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Gory and done well enough for you to want the stomach-churning onslaught to stop. Great performances and aestheticscannot build a connection between two stories that are forced together into a film.

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Running time: 105 minutes
Genres: Noir, Social
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From the first scene, Thar captures your imagination with its cinematography and the breathtaking part of nature the camera is trying to absorb. The performances keep you engaged, though the same cannot be said about the writing. The intrigue created is wasted because of the pace at first and then the relentless goriness.

It is quite something then that Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor and Fatima Sana Shaikh play out the palpable chemistry between their characters from the first scene they are in together.

If I ever think of Thar in the months to come, the visuals of the haunting, gorgeous arid desert will flash before my eyes with quirky music playing in the background. I will also remember how consistently the atmosphere was maintained right down to the last scene. Alongside though, will be the gut-wrenching violence that is more-or-less a constant throughout the film.

Unfortunately, the performance that makes the horror believable will be overshadowed by the nature of the bloodshed itself. As mysterious as the perpetrator is, the makers are also intentionally creating a soft spot for them. So, neither can you take their act too seriously, nor can you be entirely terrified by them. You just want to shut your eyes to whatever they will do next. The torture feels like an end in itself rather than a means to an end.

Within the first hour, you can either vaguely guess their motivation or have lost interest in knowing. This is a shame because, at a little less than 2 hours, Thar is a crisp film. It just has very little to say. This must be why two threads are forcefully sewn together. As a linear one-liner, the premise is pretty basic. The addition of another plot feels like a distraction to keep you from noticing the plainness of the writing.

Sure, the writing tries to add layers to Anil Kapoor’s character through his family life and his insecurities about his career progress. But, this is true only for his character. Therefore, this, like the side remarks on the caste system, doesn’t feel intrinsic to the film.

It is quite something then that Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor and Fatima Sana Shaikh play out the palpable chemistry between their characters from the first scene they are in together. Alas, these good bits are strewn across without them coming together to make a memorable film.

That is disappointing because the film is beautifully shot and executed. The noir ambience created like that of a well-made western film stays just that without the backing of a good story.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Loads and gory too
  • Language: Full of curse words
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A rape scene, a sex scene and a rape scene
  • Concept: A city-bred is in the interiors of Rajasthan with some mysterious agenda
  • General Look and Feel: Dry and sandy

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Dear Meetu, Thanks for this review. I was interested to see this movie just for its visuals. I love westerns and I will surely catch this one...
Some how I also like non-assuming Harsh.. He has his own calmness around him. I hope he gets good roles.

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