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Seasons change faster than some of the scenes in Mausam. Seriously. And it takes all of two hours and f-o-r-t-y long minutes for boy to meet girl, about four times after which I lost count.

Mausam is beautifully shot, no doubt about that, but a regular love story takes forever to finish, and then there's some more left. And nope, after the first half of the first half is over, there is nothing at all that could make the lovers' frustrating journey engaging.

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Director: Pankaj Kapoor
Running time: 160 minutes
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Mausam - Preview

When I first heard that Pankaj Kapur is directing a film, I had this imagery of a grim and gritty film. And when I saw the first look of the film, I didn't know what to make of it because it was as romantic a picture as it could get. The trailer puts all doubts to rest, if there were any left after seeing the poster.

My heart sank as I saw Shahid Kapoor do a 'nagada nagada' (Jab We Met) in this song. No, not because he wasn't doing it well, but because I am expecting something unusual, something not-seen-before from Mausam.

I know not, where these expectations come from. Maybe they are just because I believe Pankaj Kapur is an exceptional actor and if he is trying something new, there is hope that it will be good. It could have something to do with the fact that he is a veteran. I mean, wouldn't we all be excited if Kay Kay Menon ventured into direction?

One good thing that has come out of the trailer is that it has reset the expectations. Also, another thing I liked about the trailer above is that it reminded me a lot of Parineeta. Yes, the train shot that the trailer opens with adds to to that feel.

And yet, none of the good things bring back the original excitement that I had to see a Pankaj Kapur film. I know it's unfair, but at least now there won't be extra expectations for him to satisfy.

What about you? Did you feel let down by the promos of Mausam too? Music reviews:
milliblog - "engages sporadically."

Dunkdaft - "Not a single track that is sung by a lady. Not a single duet - Sigh.. still, this all male OST is good, not great"

music aloud - "7.75/10"

Apun Ka Choice - "3.5/5"

Bollyspice - "4/5"

Bollywood Hungama - "4/5"

HappySing - "at least four songs out of six in the ‘very good’ category"

Planet RadioCity - "3.5/5"

- meeta, a part of the audience

Mausam is like a pleasant evening breeze - you enjoy it for a bit and then fall asleep. Which is extremely sad, because you see the labour of love in each frame. It's pretty in every corner. But, the love story unfortunately goes on and on like a battery in its advert. Fine, I didn’t fall asleep but that's because I don't believe in sleeping in films, especially the ones I'm reviewing. But, I could completely imagine someone dozing off for a bit, and guess what they wouldn't have missed much when they woke up.

Ironically, the eased-out pace Mausam starts with, is the only bit that's charming about the story. It's so pretty, so serene, so simple that high expectations are set for the drama to unfold. I enjoyed the leisurely life of a village with its cute sense of humor. But maybe, like life in the village, the story doesn't move. The characters move on, their problems and state of mind remain the same. Which is fine, that's what happens when we are in love. But, I'd enjoy my love story, I lose connection with the love between Harry (Shahid Kapoor) and Aayat (Sonam Kapoor). And there are enough, "aawwww, so sweet" moments in the first half hour.

I also admired how the "sarson de khet" (mustard farms) I've been fed for over 15 years, felt fresh in the way they have been captured. The straight lines that railway tracks and electrical poles formed; the curves that bumpy paths and underground water pipes lying around the said "sarso de khet" formed - all very painstakingly framed. In fact, except for a tacky video-game-ish air-attack sequence, Mausam is beautifully shot.

But, the sweetness of a relationship and the cinematography of a film can take it only so far. Of course, there is value to getting exasperated along with the characters' frustrations. But, not if it translates to irritation with the film itself. Not if, in a love story, you are forced to say, "true love and all is ok, make them meet and get done with it already!"

And it's not like the writers haven't put in distractions along the way. There are enough of them. And I'm not talking about just the energetic songs which make you feel like you can watch Shahid Kapoor dance forever. There is historical and political context within which our lead pair struggles. Politics that you and I have witnessed. Times that we have horrific memories of. We should've gotten involved, we should've rooted for the lead pair. We don't.

This is despite the fact that you see at least one of the two beautiful people in each frame of the screen. I didn't quite get why Harry went so rigid. I was almost going to blame Shahid Kapoor for not being able to carry off the "serious" facet of Harry, but soon realized that Harry had lost all his charm and vigor. Sonam Kapoor on the other hand maintains a status quo throughout the film. In fact, her expressions are a carry forward from her debut film, Saawariya.

A love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl minus the parents who usually raise hell. The lovers' bad luck keeps getting worse and the hatred around them won't let them be together. Hatred that isn't even directly linked to their lives. The tragedy is rather poetic, in that, the two who want to live in a time and space oblivion are separated by geography and a timeline. But poetry can be boring.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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zaureshabakaeva: Mausam's the best film of 2011! I love Mausam & i love Shahid Kapoor so much too!!!

ZanaKhan: just watched @shahidkapoor and @sonamakapoor in #mausam - what a beautiful film. so many fave moments. shahid who once annoyed me, wowed me.

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twitfariha: watched mausam its nice,romaaaaaaantic, shahid and sonam are treat to watch

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ShoaibUFO: Now following @shahidkapoor . Big fan. Watched Mausam thrice. Watta epic romantic movie. Bolly's Before Sunrise/sunset.

shaktimaan_ji: So romantic #mausam

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SairajVJ: The people dosent understan the movie Mausam acting was awesome and the direction is good

S_Sarfraz: nd mausam becom third favrt luv story aftr jab we met nd vivah superb acting by sonam kapoor nd shahid kapoor

Ronnycean: Mausam is a gud mix of love,comedy, Indian values and psychology...a mustwatch film laid on rural household of Punjab. @shahidkapoor,u rock.

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ravisaanvi: 'Mausam' - a nice film.

RAVI_ALLiz_WELL: I liked this dialogue in mausam... "Mujhe koi bhi aisa nasha pasand nahin jo waqt ke saath utar jaaye."........SB

ratansrajpoot: Watched #mausam ,awesome movie ,gr8 job by both actors @shahidkapoor n @sonamkapoor ! Must watch guys !

RanjhaMaahi: i have Seen Mausam, the only Saving Point in movie is Shahid Kapoor's Acting, But today his tweet has made that 1 reason also die...

qt_krithika: watched mausam yest- what a beautiful film. so many fave moments. shahid who once annoyed me, wowed me...

pudesai: Mausam is timeless luv story love it!!

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philum: saw #mausam. Thank god I didnt listen to critics n reviewers. LOVED it, @shahidkapoor rocked and @sonamakapoor was natural as ever #london

PassionPoised: Last night I saw"mausam" and I must say it is the best love story of the year. @shahidkapoor and @Sonam_Kapoor acting was phenomenal.

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OzmanSufi: Saw Mausam, it was awesome . @sonamakapoor and @shahidkapoor did a great job :)

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nav_rattan: Mausam Hindi movie is good . Worth a visit .Both Shahid and Sonam have acted perfectly .Romantic days are back in bollywood

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MUKESHBHOLA: Just saw "Mausam" last Night.It is a Beautiful Film.Shahid's performance was awesome n he really does justice to the IAF uniform.

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Mr_SidhuSahil: mausam is good movie

mmarhia: mausam 2011 is a good love story of a iaf pilot and a kashmiri girl

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kaajalnaran: Watched Mausam.. I must say it a really beautiful movie! @shahidkapoor. U were a brillant actor! It remind us of what is true love about.

JustHuman4: Mausam keeps alive the purity of romance which seems lost somewhere in the mad rat race nowadays.

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GENUINE_GIRL: Just watched mausam what a fab movie loved it . . . .

geetdiamonds: N finally found the real meanin of Love from mausam....felt gr8 about the IAF people...a salute to evry one protectin our country.

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AyishaKaul: #mausam brilliant! Would watch it again and again...

asjadnazir: Criticism #Mausam received has been very unfair. It has plenty of great moments & superb performances from Sonam Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor

ashlovesshahid: damn... love da movi .... i guess mausam was sasha's best performance.. :-) @shahidkapoor u were jus superb in da movie.. love u <3

ashima_lithium: Just watched Mausam, @sonamakapoor - as endearing as ever ! the movie has been beautifully shot. u r d best girl we have Sonam :) power to u

arsala_23: Mausam is lovely romantic movie n its simplicity is d thing wch I loved

ari02091986: Watched Mausam was good but Shahid's acting was superb!!!

ArchanaDalmia: Got up wth a pounding headache. A crocin to get rid of hangover of late night #Mausam:Perfect screw up of a perfectly well begun movie!

AnushaSmashin17: Mausam is amazing!! @shahidkapoor and @sonamakapoor don't only look beautiful together but have nailed it in the movie! Harry and Aayat! <3

Ankit_MohanFC: We all love you for ur presence in #mausam Flt ltAshfaq looking outstanding in Air Force uniform...I watched it only for YOU

anisha_cool810: mausam iz wrth appreciable. i jus luvd it..!! nd u r lukng so damn gud..!! i luv d cinematography..!! u were so gud thru out d muvie..!!

anilsoldier: Shahid well .....may be a goood come back to bollywood through MAUSAM!!!!

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amirahLonely: Yes #welovemausam <3 #mausam

ameoromeo: desperate to watch mausam but no one is ready to accompany me...i dont believe d reviews...m a critic & watch from d emotional point of view

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AmbikaKauL: Mausam was a Brilliant movie... Shahid Kapoor at his best... Love stories like these only exist in movies...

Amazing_CA: Love the entire music of Mausam.......

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Ali0831: Go see mausam... @shahidkapoor @sonamakapoor ....u guys both were really good....

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aishwarya_ram: Finally saw Mausam.. Sweet love story n great acting! A classic love story aftr a long time! Lovd it:)

AGAMAAMIR: Sonam Kapoor tried her best,in some tough scenes she did well. #Mausam

Afridi_101: Yaaay!! #WeLoveMausam :) RT @movieverdict Analyzed 13022 tweets and found 77.97% people liked movie #mausam

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abhinab_Zephyr: Incidents+Accidents+Willpower+ Fate = MAUSAM..nice movie.

_Reshma_: Mausam was...BEAUTIFUL!! Right now I am too overwhelmed by it to say anything <3

_mckhan_opu: I jst saw the film Mausam, very nice and I like ... so romantic... the best movie of shahid kapoor

__aMnaaa: and the mausam! :D im l0vin' it! =D hehe

thekoolestkudi: Just watched Mausam... Awesome music .... Storyline.... Errrr???what???

tarshid: Saw mausam today first half was good but second half was full of coincidences

shimsid2: just watched mausam!!! the only saving point is sonam n shahid acts... othervise sorrrrry

ShayankaFC: i like even if i dont understand the 2nd half RT @shahidkapoor: So all those trying so hard to screw mausam can go screw themselves .. Wais

santorigrlch7: Saw Mausam it was just about OK..they could have done much better..but I must say its a one time WI22S9

sandeeptr: Watched Mausam movie in the weekend. Second half is horribly slow and dragging, it tests your patience. Other than that it was a nice movie

sameerkapoor192: mausam is slow and very saaaad but sonam looks very cute.....

sagarsinghsoni: saw mausam! 1hr ws borin n the next 2hrs ver nt dat bad! Acting of #shahid was outstanding in the latter part n #Sonam was gud!

Pawan_shankar: Mausam was good till it was set in Punjab..director tried too many things to incorporate which looked unreal..

pallavi242654: One word for mausam 'khoobsoorat' if you ignore some part of it.

nepaleeidiot: But overall the movie is not bad...tho there loopholes but its watchable #mausam

mak_kalra: Mausam is awfully long and dizzy....but a nice movie..worth a watch..shahid kapoor has really grown from a boy to man.

LovetheENIGMA: Mausam ws great in the first half bt th second totlly disaapntd us ! U shud hve givn mre lite to ur airforce character@shahidkapoor

khan2345: watched mausam must say its 70% boring movie except last 30min & yeah sahid & sonam did well but was nt intresting movie

Jaswalrock: Mausam Review by me- 2 star

Iffy_aka_Giggs: Jus watched #mausam was ok but too long

iamharsht: Was okay.. But the length of the movie messed it up. RT @amarv_2: @iamharsht how was mausam?

i_nyk: Mausam - 2.5 star, it was even more longer than a history paper.

Fazal: Just saw the movie Mausam... It was nice, but i expected more from it. Good for one time...

Don_KKRleone: “@mojorojo: Good dump. Good mood. Bad dump. Bad mood. Simple.” good dump + #Mausam. Mixed emotions.

CoolKamikazeCat: #mausam I give it 3/5 - a good movie - cud've done with crisper editing. Hang on for the review!

Balreet_Mandair: My take on "Mausam" 1st half loved it! So authentically Punjabi! So witty and funny. 2nd half meh, too long and some things did not add up.

anotherkate: MAUSAM is a decent, if silly, romantic melodrama and contains many many shots of Shahid Kapoor striding in slow-motion in a flight suit.

anjan_sengupta: watched 'Mausam'. this movie is too lengthy, some parts are really boring and the ending has no meaning. though I liked the story line.

aadityaj11: Crux of the movie - Good Actors r worst directors, n flop actors r awesome directors #mausam #movie

8LoveAali8: then also saw mausam... not as per moi expectations... too boring... tho i loved shahid kapoor in uniform! <3 :$

zeroboyas: Watched Mausam ... big waste ... money as well as time ...

y_soo_serious: #mausam is sooo boring!!!

Wtf_Life_is: #mausam dissapointed

writerrohit: ‘Mausam’ is an example of intellectual failure. Great actors generally fail in their directorial debut.

vivekgolecha: This is a public service tweet: Please avoid Mausam at all costs.

vishals80: “@rij79: #mausam is so bad it makes kamaal r khans #deshdrohi be eligible for oscars” that my friend is scary!

VasooliBhai: Agar aap mausam se kuchh rakhte the toh pankaj kapoor bhi kahega @AapChutiyeHain

theurbanpilgrim: i killed monday :D ask me how- i made it watch mausam

tejasakadon: Those who liked #Mausam have got to be joking

tarunmayani: last night watch mausam .too long n boor movie not expecting from pankaj kapoor 2 make movie like this ....

TableforONE_PV: Never though anything would put me off bollywood. That was before the crap that is Mausam. Shocking.

Suroshree: I saw Mausam. and then, I died.

supersinghh: Mausam Mausam Boring Mausam

suchitra_dm: #Mausam Sad...didn't expect this from d movie tooo slow but there r some beautiful scenes @sonamakapoor @shahidkapoor #nowinterval

spMotaBhai: Mausam movie ne toh dimaag ka mausam hee beegad diya

Soourabh: Sorry sonam Mausam is pathetic #reviews.. Wd instead grab a budd.. Hmm nice idea though

snehyaaa: Everyone should watch Mausam, After all why should I be the only one suffering?

slahu: for those who dont knw... theek shus is used by males to say that 'i m fine'... gender bender... poor research... #mausam

shwetamz: Aaye don't offend Shahid Kapoor :p but I don't differ on it RT @spMotaBhai: Mausam movie ne toh dimaag ka mausam hee beegad diya

shanaysbafna: Mausam : Horribly edited film.

Shakuni_mamu: #Mausam kafi kharab hai...kripya andar rahein #shahid kapoor.

seismic_sam: Mausam SUCKED big time. Waste of money & time....

Samitrajnarayan: Mausam ek bakwas movie h jisko dekh kar 2.30 ghante or kharb hote h

salonichoujar: It's a sheer disappointment 2 see all the hard work, talent & such a great beginning go 2 such a waste.. #Mausam @shahidkapoor @sonamakapoor

SalmanAvinash: I loved @shahidkapoor work in JWM,kameney,ishq-vishq. but mausam is disappointment. try to digest ur defeat champ. Don't spread -ty 4 urself

saimahj: Watchd Mausam, I actually found it a bit boring :( but on the bright side shahids acting ws very good :)

SahaRohit: BTW..watched mausam....very disappointed...the story lacked depth....will still give the benefit of doubt to Mr pankaj Kapoor...

saff_313: MAUSAM really nt gud 4 Shahid n Sonam n Mr PK needs rest

rpdoc2009: The movie concerned is Mausam. It is wastage of money and time.

rockerormaniac: "Mausam" - one of the most PATHETIC MOVIES i have seen in recent times!!!!

rij79: #mausam is so bad I am no longer afraid of thunder

ratul_dj: watched MAUSAM totally a bogus!!!! feel bad for shahid & sonam!!

randomtalkz: Mausam- To see or not to see is the question!! The whole world seems to shout 'No'.. hmm

rahulid: For Pankaj Kapoor's sake, pls don't watch Mausam. Can't c him loosing respect.

PwincesAx: Watched mausam n I have to admit this film can drag a cat ta slp hw boringgg !!!

praveensaini4u: Mausam is not a good movie

Prabudh: By the time you go in to watch MAUSAM and come out,, the SEASON might just change.. The movie was so long :|

piumulder: gd nite 2 all.Sweet dreams.Mausam toh badlega.Par pyar ke do pal saath ho toh har mausam suhana hoga."peace out all"(words of @shahidkapoor)

pingblob: if u ever watch mausam watch in cam rip, will feel like old age muvee.

Phenommenon: can't get over the trauma that'Mausam' was made by #PankajKapoor.a love story(I think) which only made me cry cause it stretched on forever.

orangejammies: It's interesting how neither protagonist in #Mausam displays much post-traumatic stress. I suppose they left that to the audience.

nuttynupur: mausam is a silly film that has been shot beautifully

nikhilsebastian: instead f havin those remixes on the album, it wud hve been better 2 hve the shreya n sonu duet & the abhi na jao by shreya instead! #Mausam

nidhi_narain: DO NOT I repeat DO NOT watch Mausam!!

networkcoder: My Mausam review: saw the first 10 minutes and walked away. Enuf said. #mausam

Najeeb905: The most pakkau boring bakwas movie of the year award goes to #mausam ..

nabbytweetz: Bak bak bakwaas = mausam i want refund plus compensation as i hd headache

Miss_Kashmir: #Mausam thumbs down frm me.quite An insult to compare to veer Zarra n the was saved by Shahid tho <3

millind_naik: watchd Mausam yestday,if it wud hv been made1960s,it wud hv bcum superhit,bt times hav changed,cinematography & music cnt help bad story!

megswateva: Bhaisaan yeh jam toh bilkul jableva its worst than sitting through three hours mausam n sonam kapoor

mayank151993: dont watch mausam >> super bOOring

ManojG7: By the time you go in to watch MAUSAM and come out , the SEASON might just change . The movie was so fucking long :|

ManishMig: Best feedback i got on mausam... Picture to theek hoti agar saala time se khatam ho jati... LOL

MangoBwoy: Mausam was so bad it made ppl in Gangtok feel good that atleast the mausam there is better. #fb

mado023: Mausam:a season to snooze, Mausam:'come fall asleep (with or without recliner seats),Mausam:a timeless love story n finally Mausam:faltu #fb

MaaNey: Mausam is probably not up to the expectations and critics tell people that. Its heads up and then its your opinion to watch or ignore.

KoschanMark: An actor who can't act, A director who can't direct, A actress who never ages and worse a horse with a an underplot! #Mausam #Killme

kool_garv: Mausam was a big letdown....the only gud thing about it was Shahid....could have been definitely better..!!

kishu2056: Mausam..Movie...Crap..Waste..Dustbin....recyclebin..old school of direction......wnat my money bac..pls return it....!

kingtalha: watched Mausam ♥ & Em really Disappointed ^ wot the hell you made Mr.Pankaj kapoor , seriously Sir i was not xpecting it 4m you !

kaurtastic: Watched Mausam, didnt meet my expectations doe. #ohwel

k_gujaria: watched mausam movie... 1st half ws gr8... but 2nd half.. terrible. complete movie is full of tragedies ends with godhara kand...

joyal8943: dont watch mausam.. bakwas....

ishellym: lol RT @aapkamitrgss Comparing between Mausam and Speedy Singhs is like comparing b/w Amar Singh and Mayawati. who would be better PM. #fail

iampraseo: saw mausam and mangaatha. feeling guilty for wasting money twice on a weekend. :(

iamdkingofdark: MOVIE REVIEW : MAUSAM The best part in the movie was the INTERVAL. :D

ialisha: #mausam film a big dud of shahid ds shows v shdnt gt flown by our feelings...profesnnalism s also imp

iabhishek: Director Pankaj Kapoor wanted us for audience to root for his lovers to unite. Root we did so that damn film would end soon! #Mausam

hathwala_thakur: Pankaj Kapoor what were u thinkin while makin Mausam?? Ki Sardar Khus Hoga sabasi dega kyo? Dhikkar hai!!!!

HaatimTai: Mausam was boring. The pace of the movie sluggish and slow. The script was confused. It had no clue where it was headed (cc @krishorey)

guessmeguys: #sonamkapoor totally suck in 'mausam'....plz attending some 'sensible acting' classes first dear #sonamkapoor

Gudagudi: Mausam is a snooze fest....strictly avoid

gracesha15: Mausam - even worse than saawariya! Was a torture to sit through it!

GoOutMumbai: #replaceawordinafilmtitlewith...Nonsense...Mausam

ghazzzl: Movie "Mausam" sucked!!! 3 hours of total BS!!!

ggkhera: Mausam: total waste of time!!

gargeys: lol @Mandaardk Btw #Mausam was bakwas. Totally bakwas

FRIE07: Hi Mausam is a big flop in india.......RT @desigaltrish: @shahidkapoor so , after #mausam being such a hit.... how do u feel

fizzy08: What a baqwaas movie.....mausam....

fahadkh: Mausam sucks......

enthahotness: Mausam would've been a great silent film. Also I wish they had cut out 50 - 60 minutes.

enayatgalsulkar: #Mausam is definitely one of the best movie of this year. @shahidkapoor and @sonamakapoor they were just too good. Pankaj Kapur Spot on!

edwiniitm: Don't watch Mausam, please.

DVipz: #Mausam is over and I am still alive... I am proud of myself...

Dramitshah54: seen mausam.this lovestory could be told in fast & lucid way.

discopiggu: Do aur Aadha Purush : Mausam Nau....mujhe bahut boring laga.

DipeshVasa: Don't watch movie MAUSAM... Very Dull, Slow nd DUMB moviee frinedssszzz...

Dilkiduniakdard: it's too bad yar mausam' fir bhi old type love story, i so sad sahaid.

dileepvyas: Mausam movie is emotional atayachar in theatre

devarya: Nissan Sunny stretched to comfort Mausam stretched to booooorrrrrrrrrrinng

debsankar1980: Watched Mausam(2011)..waste of time..lots of expectation.. 0 reality...

danshula: Altho,I haven't watched Mausam so I cant judge it fully but word of mouth of film is bad & that I can see.Oh well,just feel bad for Shahid!

chewthis: Sonam Kapoor is such a panvati in Mausam. Wherever she goes disaster strikes.

Chandnim: Did I tell you I watched Mausam? And wasted my money?

ChakDe_Phatte: ...and money :O " @ggkhera Mausam: total waste of time!!"

Chai_Manav: Tashan main rehna, flop movie kar k #mausam

Binning: I wish @sonamakapoor and @shahidkapoor s love story was more intense and dramatic like the ending..flop from my end and I'm leniant #mausam

bhavingr8: I saw #Mausam. Wat a fool I was! *cries*

AvinashLalit: mausam to acha tha, pr mausam achi nahi thi....:-D

Athar_r: Mausam needed a mature actress..who could suite with Shahid Kapoor..

Ashish9: Agar aap Bodyguard dusri baar ya fir Mausam pehli baar dekh rahe ho toh @AapChutiyeHain .... @gypsyhere @proverbialguy

ashilr: 'Mausam' is the first hindi film in my life I seriously considered leaving the cinema, what a freakin waste

arunimadey10: Can't believe you disappointed me so much! #mausam

arnabBj: Why mausam is soo boring?

arindellster: Mausam... How cud pankaj kapoor make such a movie. He is a gem yar

arhaan_133: Mausam not that great a movie.

Ar_Panicho: Thankgod mausam didn't start with 1947...

aptialahouse: bodyguard and mausam are just craps, whatever the critics and the audience say doesn't really matter to me anymore, both are time loss......

AlokMahadevia: Just like great footballers don't necessarily succeed in coaching, great actors don't necessarily succeed in directing #Mausam

ali146105: Is there any scope..I mean is there any scope that the movie can pick up..or is there any scope that they can meet once again..#mausam

akshay_jakhar: Mausam is the biggest boaring movie. shahid & sonam (stinkys).

akkiman: "Mausam ha chitrapat ajibat awesome naahiye" Overheard on radio. That pretty much sums up the movie.

AdilSanjuKills: Mausam was disappointing..the only thing i loved in the movie was 'beautiful sonam :)

abbasali_ba: Mausam a sucking movie , pure wastage of time nd money , leaved it before first half , u screwed us seriously

aakriti112: Sorry Shahid but mausam wasn't what we expected it to be !

24 readers - 16 yays 4 so-so 4 nays

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Yay! Thumbs Up, by Aana

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Aayush

Yay! Thumbs Up, by : Very good movie

Yay! Thumbs Up, by anand sharma

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Jeffrey Cockrell : Loved the movie & Songs

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Jignesh

Yay! Thumbs Up, by joytush : great movie as always

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Leesa : Very nice movie I gave it a big thumbs up

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Mansi

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Mummic : Fantastic

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Rachit Gupta : Wait and watch!

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Rubab Tareen : 100

Yay! Thumbs Up, by SAYAK BEPARI : Vry Noce

Yay! Thumbs Up, by sid sharma : Great movie.

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Sujay kymar Hasda : too good

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So-So, by Asif Srabon

So-So, by Lyricsguru

So-So, by Simy Mathews

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Aaryanujrat s

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Anand Mandalika : The movie should have focused on just one of the 90's riots. Way too many cooks here... :(

Nay! Thumbs Down, by savan

Nay! Thumbs Down, by snorlax bean bag chair : Farvang

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

Harry (Shahid Kapoor) and Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) fall in love with each other. But destiny, as usual, has other plans for them before it decides whether they can be together.

What Worked

  • The mute romance between Harry and Aayat in the first hour or so of the film. Many sweet moments.
  • Rajjo's character.
  • Hindi as the binding language between Punjabi and Urdu.
  • The rain scene in December 1997, a bit too filmy, but beautifully composed.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • The talk between friends while they are sitting in a pipe - it sounded as if they were meeting after a long time when they were obviously spending a lot of time together.
  • Sonam Kapoor looked like she was cat-walking in a scene or two when she's walking in the farms.
  • Rains in Punjab in December? Just asking.
  • The romance between Harry and Aayat after their first separation. They went overboard with the simplicity, the silences and the general old-school-ishness.
  • The mistaken identity scene with Anupam Kher.
  • I couldn't stop laughing when the super-imposes that mentioned the place and time of a particular section of the film started getting more and more generic. From specific months and years, villages it became India, a few years later. As if the filmmakers got tired of it all themselves.
  • The song in the end credits! Gave an exasperated, "isn't it over yet?" feeling.

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Communal violence and a war bombing.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A hint of a kiss. Characters are undressed half way because their clothing catches fire.
  • Concept: True love. Does it break all barriers?
  • General Look and Feel: Slow and pretty.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

Lead Actors:
Character Artists:
Music Director:

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Background Score:
Action Choreography:
Music Director:
Costume Designer:
Running time:
160 minutes

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@Anand I'm not saying I want to watch a grim film, I just felt Pankaj Kapur would make a grim feeling, just the setting in my head. for the rest, I hope so too!

@Rachit Apologies. Completely missed that one. I'm going to change that to Kay Kay Menon. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

Also, interesting...Aradhana + Veer Zara + Parineeta. Also means, we get a feel its not original. Let's hope we are wrong, no?

@Rohit i'll still hold on till i see the movie, who knows, it might have something different after all.

Trishna - Nicely shot, etc but i feel like I know the story already. Only name that makes it interesting is Michael Winterbottom.

:( I so want to watch this movie, I love Pankaj Kapoor and he is the reason why I will go!

@chintan I know exactly what you mean! :( :(

@Anand Good luck! and let us know what you thought.

@Rajan Haanji pehchana! :D next time you are in India, party!

@Kapil I know...sorry... :P

I'm just coming back after seeing the movie. I found it should have been trimmed. Quite a few scenes and probably few characters were unnecessary. The romantic scenes between the leads were also slow but honest - I liked that. It was an okay movie to watch but I expected more from Pankaj Kapoor.

@Simy we are movie-soul sisters, looks like.

@Anand only a lesson for next time. :P ;)

Mausam was an awesome movie of Shahid Kapoor. I like him so much and you reviewed Mausam very beautifully. I like your words

Mausam was an awesome movie of Shahid Kapoor. I like him so much and you reviewed Mausam very beautifully. I like your words

This movie is very nice and romantic

Wow, beautiful and romantic movie of Shahid Kapoor. Shahid Kapoor is my favorite actor and he is looking very handsome in the movie.

I can't forget this movie.It had touch of village love no matter how much it earned.

movie trailer too good

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