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A frustrating watch. A disgusting experience. Not just because of the toilet humor. But more, because you just can't get over the "How could SUCH an awful film be made?" feeling even after an hour of having watched the film. A film that tries too hard to get cute.



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Wogma Review

I was in tears, out of boredom. It hurts when you find a film disgusting enough that it gets to your nerves. It is not about mindless slapstick or the quality of humor, it is more about of the lack of anything at all - complete absence of any thought put in creating a half-decent product. Especially, when there was more than enough potential given a middle-aged Parsi couple. Also, there are a couple of interesting dilemmas to play with. But none are taken too seriously and are in fact, left unaddressed. All you can do then, is shake your head in despair.

Usually a 'How can anyone..." question is pretty vain. The most obvious answer is – "well, like they just did..." But Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi makes it difficult to control from asking a series of such questions. How could Sanjay Leela Bhansali write such an incoherent story? How could every one involved in the film not see how tedious it was getting? How could they make a film less than two hours feel so long? How could anyone think Farah Khan could act?!

The lady talks like she does as a judge in one of the reality shows. Same tone, same expression, plain flat. Any attempt at changing the expressions seem forced and affected. Shirin Farhad... almost felt like it was to make true Farah Khan's childhood wish of playing the lead in a school play, she wasn't allowed to be a part of. Her way of telling the world, "because I can do it!"

Fortunately, her off-timing can use the lame, predictable lines as an excuse. But, then almost all departments contribute in equal measure to the sinking ship. The songs win the race in taking it down faster. The point that the story tries to get at lacks power too – that some of us make an issue out of little things instead of focusing on the big picture. The narrative is so lackluster that the audience couldn't be bothered wit h it.

Sure, Boman Irani tries his best to save the film with a lot of grace. But, all you want to do is give him a bear hug for having had to do this film. He must have his reasons, for how many directors/writers are going to go with him as the lead anchor of the film, despite all his capabilities? And for that the Bhansali brother-sister duo need to be applauded.

It takes guts to have non-standard characters as leads, especially in a debut film. But, some points need to be taken off for having Boman Irani participate in this one. Also, the rest of the story is soporific and induces more yawns and snores than laughs. Except for the one or two 'funny lines' in the trailers, there's barely anything that can even induce a smile. And just when you think, "yay! Just five minutes to go!", you get a "Did you think we can't make this worse?" climax.

A supposedly 'cute' romantic comedy with zero chemistry between the lead actors and many moments that want to make you bang your head on the closest wall rather than laugh – that is what Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi is all about.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A few group fights in housing society meetings, not really violent.
  • Language: A few curses.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Discussion on bra sizes.
  • Concept: Love?
  • General Look and Feel: Dull.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 0.5
  • Story: 0
  • Lead Actors: 1.5
  • Character Artists: 0.5
  • Dialogues: 0.5
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 0.5

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Aapne to le li movie ki.


I think the review is a bit harsh, since the movie is certainly not as bad as 0.5.

Story is weak, Farah Khan cannot act, but you cannot take anything away from Boman Irani, and the lady who played his mom.


I haven't watched the movie yet, but the review looks really harsh. I was (still am) very keen on watching this movie, and probably I will.

I am surprised that you hated this movie so much.. yet you are looking forward to a picture like "Joker"!!! :-(

what's up meetu? all is well?

Cheers !!!


Love your blog. Nice review.


@Rahul khiska jo di thi movie ne, kya kare?

@Aditto Yes Boman Irani was a gem as usual. But he too looked bored doing the role. I found Daisy Irani ok to start with but she turned real loud towards the end.

@Shilpa I was hopeful of this one too. I wanted to like it. But it was quite annoying. Do let us know what you think once you've watched it. :)

Thanks, @CS


This is one of the harshest reviews this movie has reviewed. Not that I am complaining :P
I think the film dabbles into too many genres and sub-genres without ever grip on its tone. Even the Parsi ambience ended up being used just for cheap laughs.


*this movie has received


Finally someone who is not complaining about the review being harsh. @Harsh, I actually, slept for an hour between watching the film and writing the review because I wanted to cool down. But nope, didn't happen! :D



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