूल्हे पर चढ़ती हैं

@Anuj If you are going to bring up specific films, they are going to be taken literally, no?

"Movie reviewing on media forums do not have any scope for "personal opinions""

>> completely disagree. Even someone with a psychology degree cannot predict an entire nation's reaction. And I am not going to argue this any further.

"you choose to ignore the 10 odd films Barfi! has been ripped off from though u do not use the same yardstick for Krrish-3."

>> Please refer to lines from my preview post "The trailer indicates that they are done pretty well. Even if they have been copied from all over the place, as long as they are done well." (

"you liked the absolutely pathetic and completely rejected Rockstar"

>>uhhh, no.

If you are going to argue for the sake of arguing, there is no point to this at all!

@Adam How does it even matter? :P

@Fan naah-naah, no venting at all because there is no anger. It's a film, it's a review. I can get worked up, only so much.

As far as repeat viewership, do we have any statistics?


"Even someone with a psychology degree cannot predict an entire nation's reaction."~Its not about getting it right all the time or having a cent percent record. But there's obviously gotta be some concerted effort on part of the reviewer to get a grip on the taste,sensibility and pulse of the target audience and "attempt" to give an appropriate review. That in itself yields to 70%+ accuracy(you do not need doctorates to know this simple fact).

" And I am not going to argue this any further."~Nor do i expect you to,considering you & a lot more from your fraternity are adamant on giving reviews based on their personal likes and dislikes and thereby influence a section(however small that section may be) of the audience!

"Even if they have been copied from all over the place, as long as they are done well."~Yes indeed you have made it a point to mention that the special effects have been "copied" from various place while u never said anything remotely close to this for a movie like Barfi! which is not only a copy,but an absolutely rip-off of at least 10 different ventures from around the world.

As for the Rockstar review,a "Watch when on TV" is probably around a 3/5 which is still an Above Average to Good review for a movie as bogus as that. Especially when u go about giving a "Watch if u have nothing better to do" to films like Jodha Akbar which are a lot more appreciated and liked both commercially and critically.


"As far as repeat viewership, do we have any statistics?"~probably not but i can definitely give u trending stats and scores based on Word of mouth for most recent films. Trending statistics among the respective "target audience" are the best indicator of how much a film has been liked within its target audience. For big budget commercial films the best trending one's have been Ghajini,Dabangg,Golmaal-3,ZNMD,Jodhaa Akbar,Ready,Rowdy Rathore & Singham. Films like CE,Agneepath,ETT etc have 50% WOM and have collected huge courtesy their massive initials based on star value and hype! Among the small scale films the best trending one has been Kahaani,Vicky Donor and OMG!Oh My God. Paan Singh Tomar and Lunchbox too have done reasonably well in terms of acceptance and wom among their very minimal target audience!


And yes i forgot to mention Aashiqui 2,the best trending low budget movie of the year thus far with an ROI in excess of 600% and a trending score of over 300%.


@Anuj - Do you have your own site where you review the movies. If not, are you planning to start one?


@Adam:I did start blogging very recently but that's more of a movie box office blog to give information on the most successful movies since the 1940's(courtesy trade magazines i'v been preserving for the last 20 odd years & Film Information articles of my granddad's era).I do not watch that many number of movies to actually become a full time reviewer at present.Maybe in the future if possible! You can refer the following blog if u want box office details of Bollywood movies since the era of independence!

@Anuj Disagree.

Barfi - "Yes, there are a few films that Barfi! reminds you of – Hindi, English and silent." (

"Watch when on TV" is as average as it gets. But hey, I loved Rocket Singh and Wake Up, Sid! :P word of mouth. Because I haven't met a person yet who hasn't like Lunchbox - from my mother to my fifteen year old niece. Will you accept that as word of mouth statistics?


@Meetu:WOM statistics can be easily observed by the way a film trends at the box office.But for that you need to observe box office numbers regularly which as always you high headed critics who consider yourselves to have superior knowledge of cinema than film-makers themselves will never bother verifying! We can safely say that a Bhaag Milkha was loved by its target audience since its doubled its first week collections. Same goes for Lunchbox(although the target audience for a Lunchbox is extremely minimal and hence a lot easier for it to get a more +ve response within that audience). ON the other hand a mass commercial films with much larger target audiences have a tougher challenge generating a universally positive WOM for themselves. Kindly bother visiting some B & C centres and i bet u,80%+ respondents would give a two thumbs up to the critically trashed Rowdy Rathore,Dabangg and Ready! Visit the urban multiplexes and 80%+ viewers' would a thumbs up to BMB,ZNMD and Jodhaa Akbar. Visit the extremely high end gold class multiplexes(the pseudo specialists forming under 10% of the total audience) and you'd get a universal thumbs up for a Lunchbox.

P.S: Visit any damn territory across the length and breath of this country and you'd get a Thumbs Down for Rocket Singh,a movie so disliked that it couldn't even sustain for 2 weeks in cinemas and was one of the biggest commercial flops of 2009! Even brainless teenage girls and infactuated aunties didn't accept the clownish avatar of Ranbir in that film :P


Overly hyped but mediocre products in recent years based on my personal opinion are:

Gangs of wasseypur ( could not even sit through the entire film, this has happened less than 5 times in my life - gives an indication on how much I respect each film to at least sit through the finish)
Rocket Singh (the writers, producers, etc. must have been on dope to even imagine such a brainless and unethical plot)
Rock star
Wake up Sid
Love aaj kal
Dirty picture
Delhi Belly

I do realise now that I made my list that Kapoor and Kashyap products are the only repeating products. Having said that, I did thoroughly enjoy Yeh Jawani ... It was a refreshing film leaving aside the few kissing sequences.


Life in a metro
Bhaag milkha Bhaag (had it been at least an hour shorter than it would have been better)
Jab tak hai jaan (despite monopolistic tactics of not leaving theatres for competition, the competition equalled them in earnings. Just imagine what would have happened had it been a level laying field)
Chak De India (even a 5 year kid walking into the theatre could tell how the story would develop and eventually end)


Not any more so recent years but keeping in mind the subject of this page it merits a mention:

Koi mil Gaya


@Fan:I loved Gangs of Wasseypur.It was one of my favourite films of 2012.I thoroughly enjoyed Delhi Belly too.And I don't think Koi Mil Gaya was overhyped by the media. Hrithik was going through the worst phase of his filmography and the media in fact did not even highlight the film up until its release. It was only once the movie became the biggest hit of the year that the electronic media actually start giving it its due and tout it as Roshan's comeback vehicle!


Delhi Belly was fine, but not THE GREAT FILM that it was made out to be. It's a film that if you miss then there's no catastrophe. But the media hype was like it is the film that one must not miss at any cost.

Similarly for Dhobi Ghat. Never understood all the hype around it. Sure it came after 3 successive humongous Amir Khan hits viz. TZP, Ghajini and 3i but that did not mean that Dhobi Ghat was in the same category.

Anyways 2 days to go before verdict on K3 will be out.


Taran Adarsh review is out. 4.5 stars out of 5.


Dhobi Ghat was a bogus sleeping pill imo. I couldn't sit through it despite it being all of 75 minutes! The hype's mainly 'coz of the Aamir Khan factor-the most cunning master manipulator in recent times who can make even illogical,plaguarized trash like Ghajini sound like a classic courtesy a very obliging media which has falsely given him the tag of a "thinking actor"(all bunkum)


TOI:4.5/5 India Today:3.5/5 Filmfare:4/5


Booked for tomorrow, will let you know tomorrow my point of view. Let's hope that there is some content and not relying solely upon vfx à la Ra.1


3:25 pm at PVR Bangalore today! Most reviews from reliable critics seem to be positive. The likes of Mihir Fadnavis and Mohar Basu are not considered!

Rachit Gupta

@Anuj - You have your own website/ blog - please go there!
I have said previously as well this Meetu's personal blog. You dont like her opinions please buzz off and dont try to change he stance. I quite like the way she analyses the movies as it invariably gels with my thought process. She doesnt like low brow entertainers - then so what! She is entitled to her opinion as you are. But you have your own blog and please use that forum to project your opinions. If we are interested in your opinions we will come to your blog. As it is you have done a fantastic job of promoting your blog on Meetu's. I am surprised because of your constant spamming you havent been blocked yet!


@Anuj, @ Fan I understood that wogma is just a blog after Dabbang's review. Here is Meetu's reply (during dabbang discussions although I don't know why I can't see my posts) point by point on why it is OK for a reviewer to not understand the audience pulse at all.
Meetu's reply -
@Pragya Nope, I don't think a reviewer's role includes predicting 'how well it will be liked by the junta' because -1. No one person can claim to predict how a certain thing (in this case let's say a movie) one thing will be liked by another person. Even if they are the closest friend or share the same blood. 2. That one person change with time.3. That person can be in different moods at different times.4. Not to mention enjoyment can differ depending on who you are watching the film with.5. Junta is not one person and thus certainly not that one person.I don't know how any one person can be expected to figure out what a junta might like. Even a majority of 'junta' is a huge number. Not to mention, even if you divide the junta into whatever categories, each category still has a whole load of junta in it.


@Pragya: nobody has a crystal ball, and nobody could predict with 100% certainty. And nobody expects 100% accuracy in prediction. But a true reviewer has all the data, knows how to analyse them, identify the trends, more importantly the factors that correlate to confirm the trend - and then apply this rich information to predict as close as possible how the film being reviewed correlates to the trends and where is it likely to reach on the consumer success ladder. And this analysis is a continuous affair as tastes evolve over time. Despite all this iti is normal to have 10-20% error rate in the analysis.

On the other hand stating that I review films as I like and cannot predict people's likings is acceptable but from a couch blogger. It is unacceptable from a professional reviewer.

So with that definition in mind this site and the admirable work that they do falls in couch blogging category. And therein the interest for people like me is in reading the viewer comments to gauge audience reaction, rather than reading the so-called-review which is as clarified several times by the author as being based only her personal likings and not based on any pain staking constant analysis of audience tastes.


@Rachit: cool it. Anuj's style might remind one of the angry young man of 1980s but when you glean through his messages you will also find the reasons for his frustration against the reviewer community in general. As regards marketing his site, I cannot say that he made his posts for that purpose; he replied to Adam's question on whether Anuj had a site. So I would not label it as "promoting your blog".

In all, Krrish 3 is a film that will attract kids and audience that isn’t exposed to the cinema in the west. For the rest, its falls way short of expectations. An average pastime.


@Rachit - Is that an alias for Meetu? How can anyone think of blocking a post. If you don't like the facts posted by a commentator, then I would advise you to buzz off. All of us are here trying to discuss the role of a responsible critic. Please go and see the blog by Roger Ebert on how critics should review movies.

Rachit Gupta

Guys its not a discussion post about how reviewers should do their job! It was about how "Meetu" feels with regards to movies and she reviews it... I have been regular here for long and see that every few comments Anuj keeps on highlighting his blog post.
One cannot please all the people all the time! Why is it that Meetu has to cater to his tastes. I simply suggested that if he is so interested in his opinions and thinks that he knows the pulse maybe he should write a weekly blog himself. As I say its easy to criticise.
Btw I am a SRK-fan and Meetu didnt like CE and even called him a living proof of how humans descended from monkeys. So, should I jump aggressively on her and quote SRK's box office record... blah blah....blah... yadda ... yadda??? No, I accept that she may have a different opinion than mine.
She can write whatever she wants - her blog - her opinions. You have every right to disregard her opinions but only in a polite way instead Krisshh 3 preview itself had 63 bloody comments!


Undoubtedly the best superhero film made in India,a notch higher than Endhiran and Ra.1 in terms of technicality,special effects and VFX! Hrithik rocks,especially as Rohit Mehra. Stunning visuals and cinematography. Would be loved by B & C center audiences who haven't had much exposure to sci-fi hollywood films. Will be an Average-Below Average fare for urban youngsters although urban kids are gonna love this one. I could literally see the kids go bonkers at every appearance Hrithik made as Krrish! Box office performance will be excellent and there's definitely scope for the franchise to extend its amazing run.


@Rachit:Nobody apart from Meetu has the authority to ask me to buzz off or stop making comments. Keep your comments to yourself unless i offend u in any way!


As expected the usual suspects viz Raja Sen,Mihir Fadnavis giving it a thumbs down while Meetu as always playing it safe and going for a ho-hum! But importantly,the most trusted one viz Komal Nahta gave it a two thumbs up and says there's enormous box office scope for this family entertainer!


@Meetu:Violence-Loads and loads,gory too? Really now! By your yardstick every superhero/sci-fi movie would end up being a gore-fest which the kids should avoid. Talking about kids,do make your kids watch this. There's an 80% chance of them falling in love with it for sure.

Rachit Gupta

Sure mate. I am just asking you to tone down a bit! Surely not a tough ask!


Meetu...Just wanted to let you know that I visit this site every week to read YOUR take on movies, and what you liked and what you didn't. I choose THIS site because my tastes are mostly similar to yours, and I more or less agree with your ratings. (used to love your NOTEPAD section. Any chance you could bring it back?).
I'm not interested in knowing the "pulse of the masses". Just coz a film makes a lot of money at the box office, it is not necessarily worth my time.

Totally disagree with a comment above saying reviewers should look at a film from the perspective of what supposedly works at the box office. That's the exact opposite of what I expect from a review site. I just want to know the personal opinion of a person with similar taste in movies - that's it. Nothing more,nothing less.

@Meetu - I'm sorry if I gave the impression you ignored me on Facebook, which you certainly don't.

I enjoy reading the updates of you and your family - what you do when you're not reviewing movies, and some of the lovely places you go.

About the movie - yes, we'll see it anyway, and even you admit it's worth a "Watch Once"…. :)


@Tim: I sent you a Facebook friend request a while ago...My bad, I should have introduced myself first. I've been living in the US for the last 5 years, and there's no shortage of theatres screening the latest Bollywood movies here in the NYC/NJ area. The audience is mostly desi, but sometimes I see a few Americans in the audience. I've always wondered what Americans think about Bollywood movies- so your comments on this site are quite interesting to read. I try and avoid the gimmicky masala movies (Rowdy Rathore / Singham ), but love watching movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara / Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani that are made with more mature sensibilities. I'd love to hear your opinion on more Bollywood movies, and your Indian movie group sounds like fun :-) Cheers,Parikshit


@Parikshit - thank god some one is there who thinks like me....
@meetu - its not like i agree with all of ur reviews,,,,but i am agreed with most of then,,,,india has become a country who wactes movie like dabang 2 and chennai express alot , come home and say ’thk thak thi yaar movie’ but donot go for gangs of wassypur ,, instead download it at home and after watching it say ’yaar movie to bahut hi achi thi’,,,,thats the biggst reason why masala movies are the highest grossers,,,,chennai express is the highest grossing movie of all time,,,,but i havnt got a single person who said that its an awsomr movie,,,,see m not against masala movie,,,,i also like masala movies,,,,but they should be made atleast with some sense.....
About krish 3 ur review is perfect,,,,not so good and also not so bad,,,,for me who watches alot of hollywood superhero movies krish lacks originality,,,,from the powers of vivek obroie to its mutant frnds (x-men) to the climax sequence (man of steel) almost half of the movie is copied,,,,and rest of the part whats not copied i liked it but not very much,,,,....But i would say that special department has developed alot,,,,although many of the scenes looks animated ,,, but we cant expect drastic change in it,,,,its good for the start.....So krish 3 is alot better than dabang 2 , chennai express , khiladi 786 or besharam..........

@Rachit Thank you! But don't let the nay-sayers (or Hrithik yay-sayers) bother you. Believe me, it is more fun to read the fanaticism of people who call you a fanatic. Pure joy! Well, at least of a different kind, because you cannot expect a healthy discussion with fanatics, can you?

@Pragya So sorry about missing comments. There was a time when there was way too much spam and I had to delete comments in bulk. The system goofed up and I lost some "real" comments. Really sorry, will try to see if I can retrieve yours.

@Parikshit Thank you! And the point is, even if tastes don't match, I try to write in such a way that people know what I didn't like. So, they can choose to watch the film because they like what I don't. Yes, I want to restart the notepad section, might in fact add the Krrish 3 one (had to leave for our village for Diwali, so didn't have the time). My worry is I might give away the movie with Krrish 3 notepad, there is so much hilarious stuff. :D

@TimELiebe Yes, I know. Enjoy! :D

@Anup Thank you! It is always encouraging to hear from like-minded people. Just like @Parikshit @Rachit. But, there is room for another opinion, always.

@Anuj "Parental guidance" is not a recommendation, it is information. It is for parents, not for kids. It is so that parents can take a call whether they want their kids to watch the film or not. Some kids get scared and have sleepless nights or nightmares because of the gore and violence they see in films.

Yes, my kids are likely to love the film. That still doesn't make it more than an average film. And yes an average film is an average film, if that sounds like I am sitting on the fence, so be it.


@Meetu:It is an Average film "for you".Its a "Good" one for me.What it is the audiences(by and large),we'll find out soon!
For the person who says Gangs Of Wasseypur is a "liked" film,you are under wrong impressions. Firstly,its got a very limited target audience courtesy its theme and content.Secondly,even within that limited target audience its a movie with extremely mixed Word of mouth.That's the reason why it couldn't sustain well into its second week and beyond. A typical example of a movie with a limited target audience and yet performing exceptionally well with unanimously +ve word of mouth within that "limited target audience" is Kahaani which ran to packed houses in urban multiplexes of Delhi,Calcutta,Bombay,Bangalore etc well into its 4th week! That's how word of mouth and acceptance works,a lot depending on the size of the target audience. The films having the most positive word of mouth among commercial entertainers for "universal audience" viz A,B & C centres in recent times are 3-Idiots and Dabangg(2010).Both had an acceptance of over 80% across the spectrum. Chennai Express had 60% acceptance across the spectrum. Among movies made specifically for the urban audiences,ZNMD and Kahaani had the most unanimously +ve wom of over 80% in the urban metropolitan cities!


@Anuj - have u ever check imdb rating,,,,gangs of wassypur is one of the highest rated movie of bollywood getting 8/10 with more 18000 votes in comparision chennai express get 6.1 and dabang get 6.2 with 15000 and 10000 votes respectively....And u cant deny that imdb is the best source to know how a film is liked by the audience,,,,....Gangs of wassypur is liked by everyone ,,,, just the difference is that everybody is watching it at home from internat not in theater as i mentioned in my early comment


@Anup:Imdb ratings for bollywood films are not worth discussing and are not an indication of acceptance. Firstly,the internet is used by only about 20% of the Indian population. Secondly,even within that 20% there would be under 1% of the viewers' who would bother going on imdb and rating a movie. Thirdly,there are plenty of trolls and fanboys on imdb who keep boosting or downgrading a movie through fake profiles and multiple votes(esp in case of big ticket actors viz the Khans,Roshan,Akshay etc). Box office trending and the films' performance post the initial weekend is the only way of judging how much a movie has been liked and accepted by its "target audience". And anyway,imdb ratings are null and void for mass entertainers' since the single screen audiences who live in smaller towns and villages hardly have any access to the internet. Hence movies like Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore which are spefically aimed at the B & C centre audiences would never get a high rating by the urban audiences. Their low imdb ratings in no way signifies their acceptance among the masses!


I understand now why almost entire media had hyped up the VFX prior to release, and why they are waah-waahing the VFX post release - simply because they are done by an SRK company. And so trust the lobbying king to have greased the media machinery well to promote his firm. I hate to admit it but I believe in giving credit where it is due - the VFX are superb; best so far in Hindi films and certainly takkar like to Hollywood VFX. And probably I saw a version other than that seen by the reviewer because no scene reminded me of the studio car scenes or to imagine the cable holding the superhero in his antics.

Coming to the movie itself, it is a simple attempt yet a sincere attempt to make a genuine sci-fi film that is Indian at heart and in story. It is several notches better than Ra.1 as it has some contents to keep the interest alive. The Indian superhero has most definitely arrived and he is here to stay.

All lead actors, starting from two times Hrithik till the villainous Vivek and Kangana were top notch. PC gave the impression of eye candy but later on she too had a teeny weeny useful role. Kangana impressed me as I had no expectations from her. If she does not capitalise her career from this opportunity then she would be missing a golden opportunity. Same for Vivek Oberoi, impressed all throughout despite the fact that he only had his face to emote with as he was tied down to a wheel chair with paralysed with neck down. The film overall is quite clean except for the now-perfunctory 2 but not required brief kisses.

Regarding success at box office, this one is going to be interesting to watch and follow mainly because of heavy sci-fi focus. The multiplex crowd (typical of majority of audience profile who visit sites like this) will play it down with comparison to Dark Knight and maybe even to Harry Potter VFX and stories. Thus they would most likely not patronise the film as they would a DK (sic). The single screen profile audience would love the special effects and Bollywood style narrative. But it remains to be seen how well they accept and align to sci-fi concept as they are not yet exposed to that genre of films. Thus likely that despite loving the film for its effects they might not patronise it as they probably would find it disconnected from day to day Indian life. Despite all this the 100 crores should be crossed easily - I would be surprised if it takes more than a week for that milestone. As regards 200 crores, all will depend on how well the aam admi accepts sci-fi notion.

Downside of the film were certainly the constant product placements, especially at the start. From the classic chocolate drink that was promoted in and since first installment of this franchise to every possible sector was promoted throughout the film. If PP blends in well like sugar in milk then it is okay, but forcing it becomes a tad bit annoying.

it is certainly worth one watch, and watching on DVD/BlueRay/.mkv on a 60" TV would not replace the effect of watching the film on a 70mm large real screen. Thus if it is only one watch then watch it on screen. If it is multiple watch then I would recommend first watch on screen.

For the multiplex crowd: go to watch Krrish3 if you want to watch Krrish3. Don't go to watch Krrish3 if you wanted to watch a Hollywood sci-fi superhero.


@Anup: imdb ratings are fairly deceiving. I can spend 15 minutes and find up lousy Hindi films with a higher imdb rating than GoW. So don't make your movie watching choices based on imdb.


@Fan:I preferred Vivek a lot more while he bound to a wheelchair than in the metallic suit which made him look more of a wannabe supervillain! I wish the Kaal vs Krrish duel had taken place with Kaal on his wheelchair emoting through his face and his eyes than his voice.


@Fan - may be sometimes imdb could be wrong,,,,but mostly it was right,,,,and i dont choose movies on the basis of imdb,,,,i used to watch movies on the first day,,,,but i feel good when i didnt liked a movie which grossed alot and it has a low rating in imdb (for ex - dabang 2 , bodyguard , ready etc....)


@Anuj - the head and tail both cant be yours,,,more then 10000 votes is enough to prove how the movie is,,,,and about the grossing,,,,it shows how much persons have seen it,,,,it doesnt show how much have liked it....

Fully agree wid u Meetu. The story is an silly amalgmation of several marvel superhero movies. Some scenes are directly lifted (opening scene reminscent of Superman returns) and others being heavily inspired. I wonder whether Sr Roshan had watched X men or not before writing d part of "Kaal" played by Vivek which reminds Dr Xavier of X men. This major flaw in d script (unoriginal) is needless to say hard to digest and works against d film despite good performance by its lead nd supporting cast. The songs were neither melidous nor palatable and i wasn't expecting much. At d end its d charismatic performance of Hrithik both as father and son fighting against evil forces , glued me to the seat . Apart from dat the homegrown vfx is worth watching and there are tid bits which will make u stunned. Therefore if u are ready to ignore d plot nd enjoy d ride of Krissh 3 u must sample dis as i did. Thumbs up

P S : Happy Diwali


@Anuj - can i ask u personnally ,,, why u bother atall to comment and get angry on a site which u dont like,,,,,
I dont know actually u r angry or not but ur comment shows that,,,and some of ur comments are really offensive,,,,i was actually think how much patience meetu has,,,,she is replying u so calmly,,,,u should check ur word,,,,its like ur not arguing but scolding her,,,,sry but it seems like that....Its not ur place,,,ofcoarse m not saying to leave u,,,its ur choice but u cant change the way how meetu or i think,,,,and m sure we cant change the way u think......But please dont be so harsh on meetu


@guddu - take my thanks,,,,if u r aware of the thing that whats going on this website....


@Anup:My criticism is directed to the entire critic fraternity per say! Meeta happens to be part of it and i do not remember making any personal jibes at her as sch. In fact if at all anything,i'v time and again repeated the fact that for all her flaws,she's still a lot better than some of the other couch potatoes who think nothing of a movie and speak with high headedness like they're the Satyajit Ray's of today!


@Anup:A big blockbuster movie like ETT,CE,Dhoom-2 etc is watched by around 1.5-2 cr people in cinemas across the country and by another crore or so via Satellite tv,dvd's etc. 10000 votes forms around 0.0001% of the total no. of people watching a film. Now u decide for yourself! Btw,10000 votes doesn't translate to 10000 people. As i said a lot of fanatics and trolls indulge in multiple voting,spamming etc!


@anuj - i know more then crore people watch a movie,,,,but m sure u havnt asked more then 10000 people personally whether they have liked the movie or not,,,,according to that 10000 is alot,,,as i said earlier the grossing of a movie show how many have seen it not how many have liked it,,,,so grossing cannot be a parameter


"grossing of a movie show how many have seen it not how many have liked it"~exactly...that's why i say how a film "trends" at the box office! That is,how it performs post the initial weekend when the hype dies down and the word of mouth spreads! Take Ek Tha Tiger for example. It made a massive 120cr in the 5 day holiday weekend based on Salman Khan's star power alone! But since the acceptance was only around 50%,it came down rapidly after the initial weekend period and ended up with collections of 186 cr. Ra.1 made a huge 81 cr in the first 4 days but due to extremely negative word of mouth,it crashed and folded up within 120cr. A movie like ZNMD on the other hand had a mediocre start of 27 cr in 3 days but due to unanimously positive word of mouth in the urban multiplexes,it continued trending well into its 2nd,3rd and 4th week and ended up crossing 90 cr(in 2011 which would be around 125cr today).


@anuj - its good u r supporting ZNMD over ek tha tiger and ra one,,,,,but i was against when u r in support of CE and such films,,,,CE has bad reviews,,,and its not a film that sould have earned so much,,,,but the fact is that it has earned half of its income in first 4 days,,,,and rest half it takes 4 weeks,,,,also because people havnt like once upon 2 in nxt week and CE has shahrukh and deepika in it,,,,its theme was entertaining,,,,which everyone liked,,,,whether it has sense or not,,,no one care....
There are very few people in india who are supporting sensible movies,,,,


Its not for you,me or any reviewer to decide whether a film is good or bad for the audience in entirety. Every single person watching a movie has an opinion about it and the opinion of the majority makes a movie a liked or disliked one. A movie like ZNMD has been loved by the urban audiences but the B & C center audiences couldn't relate to it and rejected it! Similarly a Rowdy Rathore may have been disliked in the urban metros but the audiences in smaller towns lapped it up and loved every bit of it! Acceptance of a movie depends on the proportion of people who have liked it within the target audience. In that sense both ZNMD and Rowdy Rathore have been immensely loved within their respective demography(ZNMD in the urban sector,RR in the mass sector). A movie like CE which has a universal target audience is bound to get mixed responses from certain quarters but by and large it has been liked by both the urban as well as mass audiences!


Chennai Express had an all India theatrical footfall of around 1.8-2 cr and i bet you,if u actually survey the response of those 2 cr folk from across the length and breath of the country,50% of them would give it a Thumbs Up while another 20 would call it a so-so. Only 30% would give it a thumbs down. Its amply evident by the way the movie trended!

"but the fact is that it has earned half of its income in first 4 days,,,,and rest half it takes 4 weeks"~every mainstream commercial movie does about 40-50% of its lifetime business in the initial weekend these days! CE made over 120 cr from day 4 onwards which proves how much people would have liked it!

"its theme was entertaining,,,,which everyone liked,,,,whether it has sense or not,,,no one care.."~masses watch movies for entertainment,not for social messages. Even movies with social messages like RDB,3Idiots etc worked so well mainly 'coz of the entertainment factor. That's the precise reason why a SWADES didn't work and flopped despite having a stronger theme!


"There are very few people in india who are supporting sensible movies"~Your definition of "sensible movies" is a tad different from mine which in turn is a tad different from my neighbourhood chaiwalla or the newspaper delivery boy or my NRI friend etc etc. There's no universal definition of "sense" and "quality" so no point debating that. There are a lot of folk out there who consider the likes of Rajni and Salman to be bunkum trash but i bet u,for their fanbase and target audiences they're the best actors to have set foot on the planet!


wow,,,,i dont think being sensible has many defination,,,,,,,,it just means having sense,,,,and people watching salmaan and rajni are not watching it because it has sense but because its entertaining,,,and its not like salmaan hasnt made good movies,,,,i have said earlier too that m not against masala movies but they sould be made with some sense,,,,atleast with good humour....
I have liked gajni,,3 idiout , delly belly , shivaji the boss, wanted (boss and the first dabbang to some extent) but ek tha tiger , besharam , chennai express , ready are really bad movies with bad script and silly jokes


Being sensible might not have a specific definition but "taste & sensibility" definitely do have a definition.
"ek tha tiger , besharam , chennai express , ready are really bad movies with bad script and silly jokes"~your opinion. imo both ETT and CE are a lot more tolerable than Ghajini and Sivaji-The Boss!


Your the first person who is saying to me that ETT and CE are more tolarable then Gajni And Sivaji the Boss ,,,, then we should stop this discussion ,,,, bcoz its not going anywhere....The taste are totally different,,,,ETT AND CE really are bad movies,,with bad screenplay and bad acting...Never gonna support such movies....CE is bearable bcoz of deepika only,,,srk does too much overacting,,,,and Salmaan in ek tha tiger is flat,,,,for not a single moment he seems like a RAW agent....


63 cr in 3 days(68 including regional versions) despite pre Diwali festivities. Monday morning shows have opened to packed houses across the board! Way to go KRRISH!!


@Anup:Your own favourite site IMDB has a lot of commentators giving CE 10/10 and saying how much they liked it.I'm no fan of CE and ETT but for me,they're both better than the unbearable,ott,violent,senseless and loophole ridden movie like Ghajini!


May some persons have liked it,,,,but overall rating is CE - 6.1/10 and Gajni - 7/10 ,,,, so i think for india also gajni was more.bearable,,,,being a good scipt,,,,fast screenplay,,,,better acting,,and not having childish jokes like CE has....


And if gajni is violent for u ,,,, then u shouldnt watch action movies ever,,,,because action without violence is worthless,,,,


And i think more of people have given 10/10 to gajni as compared to CE,,,,
U know i cant believe it that m defending gajni in front of CE ,,,,, CE is nothing in front of it,,,have u heard its jokes,,,,only silly persons laugh on it,,,,And srk,,,,he doesnt even know how to do comic scenes,,,,i was sleeping in the theater waiting when the mivie will end,,,,the movie is just running without any direction,,,,just creating different situations without any story......


Sry anuj this time u r wrong with ur own benchmark ,,,, if u will stand on the road and ask which one is better movie,,,,u will get more people supporting gajni....


"if u will stand on the road and ask which one is better movie,,,,u will get more people supporting gajni"~when did i ever deny that?Isn't it obvious with the momumental success Ghajini got at the box office and the way it trended into week 2,3 and 4? Just because Ghajini has been loved more than CE,doesn't mean CE does not have its own set of fans! As for me,my rating is 2.5/5 for CE and 2/5 for Ghajini.

"And if gajni is violent for u ,,,, then u shouldnt watch action movies ever,,,,because action without violence is worthless"~not only was Ghajini violent,it was funny,ridiculous action sequences which started the trend of lousy 80's like action sequences in b-town(of course who am i to say something when its got full public endorsement). Typical examples of high class bollywood action films would include the likes of Border,Satya,Sarfarosh,Lakshya,Khakee etc. But since the public at large has shown more affiliation to the Ghajini,Dabangg,Singham brand of mindless funny action,film-makers too are more tempted to go with the tried and tested formula!


Wow , wow , wow do u acrually know why u r here,,,or u are here just for keep defending urself whatever anyone says against u,,,,when i was supporting critically aclaimed movie like GOW , u were saying CE , ETT etc are better then GOW ,,, and when i said m not actually against the masala movies but they sould be made with some sense u r agian taking back to old critically acclaimed movies like border satya etc,,,,,wow.....
Dont go here and there without direction,,,,first think what actually u want to say,,,,what u want from meetu,,,,what u want from other critics,,,what u want to express.....
No one can deny that border , khakee and satya are the better movies,,,,but thats the biggest problem,,,,satya too was a movie for target audience ,,, in those days it runs fairly in bollywood industry,,,but if today RGv make such movie then u will say that its a movie for targeted audince and is only hyped by the critics,,,,liked u said for GOW,,,,dude plz ask urself what u want,,,dont do ramdom comments.....Its my request,,,bcoz m too confused about what u want to express,,,,and yes if u just want to fight without any reason then forgive me m out of offense

Lost In Confusion

A let-downer in all regards. Unlike the reviewer, i was eagerly waiting for this after Krrish and KMG. Unfortunately, this borrowed too much from Hollywood. Hardly anything was original. Besides, the songs were also disappointing. I really don't know why I wasn't able to enjoy it enough - whether it's because I got into Hollywood more after Krrish (and hence started watching them more than ever), or that it simply isn't so entertaining. I hardly enjoy Bollywood movies these years around. Anyways, Happy New Year.


@Anup:Lemme make this clear. What i'm saying is plain and simple! What's good and what's bad is a matter of personal opinion and quality has no universal definition. If u think GOW is better than ETT and CE,good for you but the masses do not. What i think regarding these films,lemme not even mention it now since u do not seem to understand what i'm trying to convey! And yes fyi,i do rate GOW higher than CE and ETT but only in my personal capacity! I do not speak for anyone else and as the box office outcome suggests,ETT and CE are universally liked blockbusters with an acceptance level of around 60% among their massive global target audience while GOW has a 50% acceptance even within its extremely limited target audience.


@Anuj - Anyways HAPPY DIWALI

Anup thanks for d thanks , i do rate movies in IMDB and love to read user reviews and goofs and trivias in that website . But i don't think it's authentic , whilst it does accounts to film viewrship. The problem is most cinemagoers don't vote especially in our country. Some ratings u will definetly find inappropriate ex Gunda 7.6 , kaante 4.4 . Do u think these movies deserves those ratings. I believe dere is no authentic parameters to judge a movie and ur taste can't become d staple taste of every viewr. But Imdb is considered most reliable and d only forum where u get honest rating worldwide. Same goes for Rotten Tomatoes , where above 80% is considered "fresh".


@guddu - thats what m saying,,,,its not like imdb is accurate but its most reliable....
And when its about Hollywood critics i goes for METACRITICS more as compared to ROTTEN TOMATOES....But yes rotten tomatoes is good....


Record Breaking Monday collections : 35 cr,Highest ever single day collections for a Bollywood movie till date! That on the 4th day of release. Just goes on to prove how much the film is being loved by the masses and kids in particular. The Roshan's have done it again,4th time over!


Thanks to the Roshan's, b-town now has its first true blue popular caped crusader. Hope to see Krrish in Playstation's,comics and even television cartoon series' from here on. Hope to see a new Krrish franchise being reinvented 2 decades from now with an actor as charismatic and brilliant as Roshan himself(a tough ask that).


Correction,Hindi version nets INR 90 cr in 4 days while including regional versions the figure goes up to INR 96 cr.

nice movie ... the super hero Hrithik roshan .. the movie so beautiful

@Anuj @Anup @guddu @fan @lost in confusion - thank you all for your comments. Just wanted to drop a line saying that I don't have anything new to add and I don't consider repeating myself as taking the discussion further, thus the absence.

That and I was away for Diwali to our cute, little village. :D


Amazing numbers being recorded post Diwali! This one's doing brilliantly at the single screens and multiplexes too.


embarrassing and unintentionally hilarious disaster... can't believe somebody can post 100 comments to defend this garbage...

and no kids... making 100 crore doesnt mean its a classic... lot of nincompoops win elections and make crores... its the same thing...

I think you'll love this - according to Box Office Mojo (a US film site that lists how movies did at the box-office over here), KRISSH 3 is #14 - having made over US$1 million on 208 US screens. :)


"Making 100 cr doesnt make it a classic"~but making 200 cr definitely does mean that its being loved by the masses esp when it breaks records as late as the 4th day of release! Of course personal opinions of self proclaimed cinematic geniuses whose only real skill in life is sit behind a monitor and rant his ass off doesn't count for peanuts. We have an audience of crores for deciding what they want and what they don't!


@TimELiebe : K3 is carrying over 60% word of mouth across India and maybe even the NRI diaspora. The first week trends definitely confirm this!


One thing i fail to understand about these pathetic self proclaimed cinematic intellects (synonym for hollywood bootlickers),why they even bother watching mainstream commercial b-town films when they hate them so much! Its like a brainless T-20 fan repeatedly watching Rahul Dravid bat in a test match and saying that Dravid sucks on each and every occasion!


And for all these hate mongers spreading negativity about the movie in an attempt to be sounding a smartass,K3 scores 7/10 in imdb by 4.5k users so far. Not a bad rating for a movie essentially making 70% of its earnings from the mass circuits and B/C centres.

@Anuj and @Adam - Dudes, Chill! A film like KRRISH 3 (sorry for the typo above) has a built-in audience that will make it successful - mainstream audiences who just want to be entertained by Hrithik Roshan's athleticism and "goofy good-guy triumphs over evil" persona, Indian film fans who want to see India compete with Hollywood on its own super-spectacular terms successfully, and Western audiences who enjoy seeing a different (more optimistic and purely enjoyable) take on a superhero film. It's not Meetu's job, or her preference, to enjoy the same movies you do.

If you don't like how she reviews movies, there's no reason you can't start your own review blog, in English or Hindi - I'm pretty sure you can even find free space on sites like Blogger and Wordpress (you can in America, certainly - is it the same in India?). That so many people read her blog and come to comment, even if to disagree (as I so often do, given my American tastes are trashier than hers! :D ), shows how successful she is at engaging her audience.

As the great American film critic Pauline Kael said, "A film critic is not an extension of the studio's marketing department." (Actually, many are in every film culture including Hollywood's, but Kael was talking about what she saw as her obligations to her readership.) When Meetu champions a movie that she feels needs a bigger audience, or warns people off of hits which she finds distasteful, and explains why, then she is doing exactly what a critic is supposed to do. That she sort-of likes KRRISH 3 is, frankly, a pleasant surprise to me - and I really don't get the hostility towards her "This isn't as disappointing as I thought it would be!" review, especially given that she was really not looking forward to seeing this.

@Anuj - and I'm glad for that, because it means that at least some non-NRI Americans are seeing, maybe for the first time, "a Bollywood movie".

It's like I've said before - the kind of movie from a foreign culture (as India is to the West) that export best are usually the poorly-regarded "entertainers" like the KRRISH and DHOOM series, or ROWDY RATHORE, because they have action and songs and dances and simple stories that "travel well", while the cultural differences make them far more interesting than a local version of the same story would (GREEN LANTERN, or the FAST & THE FURIOUS series).


If a garbage like movie ’chennai express’ could earn more then 200crs in domestic market then ’krissh 3’ which is atleast a litl above average film deserves atleast 275 crs in domestic market.....
Come on indian audience i would definatly like krishh 3 on the top of the list of highest grossing movies as compared to chennai express,,,,ofcoarse amir will come to brake all records with dhoom 3.....

@TimELiebe et tu? :D

@Ramen Agree. Though I am not complaining ;D


"Even the keen, wait for the DVD!!" Reportedly, Krissh3 has earned Rs200 crores and no one cared for this critic's rating to wait for the DVD!! Keep in mind that no movie can earn 200 crores without repeat audience, there is simply no way.
@TimELiebe, @Ramen etc. Please stop posting any more comments to maintain your dignity since the crores in the indian population have shown that the only single factor that they are interested in is entertainment and not your critic's fault finding and personal grudge reviews.
@Meetu, Please go the Rediff site and see how many people just abhor Raja Sen.


@Adam - if u think that krish 3 is an awsome movie,,,,then wogma is not ur place,,,,why are u here,,,,go and talk to the persons who have liked it,,,,and like u dont care what critics like meetu said about the movie,,,,like that she or me dont care what people like u r saying,,,,its that simple , isnt happy ,, be gentle ,, post soft comments ,, write just ur view ,, dont fight ,, dont say anyone wrong ,, just believe what u like,,,,and if u dont like the review here,,,,then why are u here atall....!


Think this is going to be the first thread in wogma to reach 10000 views

@jj well no, there are many film reviews that has had readership of over 10000. But, this might just be a record for number of comments.


@Adam : The final domestic tally will be around INR 225 cr nett and will end up being the highest grossing movie ever thus far! In all likelihood its gonna be overtaken by a whisker by 2 more "critically dumb" films viz Dhoom-3 and Jai Ho. The questions i keep asking over and over we really need paid journos shooting their massive mouths off over and over again trying to rip apart every commercial venture coming out of B-Town? They'd rather stick to their personal blogs instead of giving deceiving and bogus reviews across the print and electronic media.


@Meeta : Keep bashing traditional,pure and conventional bollywood mass entertainers in favour of the so-called "refined" and "classy" cinema (which incidently caters to 2% of the total audience) and you'd have exponential views and comments (mostly negative one's) from we Bollywood fans who still enjoy the old school style of "masala entertainment" (98% of the audience). Easiest way of getting eyeballs for your reviews,an old school trick being used by some of the most laughably ignorant critics of modern day bollywood (does not include you but i'm sure u know whom i'm referring to). Although you too seem to have started using that gimmick of late!


@Adam : The number of people liking and disliking Raja Sen,Mihir Fadnavis and Khalid Mohammad would be in the ratio 1:10...mind you,"disliking" is an extremely mild term i'm using mainly 'coz i'v been warned by the reviewer to exercise restrain!


No intent to hurt any fanboys. Just time pass read.

Sadly, the KRRISH 3 circus left town just as me and my (non-Indian) friends were planning a night out to see it! :(

We were delighted to discover that one of the screens at our local Upstate New York multiplex was showing it, and had planned to go last night - but it had gotten replaced by RAM-LEELA, which from Meetu's review sounds like a "Wait for DVD" movie if I ever heard of one.

I suppose the good news is that the NRI population here is being represented somewhat, with at least one theater consistently showing Indian movies. As I've mentioned in other comments, the local Best Buy electronics superstore has an entire "Bollywood" section, where you can purchase DVDs and Blu-Rays of Indian films.

I guess we'll catch KRRISH 3 on DVD when it comes out….


As i had expected - imdb ratings are down now - just 6.7/10 ,,,, which is just above average............


@Anup: kyon Anuj ko provoke kar rahe ho?

Imdb ratings are not the end of the world, I am pretty sure that your parents and grand parents' opinion on the films they loved is not registered on imdb, just as in my case and for practically everybody. Even my view is not registered on imdb.

Thus it is 6.7 amongst few thousand people who give their personal details to imdb in order to register their vote. It cannot be assumed that the likings of the remaining millions who have watched the film are in line with those few thousands.


@Fan - ok bro ,,,, no more comments pn this movie,,,,but i would have liked if u would have said the same thing when he was taking support of imdb........


@Fan:Check out that Bharadwaj Rangan bog review of K3 and laugh out loud at the ignorance and pseudo intelligence of some of their readers'. Enjoy!!

ehinome okojie

Fair attempt at using western concept but there is a lack of depth in conveying scientific knowledg

ehinome okojie

Films like Krrish 3 (Kaal or Rohit 3), Chennai Express, Jai Ho and Dhoom 3 would have made 1250cr minimum were it not for these critics, moreover people are catching up with good European & American films.

ehinome okojie

ehinome okojie has posted 729 comments and has rated 243 movies.

@127hrs - I am SO sorry I didn't Friend you before! I'm careful with my Friend requests because my wife is a popular writer for teenaged girls in the US, Tamora Pierce. That means a LOT of her fans who go to her FB Page and see me listed as her husband try to Friend me as well, because she maxed out her FB Friends long ago.

Just note that you know me from and I'll add you…. :)

Ehinome Okojie

XMen returns with Krrish as a tasteless though
thought provoking film.

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