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Realistic characters and settings in a not-so-real story. Great subtle humor yet a punch is lacking.

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Director: Manish Acharya
Running time: 90 minutes
Genres: Diaspora, Satire
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Each character sketch is a stereotype. Each dialogue is sharp and smart and works towards setting the stereotype deeper into the mould. Not a word wasted. Each member of the cast playing their role to the tee. And yet, there was something amiss. I can make a long list of things that I did like. But two hours later I am still unable to articulate exactly what it is that didn’t make it an instant hit.

It is not a “laugh-my-heart-out” type of comedy. But it did have those satirical elements that kept a smile on my face for the entire duration. All characters are very close to real-life; enough to be freely available for each one of us to encounter at some point or the other in our lives. Each one of course, is exaggerated a tinge to underline the sarcasm. Jabs are taken at many social double standards. It is the type of humor I enjoy, the subtle, tongue-in-cheek types. But yet, it felt incomplete.

The overall idea is pretty cool. What more could we as viewers want? A reality show, which is done in less than 90 minutes instead of 19 weeks. No safety circles or unnecessary tension filled eliminations! However, the details of the story seem off - a little too flat. There are no particular ups and downs. But, then again, who ever said that every story needs an arch? Also, how many ups and downs do our lives go through over a weekend? So, in that simplistic sense the story is not bad either, but it leaves something wanting. There are finer details that seem unrealistic in this otherwise authentic setting. I must say though, that it has one of the most amusing anti-climatic climax.

Acting, by one and all, is absolutely outstanding. No one can be better when veteran Shabana Azmi is in the cast list. But, Manish Acharya himself (he is also the director) does a marvelous job of playing a nerd - being self-absorbed yet conscious of being a misfit, the coy boy who has no clue how to deal with women.

Technically what stood out was the minimal use of background music and camera movement. Like many things in life, it is what you don’t do that makes things better.

Realistic characters, realistic setting, but yet a story that is not completely believable. All-in-all, it is more of a “relaxed Sunday afternoon at home” movie than a “rush to the theater this instant” one.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Plot Summary

A corporation based in the US announces a reality talent competition in New York. All the typical Indian characters who find themselves residing in the US, show up to compete.

What Worked

  • Lighting of the scene in which Sania Rahmani receives the bad news.
  • The camerawork of the scene in which Sania Rahmani is in the toilet.
  • The dig on how easily national pride is evoked.
  • Balloons from the ceiling were red, white and blue. What a brilliant dig on double standards? Shower of American colors at the finale of an Indian event.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • How come there was no co-ordination between the singers and the musicians beforehand?
  • Why does Opama quit? And why does she come back?
  • Why are Sania and Vikram attracted to each other?

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90 minutes

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Review - Loins of Punjab Presents...

Realistic characters and settings in a not-so-real story. Great subtle humor yet a punch is lacking....

A short and funny movie.
Loved it !

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