Count down to being 5 - Part 2!

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Over 70 entries! Thank you so much people for your participation, retweets and shares. muah and big hugs all around. And without much ado, the winners are -

The grand prize of coupon worth Rs. 3000 goes to Fatema for Udaan...Taking Wings.
The second prize of coupon worth Rs. 2000 goes to Bijoy for Of mosquito repellents, bug busters and fly swatters.
The five winners of coupons worth Rs. 1000 each are -

And a very special mention of our youngest participant, 10-year old Sunskriti for wogma bloggers contest rewiew. Sunskriti, a small token of appreciation is coming your way, very soon.

Winners, you'll hear from us very soon.

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in such huge numbers and to everyone who helped spread the word. Cheers to all of you!!!


Update: Deadline extended to October 31, 2011. Now you have more time to submit your entries! For various reasons, including some participants asking for more time, we have decided to extend the contest to the end of the month.
Also we have made it easier to participate! Now, you can blog about even one film to participate, just make sure that you are convinced it is your favorite film!

Reminder: You can submit an older entry, too.

Early-bird prize winners

How about you too win prizes for telling me about your favorite films? Awesomeness, right!?

Reel-life Bloggers Contest

So, here's how you go about it -
Write a post on your blog about your favorite films. Difficult to name just one? No worries, you can write about more. Want to make it fun for yourself? You can select a theme, time period, region or just do a 100% all-time favorites pick.

The films you choose don't matter at all. The winners will be people who convince us to watch their favorites. So, what you like about the films you've picked will count. More importantly, we have to understand why you liked the film.

The entries don't have to be too long. In fact, the shorter the better. The usual rules of grammar and spelling will apply. Oh and yeah, a little humor won't hurt.

Last but not at all the least, your post has to mention that it is for the Reel-Life Bloggers contest organized by wogma and reviewgang (our partner for this contest) with appropriate links. Of course, the entry will be invalid if this last tiny thing is missing.

Here's what you win -

  • Flipkart/Amazon coupon worth Rs. 3000
  • Flipkart/Amazon coupon worth Rs. 2000
  • Five Flipkart/Amazon coupons worth Rs. 1000
  • A t-shirt a day from September 1 to 10. This is an early-bird prize for the first valid post we receive on the day.

Here go the rules again -

  • Write a single blog post about your favorite films - one, three, five - you pick.
  • We won't judge you on the choice of films, but on the quality of your post.
  • Entry will be valid only if it mentions that it is a submission for the Reel-life Bloggers contest and links to wogma and reviewgang.
  • You can submit a post you've written earlier. Just remember put in the links mentioned above.
  • You can submit more than one entries.
  • Email us at [email protected] with a link to the blog post to submit your entry.
  • Our decision is, of course, final.
  • The contest ends on October 13th October 31st (deadline extended). Midnight IST.
  • The early-bird t-shirt winner will be announced on three days later.
  • The first 7 Winners will be announced on November 14th.
  • Winners will be announced on facebook, twitter and this contest page.
  • T-shirt prizes only apply to residents of India.
  • The prizes will be dispatched within three working days after ALL winners are announced.

And just in case you are wondering what the occasion is. It's because wogma will be 5 this September! YAY!! happy dance
So, give us a birthday gift by participating.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Very Good contest! Will participate with a post of three of my Favourite movies. thanks


I am sooo doing this!! You don;t have to ask me twice to espouse my opinions


@Saras @Meera Let the party begin!!


No-no, Preeti! It's just started. Last date is Oct 13th. And there are early-bird prizes - wogma T-shirts!


ouch...saw this a bit late... are the early bird prizes over


Nope Amit, not yet!


@Vipul, yes, any of your favorite films!


Got it! Thank you so much!


Thanks Pradnya!


hey is it also OK to write a post on unreleased posts?... I have an unpublished post on my expectations about Spielberg's upcoming Tintin movie...


@SAnkha the contest is still very much on, I don't know how I missed your comment. We extended the date till Oct 31st.

@Jitaditya Actually, no...favorite film would mean you have seen, we'd exclude previews.


Got it, thanks!


Thanks Sankha, got it!


I had sent you an email asking about the possibility of an entry after the deadline.



Have the prize winners been announced? Was wanting who won the big one.... Would love to post a link to the winner's blog on my site, with permission, of course :)


Was wanting to know.... is what I wanted to say. Thinking faster than my hands can type.


@Abhilash I'm sorry, We stopped taking entries on November 1st.

@Meera not yet, that will be an awesome gesture! I doubt we'll allow you to miss the announcement, it will be all over the place, here, fb, twitter. :D

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