Speedy Singhs

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The entire film could be labeled a forgone conclusion. Not one single thing happens that you wouldn't have been able to tell from the trailer, if not from the title of the film. From the family problems, to the relationships, to the outcome of the grand championship. As typical, an underdog film, as it could get.

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Director: Robert Lieberman
Running time: 100 minutes
Categories: Regional
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Indians living abroad. Oh, what a rotten life they have! They have to make an identity for themselves, especially in a sport. So, what do they do? They make a team that has only Indians, naaah...these particular people are Punjabis, so they make a team of only Punjabis to fight the goras (Whites). Such is the convoluted interpretation of liberalism and/or nationalism.

Fine, I wasn't supposed to expect anything else from a film that calls itself Speedy Singhs. But, shouldn't there be at least a ghost of a story. Some conflict that will make me wonder what's to happen next. Let alone that, the conflict itself is predictable.

So, then, we have stand-up comedian Russell Peters and chocolate boy Vinay Virmani to look forward to. Or not. Though, it is imperative to mention that I saw a dubbed version of the film, which means all the actors were speaking out translations of English dialogues in Hindi in the utmost ridiculous fashion, you know like Night at a Museum in Hindi. Yes, Rob Lowe too! Oh, how I felt for one of my favorite West Wing actors.

The bhangra, the toilet jokes, and given there's Russell Peters, there are the racial, political incorrect humor too. None of it entertains or makes me laugh. It just felt like one of the films that make you go numb even if they are short.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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VishalGaba: Speedy Singhs Review- Decent entertainment, great music, good performances and nice light comedy..shera di kaum punjabi:)

Vinodkumawat: Watched speedy Singhs, Its funny..dialouges tickle ur funny bones..!!

SudhirPuthran: Speedy Singhs: lovely movie !

sjoshipura: Speedy Singhs - a better and a brilliant version of Patiala House ! Light Hearted Muvie !! good film ! Performances good !

SirCrapman: Speedy Singhs is good man. Some respite after bodygaurd kind of shit.

Shais17: #speedy singhs is good tp. vinay virmani is cute!

RosyMehta: Review : Speedy Singhs is an entertaining Movie http://newsfox.in/2011/09/23/review-speedy-singhs-is-an-entertaining-movie/#.Tnx6WKXemfQ.twitter via @AddThis

ravi_dhalla: Awesome movie speedy singhs

pumpkin257: Speedy Singhs is a cheerful film that makes you smile with its subtle humour, its repartee-filled screenplay <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFlzYCkRG5M&feature=related

neetakolhatkar: I enjoyed Speedy Singhs...what an enjoyable film.. Bledee mausam

mroykapur: Just watched "speedy singhs" a very nice film . Must watch

moonstar4u: Enjoyed Speedy Singhs a lot. Shera Di Kaum Punjabi roccckkkkksssss !

manasiC: Just saw speedy singhs !! Its was awesome @therealrussellp looked so cute and punjabi !! http://lockerz.com/s/141498696

kukusingh10: Watched Speedy Singhs yesterday an awesome movie

Imangadbedi: Ok so in my opinion speedy singhs is a must watch. Its full onn! Guys go for the humour and emotion!

ibadat89: speedy singhs good movie 2 watch...................but mausam sucks...........

GoOutMumbai: Speedy Singhs is a hilarious movie! Good job @SpeedySinghs

ghaatidancer: Dudes. I lowe Speedy Singhs.

gautamrulez: Speedy Singhs is quite good and funny, I'm liking it!

csit_durg: Made specifically for the cross-over audience, the film tries to be honest to the theme. And this is where it sc... http://bit.ly/r8eQ0P

cockybox: Back from Speedy Singhs #proud

captain_speakin: Speedy singhs has been watched and liked! Yes yes punjabi by nature we are!!

biotechpavan: Speedy singhs.....zillion times better than mausam.......

BikramjitMokha: loved Speedy Singhs! from sikh point of view. Good work by crew n RDB. Shud appreciate thm.

ArchSas: Speedy Singhs - Officially the most adorable movie of the year. Loved it!

ananyamukherjee: Speedy Singhs!!! A must watch! :-D @akshaykumar #Canada #Icehockey

anand3friend: Speedy Singhs Movie Review!!!!!!!!! This one is definitely for the Singhs and sport-movie buffs. Shot entirely... http://fb.me/1d7gS1KXA

WinNumbs: Speedy Singhs could've been more edge-on-the-seat had each crisis (getting the coach to agree/_winning_ qualifying... http://dlvr.it/mq08H

TejasviDEVIL: Speedy singhs is a nice movee actually d story is quite similar to Patiala house :-P my ratings 2.8/5

SudhishKamath: Speedy Singhs: Lacks the detail/ thrill of a sports film but has fun moments & smart lines that work despite Peters. Nothing new though 6/10

singh_dr: Also, kinda enjoyed Speedy Singhs. *runs*

rashmibansal: Saw Speedy Singhs - a 'Bend it like Beckham' story arnd Canadian ice hockey, tho not as well made. Still, a better bet than Mausam!

raghavbehani: Saw Speedy Singhs.. Its short ( 90 mins ) and is nice.. But lacks the bollywood tadka and punch.. 6.5/10..

Mans_V01: Speedy Singhs: movie for just laugh PS: know ur punjabi to get the full flavor

iamdarayus: 'Speedy Singhs' is not what I expected. Its not bad but its no way close to good. I expected more from the scenes with Rusell Peters atleast

Decloned_iTaz: I watched Speedy Singhs: A remake of Patiala with a goofy looking actor and with the subject of ice hockey instead of cricket.

bezooka: Speedy Singhs is a time pass entertainment.

Anurag4Rgv: Reviews This Weekend: Dookudu:2.75/5 Mausam:2/5 Speedy Singhs:2/5 *Chiru wants Changes in RACHHA *Oosarvelli rel. OCT13

anandprakash: speedy singhs is a one time manageable watch...

umangdetroja: Watched Speedy Singhs, didn't like it. My review would make more sense than d movie and it would run bit longer than the movie. #Epic #Fail

susritas: A word of caution: please do not watch Speedy Singhs #fail

SmokeyPiston: Speedy Singhs aka Breakaway did not match my expectations. Just a good way to kill time.

singhcd: #singhcdFILMreviews Speedy Singhs - A tired effort. Looks like a dated movie. Totally predictable. A bad bad sports film. Avoid it...

roh_rox: Speedy Singhs Bad movie...

RahulKanodia91: New hazardous material found : Speedy singhs Unknown effets on human health and mind Damages your sanity forever For pll in need of trauma

raghuvendras: Speedy Singhs Hindi dubbed version is so bad.

puneettandon: Do not watch Speedy Singhs. Unless you have nothing else to do in your life.

Pee_Pee_D: I thought I would write the review of Speedy Singhs but I gave it a miss. The movie is too cliche.

Nawelspeak: Speedy Singhs : the director must've been high while making this movie. REALLY. #Bollywood

nagu3: Speedy singhs did not match my expectations.. just a good way to kill time. Russell Peters fans beware.. he has like 3 funny scenes. LetDown

movieopinions: Speedy Singhs: Movie Review: Same Old, Same Old Rating: 2 out of 5 stars Director: Robert Lieberma... http://bit.ly/qPZalG @movietickets

MarketingCzar: #russel peters poorly utilized in #speedy singhs, overall movie quality....very poor

kalpakv: speedy singhs is just pathetic

KabirChohan1: This speedy singhs movie is just a copy of bend it like beckham, went to see a screening of it 4 months ago

Joshirules: Speedy Singhs (September 23, 2011) - fails to deliver. 1.5 out of 5. From all Reviewers.: Cricket, Hockey, Foo... http://bit.ly/pFSBHf

faizanpatel: All the Kabadiwalas seem to be heading towards Canada. No No not to watch #Speedy Singhs. But to pick up the #NASA Satellite.

das4u2046: #Speedy Singhs is boring shi_ ... Go and waste time and money

d_v_patel: Speedy Singhs was boring too. #fail #bollywood

cvsarathi: #Speedy Singhs dozn't hve a single scene or situation whch we hve not watched in some other flms..it is a potpouri of so many films (cnt)

amitation: since there's no screening of the english version of Speedy Singhs in Noida, I had to watch the hindi one. and. it. sucked. #fail

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Yay! Thumbs Up, by Aashkaran : Keep your Hard Nose Critic Thinking Away..And You'll Find Yourself having a good time..

Yay! Thumbs Up, by ak : great entertainer lol

Yay! Thumbs Up, by vijay : great comedy must watch

So-So, by Harpreet Singh : English Version - A good time pass

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Rachit Gupta : Havent watched it! But surely after this... how??? why??? and wont :-)

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A little on the sporting field.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A kiss and some gay jokes.
  • Concept: Underdog winning?
  • General Look and Feel: amateur film-making

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100 minutes

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oops! Doesn't look like there's much to hang on to, is there?

@Harpreet :) good point, I'll update the title so it reads (Hindi dub) Usually films are marked as dubbed in () on Bookmyshow. This one wasn't, I assumed this is the version it was meant to be seen in. Oh well...

And no, "piss police" wouldn't have made me laugh even i'd seen it in English. I just don't get toilet humor. By the way, it was translated as "peshaab police"..ugggh...I don't believe I just typed that.

@Aashkaran Ha ha ha. hard-nosed critic...ha ha ha. well, to each his own, i'd say.

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