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Because we live in a world so imperfect, FALTU creates an alternate reality. In which they show us a way to make the world perfect. So what if that route itself is as imperfect as the system it's trying to correct? So, while it is lively and fun, FALTU isn't something that'll stay with you after you've walked out of the theaters. Though I think it wanted you to, what with the strong message it tries to convey masked under all that light-heartedness. Oh yeah, and that one brilliant dance performance in the climax.

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Director: Remo D'Souza
Running time: 124 minutes
Genres: Comedy
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F.A.L.T.U - Preview

Do you not shudder at the thought of a choreographer trying his hands at direction? The thought brings back scary Memories, doesn't it? But looking at Remo D'Souza as a judge on the dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhla Ja is reassuring. He seemed level-headed and thus there is hope that anything that he does will not to be outright bad.

So F.A.L.T.U is an autobiographical film, in the sense that a lot of the views on the education system are from the Remo's experiences. And like Remo in his college days actor Jackky Bhagnani is made to do a lot of wild things. How wild? We'll know soon enough.

Meanwhile, the synopsis doesn't sound very exciting. It goes -

Faltu is a story about a group of friends that are considered a total waste. The cherry on the cake being that they take pride in the fact
However a turn in their life leads them to such a situation where fates of many more like them comes in their hands.

Sounds like a campus comedy, which could be fresh with the right dialogues and situations. The trailer though doesn't give away much and whatever it does have isn't something entirely worth looking forward too, especially the digs on Shah Rukh Khan. I mean, how many more times are we going to see that?

Not to mention, the lead actor's debut doesn't have any recall value - the very forgettable Kal Kissne Dekha - literally. I can't remember having watched the film even after having re-read my review. And I know, I should feel humiliated having to admit this, embarrassment eludes me.

If the film is going to boast its cameo list before it mentions its lead actors, should I really be beating myself up about forgetting the latters' earlier films. But this time the actor who also happens to be the producer's son seems to have been very careful about choosing a good script. Don't ask me what will be left in the script for him if each of the cameos are given even two minutes of screen time each.

Anyway, it takes guts to name your film "Faltu" which translates to useless/good-for-nothing - feeding straight in the hands of reviewers/viewers who don't like the film. And to top it off, the release date is set for April 1. Hopefully the music is a sign of things to come; almost everyone has liked it. I tried downloading from the site, but somehow it didn't work. I'm not sure if my credit card was charged or not. But what the heck, it's only Rs. 40. Yep! Your heard it right, Rs. 40 for the whole album - 11 songs! Here's what some of the people who actually heard them all have to say.

Music reviews:
milliblog - wow! A 200-worder for a Non-Amit-Trivedi album!

music aloud - "8/10"

Bollyspice - "3.5/5"

Bollywood Hungama - "3.5/5"

HappySing - "Overall, in terms of music, F.A.L.T.U. does not literally characterizes its name, but is not on the opposite end either."

Yahoo! - "4/5"

Planet Bollywood - "8/10"

- meeta, a part of the audience

It is striking how FALTU makes you aware of our climb up the Maslow's need pyramid. Gone are the days of worrying about roti, kapda aur makaan. We are now looking at a generation who wants to be trained entertainers. And that is what makes FALTU contemporary. Alas! The methodology used is not convincing and thus along with the few jokes you can only laugh at the writers' naiveté.

It will soon be fashionable to make a film about our thoroughly flawed educational system. And isn't it a good thing that we don't expect profound and workable solutions from our films? FALTU doesn't either. But, I do like the basic concept and the way director, Remo has tried to execute it. If only it was a little funnier than it eventually is, with lines, with performances.

There were certainly a couple of hilarious, laugh-out-loud scenes. And there are other times that you might not be able to control your smile at the silliness of the situation. But, when a movie sets out to talk about social issues, it needs to leave a lasting impression by whatever means possible. Humor works at most times, but in this one, it doesn't. Especially, if you give away 2-3 of your main punch jokes in the trailer.

One reason of course, is that not all the supposedly funny lines make you laugh, though the intention is clear. As a side, you also get a few lectures on the "right way" to encourage your kids if they aren't academically bright. Also, though the writing tries hard to make characters behave differently from each other, they do end up without any outstandingly distinguishing factors.

The other reason glaring in your face is the inadequate and loudish performances. If only FALTU had a little less of an Uday-Chopra look alike. I mean it is ok if one looks like the other, but why do both of them have to have that silly grin on their face. It just doesn't allow me to go beyond that and look at what might be acting.

Sure Puja Gupta is the only saving grace in this department. Yeah, this despite having both Riteish Deshmukh and Arshad Warsi - two of the best we have in terms of comic timing. Again, I'd put the blame on the superfluous writing. There is just no attention paid to their characters.

Despite all of this though, the basic plot tries its best to remain true to its theme and the spirit of the film. The bunch of controlling parents is no new concept to the way many of us might have grown up. To see it on screen gives us a sense of camaraderie even. You can hear an entire generation shouting "LET GO!" when a son says that to a father.

AND there's that last dance in the climax (no, not the closing credits, the one that is a part of the actual film). I could watch it over and over again and bumped up the rating a bit just for that one last masterpiece.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Prathna Tiwari, Bolly Spice : ...It promised to be a fultu entertaining film with a message and that is exactly what it is. There's nothing pretentious or fake.... full review

Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama : ...It offers what the audience desires: Entertainment! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Aniruddha Guha, DNA : ...The plot is outlandish and most of the time you wonder where the film’s going. At the same time, though, the film has an inherent pleasantness that is hard to ignore. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham.com : ...Debutante Puja Gupta is passable and needs to polish her acting skills. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Komal Nahta, koimoi : ...Arshad Warsi is lovable and evokes laughter at several places. Ritesh Deshmukh is also excellent... full review

Thumbs up, by K K Rai, STARDUST : ...Pooja Gupta, the gorgeous girl who makes her big bollywood debut with this film, gets full opportunity to showcase her talent. She enacts the part of Pooja, who loves to be with her guy friends. The babe looks confident on the silver screen even in her first outing.... full review

Thumbs up, by SpiceZee Bureau, Zee News : ...In all, ‘Faltu’ is a fun film to watch this weekend.... full review

So-So, by Divya Solgama, Gomolo.in : ...Jackky’s last film was a disaster, but out here he has restrained himself and has done a decent job. He still reminds me of duplicate Uday Chopra. If someone else would had been there in his part the film would had increased in its quality basis... full review

So-So, by Shubhra Gupta, indian express : ...The young gang is watchable, even if they are made to swap sense for a few broad laughs. ... full review

So-So, by Ankur Pathak, Rediff : ...Jackky Bhagnani's re-launch would after all be successful, as without being dominating, he emits confidence, and portrays the role of the rebellious youth very comfortably. His body-language shows no trace of uneasiness and expressions click and convey. ... full review

So-So, by Ruchi Mehta, Roochster : ...Remo Desouza’s choreography is outstanding, ... full review

So-So, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...The finale dance-it would be unfair to reveal the context—is cherry on the cake. ... full review

So-So, by K N Gupta, SmasHits.com : ...Arshad Warsi and Ritiesh Deshmukh play their funny roles well.... full review

So-So, by Janhvi Patel, StarBoxOffice : ...The editing could have been sharper as the inclusion of some scenes such as “chand pe chadhna” appears forced.... full review

Thumbs down, by Nikhil Kumar, Apun Ka Choice : ...Strictly for those with FALTU time... full review

Thumbs down, by Rony Dcosta, Desi Martini : ...Director Remo clearly shows that he is not cut out to be called a director yet.... full review

Thumbs down, by Vikramjit, Desi Martini : ...There's absolutely no conflict, no air of mystery, no wit, no emotion.... full review

Thumbs down, by Payal Khanna, Desi Martini : ...Performances were not brilliant but average... full review

Thumbs down, by Deepa Garimella, fullhyd.com : ... This is a kind of film that, by the nature of its premise, operates on zero logic, and needs a heavy dose of slapstick humour and truckloads of well-written jokes.... full review

Thumbs down, by Mayank Shekhar, Hindustan Times : ...Not faltu enough. Sigh!... full review

Thumbs down, by Bryan Durham, MiD DAY : ...Safe to skip it. While watching Accepted would be a better option.... full review

Thumbs down, by Anupama Chopra, NDTV : ...Arshad Warsi and Ritiesh Deshmukh, playing the college principal, are on auto-pilot. ... full review

Thumbs down, The Friday Freak : ...Jackky, Pooja, Angad and Chandan Roy Sanyal bring to screen the aspect of ‘Oh God we are Dead’ in the sequences where they see the booze party, the students shouting and protesting and even the gay-rape/gay-intercourse sequence.... full review

Thumbs down, by Nikhat Kazmi, Times of India : ...The problem with F.A.L.T.U lies in its tone. It doesn't know whether to unfold as a full blown comedy or take itself seriously by providing some gyan on the education system. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Mr Care, Upper Stall : ...The only other positive part of the film is the music, with some pretty peppy songs in between the banality.... full review

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ZahraaQ: Faltu a must must must watch movie

Viduit: Don't miss the movie 'Faltu'. An entertainer with a message ! In the genre of 'Tare Zameen Pe' & '3 Idiots'.

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tanmay_twits: saw "F.A.L.T.U" #NiceMovie ..liked it !

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_eMeNeF_: True to its name...FALTU is one of the FALTU estt movies ever....How the hell can some one make such Freakin Crap... Utter waste!!! #Fail

12 readers - 5 yays 5 so-so 2 nays

Not Interested in Watching, by http://www.Youtube.com

Want to Watch, by Ara

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Hindilyrics4u.co.in : Despite the bleh first half, some of the spook-inducing decisions made in the second half were freak

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Manas : Dont miss it. It is mandatory for all the students. Get out of the system, and change your mindset

Yay! Thumbs Up, by moviesberg : <a target="_blank" href="http://moviesberg.net/">Online watch movies free</a>

Yay! Thumbs Up, by RajuButt : Rajubutt This movie is just a re launch for Jacky Bhagani...and the plot (and the trailer seems

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Vishal Das : Weak performances, but I liked the "fresh" feel the movie had. Works 4 the target audience. 3/5

So-So, by Enjoylyrics.com : Despite the bleh first half, some of the spook-inducing decisions made in the second half were freak

So-So, by Enjoylyrics.com : Despite the bleh first half, some of the spook-inducing decisions made in the second half were freak

So-So, by Faltu Review : Faltu is not a Faltu Idea..

So-So, by kunal baikunth singh : 30

So-So, by peliculas online gratis rapido 8 : Edelhof

Nay! Thumbs Down, by conservatories

Nay! Thumbs Down, by moviebhakt

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

Four good-for-nothings manage to land themselves responsible for 300 other good-for-nothings. And then set out to make use out of this waste

What Worked

  • The picturisation of the line "jahaan jail ho gaya", simply brilliant!
  • The coinage "over-educated"
  • The way the SRK-arm-spread is incorporated in the dance in the climax.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • How did 300 people find the website? If only websites were so easy to make and bring up on search engines! They touched the wrong nerve here :D

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Men ogling cleavages.
  • Concept: That of encouraging passion versus mainstream academics
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and light

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

Lead Actors:
Character Artists:
Music Director:

F.A.L.T.U - Cast, crew, links

Background Score:
Music Director:
Costume Designer:

Inspired by:


Running time:
124 minutes

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so wiki says its a remake of an English movie Accepted, which was quite funny. I hope the Hindi version is not just a 3 hour extended version of the same!

The film, from the trailers, looks like a rip-off of the Hollywood flick 'Accepted'

@ligne @dfuser that's what i've read too. haven't seen the movie yet, might try to catch it before watching F.A.L.T.U

@Simy you aren't really looking forward to this one, are ya?

This movie is just a re launch for Jacky Bhagani...and the plot (and the trailer seems too similar to the Justin Long starrer Accepted)

FALTU stands for Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust University.

in Accepted S.H.I.T stood for South Harmon Institute of Technology

This movie is just a re launch for Jacky Bhagani

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