Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Preview: Wondering how much longer the Bhansali/Gowariker style of extravaganza will hold the audience in awe. ... read more...
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Panipat - Preview

It is high time I (or maybe each one of us as an audience) set up a few guidelines while watching period dramas that are based on real life. My first one would be, "Forget it is a real-life story." There is no way it will be accurate down to the last detail. I would think even an attempt to be close to reality would be overkill in terms of effort and costs, so no one is really trying. When most films barely manage to achieve what they set to achieve, why even try to like or dislike them based on what they aren't even shooting for?

Let alone production, I am convinced most makers are not even a hundred percent interested in figuring out facts or unknown/unexpected details. It is just a topic that caught their fancy, and they want to narrate a story.

With these minimal expectations, often I find myself enjoying the extravagance on display. If there is a bit of zing in narration, even better. However, these days, with at least two films a year that have such elaborate visuals, there is no novelty. Thus making my interest in the movie completely dependent on the story and how it is told.

Unfortunately, Panipat's trailer doesn't create that kind of interest. The casting seems uninspired. The visuals seem like a copy-paste from any of the previous period dramas, maybe from Gowariker's own stock footage.

We are now banking entirely on the telling of the story. Hopefully, there will be enough to engage us.

Panipat releases on 6 December 2019.

Music Reviews: - "There's not much to hang on to in the soundtrack, which is a pity."
Times of India - "Minimalist albums like this one, comprising three songs, is a delight because each and every track stands out, thanks to the fact that there are no reprised or different versions of the same song."

- meeta, a part of the audience

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