Happy 5th, dear wogma!

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Five years. Five years!

That is a long, long time, no? The highlight of this birthday is some spontaneous gifts given by people who care about wogma. Good friend, Subur, was in the middle of marketing his production house, Open Door Film's film, Tere Mere Phere and included a cake cutting for wogma's birthday with Vinay Pathak.

wogma 5th birthday cake-cutting with Vinay Pathak And man, was I awestruck by Vinay Pathak's energy. Those five minutes with him have inspired me to work for wogma with even more verve.

Towards that, here's wogma's first off-line venture. Well, as off-line, as a part-time blogger can do for her blog. :P Here's announcing the wogma t-shirt! Guys, I'm damn excited about this one. This is how it's going to look.

The concept again was a gift from dear friend, Nitin and it was aptly put into design by able designer, Shachi and my niece Pooja.

The first batch is give-aways for the " Reel-Life Bloggers contest" early-bird winners. Have you submitted your entry yet? The contest has opened just today! It's another one of those things, if Manu, owner of ReviewGang, hadn't pushed, I doubt I'd have conducted this contest by myself. Oh, and by the way, do let me know if you'd like to buy the t-shirt. :D

wogma T-shirt

Another contest which ran successfully, was the one with Sheep Stop, the FilmyTee Contest. The winners will be announced in a day or two.

All this is well and good, I know, there are a few things that are way past "high time". "wogma mobile app" is one of the most common demands. All in good time. inshallah.

There are a couple of other things under way, but it might be a little too soon to speak about them. And yet, it is difficult to contain my excitement and not mention them at all on this occasion. Till then, pray for me and wish me luck.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Yaaaay! Happy Birthday Wogma!

Pratyush Khaitan:

Congratulations! Over the past 4-5 years since I have been reading Wogma, I have enjoyed it. Teho in Wogma is really good. A mobile app would be super. Go for it!

All the best for the future.

Rohan Dighe:

Happy Birthday!! yeee!!!

Ankur Agarwal:

Happy Birthday WOGMA!

Aniket Thakkar:

Happy Happy B'day!!! Can't think of a better person than Vinay to share the 5th anniversary cake with (well Navin doesn't count :P). It was super to be part of Wogma for the short while I was. But I'm still - a part of the audience and deeply appreciate the effort you put in to running this place. Hats Off to you. Here's to many more glorious years to come.


Happy Birthday! And keep up the good work. This is the only site I trust for Bollywood reviews. :)


@Rohan @Vishwesh @Subur @Annkur @ShrinandThank you so much guys.

@Pratyush @Rahul what would wogma be without loyal readers like you! Thank you so much for being there!

@Swetha @Aniket @Shweta Your contributions over the past few months have added the much needed texture to wogma! Thank you guys!

@Swetha cannot thank you enough for your consistency and passion both for movies and for wogma! Love you, girl!

@Seema I know! We'll wear them and click a photo together :D

@Pooj thanks and *hugs* right back!


Whoa! How did I miss this. Lovely. WOGMA birthday celebrations seem to have been magnificent. Long live WOGMA!


Thank you so much Preeti and Poonam!!

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