Review - Oye Lucky Lucky Oye: Flat story, flatter narration

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Subtle comment on family's contribution to a personality, another subtle comment on the media hullaboo. With a smart sense of humor. But, a very dull plot with no ups and downs to keep you interested.



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Skip the italicized bits to read review. The italicized bits are my thoughts on the on-going war in Mumbai interspersed in between the review.

Over 40 hours since the country has been held hostage. Each one of us hostage to TV channels, internet reports, or twitter and some of us hostages inside the Taj, or The Oberoi or Nariman House. Each one either scared or worried or angry or frustrated or some combination thereof. But each one of us helpless.

What can we do? Abuse the government, opposition, media? Did that and got bored within 20 minutes. What else can I do? The only thing I can think of is to panic as little as possible and continue the routine. So here I am doing what I do every Friday. Trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to ignore what's happening 150kms away, trying to keep my angst on the world outside from making a judgment on the world inside the dark, secure(?) cinema hall.

So, there's this thief, Lucky and he does what he enjoys doing best - stealing. So, he starts off as an insolent youth stealing, he steals as he grows. Then steals some more. And repeat. There is no high point in the drama that makes me curious about the end.

feel like sending a text message out to see if the drama in the real world seems any closer to an end.

Of course, he steals cars and carpets and all things expensive. But he also steals teddy bears, greeting cards, and family photographs. Fine. He does it with finesse, charm, and presence of mind. In fact, the ease with which he steals is "almost" unbelievable.

Well, if a city can be set on fire so easily, then...

Now the promos claim that he steals your hearts too., Abhay Deol, the actor's, dimples are cute. But there is only so much he can do within the confines of what Lucky, his character allows him to do. He's smug, doesn't take life too seriously and has an arrogant sense of humor that keeps a smile on your face through the two hours. this is weird, I'm smiling and yet my eyes go misty every time I think, Mumb...

Three cheers to the dialogue writer...

Though, of course, the point of the movie is not to make us laugh. It is to tell a story. Of this man who is so endearing that you supposedly don’t mind him stealing - Bunty and Babli style. But the story doesn't tug your heart. I see no reason why the police should get all pal-ly with Lucky.

or maybe I've just gone numb. After all, I'm in this theater watching a movie on this day of terror...there you go Mr. Terrorist, I won't get terrorized, I'm desensitized now! BOOHOO to you!!!

There is this subtle comment on how an otherwise insensitive guy is completely bowled over and gullible when he's treated as family. And this because he has had a troubled childhood because of his family. It also comments on the media-mania. In fact the official site has director, Dibakar Bannerjee saying -

It's also inspired by crime reportage in the new shining India. ... crime is fun, it's good TRP.

Ouch! What timing...

I'm sorry guys, I'm going to cop out of this one...the plot doesn't hold much water; it is a smart-ass comedy with decent actors who have wonderful accents. I need a story or a good narrative that engrosses, didn’t get either.

Stay safe...

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of sleazy nightbar scenes.
  • Concept: A guy who enjoys stealing, just for fun.

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meetu: we do have very few women music directors.

Yeah, I liked Navdeep Singh's movie and if he liked the movie, it sure is a good sign.


the essence of this film is in the story and with paresh rawal I like the movie. It was a sweet comedy. I will again re watch this movie. it a hit.


oh, thats a contrarian review... the lure of chitrangada singh's return was too much to resist, watching that today :) so maybe I shall wait for the dvd of OLLO :)


yeah sudhir, just nothing happens with the characters...only the wit keeps it interesting.
Mumbai - first, lets just hope this one dies down...Taj emptied, oh no wait...Nariman House emptied, oh no wait...


i certainly liked sorry bhai! better, manucsrypts. Review will be up shortly. Not that you needed me to say this, but Chitrangadha Singh is worth every penny! ;)

Aseem Behl:

Seems you have some prejudice against Dibakar Banerjee.

How else can you explain rating Khosla ka Ghosla & Oye Lucky Lucky Oye below crap movies like Dhamaal, Jannat, Salaam-e-ishq and so many others



No Aseem, seriously no. I met the man, and he is adorable. His movies, unfortunately, don't seem to work for me.

hanish and janhavi, i think that's the problem. That i'm not aware of the 'essence of Delhi'. But then, I am not a part of Romania and wasn't even aware of what went on there in the 80s and yet a Romanian movie about one particular situation there is one of my favorites.

Noopur, I found the individual scenes too repetitive. And, repetition is not something I'm fond of.

varun, though I didn't understand all of your comment, but in general seems like you were not too happy while walking out. and that's important, the feeling you have while walking out.

rajat, you got me wrong. I am acknowledging the fact that the movie was not intended to be funny. I didn't want a 'filmy' story, all i wanted is a 'story'. A non-story with a gripping narrative style would do too.


Sincere apologies Jahan, the mistake has been rectified.

Movie buff:

The movie was simply outstanding. I think more than anything, the direction was superb. The background music was sparingly used. His portrayal of the real Delhi people and their mentality was a revelation coz being in Mumbai, I have never seen this side of Delhi


Possible, Harshad. Which is why I wanted to make it clear that the situation in Mumbai was on my mind continuously. Usually, when I'm watching a movie whatever my state of mind before it, I'm tuned in once the movie starts. And can claim its the movie's fault if my mind starts to wander. But this time, it was different.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie.


@DoesNotMatter I view my reviews as a reference point. I try to give details on why I liked the film and why I did not, so you can make a decision for yourself. Somewhat like this -

I don't think I am biased. I'm opinionated. Bias would mean I rate all my favorite actors' films highly and vice versa. I'm very careful not to do that.

jennifer schmuck:

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye is a fun movie, just watched it and really liked.

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