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Director: Indra Kumar
Preview: Am very tempted to call in sick at work, when it's time to review this one. ... read more...
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Grand Masti - Preview

I watch this trailer and can't imagine myself walking out of the theater after two hours of the same without a head hanging in shame. I don't remember Masti being that bad.

I am at the verge of taking a poll asking readers if I can be excused of watching this one. I don't know if my sensibilities or femininity is offended or the crudeness is too much for me. Honestly, I cannot be bothered to analyse even why I don't want to watch the film, let alone the film.

Yes, one of the rare cases where it is a 'switch channels if the trailer is on'.

Music Reviews:
rediff - "2/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "2/5"
koimoi - "1/5"
Milliblog - "NW1W" Not Worth 1 Word!

- meeta, a part of the audience

I finally decided to go with my gut and did not watch Grand Masti. I really didn't think there could be a film promo which would make me not watch it. Well, I give Grand Masti points for that.

I have tossed and turned over this, because it doesn't come naturally to me - both not doing my job and not watching a film. I wondered over the suggestion, that maybe the film won't be that bad after all; maybe the trailers are some weird marketing idea of getting the audience to the theater.

There was this other person I know, who heard the actors say in an interview, "don't watch Grand Masti with people who you have respect for."

Well, then if that's how they want to pick their customers, as a first in all of seven years, I choose to register my protest. Everytime I've imagined myself walking out of a theater playing Grand Masti, I visualise myself doing so with my face hidden, lest I be recognised. What is the point then, of reviewing it?

You will certainly find external reviews and twitter verdict for Grand Masti early next week.

- meeta, a part of the audience

30 reviewers(?) - 1 yays 4 so-so 25 nays

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Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama : ...On the whole, GRAND MASTI crosses all limits and boundaries vis-a-vis adult humor. This one's *strictly* for those who relish naughty jokes, outrageous lines and scandalous visuals.... full review

So-So, by Sarita Tanwar, DNA : ...If you are in the mood for some cheap jokes, (and I don't mean that in a demeaning way) go for it.... full review

So-So, by Jaidev Hemmady, Movie Talkies : ...Though some of the gags are quite funny, some others might make you gag, though the lead actors contribute to making the film a decent watch - See more at: full review

So-So, by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA : ...Dum? Well there are some very funny moments with good dosage of adult humor attached to it. But after the initial fun the movie goes on the vulgarity and cheap skin show path ending up like a B-Grade film made with A-Grade production values... full review

So-So, by Karan Anshuman, Times of India : ... 'Grand Masti' is unabashedly gross, vulgar, crass, shameless and fearlessly adult.... full review

Thumbs down, by Anna MM Vetticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies : ...Grand Masti is a Grand Embarrassment.... full review

Thumbs down, by Subhash K Jha (IANS), Apun Ka Choice : ...'Grand Masti' all about double entendres ... full review

Thumbs down, by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks : ... I hope we don’t become a part of those confused, educated males who have no thought structure of their own Or who can praise the Death Judgment on all the social networks and enjoy films like GRAND MASTI together like a bunch of fools!... full review

Thumbs down, by Anjum Shabbir, Bolly Spice : ...With a spate of films out currently and coming up, Grand Masti is one you could probably do with giving a miss. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Dhiren Trivedi , Bollywood Life : ...The makers of this sex comedy insist that critical acclaim doesn’t matter to them. But the fact is that they have made a shamelessly filthy film called Grand Masti for which they should be hanging their heads in shame... full review

Thumbs down, by Mayank Shekhar , Daily Bhaskar : ...I don’t know about rose or roz (daily). But I hope nobody’s brains are taxed this badly too soon.... full review

Thumbs down, by Rony D'Costa, Desi Martini : ...Boys, bosoms and buttocks is all Grand Masti has to offer. If you enjoyed Masti and its cheap laughs, go for it. Or else - it's a B for bullshit. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Ravina Rawal Read more at: http://www.firstpost.c, FirstPost : ...All said and done, however, more disturbing than the actual movie itself was the audience reaction. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Swayamsrestha Kar , : ... Grand Masti may taste success at the box office, merely because there aren't other exciting releases around. But it still remains a terribly soggy movie.... full review

Thumbs down, by Martin D'Souza, : ... There is no link to a plot and the ultimate message after the comedy is too preachy. You either do a comedy, or send across a message. It does not work both ways.... full review

Thumbs down, by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live : ...I'm going with one-and-a-half out of five for 'Grand Masti'. It's vulgar, but too silly to qualify as an 'adult comedy'.... full review

Thumbs down, by Vinayak Chakravorty, india today : ... Aw, what the hell... no cast on this planet could have salvaged this unadulterated mess.... full review

Thumbs down, indian express : ...No one expects films of this sort – boys and their toys – to be sophisticated or intelligent.... full review

Thumbs down, Indicine : ...Comedy... full review

Thumbs down, by Mohar Basu, koimoi : ...Grand Masti is obnoxious and detestable so much so that it can pass for a mild porn film.... full review

Thumbs down, by Shaheen Parkar, MiD DAY : ...The excessive bombardment of sexual gags in Grand Masti gets so repetitive that it leaves you not only nauseated, but simply bored.... full review

Thumbs down, by Karan Anshuman, Mumbai Mirror : .... Grand Masti is unabashedly gross, vulgar, crass, shameless and fearlessly adult.... full review

Thumbs down, by Mansha Rastogi, Now : ...Grand Masti has absolutely no redeeming factor for one to go watch this film. If you are seeking voyeurism go watch a porn film, if you are seeking comedy go watch a comedy for Grand Masti is nothing to offer but crassness to the masses. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Abhishek Mande, Rediff : ...there is no way you can enjoy a movie like Grand Masti and still claim you respect women.... full review

Thumbs down, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...This adult comedy is neither grown-up nor funny. Completely avoidable!... full review

Thumbs down, by K N Gupta, : ...Overall, the movie is meant for perhaps a sex-starved audience looking for cheap and vulgar thrills. Why waste time and money on a movie, at least at on a cinema screen!... full review

Thumbs down, by Roshmila Bhattacharya, Star Blockbuster : ...Grand Masti promises to teach us ABC of a different kind... It stops at F. Need we say more... full review

Thumbs down, by Anuj Kumar, The Hindu : ... The forced humour obviously falls flat ... full review

Thumbs down, by Rummana Ahmed, yahoo! India : ...Indra Kumar might want to pass this off as an adult comedy but ‘Grand Masti’ takes crassness in cinema to a whole new level... full review

Thumbs down, by Aparna Mudi, Zee News : ...It’s a sad attempt at sex comedy, but in an age when `American Pie` series is accessible to every teen, this movie just makes you wonder what humour has come down to.... full review

109 tweeters(?) - 68 yays 6 so-so 35 nays

ZuberYunus: grand masti is fadu movie he yaar

zavkunu: Grand Masti - Super dhamaal movie ...

YoginVora21: Grand Masti is a great Adult Comedy

VpNay: No words of grand masti...its brilliant..this movie is awsm.....grand masti rocks....chennai exp..shocks...

vishalbhuvad: Enjoying grand masti.....

vinutsn: Grand Masti was really G_and Masti with no story :P xD

Titan_Hets: GRAND MASTI!!!!!!! Excellent Time Pass. .:)

Talhah_Xyed: Fun Never Ends ! Grand Masti Baby :P


sulochana256: Grand Masti was awesome

sujeetx1: Grand masti :-)

SujanMV: You are Truely Awesome .. @Bruabdullah Grand Masti Title Suits only for You.. Love You Soo Much

subhojitisdutta: This is dirty picture.......dont go with any female......but full entertainment......@GRAND MASTI

somtherocker: Guys grand masti awesome muvi. Must watch. . ***** (5/5).. (y)

SinghJivitesh: Never laughed so hard in my life! Grand Masti is hilarious!!!!

SiddhuHamppagol: Saw 'Grand Masti'today and must say, I haven't laughed this much in a long time! Total slapstick humor. @AftabShivdasani rocked!

shivajireddy: Grand masti is actually GAAND MASTI.... Fully time passsss.... Must watch movie!!! Every1 plz go n watch it. Hahahahaha

sasryder: 18+.. Full masti grand masti

SasmalSuvendu: Grand Masti is an entertaining Movie. It is Superb.

sangramspidey29: da awsmmmmmmmmmmmmm movie grand masti

Samrulz0789: What a movie!!!! Grand Masti is a Grand Laughter!!!! Continuously kept on laughing Well done @AftabShivdasani @vivek_oberoi @Riteishd !!

saket2ranjan: The Grand Masti Movie.. Aah... Family can watch it.... . . . . . . . . . . . . Magar sab alag alag.. s@ket the k!||er

sachinwani77: Grand masti Excellent movie

rhysnik: Grand Masti Grand Masti. !!! fabulous movie...

RakeshMedhi1: Today I saw grand masti flim .Everybody see this flim for enjoy yourself .

Rajkkummar: I really enjoyed grand masti.....yes it was crude and cheap but also a great improvement from chennai express

Princess_kaju: granD masTi :D

pratikj555: GranD masti is too GooD......@pratikj555

prakashraiger: "GRAND MASTI" Awesome movie........18+

PrabodhanRao: Watched grand masti..osum movie....

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MontySonwani: Amazing Movie!! Grand Masti! Can't resist laughing! :D #Vulgarity crossed the limits! :P

mangeshn: Can't believe I watched Grand Masti...Can't believe I laughed non stop

liaokuochi: Watched grand masti. It was awesome and loved ur act and character. Thinking to watch again on Sunday.

krishna51060619: Awesome bd mind bloing #grand masti movie..

KhanAbdul50: grand masti was amazing u also look guys...

kashish28196422: Bindass, entertaing..... Mast "grand masti"yahu.....

kartik_nadoni: Grand masti is awesome frndz. watch it.

karthiklovespc: Lololol Grand masti was fucking hilarious :P Boys shouldn't miss this one :P

jayswal_sandeep: Supbbbb fantastic Movie :) :) :) :) Waitaing for' Grand Masti 2'

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Idli_Churma: Grand Masti is totally watchable. Can't remember last time I laughed so hard at a movie.

HrishabhPanwar: grand masti awesome movie,,,,,,,much more than awesome i think......

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anurag10018: (Y) Grand masti mast movie

anshulkeche: Grand masti...the adultiest bollywood movie ever I've seen so far. But I have to admit its full of fun and comedy.

AnkitTirthani: Grand masti, grand masti ;)

amitagarrwal: GRAND MASTI :) An awesOme mOvie for yOungsTers !! ( please shareef log ignore kare ) :P :P :D

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VarshanSookhun: Grand Masti... Its the desi HANGOVER #BollywoodBillboard Rating 6/10

ShashiranjanS13: Watched grand masti.The film has too many double meaning jokes which can make the audience laugh.I Will give 3 stars out of 5.

lovish_shivansh: watched #grand_masti. An avg movie

kishoregubburi: 2 out of 5 for grand masti. Sleaze strip show and slew of double meaning dialogues sums it up.

be_an_ankit: Grand Masti is close to a B Grade movie witha good star cast... #BechDeMasti

Aree_Yaar: Grand Masti seriously looked like a softporn movie. One time watch for me.

ZunaidMirza1: Whats wrong happen with our country India ??? where a vulger and worst movie like Grand masti could be released without any ban on it

yasheeee: Grand masti??? Kill me! Fuckol movie..

vishu_ishtaar: Grand Masti is the limit ..... If you go beyond it , there is only nude sex scenes without blurrs left to be seen .....

vikrantripathi: Grand Masti is the worst movie ever made. Please do not waste ur time & money.

shahphenil: Grand masti= what's wrong with India

scoop_india: Film Review: Go for Grand Masti if you are in the mood for some cheap jokes

rooprags89: Silliest thing to do, watched the last show of grand masti..with four other girlfriends in a theatre full of men. awkward, silly!!

Pushkar_Karn: People who went to see Grand Masti & are now asking for their money back, money & all is fine, how will you ever get your self-respect back?

Pappe85: Grand Masti... what a horrible disgusting sleazy movie. @Riteishd what were u thinking?

nkcasabaga: Srsly wldn gve grand masti even a .5.... Awfully disgusting

nazishrahman: Grand Masti seems to b cheap comedy

MinistryofHumor: The only thing not 'cheap' about Grand Masti is the multiplex ticket! #GrandMasti

mdosama143: Grand Masti Movie is awsum... Most Entrainment Movie... :)

KoyalGhosh: And they call this a victorious day for women. Why is Grand Masti being allowed to run in theatres?

kingasif7: censor board should banned movies like grand masti. Vulgar, cheap, disgusting, they are using offensive words for women #GrandMasti .

jokijol: 'Grand masti' a 'cheap entertainment' for cheap minded ppl.

jayanth_solanki: I request friends please massage all your family and friends not go to c-grade movies like GRAND MASTI

imvkohligirl_18: Lets do it, Lets do it, Lets do Grand Mastiii...... GRAND MASTI GRAND MASTI... PEIN PEIN PEIN PEIN PEIN!! ;) :P

HumourMinister: Good to finally see something cheaper than Indian Rupee. Thanks Grand Masti.

freetosameer: Grand masti is grand pakau...

eXBii: Grand Masti is unbearable and obnoxious

EatTweetBlog: I don't support Grand Masti but I do hv a problem with the hypocrisy!!

DeepSHMShah: Grand Masti - How on earth such cheap movies are even approved by the board?

cvaramakrishnan: we guys feels there is no way you can enjoy a movie like GRAND MASTI and still claim you respect women !!!!!

ChotteJani: Masti karo na nai, Pan sav Vahiyaat masti?? Tuk Ma Kau To... "DELHI BELLY+ KyaSuperKoolHainHum = GRAND MASTI" *No Star for This Movie*

chindi_chor: Grand Masti or Gaand Masti?

bnk24x7: Spo, avoidable? The sad truth is that 'Grand Masti' revels in making you cringe, not laugh. Adult humor tends to...

AppyOfficial: Grand Masti is a "grand tapestry of trash". #GrandMasti

AngrySRKfan: Why is there a debate over Grand Masti's success when the Censorboard allowed its screening all over? Just go and enjoy the film!

amarkamat2910: Grand Masti is worse than shit, not funny at all and with crap acting by all of them. Time they just retire #wasteofmoney

ahtesham110: Stupid movie "GRAND MASTI" very vulgar

aditya_adi004: Wht the F n F..........really, we try soo hard to get it.....''Grand masti'', frnd's think twice bfore u go :p :D

abidurgodspeed: Grand Masti - film made from sms

aanujsa: It starts off nice , but turns to very offencive and u will feel movie sucks. #grand masti #tapori movie

0_0MikE: Grand Masti. No story with same old jokes. Good for Facebookiya and backwards who never heard about Twitter.

9 readers - 2 yays 3 so-so 4 nays

Not Interested in Watching, by mac

Not Interested in Watching, by TimELiebe : If I were a stupid 19-year old I might give this a try - but I haven't been that in 40 years!

Want to Watch, by Anuj

Want to Watch, by cityville cash

Want to Watch, by Fan

Want to Watch, by guddu : Grand Masti

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Alikazim : Conspiracy to derail the youth.

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Mastiforever

So-So, by Suman

So-So, by the market-ripe marketable securities

So-So, by YouthTimes : ‘Grand Masti’ is crass and unabashedly indecent!

Nay! Thumbs Down, by castle ville bot

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Reviewer : There is nothing in this movie that I like...

Nay! Thumbs Down, by sunder singh : good and bad

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Sunil : Movie for the new imbecile generation

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For your own sake, don't watch it.

Thank you, @Rahul! hausla-afzaayi ke liye shukriya.


Haan , Dont watch it. I wonder how so many people cannot despise something that is so offensive and also not funny.


I'm shocked. I don't watch television and I don't even have one at my home. I do watch movies but only after reading your reviews. I read this preview, and out of curiosity, watched the trailer. I couldn't believe what I saw. They are showing this trailer on television??? I wonder if there is any secret mission going on to feed the young Indian minds with filth and shamelessness. Call me a pessimist, but I'm sure this movie is going to be a big commercial hit.

Dattaprasad Godbole

The saddest part is Sonalee Kulkarni in some interview had said, Producers saw her in 'Natarang' and chose her. She said that quite a few times.

I desperately hope that she has role substantial enough to justify placing Natrang beside Grand Masti.

@Sumith thank you so much!

@Guddu :(

@Dattaprasad Really? Oh no!

OMG, Meetu! I watched the trailer, and my very American jaw is hitting the floor in disbelief!

This is like the stupidest 1970s cheap sex farce that hit US screens when we switched from movie industry censorship to a film ratings board (so no film can be outright censored or banned - just restricted admission so only adults can see it). Why on Earth did Vivek Oberoi and Riteish Deshmukh, actors I know from other Indian movies I've liked, agree to be in this? Do they think they're being "cool" rebelling against India's (admittedly conservative) film industry? Or are their careers in such trouble that this is all they can get cast in?

I'm not even remotely interested - and you know I tend to enjoy a lot of Indian movies you don't, Meetu. Don't bother with this one - it's not for you or your site's audience, though I agree with @Guddu that it'll probably be a hit...among college boys and male urban twenty- somethings after a few beers....

@Meetu - I emphatically did not give this movie a Thumbs Up. At all.

Maybe you can have your Webmaster look at fixing the Ratings so "Not Interested In Watching" doesn't translate into "Thumbs Up"? Please...?


extremely vulgar. i cant believe indra kumar is doing this.his films always have been poor and tasteless, but this one is downright vulgar, repulsive and nauseating.

@TimELiebe Oh dear, I am so sorry Tim! I will get Navin to look at it immediately.

@mac Agree, agree and agree.

Hey! @TimELiebe I believe it is fixed now. It'd be great if you could scan through all your ratings so far and see if everything looks ok.

@Meetu - I'll check them then. Thanks! :)

Never underestimate a director's potential and for dat reason don't jump to conclusion so early . This is the same director who probably took the first succesfull step towards adult comedy in 2003 . He also conjured santazied comedy in 2007 with rib tickling characters . I would suggest if u hate a particular genre its better u said stay away from commenting. There is a niche audience who do feel entertained by it.

Hi Meetu,

Great fan of your reviews and i was actually thinking of you when i saw the trailer myself. How would you watch this movie and give review?? Pls avoid if possible and if you do have to watch it pls dont go alone to theatre :-)

Thanks, @TimELiebe

@guddu Hmmm... Why would I refrain from commenting? There is something that I don't like and for what it's worth, I want to let my opinion be known.

@Divya Thanks. Will decide sometime tomorrow, I guess. And if I go, thanks, I will take care. Will be difficult to convince anyone to go with me though :P

Meetu i wasn't refering to u , i was addressing to the comments laid by some of the users. I am aware of the fact that critics don not take stands against a movie before it releases neither they favor any particular actor owing to his popularity. In this age of extensive marketing and promotion many critics do fell prey to the cosmetic PR. Being an ardent reader of ur reviews since 2009
i never found u getting inclined to a film based on external factors. I respect u for ur honest and unbiased review as a critic. My point was very simple to the esteem users as "Never judge a book with its cover".


@guddu: you say "I am aware that critics do not favor any particular actor owing to his popularity"

Excluding wogma, I think that you and me are reading reviews by different critics. Most of the critics I find write paid reviews. Ever seen a film for whom the online marketing is done by a Taran Adarsh firm and that movie gets a bad review by renowned critic Taran Adarsh? And this is just one example. Even my favourite Mr. Khalid Mohammed has his soft spots. He is much less harsher on an established director like say (late) Yash Chopra than on a newcomer who is making his first film. If I were a critic I would do the exact opposite. I would rip apart a Chopra product that is average or below average and I would understand the difficulties of a newcomer and give him the benefit of doubt with an average product.


@guddu Hmmmm... right. Tobacco is bad but some people do feel entertained having it. So, who am I say tobacco is bad. You are absolutely right. I must refrain from commenting. ...but, even cigarette sellers sell their products with a warning message - 'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.' So, I guess when I said the movie is unhealthy for young minds, all I intended was to add a sort of warning message with the product 'Grand Masti'. and dear @guddu, a manipulated understanding of terms like 'Freedom' and 'Niche Audience' is also not so healthy I guess. Just because a group of sick heads love to be entertained by having drugs, another person should see them as a niche audience and start selling drugs to them - ah, nah! I really don't find this idea a very entertaining one. I can't refrain from commenting in such situation.

Note : your comment was probably not specifically targeted to me, but sorry, I couldn't refrain from commenting.

But, btw, going with your idea of freedom, should you really tell people when they should comment and when they should not?

@silent rebellion I am not telling people when they should comment and when they should not? ; these are your words . You are entitled to express ur opinions and views . If u are debating on the issue of who has better understanding of cinema , then u better stick to the point. Comparing a film release with the selling and usage of Drugs and Tobacco to sickheads is simply absurd because they are different entities . You said that even cigarette sellers sell
their products with a warning message -
'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. There is a regulatory board called CBFC which certifies film viewership. Look bro !everybody has its likes and dislikes , lets not quarel among each other to be politically correct. Yo have ur own reasons and i ave mine.

@guddu - there's "Free Speech", which I heartily approve of even when it leads to movies like GRAND MASTI. The flip side is that it cuts both ways - just because a movie exists doesn't mean Meetu has to review it if she finds it offensive, either! Or even give it any attention on her site if she chooses not to - she's not the Indian Government, after all, but a private entity with a limited amount of time and resources, and an audience consisting mostly of people who wouldn't go watch this film.

I think she's handling it just right - not reviewing it personally, but talking about the controversy that this film is (deliberately) stirring and giving her reasons for not reviewing it. If somebody comes back from seeing it and says, against all odds, that it's actually brilliant - well, they can try and persuade us of that right here.... :D

@Meetu - yes, the Ratings are fixed now.

Thank you! :)

@Fan I was speaking to Meetu to illustrate my point as she misunderstood my previous comment. Exceptions r always there and i find Meetu reviews honest and unbiased than Deepa Gahlot and Rajeev Massand. There are paid reviews just like paid news to promote and market.

Bravo Meetu! Well done for not wasting your money on this one.

With gross vernacular implications, unrestrained skin show and inherent vulgarity, the film makes for a perfect two hour timeout with boys. For the same reason, it is a strict “no” for families. And if you judge it purely as a film, it fails miserably. Choose accordingly!

I had read reviews here about this movie that is it not worth watching, But still as I was free on Saturday I give a chance based on Indra Kumar's directed movie like Dhamaal, ishq, masti and thought it could be adult humor.

Movie starts with same scenario as part one with Amar (ritesh desmukh) this time he is shaking the milk bottle to feed his new born baby.

Mit is married with business women who been busy with her boss most of the times.

Prem is married to a housewife and thus she remains busy with all the house work and can not give time to prem.

After going though ruff marriage life they receives call that they are invited with family for college reunion. They try to convince their wife to come along in college reunion but they denied with several reasons.

So, three friends units to drink together and prem gets grand idea to go in college reunion and make affair.

(I seriously wonder how that happen as we can see one is doctor, another friend is business man and third one is bank manager. how come they all attended one collage at same time?)


I enjoyed only 1 minute scene in whole movie(it is when mit, amar and prem reaches at collage.)

Thats it.

There is nothing else that i like in this movie. It's complete time and money waste movie.


Well well well ...

It would seem that despite the intellectual, moral and social stance taken by most of us on this page's comments we have all been proven wrong.

If the BO statistics published by some sites are correct then this film falls into the blockbuster category given the fact that far less viewers throng for such films and far fewer theatres were booked for its release.

Audience tastes are difficult to judge.


Direction: 2
Story: 0.5
Lead Actors: 2
Character Artists: 1

Dialogues: 3
Screenplay: 2.5
Music Director: 0.5
Lyrics: 0.5

rose merry lele ...laura hahahahahaha


Funtastic film, why all this discussion about taste, values and all that? This is like junk food, which most people eat and then complain! Enjoy the sex jokes, we Indians are like that only!


Pseudo intellectual multiplex audiences are hypocrites of the worst kind. They spend 300 bucks every weekend to watch a Bollywood film and yet weep crocodile tears on social networking sites about how bad Indian cinema is and how brilliant are our Western counterparts! Fyi (everyone),the movie's a massive HIT and yes its the urban sector internet savvy audience like YOU and YOUR kind who have made this so called "offensive piece of garbage" a monstrous hit. Now get back to your Hollywood bootlicking till u get your next punching bag viz Besharam,Boss,Krrish-3 and Dhoom-3!

@Fan Thank you! Though I don't really agree with ripping apart an old-timer's films and according discount to a new-comer. With the number of directors doing a downward spiral with their second and subsequent films, I think one who makes films that you like consistently might deserve extra points too.

@TimELiebe Thanks. Usually, I'd completely ignore it. But this is sort-of registering a protest. (Thanks for checking on the ratings. *phew* and finally!)

And well, people are watching the film. It is a commercial success. Reported numbers - budget 20 crores, earnings till second week 80 crores (Rs. 200m and Rs. 800m respectively)

@Rahul Thank you!

@Fan I'm not surprised at all.

@guddu and @Guddu, I'll let you get on with it. My take is that you are both saying the same thing, only it seems wrong because you are taking a different side. :D

@Suman, @Anuj Really? wow...


How else would u describe idiots who call illogical garbage films like Casino Royale,Mission Impossible and Avatar as "masterpieces" and start pointing out "flaws" and "loopholes" in the Don,Dhoom and Krrish films? If someone enjoys watching the American brand of "illogical ott masala films",there's no reason why they shouldn't be liking the desi versions unless of course they are of the view that calling Bond and MI films as classics makes them superior to the "mass audiences"!


@Meetu : The film costs 35 cr and is gonna end its run at about the 95 cr mark thereby making it one of the biggest hits of the year in terms of Return On Investment! Frankly,if at all guys like Raja Sen,Mihir Fadnavis and Anupama Chopra don't wanna end up getting embarrassed any further,they'd rather choose an alternate profession and spare us the agony of learning about their pointless rating and lousy reviews week after week (incidently,the reviews of Grand Masti are trashier than the film itself :P)

@Anuj I really don't get where all this angst is coming from. An opinion is an opinion, nothing more, nothing less, no?


All those guys commenting above for appreciation of the movie, its not only you but may be your sisters would have watched the same movie as well. Open your eyes.


Very rarely i watch bollywood movies...Out of mind (wasted my time downloading this crap) i chose to watch this f**king movie and stopped towards the mid of the film. Gud for mindless teens who keeps their brain in refrigerator and always have their hands on their dick when seeing girls...Undoubtedly, Ritesh and Oberoi's worst movie...Guys better watch some gud porn movie instead of wasting time for this ultra crap...


For all of you ranting against this film, your pseudo hypocritical behaviour is so obvious. This movie is nothing but a hodgepodge of scenes from various successful and vintage English language films viz. hugely popular Carry On series, American Pie series, etc. The makers have not even bothered to alter the jokes. Watch Carry on camping, and the famous shadow silhouette bending scene is a direct lift. Whereas the carry on series were a major hit in India, and are regularly repeated on English channels, if the same scene is attempted in a Hindi film then we are suddenly on a high moral ground. When YRF mediocre products mix kisses and sexual scenes with a social story then it is lapped up by same people who have criticised this film on this page. But when somebody clearly and honestly makes it clear upfront that this is an adult humour film and nothing but sex will be shown, then we take a high moral ground. If you folks are that against sexual innuendo, womenisation, etc. then why accept garbage being churned about YRF in name of modernisation and woman empowerment?

::sigh:: Told you it would be a hit….

Maybe this will lead to a better quality of A-rated movie…?

@TimELiebe How? How will it lead to better films, if it is a hit as is?

@Meetu - because then, maybe, better filmmakers will feel able to tackle more adult themes...? Kind of the way mainstream American movies in the late 1960s and early 1970s got more daring as the low-budget exploitation films started drawing bigger audiences…?

Look - I'm grasping at straws here, okay? My jaw hit the floor when I read how much this made - and it's not because I'm some kind of moralist by any means. It - just doesn't look like it's anything other than stupid sex jokes, kind of like THE BENNY HILL SHOW in the UK was.

Maybe it's a genuinely funny and daring sex comedy that sends up the hypocrisy of Indian attitudes about sex for an Indian audience, but from the trailer it just looks dumb and annoying.

@Fan - if you want, I can probably find you DVDs of American versions of this kind of film that we did in the 1960s and 1970s, like BOEING BOEING (which you already got as GARAM MASALA!), HI, MOM, or IF YOU DON'T STOP IT YOU'LL GO BLIND. I saw all of them when I was in my early Twenties….

@TimELiebe I worry they'll make only more crass stuff.

::groan:: Yeah, @Meetu - that's mostly what they did over here, too.

A handful of filmmakers took advantage of the X-panded! Freedom to make better movies - but most? Just made "more crass stuff". (Actually, it would have to be "A-panded!" - or is it "S-panded!" - to match the CBFC's ratings system, wouldn't it? :D ) Then the audience got used to it - and they started making less crass stuff...or at least less crass stuff in that particular way.

@TimELiebe I guess no harm hoping.

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