Oye Lucky Lucky Oye - Preview

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Subtle comment on family's contribution to a personality, another subtle comment on the media hullaboo. With a smart sense of humor. But, a very dull plot with no ups and downs to keep you interested.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering how marketing can actually be detrimental to the enjoyment of a movie.

One strong memory I have from watching director Dibakar Bannerjee's first movie Khosla Ka Ghosla is me feeling completely lost because the whole theater was laughing and I just couldn't see it. I also remember thinking, "ok their intent was to make me laugh because the promos had slapstick at their heart". But watching the movie didn't make me laugh one bit. Suddenly, it made sense when I read this on his blog

My most unsettling experience after the release of Khosla ka Ghosla was seeing the audience laugh. They were laughing at places where Jaideep and I had never intended them to laugh. ... I hear a festival returned my film because they were not big on comedy. What do I do now? Is my fate as a funny guy sealed forever? Irrespective of how much anger, satire and pain I have put into Oye Lucky, I guess the innate humour of the characters being themselves, behaving in character, doing strange things – it’s a bizarre bunch of people in the film – will make people really laugh. But I do hope they see through the laughter. I really hope so.

Now we are talking. So, it was just the packaging and a judgment call by the producers as to what will sell.

Of course, my other issue with Khosla Ka Ghosla was Boman Irani's character. A smart-alec who suddenly loses all reasoning. Anyway, the character worked big time for others though.

Maybe it’s the one character derived from observing many people that makes it seem inconsistent -

Delhi will be the setting for the film. We will study various characters on the streets of Delhi as the reality I depict in my films is very important to me.

Adding to the confusion, the producer's note on the official site reads -

This is a caper film inspired by true events and is a combination of a comedy, a buddy movie as well as a satire and a parody of the middle class growing culture of acquisition, reality and crime TV and paparazzi and the obsession with material wealth.


Anyway the making of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye in these videos is a lot less slapsticky. I especially enjoyed the tidbits on Paresh Rawal's triple role. The character set-up seems to be very situational which has its own charm. The other part I found very interesting was how the music was assembled. The folk music of Haryana and Punjab is put together by Sneha Khanwalkar by actually going into the interiors of the country.

And it suddenly hit me - there are barely any women music composers. I don't remember a single one in the last couple years. Do you? Even in history, how many women composers are there? None very popular in any case.

I digress. Let's come to the other woman in the crew, actor, Neetu Chandra on the movie's blog says -

I hope the audiences have as much fun watching Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, as we had making it.


Despite my experience with Khosla Ka Ghosla, I'm looking forward to this one because Abhay Deol always chooses interesting scripts. And Dibakar took negative feedback in the right spirit when he presented it to the Film Appreciation course in 2007.