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Director: Aman Khan
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Parents can use this movie as a substitute story-teller. The kids might not mind, the adults though are certainly not going to enjoy this show! This is a great story with a whole lot of sub-plots. It is really sad that it has not been explored to its full potential. The movie starts out with titles that look like a PowerPoint presentation. It looks like it was decided that 50% of screen time will be devoted to the Krishna's birth and Kansa's death, the rest will be used to fit in as many stories related to Krishna as possible. The pace simply drags as Kansa's end gets closer. The screenplay is patchy and the transition from sub-story to sub-story is not smooth.

The animation is outright bad! Budget constraints cannot be used as an excuse for equal-sized, blunt fingers and sharp, angular shoulders for all characters. Once you see this and the first five minutes of the movie have passed by, you let go of any expectation you might have had of seeing more than three expressions on the faces - sad, happy and angry. Colours too have not been used to their fullest, especially in the background and there is undoubtedly ample scope for colour in this story! One thing that does stand out though, is the ripples on the water surface, they have been done really well.

It is very clear that this one is directed towards children right from the disclaimer in the beginning. Then why is the music not geared towards them? The songs are so drab that the song used in the credits looks out of place though it is made with kids for kids. The background score is good though, especially the way a chorus breaks into "Krishna…" each time Krishna slays a demon.

The only reason to give this the middle rating is that it is a good way to introduce and narrate the details of Krishna's fables to children. It is certainly worth showing it to the kids once with the hope that they have not established standards for animation just yet.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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