Kabir Singh

Preview: Will the film be as intense as the trailer is at first glance? If yes, will it become a bit too much? Yes, in short, Kabir Singh seems like it could be an absorbing experience. ... read more...
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Kabir Singh - Preview

Kabir Singh’s trailer does make you go “wow” with its intensity and Shahid Kapoor’s nonchalant self-absorbedness. Once you let it register though, you realise that the text on screen describe him to you and don’t let you figure his character out through the story and situation. Next, given the film’s title is the name of the male lead character, as obsessed as he might be about the lead lady character, the movie is going to be about him.

Even so, the trailer has enough intrigue to make me look forward to the film.

Kabir Singh releases on 21 June 2019.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Well, don't get your hopes too high. Given all the intensity, it's basically just a tale of a narcissist wherein the woman unintentionally gets objectified. Have seen the original movie and the few scenes in the trailer looks exactly same! Would love to know your take once the movie is out.

@Sonal, yeah I am hoping against hope that it won't be that bad. But, am glad that it looks like good performances are on the card.

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