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An extremely quirky atmosphere is created by the camera, the narrative, the sound, the music and Vidya Balan. An experience that might seem incomplete if not watched on the big screen.

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Director: Sujoy Ghosh
Running time: 125 minutes
Genres: Docu-drama, Thriller
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Kahaani - Preview

I doubt there's anyone who won't give Vidya Balan a five-on-five for her acting just based on the trailer. And, at least I am very intrigued by the story line too.

In fact, admiration for Vidya Balan increases with every trailer you watch and so does the intrigue about the film. Each trailer introduces just that little bit more to keep you interested in both the trailer and make you more curious about the film.

Vidya Balan's pain while looking for her missing husband is so transparent that you heave a sigh of relief when you see her smile in the last trailer linked there. The only thing that could hamper any anticipation is the director's last venture as a director, Home Delivery. Yet, I'm expecting to be in a state of shock if Kahaani is anything short of a brilliant film.

How awesome would it have been if I could go in with neutral emotions and I had no anticipation, the bonus would have been so much greater - that is how sure I am of watching a mesmerizing story on screen.

And the good news is that Kahaani has started on the right note with its music.
Milliblog - "Kahaani is quite an interesting departure from the duo’s usual sound."
Music Aloud - "8.5/10"
dunkdaft - "do not miss this fantastic transformation of the composer duo."
Bollyspice - "4.5/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "3/5"

- meeta, a part of the audience

Kahaani is a film that I'd just urge you to watch. You want to watch it for the story, you want to watch it for the character BVidya, you want to watch it for the actor Vidya. Yes, it means I want you to drop reading this review and begin booking your tickets in the next window. Not only because Kahaani is a 'must watch', but more because I fear I might spill the beans. Any word I say (or not say) might give the film away and I'd feel extreme regret if I was instrumental in giving anything away that the makers have so beautifully guarded. Thus far.

But Vidya Balan is something we CAN talk about. The lady just makes it difficult for you to pick a favorite from amongst her films. She just adds on to the list. Her character's vulnerability is indistinguishable from whatever the actor might have felt. So stressed is the pregnant Vidya while looking for her husband, that you want her to relax while saying, "orre orre, shaant-shaant, nai to baby ho jobe" ("relax else you might deliver" in whatever broken Bangla I know). And this is in the first ten minutes of the film. Your emotions towards her get only more sensitive as the film progresses.

For a thriller that solely rests on the shoulders of a woman character, Kahaani does a brilliant job of exposing just that little amount of material to both move the story forward and to keep you interested. It teases you, the seasoned thriller viewer, along the way too. But mostly by hook and sometimes by crook, it keeps you wanting to crack the puzzle.

The smart writing took me as a viewer through a roller coaster ride in just one moment. A moment, a twist when I felt cheated. You know, how you engage in a thriller and you want to feel smart about yourself by deciphering the mystery from the material given to you. And then the writers pull something out from thin air and you are left sulking and feeling deceived. Kahaani has that one moment, but soon enough it recovers. It gives you enough justification that you don't feel like that big a fool after all. Sorry, but saying anything more would be unfair to the makers.

In fact, merely naming the genre of the film is giving away a little more than the makers intended to, if the trailers are anything to go by. Interestingly then, while the editing and the background music stay true to the edgy theme, the pace of the story never gets too quick to disconcert. Similarly, the rugged, sordid texture of the film isn't something you'd associate with a thriller. Even more interestingly, the mismatch is either not noticeable at first watch or it doesn't seem to distract.

You end up enjoying Clinton Cerejo's background score as you pick up R. D. Burman's popular songs from yesteryears, some of them in Bangla. In equal measure, you notice the quirky editing especially in the first 10 minutes - they'll put to rest any doubts you might have about the genre.

Speaking of genres, Kahaani produces one moment of romance that entire 2-hour films dedicated to the genre aren't able to create at most times. Same goes for the couple of times it makes you laugh too. The rare humor blends in very well given the serious topic at hand. Kahaani also has a couple of insightful moments where comments are passed on the prevalent system and you wonder at their truthfulness, righteousness, politically correctness and the debate they open the subject up to.

It might sound like Kahaani has it all tragedy, comedy, drama, romance. And it does. Not to mention one of the few times (first?), a mainstream Hindi film's camera has romanced Calcutta. But, it's all gentle and fluid. You are looking at it throughout the two hours and yet you don't realize it.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Stefan S, A Nutshell Review : ...Credit has to go to Vidya Balan for her sensitive portrayal as a woman hell bent on tracking down her loved one and seeking closure to the sudden mysteries in her life, and Parambrata Chaterjee for his portrayal of a man taking it upon himself to help... full review

Thumbs up, by Subhash K Jha, Apun Ka Choice : ...Bringing a virgin vitality to the suspense drama, the film strikes a captivating balance between realism in art and the art of courting realism, without losing the entertainment quotient.... full review

Thumbs up, by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express : ...Part of the paranoia, on our part, also arises from Ghosh’s cool thwarting of the expected.... full review

Thumbs up, by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks Cinema.com : ...Vidya Balan show all the way and the girl has hit the bull’s eye yet again with her flawless, award winning performance as Vidya Bagchi... full review

Thumbs up, by Prateeksha Khot, Bolly Spice : ...The only point against this movie is perhaps the editing. Kahaani, in actuality, isn’t a very long film (about two hours). But somewhere in the middle you tend to get a feeling that the movie has turned a bit slow. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama : ...The title track is akin to an excursion of the City of Joy, while Amitabh Bachchan's rendition of 'Ekla Cholo Re' is mesmeric.... full review

Thumbs up, by Charu A Mahesh, Buzz in Town : ... With skills of a master storyteller, the director succeeds in transporting the on-screen tension and anticipation to the audiences, who begin to play IB officers in their seats.... full review

Thumbs up, Daily Bhaskar : ...The anxiety is infectious, relevant and highly convincing.... full review

Thumbs up, by Nandita Dutta, DearCinema : ...Kahaani is an extremely intelligent story told with such conviction and eagerness that it leaves one thrilled to the core. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Khalid Mohamed, Deccan Chronicle : ...What could have been an unconditional five-star experience, however, falls short because of the script which is far too schematic and clever for its own good by half... full review

Thumbs up, by Smita, Desi Martini : ...You cant afford to sit back and just watch the story unfold on screen.... full review

Thumbs up, by Kshitij, Desi Martini : ...Intriguing, riveting, compelling, thrilling....Kahaani is just spectacular. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Ameetbhuvan, Desi Martini : ...Sujoy Ghosh and Advaita Kala bring to life a brilliant thriller which while nodding to Satyajit Rays Felu Da and the Hitchcock School of thrillers, is fascinatingly minimalistic in emotions and strong in impact. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Aniruddha Guha, DNA : ...It’s the work of a group of well-intentioned and able technicians who work together in harmony to carve out an unblemished piece of cinema. Namrata Rao’s editing is watertight, while Setu’s cinematography captures Kolkata’s sights and sounds brilliantly.... full review

Thumbs up, by Mansi, Everything Movies : ...For those of you who love Bollywood or love trashing Bollywood, go watch Kahaani!... full review

Thumbs up, by Deepa Deosthalee, Film Impressions : ...And then there is the subtle chemistry between Vidya and Rana, she vulnerable yet steely, he strong and silent but obviously drawn to her raw sensuality.... full review

Thumbs up, Free Press Journal : ...A complex puzzle that unfolds in bit- by- bit precision... full review

Thumbs up, by Nupur Barua, fullhyd.com : ...Production and costume design do not disappoint, either. The guest house, the trams, the narrow streets of the city, the taxis, the Metro, the police station, the pavement - all these otherwise ordinary elements blend seamlessly to create a world of mystery and secrecy.... full review

Thumbs up, by Martin D'Souza, Glamsham.com : ...This movie was a winner at the script level itself. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Divya Solgama, Gomolo.in : ...Vidya Balan is the main Hero of the film and as again and again proved that her films can work without any hero too. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live : ...It's hard to imagine this film set in any other city, because Kolkata is everywhere, almost like an actual character in 'Kahaani'. Set during the Durga Puja festival, the city is in turns warm and menacing, and the camera captures Kolkata with so much love that you're instantly drawn to it. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Kaveree Bamzai, india today : ...My favourite though is Bob Biswas (actor Saswata Chatterjee), the moonfaced hit man masquerading as an LIC agent... full review

Thumbs up, by Shubhra Gupta, indian express : ...If 'Kahaani' had managed to keep the edge of suspense as sharp in the second-half, which falls prey to a few improbable plot contrivances and some gratingly explanatory scenes, it would have been very good indeed. But despite the hiccups, it remains engaging. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Gaurav Malani, indiatimes : ...The brisk storytelling calls for your absolute attention but the narrative has been so gripping since start that you never lose a moment.... full review

Thumbs up, by Sanjukta Sharma, Live Mint : ...Vidya Bagchi is not a “heroine” by any benchmark. She is awkward and sly, and she shakes her right leg often while seated. This is yet another convincing performance by Balan—it is a brand new life for her, far removed from anything she has done before. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Shaheen Parkar, MiD DAY : ...However, what is a tad jarring in the opening scenes is when Vidya checks into the guest house room - it's a small enclosed confines, but suddenly the camera goes all over the place for a while which is best done in an open arena... full review

Thumbs up, Movie Talkies : ...Kahaani is positive proof that in cinema, it is the story that counts for everything... full review

Thumbs up, by Karan Anshuman, Mumbai Mirror : ...Parambrato Chatterjee as the rookie cop is the pick of the support cast for me for his extremely nuanced portrayal that hinges more on his eyes and expressions than words. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Mansha Rastogi, Now Running.com : ...Background score as well as the cinematography deserves to be lauded too... full review

Thumbs up, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...Unlike many films that rely on a city's clichés to force feed its significance, there's none of the contrived Bong paraphernalia: O-emphasizing accent, dramatic play of conch shells, rasgulla/mishit doi excesses.... full review

Thumbs up, by Shilpa Jamkhandikar, Reuters : ...Ghosh also makes some great casting choices — much of the cast, except for Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Shaikh (who plays an Intelligence Bureau agent) are from Kolkata.... full review

Thumbs up, by Ruchi Mehta, Roochster : ...The story is different and I love the way it unfolds bit by bit. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...Editing by Namrata Rao keeps the film pacy, but never out of breath.... full review

Thumbs up, by K N Gupta, SmasHits.com : ...The entire cast deserves compliments though and other departments deserve their share. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Swati Rohatgi, STARDUST : ...When you know that a film starts with the name of just one actress in the starting credits it sure beams of high confidence. And that very name lives up its expectations.... full review

Thumbs up, by Sudhish Kamath, The Hindu : ...Sujoy Ghosh makes for a charming storyteller with this finely crafted, rivetingly paced thriller that makes up for realism with plenty of quirks and twists.... full review

Thumbs up, by Anuj Kumar, The Hindu : ...Usually thrillers and mysteries acquire a mechanical tone and don't give much importance to the socio-political underpinning of the story but Ghosh has got plenty of layers to play with, courtesy the likes of Advaita Kala in his team. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Madhureeta Mukherjee, Times of India : ...The rawness, beauty and grime of the city are stunningly captured by Setu (Cinematographer), from haath rickshaws, trams to Kalighat and Camac Street.... full review

Thumbs up, by The ThirdMan, Upper Stall : ...Technically, the film deserves a mention for its superb and consistent on-location camerawork giving the film its look and feel, its production design and brilliant use of locations and yes, also its relatively restrained background score, barring the occasional typical emotional cliche.... full review

So-So, by Blessy Chettiar, DNA : ...This is one thriller that does not employ the usual suspects, overdone background score and clunky lines that confuse. But Ghosh introduces so many characters, it becomes difficult to keep track.... full review

So-So, by Mrigank Dhaniwala, koimoi : ...Rating: 3/5... full review

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sagarbekal: Kahaani - amazing movie! Made me remember 'A Wednesday'!

SaanchiGilani: #kahaani what a brilliance. Took my breath away!

rungta: Subtle, gripping, mysterious and extremely well-made; Kahaani is one of those awesome thrillers that Bollywood churns out from time to time.

ruhichaturvedi: Half way through #kahaani and my dad say "areee how come itni jaldi interval hogaya" he loved it

RoyallyMe_x: Kahaani : Awesome direction & splendid performances! This movie will keep you gripped throughout. A must watch. :)

RosyMehta: Review of movie : Kahaani is a really good movie http://winnersdelhinews.com/2012/03/review-of-movie-kahaani-is-a-really-good-movie/#.T1nacZzTd7c.twitter via @AddThis

RonnieTheWalker: Watch KAHANI fr sheer brilliance of direction, editing, depiction of certain subtle flavors of Kolkata n superb story. 11 on 10 for DIRECTOR

Ronald_3487: Bhenchod!!Kahani was such a massive surprise..so gripping from start to end..and what a kickass end..Vidya Balan leads and how..wow!!

RohitJessikar: Watched kahaani movie without any high expectations but unfortunately d movie turned out to be an amazing thriller of d year! #superhit.

rohankadam: so saw both paan singh tomar and kahaani over the long weekend.. good movies.. but nothing out of this world or anything..

rockingpreetam: Let me remember i hav watched recently Kahani,Paan singh tomar and London,New york and Paris n surprisingly al were fresh and energetic...!!

Robin824: Saw 2 movies this weekend, a Hindi movie Kahaani at the cinema theatre & an English movie Game Change on HBO. Both were very good!!!!

RjDhrumil: 'Kahaani' is awsum. Dnt miss it. Loved it... Balcony na paisa kharchi nakho

Rj_Animesh: last 10min was superb..unexpected..cheers for Vidya & our Tolly star..All d Awards goes to ... #kahaani . @sujoy_g @paramspeak Rocks

rizwanriazs: A special mention for the fine performance of the ensemble cast of #kahaani ! Every1 played their perfectly ! #Vidya is truly a Khan !!!

Ritukarthik: #kahaani is a brilliant watch. Captures the essence of Calcutta. What amazing performances by all of the actors. Must watch!

ritesh_colt: Just saw movie "kahani" its a must watch movie

ritayan_ritz: Evry1 Please go and watch KAHAANI...thats minimum 1 can do!!! It deserves to be a blockbuster at least to say!! I will go again to watch it!

Risingtushar: The film like 'kahani' with d full of suspense is really awesome!! Boliwud getting better n better...

rishabhgarg: Kahaani.. Awesome movie!

RiddhiDhebrii: #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani..wat else can i think aboutt!!! @sujoy_g @paramspeak tum log dhoom macha rahey ho!:)god blesss!:):D:*:):D:D:)

rg_88: Go watch Kahaani, u wnt regret it! one of the best thrillers ever!!

REETH21: Liked the movie ~ Kahaani! Very fast paced and certainly not predictable :)

ReenaCombo: What an amazing film!!! #Kahaani was definitely worth the watch. And #VidyaBalan was simply amazing! @Kahaanithefilm

RedLal: Irrfan's PAAN SINGH TOMAR last week and this week Vidya Balan's KAHAANI, quality experimental films in Bollywood, feel proud, keep it up!

realmaharaja: Movie Review : Kahaani : Movie Reviews: It is Vidya Balan's film all the way and is a glowing tribut... http://bit.ly/Aw2zn7 #Bollywood

realityismyth: # Kahaani is a must watch !

reachtirath: unbeatable performance by VidyaBalan n Kahaani; A good movie after a long time. Must watch before the suspense is out

ravi_kumar04: Kahaani review Sujoy Ghosh's best work so far., Kahaani is much too enjoyable to find flaws. via http://Rediff.com/movies

RatishMenon1: Kahaani is a well made thriller,tho mostly implausible.But who m i kidding.its better than most crap being churned out n ms.balan,take a bow

Rangith: Kahaani; Loved the THEME of #Kahaani. Bidyaji, bowing!! Do watch guys (ASAP)!! Good job @sujoy_g sir!! Well built ;o)

ram051280: 'Kahaani' is a great film. Vidya has continued her good show from where she left

rajeshmumbairaj: Vidya vidya is what u need to make the film a hit super hit big hit ,#kahaani is a new beginning of cinema in bollywood !

Raja_Satish: My advise is to leave all your work and go watch the movie before you get to know the plot!! Lot of spoilers around, grrrr #kahaani

rahuljadhav139: Awesome movie 'kahaani' vidya balan the best...

raghuvendras: Saw Kahaani on women's day and was happy to see Vidya Balan leading as man in Kahaani. she is creating history in cinema. @sujoy_g

radwanazam: I rated Kahaani 7/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1821480 #IMDb

r_prathap: Kahani movie is a female version of "A wednesday". Gud movie if u can ignore the lame stuff they show as hacking #bollywood #movie #kahani

pushkardkumar: Dirty ho ya saaf sudhri.... Vidya Balan rocks....Kahani a must watch :)

punitpix: Brilliant movie! @V1SH4L: RT @ankurtewari: Tried seeing Kahaani today.Couldn't. House full. Happy for @sujoy_g :) Kal phir try karunga. #WIN

punit_online: Kahani too good 2 be true. Hats off sujoy da and Bida madam. Jisne ye movie nahi dekha kuchh nahi dekha. @ankash1009

puneethyanki: Vidya Balan's 'KAHAANI' .. is a HIT, absolute thriller!

PriyankaaVir: Go watch Kahaani. #ThatsAll

PrinkiTalks: 'Kahaani', one of the best Hindi movies I've watched in recent times.Bollywood coming of age slowly, might I say?

pri_capri: #Kahaani An awesome hindi movie after a pretty long hiatus.

Prerna_W: Kahaani.. Definitely worth a watch.

Preeti_Tikia: What a 'kahaani'!!! Wow!

prat3ek: kahaani!! brilliant movie!! loved it. gripping till the end.

prash_prince: #Top10FavouriteFilms just added #kahaani to d list

pranaavj: Bedtime, #Kahaani enthralled yet! Guess, time has come for a switch in the Big B of bollywood! To rise to a busy news week tmrw! gnight

pradyutmathur: Watched #Kahaani. Highly recommended.

prabhateinstein: Hey Sujoy @sujoy_g Thumps up for #Kahaani . Vidya Baalan is awesome actress.. in the character...

porbandar123: BTW, the movie "Kahaani" is brilliant! Must watch.

PoonamJoshi_: Apart frm #Vidyabalan in #kahaani i loved 'Khan' played by #nawazuddinsiddiqui i'm in love with this guy!!! Superb!! @sujoy_g wht a cast!

poojajiandani: liked #kahaani... quite gripping

pikurawat: kahaani is a brilliant movie...u just can't imagine the ending! wooow! runnn and watch it!

philipbkk: Kahaani..an edge of the seat thriller ..beautiful cinematography showcasing a festive Kolkata..flawless acting by Vidya Balan #Kahaani

parvezkhan35: Wht a performance frm vidya balan.very good muvi n direction.Kahani another Hit Muvi.

panvedansh: Thankyou for making Kahaani sir. @sujoy_g Cinematic brilliance.

PankajKasar: KAHAANI................ nice movie................

panhwertech: [MOVIE REVIEW]: Kahaani Our Verdict: Experience Compassion, Resentment, Defenselessness and Triumph at a variety... http://fb.me/1kmNGfCtG

palmi_: Kahaani - Had been a while since a good movie came out. One hell of a story. As usual, brilliant acting by Vidya Balan

Pallav01: Watched kahaani, awed by Vidya, amazing movie!

palamitwipro: #Kahaani : fantastic movie. Sharp. One of the best indian thrillers so far. Character sketches intense, more like a novel.

paielhoon: Vidya, lovely performance in Kahaani! An intelligent movie and you played the girl with great grits!!@RealVidyaBalan

ooomz: Don't miss Kahaani

Oomahe: I don't even remember any Hindi suspense-thriller from recent past which was as well made as Kahaani.

onlyzias: Kahaani good movie

onlyspice: Just waxing eloquent about #Kahaani, a fantastic #Kolkata thriller in Hindi to capture the whole country's imagination

omkars: kahani makes too many other films look ordinary. #hithaibhai

oindrillahere: #Kolkata and #Vidya actually the heroes of the fiilm... and the man who blended the 2 is @paramspeak ..Kduos to the team #Kahaani

OhTeri_BhenDi: Lovely acting by Vidya. And superb suspense. Loved the acting of that Bob Biswas guy too. #Kahaani

nvbin138: KAHAANI.... must must watch....

nroopbhavsar: What an unexpected delight "Kahaani" was! Brisk, intense and smooth...

nomad_2001: #kahaani stand out thing for me from the movie besides other things has to be the sound design,back ground score and editing..

Nitin_sir: Nice movie "kahani" ..****..

NitiKB: Movie with a substance #kahaani ...superbly made a must watch for all...

nirav_niji: "KAHAANI" what a movie. One of the best suspense movie i have ever seen...!! Once again Vidya rocks...sorry Bidya this time...!!

NinjaSidhu: 2 back to back goodies in #PNT and #Kahani, the new age houses, Viacom, UTV and Balaji are sure doing a good job in moving indian cinema

NinaadTheStar: #Kahaani you made me think that bollywood can match the class with hollywood and make intelligent thriller with good performances :) hats of

nikkulo: Vidya B:She just keeps adding to the list...vulnerable and powerful,she executes it all with such a thrilling performance.Watch it#Kahaani

niiLorLoVE: Jst returned frm watchin "KAHANI" first day show... Awesome movie ..... Hold your breath till the last 10 minutes... http://fb.me/185PicNcx

nidhidesai04: #Kahaani what a movie. Nail biting and gripping. Vidya Bagchi take a bow.

ngaravind: Watched Kahaani. Worth the money and hats off to Vidya.

NeharikaS: Kahaani.. Rivetting,thrilling, and sooo nostalgic for calcuttans! A must watch, esp loved d 'ekla chalo' rock version! :D

nehanidhis: watched kahani yest. One of best movie in recent time

Navjotalive: And I loved Nawaaz and the guy playing Rana and the kid..and Bob..basically superb casting. #Kahaani

NaveedIqbal: #kahaani was today added to my #Top10favouritefilms

NaushinaShaikh: Kahani-the most intelligent movie made in long tym..kudos to entire team..Sujoy Ghosh, Vidya Balan n rest of ensemble cast

namratakothari: Really enjoyed #kahaani. awesome plot + great acting by vidya balan. definitely worth a watch.

Namrata_Raina: Kahaani #Win though vidya balan is beginning to get monotonous now. Guys its okay to have a male lead in the movie. #justsaying

NamNir: 'Kahaani' seems to be a great way to celebrate women's day. All week.

Nakuul: 'Kahaani'-Absoultely brilliant stuff! Vidya Balan is definately smoking the right stuff with the kind of choices she's making. #ComingOfAge

NadineMillan: Vidya is Fantastic in Kahaani #mustwatch

Naadaan_Parinda: Nawazuddin is indeed very good actor, loved his performance,surely he would get noticed from this film in eyes of every movie-goer. #Kahaani

MyIndian_News: Review: Vidya Balan rocks in Kahaani: The clever twists and convincing acting from all the characters make the f... http://tinyurl.com/7cbltao

MyAhSatan: Kahaani, aptly named, is an amazing story with brilliant performances and beautiful Kolkata imagery!! GO WATCH!!

musicmihir: Sir U have done great job.KAHAANI is a brilliant movie and superb direction,story and Screenplay...Loved it,Thumbs Up

MukulRanjanIND: Bidya Balan + Kahani = 4.5/5 ! 1 more award for her !!

mridvika: Finally a Bollywood movie with a #Kahaani - such crisp direction, new found respect for Vidya Balan

mridulspshukla: A good movie after a long time. #kahani kept me engaged till the end.

moviezadda: Kahaani a super hit movie!!! After three successful films Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture,... http://fb.me/1ddOGwMxb

MovieTrackerin: **** Kahaani is an Awesome Movie .... A must watch ! http://fb.me/NHPzeFU6

MoviesDM: #Kahaani Review:Brings a new energy to the timeworn genre of thrillers. Don't miss it! Rating: 4.0*/5 http://bit.ly/zCneey #VidyaBalan

Mourudra: Still not out from the wow feelings of #Kahaani ... What twist, what script, what awesomeness. Loved a movie after long @sujoy_g

MosesNavgire: unanimous opinion... @sujoy_g is the star of #Kahaani ... Period!!! brilliant writing and outstanding direction!

Monishroy: Kahani ~ Recommend

modipriyank05: KAHAANI> Awsome Suspense Thriller Story Followed By Good Direction,Amazing Acting & Music.

mmarccssiddiq: RT"@aashkaran02: sir I think kahaani is better than any salman or srk film in last 5yrs. @amitadaheur @mbhandarkar268 @sujoy_g

Mittalismyname: Kahani is a masterpiece! A must watch.

mitra_abhishek: If you miss #KAHAANI you miss an epic movie...

Mehwaesh: 'Kahaani' was very gripping - kept me guessing until the very end! Good performances by Vidya, the Chatterjee guy, Siddiqui & others!

mehtahansal: Watched Kahaani last night. Vidya Balan : She is the man! Well shot and engaging film.

MehraAmod: It’s not a Dirty Picture.. It’s a Clean Picture.. an interesting Kahaani told brilliantly by the director.. Welcome back Sujoy..

megarish: KAHAANI... suspense, super suspense, agents, double agents, emotion, love, power, duty, Murders, terrorism and of... http://fb.me/1tNujPvNn

meetakhatri: What a super film! Vidya is the real hero of the film! Absolutely loved the end! My fav character apart from vidya was Bob Biswaas! #kahaani

meedan_kewl: Review: Vidya Balan rocks in Kahaani http://goo.gl/fb/WTa3P #bollynews #balan #kahaani #review #rocks #vidya

mdhiya: Shud I tell suspense of kahaani??? @sujoy_g :-) great movie sir.. Maan gaye..

mayurfirodia: #kahaani wow wat a movie..#kudos #vidya balan..

MayankSrkfan92: Watched Kahaani yesterday night show. I have never seen such a suspence thriller before. The movie keeps you guessing till the last minute.

mariam0310: KAHANI mein twist! Must watch!

ManoramaEnglish: "Kahaani" is not an ordinary thrill-a-minute film about a search for a missing person. It's a lot more. http://fb.me/1ez5512o2

manishwebmaster: Watched Kahaani yesterday..what a great movie it is. A must watch to all..great acting by Vidya :)

malkanibabita: kahaani ...what a fantastic film,kudos to the director and vidya for always choosing strong women oriented subjects..admire that.

maheshiitb: Hats off to @sujoy_g and Vidya Balan for Kahaani 4/5

luvom: Just watched pirated print of #kahaani Nice movie really. Sorry producers I paid my for internet connection instead for cinema hall

luv_luvrboy: #Top10favouritefilms #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani #kahaani @sujoy_g @V1SH4L @5hekhar

liverockz: watched Kahaani, nice work.

lifuan69: Aami Shotti Bolchi! KAHAANI roxx ....Kolkata ...YOU SEXY !!

legitimatefreak: #kahaani defnly a must watch-again movie; Cuz 1. it shows an unbiased view of Calcutta 2. a hell of an act by all 3. director kicks ass!

LaughingKanika: Love it when film makers don't think the audience is dumb and take them for a ride.. Thanks for the treat called #Kahaani @sujoy_g.

lalpra: watched Paan singh tomar & Kahaani back to back y'day. brilliant movies & one actor who stands out in both of them is Nawazuddin Siddiqui

kush_shah007: Kahaani was amazing #movie

KunjSanghvi: #Kahaani is a well-made thriller.. But dont mistake it for high-brow cinema with several layers.. At its heart its very filmy!

KuldipPatel: Boss kya faadu role diya hain Nawazuddin ko. @Sujoy_G A bit contrived and holes but some great moments. Thoroughly enjoyable. #Kahaani

kshitijb: Kahaani... Dont miss it! One of the very rare bollywood thrillers which have excellent execution

ksalla2073: #Kahaani amazing movie....don't miss out on it

Krishnakumarka: Watched kahaani. Amazing script by Sujoy Ghosh and team. Excellent background score by vishal sekhar and another feather in vidyas cap.

kp0999: Cannot believe kahaani is directed by the same guy who made home delivery what a drastic change sujoy ghosh take a bow !!!

KoyalGhosh: A supremely riveting thriller, was gripped thru out..Combined with amazing performances by Bidda & supporting actors. Well done! #Kahaani

KotzzG: #kahaani another female oriented hit movie 4 bidya i mean #vidyaBalan.

KishorCariappa: If you thought Vidya didn’t deserve national award for Dirty Picture, just watch Kahaani. Superb acting from other unknown faces too.

keka_ontherocks: watched #kahaani over the weekend - highly recommended!

kaymatthews: Whoa. Kahaani was seriously satisfying....

kavita81: Kahaani...dont miss it....vidya balan ws superb..

Karthik_s: Kahaani is an engaging thriller. Watched it over the weekend.

karantarasaria: What a weekend!!! United on top...city down...great evening with #Kahaani...AND pre-ordered my new iPad!!!

Karankashyyap: Kahaani, awsm movie,brlnt screenplay,Bidyas perfrmnc iz grtt,mst watch movie,bahot dino baad thriller me thrill aaya.... :)

kapilb: Yes! RT @NitiKB: Movie with a substance #kahaani ...superbly made a must watch for all...

kanupb: Kahaani. A good thriller and Vidya Balan at her best!! A must watch..

kamaltharani: “@ShashiTharoor: Thanks for recommending Kahaani. Just watched it- a packed theater Sunday eve in California. Vidya Balan rocks. Gr8 movie.

KamalJaisingh: Watch kahani for vidya balans firecracker performance once again .. Kick ass !!!!!

kamaalrkhan: One of the best film of the year #Kahaani is releasing today. Everyone must watch this film. It's just fantastic.

Kaite_Ray: #kahaani an awesome movie... Woman power!!

justsankar: Watched Kahaani. Loved it...

JoshiVrushank: #Kahaani awesome thriller movie..

jeyprakash: And please please go watch #Kahaani as soon as you can before some retard tweets the ending or puts it up on #Facebook. #fb

jayatishah: Kahaani. Wow. Enough said.

jason27101977: Watch "Kahaani" y"ll, Vidya Balan is the Killer !! Enjoy !! 

Jankeeparekh: Blown away by #Kahaani. @RealVidyaBalan s brilliant performance combined with a great script and a fantastic screenplay!! PERFECTO!

janiceseq85: 2012's already been a good year for films. Agneepath, EkmainaurEktu, PaanSinghTomar, Kahaani ! #Films

jahanbakshi: Had some issues but #Kahaani ties up pretty well by the end. Great work by cast & kudos to @sujoy_g, Setu & the rest of the crew!

j_cheryl: Kahaani, Cast Away #Top10favouritefilms

iYatinGupta: No its awesome"@MissCandyFlaws: Is it that bad? :O RT @iYatinGupta Fuck Man, this movie #Kahaani attacks your brain directly."

ivarunp: "RT @anarshukla: #kahaani excellent casting n even better screenplay.. Well done to the entire team..dialogue n design is awesome!"

irocksid: saw KAHAANI. A fantastic film by @sujoy_g Super. After a long time, a simple, engaging, effective, efficient film.

iRajneekant: for me its hit RT @_tseries: Who all watched Kahaani movie !! tell us HIT ya FLOP !! http://youtu.be/-d9QOzkxMKU

infiniti84: Saw #Kahani. Well worth the time and money spent. Dear Miss Balan, you have been forgiven all crimes against sanity.

Indianma_Swapna: just Watched the highly acclaimed #kahaani.it was as good as they said. #VidyaBalan is an acting school herself. #superlative

imsunnyboy: Kahaani by far a good watchable interestingly gripping movie @sujoy_g Time to Enjoy the hardwork paying off

imSuchandan: Kahaani is the best Bolly thriller ever..take a bow @sujoy_g for pulling off this one, @paramspeak & Vidya B for an absolutely flawless act.

IMPOULAMI: Watched #Kahaani today,what a movie,simply brilliant,kudos to @sujoy_g and the entire team,proud to a Bengali,we know only how to make cont.

immortalbee: Endearing performances by Vidya and @paramspeak At times, the #kahaani crowd gave a claustrophobic feel. Kudos @sujoy_g

Ikonzworld: #Kahaani is an amazing watch! Not ur normal #Bollywood flick. Definitely worth the watch! Its a must. And #VidyaBalan is simply amazing

iJefin: finished with Kahaani... Good movie.. Liked it.. Suspense is the best thing in the movie..

idrrajdeep: Kahaani is a brilliant espionage thriller with content & form.Superb Vidya & intriguing Kolkata made it a nail-biting experience.Must watch.

iDiva: Movie Review: Kahaani. If story is what you seek from a film, this is a must-watch! http://bit.ly/AylWx7

icetea277: Watched #Kahani.A milestone(Genre-thriller) of Bollywood. A must watch

IAwesome_Meee3: "Kahaani".................vidya u rocked!

iamvinays: 2 great movies on 2 back to back Sundays. Last week it was Paan Singh Tomar & this week Kahaani.

iamshivam120: Just Watched #Kahaani . . Suprb, a must watch film . . luvd the performances of all Characters @sujoy_g

iamkunalarora: The Kahaani of Kahaani is really awesome ...!!!

iamkraft: #KahaaniReview rocking and prodigious performance by ‘Lady Balan’ http://www.ignarchives.com/kahaani-review/ #ignarchives via @iamkraft #VidyaBalan

IamGauravGuptaa: #Kahaani is one amazing movie! Great story, class acting, brilliant screenplay...cn go on nd on!

iamamyth: Dear @sujoy_g , really enjoyed #Kahaani. Worth it. Congratulations to the team! :)

i1_2ramble: Mother of Stories!!!!!!! WHAAAAATTTT A MOVIE!! #Kahaani

hrushikeshc: Kahaani-A superbly executed,exhilarating,riveting,thriller and Vidya-awesome and amazing to say d least#kahaani....

HrishikeshDeka: #Kahaani was on hell of a movie and "Aami Shoti Bolchi" , Celebrate woman power with #Kahaani

Hostage17: Kahani-must watch ppl!! Highly recommended!!! Srsly!! :)

holymary_852: Vidya Balan does it again in Kahaani. http://www.indiastudychannel.com/forum/88806-Vidya-Balan-does-again-Kahaani.aspx?ref=holymary_852

hithaishy12: #kahaani....brilliant #screenplay and direction...#vidya balan...another #hit

himanshi_8: True RT @sweeetstarr1: Vidya Balan is a hero of Bollywood Movies she shows her talent once again through Kahaani !! What a movie

hepajay: Must watch #Kahani again keeping in mind the end b4 commenting ... How much was to mislead the audience and how much fit into the plot.

hemalmodiusa: Watched kahaani great movie bidya has another fan now

hemalmajithia: Saw #Kahaani today. Superb Direction & Screenplay. Great acting by #vidyabalan. After a long time saw a intelligent Hindi Cinema.

hemachn: Watched kahani.. Really hats off to the writer.. Raised the bollywood standards..

HeenaSinghDepp: Kahaani is definitely one of the best movie I've seen off late..!! Amazing piece of work by @sujoy_g !! ★★★★★

hedonist81: #Kahaani: so wonderfully layered, am still up, replaying the film in my mind from the start, this time with the final revelation as a given.

Harshit_Desai2: #Kahaani superbly crafted film ....... Amazing screenplay Sujoy Ghosh ....... The last 20 mins of the film are simply breathtaking !!!!

harshahv: So, a weekend with 2 excellent movies watched. Perfectness it is. Paan Singh Tomar and Kahaani. Both brilliant.

Gunjan47: #Kahaani - gripping - Vidya Balan - superb, brilliant, awesome

gulshanrj: Watched 'Kahaani' after hearing so much praise n belive me jitni bhi taareef karo iski kam hai ;) #dhamaal movie #basbas #mustwatch

Guljansewani: Vidya balan is an amazing actress .. She deserves it again for #kahani .. What a movie!

glambler: Kahaani - may have flaws, but gripping!

gita_maini: KAHAANI:A Complete Vidya Balan Movie &1 more feather in her cap.Slick direction& a clever plot.Totally edge of seat experience.Must Watch.

girish_gg: Watched kahaani. What an awesome script and better acting. Enjoyed it!!

ghaywan: Kahani @sujoy_g got the 'vulnerable woman in a strange place' bang on w/ @aliceinandheri's swift cuts & Setu's photography. Very Impressive!

getcinemas: Kahaani is a rocking Must Watch for an awesome script and amazing screenplay! Review at http://www.getcinemas.com/kahaani-review #kahaani #vidyabalan #bollywood

GauriTalwar: saw "Kahaani" last night .. good acting from all artists, yet the movie lacked a novel aspect about it ..looked like a hollywood story!

gaurdhruv03: Watched Kahaani yesterday great suspense movie ll post a review asap

GauravVar: #Kahaani is a taut thriller.. Must watch

gauravmunjal: #Kahaani is a brilliant movie. Must watch. Vidya ji killed it!

ganeshhthevar: What a ' Kahaani ' !!..Brilliant

GadaBhavesh: Supppperrr thriller......""UNPREDICTABLE"" Must watch ....!!!!! It is A "KAHAANI" Awesome Movie.....!!!!!

FullonAbhi20: Kahaani-an awesome movie with great script and absolutely gr8 Vidya, A movie hugely recommended

FryedUnicorn: I think any critic giving less than 4 stars to #Kahaani is just trying too hard to differentiate himself. In other words, loser!

Freedom_1500: Guysss.. go for Kahaani. Such attempts need support..!!!

filmigirl: The hype is justified! #Kahaani is an excellent film!

fashioncirQle: Movie Review : Kahaani : **** stars http://www.fashioncirqle.com/?p=33051

esoterictweets: Kahaani: cudn't stay ahead of d script. An intricately woven series of events that take u 4 one helluva ride. Epic to say the least! RPN

Ekziee: Absolutely fabulous! #kahaani

Eenameenadeka: Kahaani has been seen and liked! #goodstuff

editorbharathi: Vidya, Bidya, whatever the name, gets it right all over again. What a success kahaani she’s turning out to be!! @sujoy_g

dubey_gaurav: Oki guys watchd #kahaani last night and must tell u all another award wining performance by #vidyabalan nd @sujoy_g u deserv it boy..

diptikapoor: #Kahaani is Superb !! Go & Watch it in Theatre for #VidyaBalan ..ohh I mean Bidya Balan .. She Outperform Herself everytime :) :) Must watch

dipperr: Now reviewing #kahaani .. Its good to even replay the movie in ur head. Now that's good cinema!

dip_c: You should watch #Kahaani. On the big screen. Its very good. Shotti bolchhi!

dineshpthk56: Pan singh tomar and Kahani...two back to back must watch movies. Guys go for it .

dineshMPCB: KAHANI by sujoy ghosh starring vidya balan is the next compulsory watch. This film must be powerful, like Balan's previous....

dineshdhingra: Kahani is superb, a must watch,vidya oh sorry Bidya is superb!!

dibyabttb: #kahaani: my rating: 8/10

dhruvsuri: I thot I had enuf of vidya balan after dirty picture. She was great in #kahani kudos to the writer, director and the editing team. #kahaani

dheerenjagwani: Absolutely loved kahaani! Hats off to vidya balan! An amazing performance!

Dheepakishere: Just watched the special show of 'Kahaani'. OMG Wat a movie! It was so gud... Vidya Balan rox...:) Gr8 story gr8 direction. A must watch!

dey_soumen: yester i hv seen Kahaani....nice work of picturing kolkata....enjoyed it...

Devi_online: Kahaani was sexed out! @SrBachchan 's ekla cholo re *thumbs up*

desh: Kahaani and Paan Singh Tomar, how can two awesm mvies release so quickly in succession :)

democraticmedia: Kahaani Movie Review : An absolutely remarkable film http://ping.fm/KU8DZ

DelhiNews_: Review of movie : Kahaani is a really good movie http://bit.ly/xxneFY via @AddThis

deeptimehta: Kahani - an excellent Bollywood thriller!!

deepsjhaveri: Kahaani...I think we can officially trust vidya balan s sense of choosing a good script!!!

DeepM27: Movie verdict : watch "kahani"..good movie...and @tejaa also thinks its a "good movie"..yes u heard it right he liked a HINDI movie..

deepikagupta13: #kahaani - an awesome watch. Paan singh tomar to follow. Are we finally getting towards meaningful cinema ?!

deepakgorani: gudmrng tweeties... hmm.. jus seen Vidya balans KAHAANI yesterday.. Really njoyd da movie.. 5 on 5 vidya.. u rock... :-)

debsankar1980: Watched Kahaani(2012), an awesome hindi thriller movie another scintillating performance by Vidya Balan..o..MUST WATCH film..

debazden: #Kahaani good watch .. Also great way to relive #kolkata #vidya or #bidya delivers again

DaMoViEmAnIaC: Also, my mention Nawaz, Kharaj and Saswata Chatterjee. All 3 supporting actors were superb! #Kahaani

csurocker: This has to be by far the best Hindi movie for 2012..Vidya totally nailed it!! #kahaani

CriticLeo: Review: Kahaani http://bit.ly/xv5apm A packed thriller! Scores high in every technical dept. @sujoy_g's tribute to Kolkata.

crazyna_200: Kahaani a must watch guys luvd every bit of the movie Vidya Balan great acting ....

crackednut: Today, I saw a movie set in Kolkotta and did not at any point of time feel like a stranger. Get completely immersed in the #Kahaani

cmc_mn: A Treat to watch "KAHAANI" on "WOMEN'S DAY".....

Closetofwords: i love you vidhya valan :) and kahani is a must watch ray ! lol

cKDirector: Kahaani is just an ordinary thriller .... what makes it Xtra ordinary is Super Duper Tupar STARDOM of Vidya Balan which she earned from TDP.

cjsdoc: #paansinghtomar and now #kahaani, two back to back low budget excellent movies. Think stars are the biggest deterrent in making good movies

chiranthana: Amazing kahaani ... one the very few hindi movies to like just for acting, story and the way the film is narrated.. Big Faan of Bidyaji ..

chirag96: The twist at the end of the movie was awesome! And how well Vidya balan delivered that scene is inspirational! #Kahaani

chinmayishalya: Kahaani: finally a hit film without a hero #kahaani

chetan_bhagat: What an amazing Kahaani! great film. Big congrats to Vidya Balan, director @sujoy_g and story writer @adavaita_kala !

charubhalla: OMG! kahaaani ki kahaani ko toh maan gayi mai, what story man SUPER SEXY!hatts off to Sujoy Ghosh&Advaita Kala very very well written @proud

camleshm: Am bowled over by #Kahaani #UGoGirl #VaVoomVidya Here's to another National Award to Miss Balan

bulu_bab: aftr getting national award for best actress for TDP,vidya balan is all set to win all awards of next year for amazing performance in KAHANI

boydce: Kahaani Movie Review: This movie was a winner at the script level itself. Roping in Vidya Balan as the main prot... http://bit.ly/zzFyfk

bombaywallas: Film Review: ‘Kahaani’: Despite a floundering second half, Kahaani is an assured piece of filmmaking, with a fie... http://bit.ly/wFxWyT

bollywood_life: KAHAANI Movie Review: ‘Baap’ of a thriller: Very occasionally you watch a Bollywood thriller film that manages t... http://bit.ly/ybmWa9

BollyBrit: #Kahaani intermission very different edge of the seat thriller.

Bollybible: KAHAANI - Excellent Suspense Thriller. Brilliant Performances. True Tribute to Spirit of Womanhood with this women's day release

bollyaddatoday: Kahaani Movie Review. Vidya Balan is One Wo'Man' Army. http://goo.gl/fb/mcd2a

bobspop: friends do not miss Kahaani at any cost...finally a film that has lived up to its title perfectly and does have a real Kahaani

bnoock: Indian Bollywood Film 'KAHANI' is a Psycho Thriller - and a good suspense.

BNAGermany: Tomorrow's the release of National Award winning actress VIDYA BALAN - "KAHAANI" - A MUST WATCH film!!! So don't... http://fb.me/1diSYDAl7

bleddynansense: kahaani is brilliant! am in love with vidya balan and kolkata.

BlazeIconic: Kahaani gripping movie must watch

bizzarebhide: Paan Singh Tomar last week and Kahaani today. Bollywood sudhar raha hai ...

binawy: pan Singh n kahani: 2 good movies in 2 weeks. :)

Bienu_pr: What a 'Kahani'? What a performance by Vidya Balan...true versatility. You rock Vidya and so do your co-stars. But Kolkata takes the cake!

bhupeshpatel: Seen very good hindi movie in theatre after a long long time! #Kahaani is absolutely awesome movie!! #Highlyrecommended

bhawz: saw #Kahaani and shaken up :-| Brilliant work Sujoy Ghosh

BhattVibha: Suno 1024 @suno1024 thnk u 4 "kahaani"spl screening another award winning performance by VB so crisp and brilliant :) will watch it again

bhargavsaikia: Vidya Balan and "Kahaani" - WOW! WOW!

Bharatmwri: Kahani!! Awesome movie.. Hats off to sujoy ghosh nd vidya balan!

Beingmazeem: Hats off to makers and actors of #kahaani each and everyone... Superb...

BeingAnooja: I saw #Kahaani.. The suspense ws super.. I sooooo feel like telling it to d world..

banorangestreet: Kahaani! Fantastika! Thank god for them good people making good films! Cheers

bangdu: Awesomest @sujoy_g . KAHAANI Must watch. Go nowwww. Everybody.

bandiris: thnkx for movie "kahani" @sujoy_g u r too good wt a concept salute to u

bana_nnie: Just back from Kahaani. Loved it! #VidyaRocks

baishalidas5: What an amazing movie, great work @RealVidyaBalan , definitely #kahaani worth a watch.

awadesh: Kahaani .. Just one word for it .. #Awesome

avni_gupta114: Kahaani! An amazing watch! Haven't found a single loophole till now which is pretty rare :o :D

avinashpuri: What a Kahani @sujoy_g Take a bow !!

avinash_maurya: This reminded me of 80s parallel cinema just for the sheer love for making a movie. #kahaani

asjadnazir: If Katrina Kaif & Kareena Kapoor female answers to Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan, Vidya Balan is the Aamir Khan. Kahaani is GREAT #bollywood

aryan_79: Kahaani, amazing movie. A must watch....

arpandhar008: Kahaani:ENTRALLING, ABSORBING & ENGAGING! ONE OF THE MOST GRIPPING THRILLERS! Superb movie hats off vidya balan!

arnabdutta2009: Watched "KAHAANI". ..... awesome movie.......

arnab_chak: Jodi tor dak shune keu na ase tobe ekla DAKHO re (watch it, if no one accompanies u too) #Kahaani ... Jus Kickass! Salute

arabjabam: +1 RT:@mhshshnkr Kahaani, you sexy! Loved it! @sujoy_g's direction, @V1SH4L & @5hekhar 's music and @clintoncerejo's score. #win [ed.]

apurvnagpal: Kahaani : my review : brilliant ! http://apurvbollywood.blogspot.in/2012/03/kahaani.html @sujoy_g

apbin: Kahaani Movie Review @ Rating 4/5-This is a great time to be a m-http://apbin.com/link/184712 via @apbin

anushka99: Wht a movie kahani was superb movie and v blessed to have a actress like vidhya balan in Indian cinema hats of to vishal Shekher.

anuragbedi: #kahani is a good film , thrilling experience. Great show Jayantibhai,kushal n viacom18.

anuabhavsharma: #Kahaani Vidya is really good. The movie is so awesome that I can't get myself out from the movie. So nice... :) Love you Vidya

antonycairo: Kahaani was awesome !

anshuman_1980: "Kahani" brilliant script an yet again dirty gal proves herself as a top legue actor!! Way to go! Critical acclaim!!!

ansh_l: awesome #vidya in awesome #kahani.

anoopck: My review for 'Kahaani' on Rotten Tomatoes: 4 stars-Top notch suspense thriller! This movie will leave you stunned,... http://bit.ly/zmLUDY

ankitgada: Hatss offf #kahaani @kush007 @sujoy_g superb

anishkutty: Kahaani rocks...Vidya Balan - u r a Superstar...

AnindaDas_: Kahaani...Best Hindi thriller post Johnny Gaddar and Samay...Sujoy Ghosh FTW

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anarshukla: #kahaani excellent casting n even better screenplay.. Well done to the entire team.. Attention to detail, dialogue n design is awesome!

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Ammerito: #VidyaBalan what a #Kahani ! Brilliant acting. A totally gripping thriller!

amitken: #Bollywood seems to be on a roll.#PaanSinghTomar last week, and #Kahaani this week. Both are path breaking movies in their respective genre.

amishsinghal: Interesting movie till the very end and an amazing theme chosen capturing the essence of Kolkata #Kahaani !!!!

ami2511: Kahaani cool film Must watch

amen1801: #kahani - must watch

ambrish1: Kahaani was great fun..congratulations @sujoy_g. In fact, good thriller after long time. Btw it was housefull too in my show at pvr phoenix!

AltuTweets: Kahaani mein Twist hai!! A good Watch for a Suspense Flick! 3.5-4/5 #KAHAANIthemovie

aliasgarshakir: Bidya bakshi..u r stil playing on my mind! #Kahaani @Kkartweett @sevmoney @immagnetic

akshatspeaks123: Kahaani was such a great movie. Riveting and intriguing at the same time. Finally a good suspense thriller after a long long time.

AkkuB: cant believe Kahaani comes from a director whose previously made films like aladin and home delivery. Great script.

ajeet7: We played a guessing game till d end, and yet we could have never guessed the ending right. #Kahaani was def one of d best thriller so far.

ahysolkar: Watched the film Kahaani yesterday.Nice film.

aditya_grover: (It's my opinion. . .) KAHAANI (4/5) http://www.facebook.com/itsmyopinion.movies http://fb.me/1ERbdO5j2

aditganguly: Just saw Kahani . Just give the Best Actress Award to Vidya Balan . What a movie my friends . DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE

acparath: Kahani.. A must watch movie..keep u glued to the seats..

aboutbengaluru: Vidya Balan’s 'Kahaani' is a rare film This is a great time to be a movie buff. Within a week of Paan Singh... http://fb.me/1qy5gzpkx

abhijeetdangat: Kahaani is a gripping drama-suspense-thriller tale. Do not miss it. Oh Kolkata! #Movies

Abhidhyay: I rated Kahaani 9/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1821480 #IMDb

Aashkey: Vidya Balan-starrer 'Kahaani' review. It’s terrific | http://bit.ly/wpU172

aashkaran02: kahaani is the best film long after 3i and better than any movie salman or srk in recent past.

AashishMisra: Watched #kahani .. Incredible movie. Thumps up to #vidyabalan and #bollywood .. Must watch movie !!

aarshvora: And that Nawazuddin fellow! OMG what a powerful performer. Please don't overuse him Bollywood. He's one fucking rare gem! #Kahaani

aarshin: Finally! Finally a movie where the SCRIPT is the hero! #Kahaani

AanchalKaushal: #Kahaani a must watch.... its definitely a weekend watch :) Super Stuff!!

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9nehak: Hats off to #VidyaBalan and the entire crew of #Kahaani. Fabulous cinema!

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123telugu: Review : Kahaani – A gripping suspense drama http://www.123telugu.com/reviews/review-kahaani-a-gripping-suspense-drama.html

_ULostMeAtHello: I did. Watch it. Its really good. RT @Sinful_Reveries Anyone who has watched Kahaani already?

_sudiksha_: Kahaani..! Nice movie...

_sanj: So what did I like about #kahaani? What didn't I like! Great story, great characterization, great pace. Not 1 unnecessary moment #brilliance

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_Anuesia: Heads up 4 #Kahani ...nonstop applause

ThBigBingTheory: Kahaani- Not bad. One of those trying-to-be-like-Hollywood kinda films. #mumbai #movies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1wEeuAosNM

shanmuganandhg: Kahaani movie is not bad. You could watch it once

rmanish1: #Kahaani was OK film but Paan Singh Tomar is still miles ahead of the rest.

MeghaGhosh: The more I think of it, I found Kahaani to be a little slow, more so when I realize it was just a 2 hour long movie!

iHeartAmeesha: Just watched Kahaani. An intriguing premise packed with gud acting albeit a slighty slow script. Worth a watch altho ending felt abit rushed

greatbong: Kahaani= 6/10. For those like us who have seen *many* movies like this, the end was telegraphed roughly half-way through the movie.

battrebeet: +1 RT @rmanish1: #Kahaani was OK film but Paan Singh Tomar is still miles ahead of the rest.

ASSHOLINESSS: Kahaani is a 2 star movie that becomes a three star thanks to the ending.Too many characters.scattered script. Can be watched once. #kahaani

ashumhatre: Paan Singh Tomar. London Paris New York. Kahaani. They're good. But frustrate you. Coz they could have been so much better.

ajphoenix: Kahaani.. 3 star

TheCoffeeNazi: Kahaani. Didn't like it. Slow. Nothing thrilling or mysterious about it. #PersonalOpinion

freakverse: What was the fuss about this Kahaani movie? Waste only these people

Dolce_and_Namak: Dammit #Kahaani, why did you have to be so careless? Two little fixable details totally give it away. Grrrrr!!!

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Not Interested in Watching, by Mattie

Not Interested in Watching, by moviefan

Yay! Thumbs Up, by A Dhingra : 65

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Amit : Great movie. Must watch!

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Anil : Gripping Suspense Story. A MUST WATCH!

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Anuj

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Arvind : Movie is awsome Each charcter is has done bindas acting

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Ashok : A Hindi movie to really watch and relish..Vidya you did it again..

Yay! Thumbs Up, by bollywood latest gossip : Great acting by Vidyabalan

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Hakim : Ek Dham Superb.........

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Hindi Songs Lyrics

Yay! Thumbs Up, by hotels in delhi : nice movie , nice story nice vidya

Yay! Thumbs Up, by June Mukhopadhyay

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Latest Bollywood Mp3 songs

Yay! Thumbs Up, by mohit behl

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Mukesh : Go watch it.

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Paresh

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Rahul

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Rema : awesome movie.. vidya is the queen of the bollywood


Yay! Thumbs Up, by Saptarshi Chakraborty

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Suman

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Vishal

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

Near-term pregnant Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Balan) is in Calcutta to look for her husband.

What Worked

  • Amitabh Bachchan's voice in the narrative and of course, 'ekla cholo'
  • The justification behind the twist. It is the only reason, Kahaani didn't drop a point or two for the 'cheated' feeling. In its own way, it is smart writing.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • The in-the-face way in which the main twist is shot.
  • The horror-style adopted in a couple of scenes.

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A few gun shots, people murdered and a couple of times when a pregnant woman's life is at threat.
  • Language: A few abuses.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Cleavage is seen a couple of times - but very passingly and casually.
  • Concept: A woman looking for her missing husband.
  • General Look and Feel: Dusky and rugged.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

Lead Actors:
Character Artists:
Music Director:

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Wohooo! After a long time it feels that there is a movie that you really really love. Will have to wait for a rip (the sad travails of studying in a country where there are no bollywood releases, except SRK :@)

@Vishal @Dattaprasad sorry...there's a glitch in the matrix because of which I missed your comments. Just saw them. And a little too late to reply since I've already seen the film. :D

@Dattaprasad you are right. Don't remember which database I had checked while writing the preview post. oh well...will make sure to double check 2-3 databases next time. Thanks for pointing it out, nevertheless

@Rahul I have a huge complaint against the film, but I liked it despite that grouse.

@Roy So far, I've heard Eastern Promises, Ruby Cairo, The Mighty Heart, That girl in yellow boots, and Sunflower as inspirations for Kahaani. I have only seen The Mighty Heart and That Girl in Yellow Boots - and one can see a large connection with The Mighty Heart, especially in the situation. But somehow, the purpose and treatment are very different. That Girl in Yellow Boots has a similar style and texture, sort-of. The rest I haven't seen so I can't comment. I'd say even if you think you know how the film is going to end, Kahaani is a good watch. I am going to see it again in a week or two. So...

Watched it, definitely a very good watch. Will definitely see it again once the DVD is available. I could see why comparisons were made to Kill Bill, but the treatment is quite different.

Also, it was nice to see the film remain intelligent throughout. The hacking bit was portrayed rather realistically as well.

Only grouse - Amitabh Bachchan.

@Anil ouch! Where was this? Hopefully that will improve.

@Vishal I know, even I want to watch it again, 'knowing'.

@Rahul Amitabh Bachchan grouse? Why?

@meetu - The accent for Ekla Chalo Re didn't sound right.

@Rahul oh is it? I guess Amitabh Bachchan's voice is something I find very, very difficult to be unbiased about. Or that I don't get the nuances of the accent. :D

@Anuj :) Don't read too much into 'coming par with other reviews' bit :D Kabhi ho jaata hai, kabhi nahi hota :D
For me films that belong to the top rating are the one's that make me forget their flaws or make me want to defend them as if it were my film only because I liked it. :) Kahaani's last 15 minutes or so, especially the 'twist' put me off for a bit, as I said in the review.

@Anil hope it gets better.

@Anuj ha ha. i get that quite a bit.

@meetu - I am no expert, it just did not sound right to me. Found this article, this captures the essence of what I meant: http://www.firstpost.com/living/et-tu-bachchan-saab-then-fall-tagore-238244.html

Nit-picking, I know, but still. :)

Also, there was no need for the Durga parallel in the end.

i jst like the story and vidya is luking suprb nd nice act doing by vidya i like it please watch frnd 1tym to bnta h yaro..

@Rahul well, to an untrained ear for Bangla, it didn't sound that off to me. But, the article is to me over-analyzing. I mean, it tries to show refrain on commenting that Amitabh Bachchan shouldn't have been chosen at all, since he has no role in the film. That's like asking why should Sunidhi Chauhan be picked to sing a song when she doesn't have a role in a film?
As far as the Durga parallel goes, I think it was a parallel throughout. It added drama, I agree, and I don't like drama either, but it didn't bother me that bad here. I guess it's a case of 'to each his own' as always. :D

@Vishal I think what Rahul is saying is that he wasn't happy with the accent used. Generally, we do expect a certain level of authentic language in our films, else it throws us off. For example, even if the entire film is in English and there's a maid servant in the film and she starts speaks in English too, it will throw us off. I do agree, that we should appreciate that one person is trying to speak in a language that is not his native. But, that doesn't make Rahul's observation invalid, even if it didn't bother me as much as it bothered him.

@Varsha How do you mean?

@Suman :D :D

@Vishal and Meetu: As I said, I am nitpicking. I didn't really "mind" the accent (what with me not being a native speaker at all), it just sounded off to me. It just could have been done better. That's all.

Romance, thrill, love, affection, patriotism, hatred, assault, moles, treachery...everything is perfectly balanced in the movie...Great script and superb acting by each and every one...super hit.

Loved your review, especially the use of the phrase 'romanced with calcutta' :)

I did wrote something similar. Do check - http://mukeshrijhwani.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/movie-review-kahaani/

Fantastic movie. Brilliantly made and nice acting by Vidya!

Good kahani reviews.............))

read brilliantly written review of Kahaani here at http://mohitbehlreviews.blogspot.in/2012/03/kahaani-review.html

The movie makes audience wonder whats going on but as the story goes ahead and the mystery starts unfolding,the excitement reaches to higher level.Vidyabalan's sharp acting skills can really drive you crazy and make you watch the movie with more curiously.


A little late in the game, nevertheless, the story structure & unravelling at the end is a straight lift from Usual Suspects. What say?

A little less than that, right @Paresh? Here the twist came out of the blue!


Yeah, but that too is a straight lift from Talking Lives!

@Paresh Which part is? The exact twist?


Lord Krishna's sarathi is SATYAKI. Not of Arjun
This is big mistake in the movie.

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