Count down to being 5!

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Come September 13th, wogma will turn the ripe age of 5! If I want to blow 5 candles for wogma, what would I wish for?

More readership, more comments that say "awesome review", make wogma a household name, a little money, etc. Nothing deep, good ol' fame and wealth. But among all these things, there are TWO wishes I've always had for wogma. And what better way to organize contests that will help me fulfill those wishes. Me happy, wogma happy, readers and participants happy!

The first wish is to have slickly designed Bollywood t-shirts. Don't you think there are hardly any t-shirts that spell our love for our films? We have awesome Tees for sports, music, food and so on, but nothing for films? Why?

So, the good people at SheepStop and wogma are getting together to organize a FilmyTee t-shirt design contest. Go, read the details and participate and win fabulous prizes which include -

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 5000 + Your winning Tee + Royalty
  • 1st Runner Up: Rs. 3000 + Your winning Tee + Royalty
  • 2nd Runner Up: Rs. 2000 + Your winning Tee + Royalty

:D No, I haven't forgotten the second wish. And neither have I forgotten those of us who are creative but not necessarily in the design area. My other contest is going to revolve around discussing cinema. My partner for that one, ReviewGang and I are working out the design and details. Keep an eye out for the announcement that will come very soon.

Meanwhile, get set to show off your designing skills. And design that awesome Bollywood t-shirt that you have been dying to wear. Head off to the contest page for details.

And please help spread the word. The hashtag for the contest is #FilmyTee

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Wogma is soon going to celebrate it's fifth anniversary and so it has been half a decade since it first started reviewing movies. My best wishes to you Meetu and Wogma as i have always felt that this is really one of the best reviewing website of Bollywood.And am looking forward for more user interactions and interest following this. Regarding the contest, i can't design T shirts but sure i can vote for the best ones. :D


Thanks guddu!! Thank a ton...and about the contest, please do that and spread the word about the contest!! :P

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