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Any decent movie must either tell a good story or provide good experience. Though there is not much to call a story in Golmaal 3, it does provide a good experience nevertheless. Also, it is a mad caper spoof of several Bollywood movies – both retro and current.

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Director: Rohit Shetty
Running time: 150 minutes
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
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Every time someone complains of brainless stuff being said or shown on radio/TV/films, there is someone in the drawing room conversation who'll say, "this is what the people want". And every time this happens, I seethe with anger, control it down to irritation, and try to make an argument against the statement. In vain, of course. With Golmaal 3 around the corner, I might as well talk to walls. The film's trailer blatantly lays the onus on the viewer. "You liked Golmaal and Golmaal Returns, here have some more! You can't really blame us, your behavior showed your preference." So, now we can't even blame the makers, eh? Oh well...

I admit, I loved the 'kyon aage peechhe dolte ho...' song from the first episode. And I Tusshar Kapoor's scenes as the dumb side-kick was hilarious, but I didn't like Golmaal Returns at all and I squirm at the thought of seeing more of the same.

The usual stuff is going to stay put. The Golmaals are known for grand introductory shots for the actors. I enjoyed watching the trailer with Ajay Devgn paying a tribute to his debut by mimicking the stunt Phool aur Kaante had. Also Shreyas Talpade is being introduced lurching from a giant wheel. Then there's always a funky Golmaal vehicle (this time it's a 5-seater bike!), and ridiculous stunts.

But there are little rays of hope from what is being heard and told about the film. There's promise of a "new and improved" Tusshar Kapoor. Also, he now has a sidekick! gulp In the form of Kunal Khemu! gulp gulp

Well, my sounds are a little more comprehensible. Rohit (Shetty) didn’t want any mumbling this time. I don’t talk but you can understand what I’m trying to convey.

Also, there's this thing about Kareena Kapoor's dog in the film, which I found outrageously hilarious but won't give it out (The joke is spoilt for me, but won't let that happen to you, at least on my count.) But, with 6 main characters instead of 5, there's a promise for more chaos and less character development. (I know, I know, I should watch what I'm asking for!) I find it really annoying when each character has this one defining trait that is repeated till it completely drains your sense out. (oops! I am supposed to leave them at home, aren't I?) Anyway, we have Shreyas Talpade stammering -

Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal 3 is the story of animosity between two sets of siblings within a family. I play Gopal’s (enacted by Ajay Devgn) brother. Gopal, a softie at heart, loses his cool at the drop of a hat and I try to pacify him all the time. My character Laxman stammers a lot and Bebo is the only one who waits to listen to me in the film. Our track has some rib-tickling moments.

However, I think I can forget and forgive a few slapsticky elements for this one good deed the marketing department is doing -

The producers have also tied up with Nickelodeon, which goes off air for an hour during this time of the year in India because the film's team wants to stress the importance of playing outdoors instead of computer games.

Hopefully, some of this creativity will also trickle down into the film and will actually make this Diwali funnier and more entertaining. Touted as India's first ever trilogy, the third episode of theGolmaal brand will be out on November 5th.

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milliblog - "Barring Ale, this soundtrack is largely boremaal"
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Hindustan times - "... has few hits and few misses. But the album is worth a listen"
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This article is by guest author Poonam Sharma. Poonam Sharma is an instructional designer by profession, who blogs at Visceral Observations. She loves books, movies and theater. Poonam Sharma also blogs at http://alchemistpoonam.wordpress.com/.

Note from meetu - Diwali on Fridays has been one of my worst dilemmas. wogma vs. family - a couple of the most high-profile films of the year versus the annual extended family get-together? Invariably, I end up choosing family. Afterall, there are many Fridays but only one Diwali in a year.

Handing it over to Poonam, who's reviewing Golmaal 3 for me. Thanks a ton! Means much!

Wish you all a bright Diwali and a brighter year ahead!

For someone like me, who has often asked this question – how do you keep your brains at home while watching a movie?, Golmaal 3 pretty much puts up a good defense in favour of brainless comedies. Brainless because, predictably, there isn’t a groundbreaking plot with any memorable twists, yet you enjoy the ride anyway.

What works for Golmaal 3 is distinctiveness of all its characters and a fair share of spotlight on all of them. If not for this, the movie could have easily been one aimless chaotic drone, considering that it has a bevy of harebrained, crazy characters.

Set in Goa, the movie is kept afloat with incessant squabbles of a gang of five aimless cons (Ajay, Shreyas and Arshad, Tusshar and Kunal) aided by a delightfully dishy chick (Kareena) and an earnest elderly couple (Mithun and Ratna Pathak Shah). Add a mad, forgetful goon (Jhonny Lever) with his two ‘retro’grade henchman - therein lies an endless possibility of mindless wit and situational comedy.

It is as if director Rohit Shetty did not want to repeat the mistakes of the previous one (yeah, I know that last year’s Diwali release Golmaal 2 was also a hit, but..) – there are no crutch characters. Even Kareena’s character is seamlessly woven into the narrative and has equal share as the boys.

Yet what the movie loses in plot, it makes up in abundance with its wealth of jokes, funny one-liners, spoofs and situational comedies. The movie is one long standup comedy show where, more than the story, you wait for punches that are to be delivered. (I laughed at even the most cliché ones.) Rohit Shetty has also interspersed the movie with several Bollywood references. There is a spoof of rich girl, poor boy love story, atypical of Bollywood in 70s. Prem Chopra plays a cameo reminiscent of old times, and Mithun da receives a tribute of sorts by living his ‘Disco Dancer’ again. Then, there is Hum Saath Saath Hain playing in the family drawing room and Ghajni that lends a creditable gimmick to the plot.

Jokes on fellow actors find place too, predictably Emran Hashmi features. Shahid is called Kameena (y), which could be interpreted in more than one ways, and then there is a dig even at Kareena’s ‘zero figure’.

Music is fun and high-intensity, even if not very noteworthy (not surprising, since mood is mirthful). Two tracks, Disco Dancer and Yaad Aa Raha Hai, are from Mithun da’s old movie, Disco Dancer. See, what I mean by tribute to Mithun Da.

Movie is also replete with characteristic Rohit Shetty-esque quirks – action scenes with cars being smashed, the chase, the Golmaal vehicle - a 5-seater motorbike this time, and elaborate opening sequences.

The fast-paced screenplay with its heavy slapstick couldn’t have been executed without the chemistry, camaraderie and comic timing of the cast. And when you have so many lead characters, it is only fair to credit each actor for making their quirks stand out. Though it was Ajay Devgan who not only got a grungy makeover, but also had an edge with all the masterstrokes bestowed to his character. The only two talented actors that I felt bad about were Mukesh Tiwari and Ashwini Kalsekar, who had little to do and were much ignored in this one.

I also want to send a shout-out to the costume/dress designers that made their unobtrusive contribution to humor (not to mention the bright look and feel)– those typical costumes from 70s that Mithun and Ratna wear, note Jhonny Lever’s pants (Rajesh Khanna? :P) and those of his dapper henchmen. Also, I am intrigued how most actors in comedies can easily carry off violet, firozi (sky blue) and pink shirts as well as colourful pants.

That said, movie is not without flaws, the end doesn’t come with a big bang. Instead, the climax takes its droll course in a maddening chaos with all the characters present on screen. Also, movie could have done with some editing scissors to blot out few repetitions. In addition, sometimes during a sequence, for example the one with Mithun and th dog, the audience patiently waited for a chaotic caper to subside, awaiting a new joke. Melodrama of 70s story playing out between Mithun and Ratna outside the church was another sequence that felt bit stretched.

Yet, bottom-line is you will laugh. Even the cynic will watch it with a wide smile, minus too many cringes. Here’s to a hilarious Diwali.

This article is by guest author Poonam Sharma. Poonam Sharma is an instructional designer by profession, who blogs at Visceral Observations. She loves books, movies and theater. Poonam Sharma also blogs at http://alchemistpoonam.wordpress.com/.

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Thumbs down, by Samrat Sharma, fullhyd.com : ... The rest of the film, burdened as it is by Johnny Lever and Mukesh Tiwari's nefarious doings on top of eight actors doing their thing to bring out the laughs, fails to fly, and instead crashes and burns often, and with amazing accuracy. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Mayank Shekhar, Hindustan Times : ...The filmmakers have six main actors to juggle with, and as many side comedians to lend parts to. There’s a deadline (Diwali) to meet. Never mind the narrative, they’d be happy with as any corny antics and dialogues with whoever’s available. You can cheat shots for actors not present. Shoddiness shows.... full review

Thumbs down, by Kaveree Bamzai, india today : ...From Johnny Lever to Vrijesh Hirjee who does his no longer funny snake dance, from Ashwini Kalsekar, the English speaking fisherwoman, to Mukesh Tiwari, the "vasooli" who doesnt understand her but loves her anyway, they seem far more interesting than either Shreyas Talpade or Tusshar Kapoor.... full review

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Thumbs down, by Khalid Mohamed, Review and views uncensored : ...Akshay Kumar bores as the Geek God. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is mediocrity personified. Aditya Roy Kapoor hogs the footage but is unequal to the task.... full review

Thumbs down, by Kunal Guha, yahoo! India : ...The film also has an unnecessary twist, possibly added to give you something to exercise your, by now, sleepy mind.... full review

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JihaneKhan: luv Golmaal 3 awesome movie i salute Kareena nd Ajay nd Arshad Nd sheryas nd all actors in the film

Jayemm: Go go go Golmaal...... Laughter is the best medicine to forget ur worries for 3 hous. Go watch it !!!

jatinderjit: golmaal 3......crack machaxx comedy :D

jatinchheda: Golmaal 3.. Brainless laughter riot!! Must see!

iTriisha: WoW!Golmaal is definitely Full of laughter!!I really had a blast !! My verdict is Go for it !!I'm thinking when can I go and watch it again!

iRemoDSouza: Saw Golmaal 3 today. Superb movie. All the parts are rocking. Dada is still young. My perspective.

imjigu: Saw golmaal 3 Last Nyt. What a totally awesome and hilarious film. Loved the entire cast..Thxx Rohi..!!.!

imhsb: golmaal is a good movie to watch! Go check that man, nice humour

ialyy: Golmaal 3 fkin funny :D

I_mak22: golmaal 3 ............loved d movie....still laughing..

hurcrystal: After long I laugh continuously :D GOLMAAL 3 (**********) Must watch Deadly Comedy Movie

hugh3919: golmaal 3 rockzzzz......rohit shetty does the magic again

hitesh84: Golmaal 3- must watch but only once!

himlalpun: saw Golmaal 3 on saturday. nice movie to watch. dont look for logic.

hemjoshi07: Golmaal 3 is rocking....very funny. :)

harisn: Golmaal 3 is hilarious.

harikiran443: watched GOLMAAL-3 last night n i enjoyed a lot....entertaining movie

govivekgo: 'golmaal 3' is like haldiram's kaju barfi. u know exactly what's inside, yet can't resist opening it & u get that silly grin once it's over

GMBroccoli: Hahaha.. Golmaal 3 is hilarious!! Must watch!

geebajaj: GOLMAAL 3- Not bad at all..........

gaurjai56: just watched golmaal 3!awesome movie!

gauravnerkar: golmaal 3 is nice movie.

fakrulhasankhan: Golmaal 3 is Great Movie

duri_igneous: #Golmaal 3 hilarious :D mindblowwwwing :D .. it blowed me with teary laughters i swear :D

dpk_ag: Ha ha ha ha. . .Golmaal 3 Was a laugh riot. , . . .

dollharshita: GOLMAAL 3 is completely rocking......!!

djkaustubh: Golmal -3 an More than Paisa Wasool Film !!! Loved it ! completely Refreshing Experience !! Full onn entertainment ! 8)

djharshit: Finally got up and going back to sleep again!!!yawn quiet a silent day,watched golmaal 3 with @carron0101,laugh riot go watch it

dilipmohta: Great job rohit. Golmaal 3 rocks. Kudos to the team. Special mention for tushaar, kunal n shreyas. Good music (cont) http://tl.gd/6sv158

DevilOnBunk: I saw Golmaal 3 yesterday. Quite funny - slapstick and street-smart - not intelligent. But hey - it is Bollywood!

desigal90: GOLMAAL 3 ROCKED! Its nonstop fun and laughter! Go in with an open sense of humor! :D

debadutta: Watched Action Replay and Golmaal 3 during weekend.. Enjoyed both the movies, not sure which one is better..but G3 is a comic caper

DarshanChokhani: i would continue with my previous tweets, i went for Golmaal 3...!!! it was a good movie, Mithun Da was amazing....!!! #lovedit

damn_its_sunny: Golmal 3 supa fun bye bye.

dabangroni: watched "golmaal 3' amazig,hilorous movie..... enjoyed a lot dis diwali......

CyrilEJ: GOLMAAL 3 wat an awsome movie hope ts series wil cntinue

crispcrispy: Went to watch Golmaal 3 wid friends...it's a freakin' hilarious movie. Don't miss out!!

cool_dude6854: Hi!guyz n galz..golmaal 3 a comedious film watch it u will hav fun..

cloudbansal: GOLMAL 3 gr88 fun... thanks AAKASH and LAKHBINDAR a.k.a. BUNTY for the party #fb

chetu880: Thanks 2 Golmaal 3 Team..wat a fantastic movie..Njoy A lot...

charukalsy: Golmaal-3 is kickass!! God knows what happened to shetty during golmaal returns ;P but he has lived up to the expectations this time!! :D

capsultaker: golmaal 3 ...a great comedy...story nothing....but this is comedy film....so well try to laugh anyone

bittu1201: in rypur now.. enjoyed Golmaal-3 at the Glitz wid some faaltu coffee @ 40/- n some (not bad) corns

bietsrohit: Golmaal 3 is awesome

BboyPh3NYKZ: Watched Golmal 3....its damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bankerrahul: +100 RT @TheOnlyAnil: But I enjoyed the MOVIE.. Totally a laugh riot, dnt miss Golmaal 3

azziiee: Golmaal 3 has been a great success......great movie loved it 10/10

auro1990: golmaal 3 was mindless comedy but hey it was fun to watch

asmitarocks: had super fun yesterday wid frnds..golmaal-3 is just hilarious...my jaws r still paining from the laugter!!:))

aruny02: golmaal-3 ..........very funny, thanx to rohit

arpitupadhayay: Golmaal 3 is a nice movie to watch ...

AriesAru: Golmaal 3 is hilarious!

arcanequest: Super jabardast movie . Golmaal 3

applepie_priya: Watched Golmaal 3,yestrday...really a nyc movie:)

anusheel: Golmaal 3 - laugh riot....added the zing to my already great Diwali weekend!

anuktabanerjee: Golmaal 3 - total slapstick comedy... loved it..

annmcarron: Golmaal 3 review, watch 'Golmaal 3′ for a heavy dose of dose of comedy and ...: In fact, Golmaal 3 gives you the... http://bit.ly/9BgZ78

ankujsharma: Golmal 3 a paisa vasool movie.. Gop for it guys

Ankit_AShah: #Golmaal 3, first half better than second. full on time pass

anishkana: Golmal 3 a must watch

Aniruddha_n: Golmaal 3 ... another example that critics dont knw anything about movies and the target audience ... An Entertaining Movie

aniketc0: watched golmaal 3 on saturday nite. was fun!

amritroy: saw Golmaal 3 ystrday.. hillarious

Amritjoardar: Just now i watched Golmaal 3 and i love the film. Its has same comedy like the earlier two

amitvora: Watched Golmaa 1 three times and was still hysterical than Golmaal 3 one time... Rohit..move on ...

AmitTalekar: Golmaal 3 was laugh out loud funny. One of the best comedies I have seen recently.

ameeshaprabhu: Watched golmaal 3. It's a laugh riot!!!

ambikashah: Golmaal 3.. Brainless laughter riot!! Must see!

Ajitlatkar: watched golmaal 3 today...nice movie....

ajaytyagi786: Yaa, golmaal is big blockbaster movie because ajay is hero of golmaal

ainansweet: Just watch GOLMAAL 3 awesum moive guys this one is best among last 2 golmaal's Must watch moive so don't waste time go n watch...........

ADYYknows: Watched Golmaal 3 today.... Nice movie

Admir07: Golmaal...golmaal !!!...evrythin gonna b GOLmaal ... Wat a start of new year.. Gud movie !! Go for it guys ..


Aditi_Espeaks: Seen Golmaal 3 today, non-stop fun.. Kareena, tushaar, ajay n Mithun rockz..

abhinavaditya02: golmaal 3 is gr8...must wtch

abhilekha_h: Saw Golmaal..good movie, kareena looks fab!

AasthaS14: Golmaal is far btr dan action replay!

aanchalhinduja: Golmaal 3 was a laughter riot......just dont forget to leave ur brains at home!! :P

A_Hds: golmal 3 is very nice movie. good movie

_saurabhmishra: Golmaal 3 Complete Masti ~ Bollywood Jhatkaa :))))))))

_Amaan_: Golmaal... Ek dum mast... I'll giv 3.5/5

__krutz__: Golmaal an awesum muvie.. luvd it..

yateenshaha: Watched golmal 3. Its okay. Earlier golmals r better.

vineet_luvs: GOLMAAL 3: just another movie... The only enjoyable things were - Mithun's disco, nd Ajay's finger twisting act...

viditshah1: Watched Golmaal-3 and Action Replay. For me Action Replay was much better. G3 had some good comedy shots where as AR has humorous story line

vaarundhingra: golmaal 3 was better than 2 but a lot of scenes were not needed...johnny lever killed it though watch it only for him...mithun da was decent

supertramp_Sach: Watched Golmaal 3...Some good one liners and spoofs..Other than tat Kareena looked cute..Decent watch..Nowhere near Golmaal 1...

singhcd: #singhcdFILMreviews Golmaal 3 - Decent Diwali release.enough gags to make you laugh.. but goes downhill in 2nd half

siddhida_b: golmaal 3 = awesome dialouges + thithak story + average acting

roshni_c: Saw Golmaal 3 today.It was ok, quite funny,but another comedy where u have to leave ur brains home.Why can't Indian comedies not be so OTT?

Rohits3009: Golmaal 3 : Tym pass

rohitnarvekar: Golmaal 3 verdict. Timepass Crazy movie. Watch it once.

ravi_dutt: Golmaal 3- average movie with gag a min but a very very thin storyline.. Still will be a hit as lot many ppl just want to laugh..

Rahul_Ranjan: Only thing i liked in Golmaal 3 was Mithun da, his dance n his songs. disco dancer n yaad aa raha still rocks.

Poojaid: saw golmaal 3 Its ok... 3/5. 2nd half is very boring!!!

neeraj7glad: golmal 3 was ok ok..had sme punches...enjoyed

NamrataSahay: saw golmal 3...it was okay typezz

mithun54: Golmaal 3 is just average , and Action Replay shouldn't be watched or replayed....lolllzzz..

malhotrasaurabh: Golmaal 3 was okayish. Anyway worth a one-time watch for those who have watched the previous Golmaal movies.

karina5555: just saw Movie ' Golmaal 3'. good comedy. kareena's acting was very good.i give it *** stars

KapadiaNida: Watched Golmaal and the only good thing in the movie was Tushar :P and ofcourse great company as well ;)

jinesh007: So Action Replay is over.. Okayish like Golmaal 3.

harsh_kh: Golmaal was a very average movie .. Dint enjoy much:(

Hamzaqtr: movie was changed from GOLMAAL 3 to the MAZE.... It was a nyc movie uummmmmm 6/10 =) .... Gonna go fr Fajr prayer n then exercise.... cya =)

flabbyBoggart: #Golmaal3 2.5/5 | 1 for sticking 2 d golmaal-giri. + 1 for few selected catchy dialogues + 0.5 for Tushar Kapoor | Shreyas totally wasted

drthakurr: Golmal-3 is quite entertaining but not to perfection.

anuphshah: Golmaal-3 - OK-OK movie. To like the movie, you should be liking PJs and need to watch it with least expectations. :) 2.5/5

AnnoyingAnkit: Only thing that makes golmaal 3 watchable is the presence of Prabhuji.

abhikundu: golmaal 3...........in my rating not soo good like the others series..it's fine not not fantastic....@

__xLNc: Golmaal 3 wasnt to the mark but Sanjay mishra jee were Epic as always.

Yatin_Gupta: Both golmaal and action replayy are #big #fail ! #bollywood sucks these days !

write2ravi_kant: Problm with golmal is .most of d time it is predictable.

victoryforidiot: Golmaal 3 is not better thn All the best!

verma_ashish: watchd Golmaal 3 today.... Wat a waste!!! Dn't knw y people make these kinda films!!!

Umang20294: Golmaal 3 was absolutely horrible, ridiculous, mindless, terrible, awful, annoying, unpleasant & stupid! Don't watch it for anything, I say!

ujjawal_a: Golmaal 1,2,3 have been named exactly as per their standing in terms of entertaining ppl.The third one just proves that there shudn't be a 4

thewayithinks: golmal is really golmal this time\\\\\plz dont watch is...........

SvenLloyd: Golmaal 3 was so bad

SUJITPRABHAKAR: So Mr. Rohit, GOLMAL should end this time, try some better else cast max 4 character n give their justified role to them.

stupidusmaximus: Joint Indo-US statement: Pakistan must dismantle the LeT apparatus, while India must dismantle the Golmaal franchise.

srizthi: so oll in oll its more a boring movie dan comedy... Golmaal okk types

shivam008: a never watch for '''golmal 3'''

ShashiBhushanKr: Golmaal-3.,,, don't go 4 it.,even u get a chance to watch for free.., very dissapointing.,,,,

sanjivasahai: Obama drama in India is much more farcical, far more entertaining than GOLMAAL 3... !!!!!!!!!!!!

sandsekh: Ok. I am guilty of choosing to watch golmal returns over dch and rang de... Main behek gaya tha...

sanchitvendetta: honestly golmaal 3 sucks to the core the quality as expected has reached an all time low for the golmaal brand

samitkakkad: Golmaal 3 and Acton Replay Team should be sent to a Film School. But, will they ever learn? I doubt

sahil706: 800 waste....say no to golmaal

rushikesh88: Golmal-3 totally flop movie...it evn didnt hd good punches..old jokes..disappointd..Go Go Go OUT...G3

RRKHAN: i just hate GOLMAAL series

rohitrajt8: A person just paid 700 rupees in black for a ticket to Golmaal 3! Why the fuck would you pay so much? It's like paying to feel miserable.

rockstah: Ajay Devgan should stick to more Company and Gangajal type roles. He kicks ass. Golmaal is a tad too 'hamateur'

rahuul_k: If u hve 3 hrs to wste ., then go for Golmaal 3,, worth watch nd money,, fantabulous ,, super duper comedy,, went mad laughing!! Gr8 work

racz4frnds: golmaal 3 = cheap comedy......:P not too good

purisameer: Thank goodness I watched Due Date tonight. Cancelled out all that Golmaal 3 shite.

punkster101: Golmaal 3. The torture begins.

pravintalan: loved ' Due Date' - n was wondering if makers of films like Golmaal 3 n Action Replay would ever get down to simple..subtle comedies ..

pnkjas: I also saw Golmaal 3 today. Did not like it

pawanmakadia: I think Rohit shetty should gracefully quit Golmaal series before it makes him turn into another David Dhawan...

Pavanthoughts: PavanReviews: Golmaal 3 is dismal and routine comedy http://t.co/7h07jLP

pArAM51n6H: Golmaal 3 not as funny as expected..though a few real laughs but a disappointing ending..

paapi14: golmaal 3...disapointed

nilu_kajolfan: I am still mad at Rohit shetty for creating a pathetic storyline ever in history of bollywood in Golmaal 3 ! @ajaydevgn don't do his films !

nilaakakh: Guys, don't watch Golmaal 3. Its nothing but 2&1/2 hrs of mindless haphazard comedy. Totally meaningless.

nickraman: Golmaal 3 is discontinuous, unfunny & WTF worthy.

neosoulz: Oh btw..did I tell you about Golmaal 3? It sucks! #movies #bollywood #epicfail

nareshk: Golmaal 3: Repetitive. Few good lines, n few good Prabhuji moments. 'Watch when u hv time to kill' stuff!

Nahian555: yes you are right.Golmaal 3 is not so good.But Action Replay is nice movie!!

mrcreditbank: Golmaal 3 simply uses the idea of two aging people coming together to pin down its precocious parade of gags

mindkhichadi: Golmaal 2 - hum paanch episode Golmaal 3 - khatta meetha! Rohit shetty = No originality. Period.

mindkhichadi: What stupid movie #Golmaal! They dnt trust our intelligence. Think we r fool wit no mind of our own. Slapstic n lame shit movie.

mindkhichadi: Golmaal - just by blowin cars n jumping like a jack doesnt make a film! Story Script does.

midhun_mohan: Golmaal3 BIG FLOP OF THE YEAR...Action Reply better than golmal even though it is a nonsense movie..

mayanks: Freak out http://j.mp/a4BhtL just reviewed Golmaal 3 on burrp! don't ask me why I saw the movie, just read the review :-)

maheshmanelkar: Saw the Hindi movies Action Replay & Golmaal 3,both were GROSS!!! "Due Date" was funlol

mahavirus: Golmaal 3 : Let down. Seems the team got overconfident. Avoidable. #FB

lbanil: saw Golmaal-3..only 2 words.."HORRIBLE" & "TERRIBLE"

keeratgrewal: Golmaal 3.. Boring boring boring!!!! :(

kaveerr: Watched golmal 3 yest ......i need to tune my head now ...... its all tangled

jayvasavada: rohit shetty is gud director even in sunday n all d vest..n golmal 1 was superb..bt now its borin n repeatativ frenchise to me..

jasim_ab: Watched Golmaal 3. Rating: 2/5. Has a few light moments. A lot overdone. Story = nil. Anybody saw Action Replay?

interactivecode: Golmal 3 was a waste of time. Bollywood movies hit a new low. #FAIL

Imtheboon: Saw #golmaal3 2de bt..i didnt liked d movie as much as i liked golmaal and aal d best.

iamnitin33: just watched golmaal..............fully bawkas movie..plz don't see in the theatre fully waste ur money..

Grarrymatter: Golmaal 3 shows us how to waste talents, double meaning abusing words not create laugh when you use many talented actors.

fzil: Sat through Golmaal 3. The horror...

Frazier_B: Just bak home from the movie Golmaal...it had its mindlessly stupid comedy & it was hilarious but otherwise boring...2/5

faisalkapadia: Saw golmal 3 sat night - verdict spare yself the pain

dr_imran: How can they make such shoddy movies,esp this golmaal shit,suppose to be a comedy movie instead i wz tearing my hairs.

djhitesh: Golmal 3 sucks waste of time #movies #movieguy

Dancingmyway: Golmaal 3... What was I thinking!!!!!!!!

ChattiBoy: Watched Golmaal 3. It was like the exact same dump you took, in a different lavatory. Save it for its world TV premier or something.. :D #fb

biren17max: Golmaal 3 iz disguisting......u can say jst 'A hokum story frm a unfledged director.'.. far off frm xpectations

being_Sujit_P: dnt waste ur money dis diwali in watchin movies lyk action replay n golmaal.. golmaal is pathetic n action replay is more faltu dn golmaal3

balbirmatta: Saw Golmaal 3 yesterday Nd thought it's really ShiT !!! Baseless!!

arvindblogs: All those who had anything to do with the making of Golmaal 3, GO AND DIE.

AparnaHajirnis: Golmaal 3 is such a disaster!Comedy is not only just making spoofs of other movies!

anujgulati: golmaal - 3 hours of waste of time

anudarbha: I’m all for slapstick comedy provided it’s reigned in with a tight script, story & screenplay. Golmaal 3 looked like an experiment.

Ankyy06: Golmaal 3 is a definite failure. The story line was so stretched. Don't get me talking on the amount of songs present. Arrgh!

ankitmodi89: Avoid Golmaal 3.

anishrpillai: Seen film 'Golmaal-3' 2day, same funny crap lyk its prequels.. No story, nothing...

amul_mohan: The title track for the film Golmaal should have been... Go, Go, Go, Go, Golmaal is SHIT again!

amit420102: some movies stretch you to boredome and then strangle you to death and golmaal 3 was one of them...

Aklujkar: ,,,Golmal 3,,,,,,,,,the worst comedy movie i hav ever seen;,,,,,,

aditya_n: (if anyone gives me favorable reviews for Golmaal 3, i'd break his Oongli, he's won't be able to play Oongli Cricket

aditi_malhotra_: Was so fed up of Obama's continuous coverage dat I decided 2 watch Golmaal 3.Got so fed up of d movie-left it & decided #Obamavisit was betr

AartiMadan: Golmaal 3.. Over hyped movie...completely..!

_Satyarth: I barely smiled 17 times throughout the movie Golmaal 3, including the end credits. What's the big hype and hullabaloo all about? :/

15 readers - 7 yays 3 so-so 5 nays

Yay! Thumbs Up, by ar condicionado para carro preco

Yay! Thumbs Up, by chetanya : very nice

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Jignesh : Must watch movie

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Joydeep : Another great work by Rohit

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Kaizad

Yay! Thumbs Up, by mallika sharma : not seen yet as mentioned above

Yay! Thumbs Up, by M.Hamza Madni : 100

So-So, by MIRCHIPLEX : 50

So-So, by pratik : the film was nice.Performance of kareena and tushar was really fine

So-So, by Wardhaman : guaranteed laughter. jokes carry more weight than story. good to watch with family & friends.

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Dr Sachin : Unmitigated humbug; pretty dumb comedy..

Nay! Thumbs Down, by HidT7 : Fusss....bum Smells better than this movie

Nay! Thumbs Down, by nirmal : not going to watch it

Nay! Thumbs Down, by yakub

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Yeahhh

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Warning: this section has some details that could distort your experience while watching the movie. I strongly recommend reading this only after you have seen the movie or if you have decided not to see it.

Plot Summary

I wish Rohit had found a better way to include himself in the screen. Thankfully, that was at the end and audience just gaped mutely. I wish if that was more fun.

What Worked

Ah, there is ‘Facebook’ in the movie and one of Kareena’s T-shirt reads, ‘Can Facebook Tweet?’

Interestingly, I didn’t spot a single family inside the theater, mostly a young crowd. But then it was morning of Diwali.

Few scenes that stand out – One, where gang of step brothers show each other things (lollypop, cactus plant et al) to torment the other. It is a suggestive scene, implying that this will be shoved up your ass. Yet the histrionics by the actors make it laughable when there are no dialogues. It ends with a note from ‘Hum Saath Saath Playing Out’

One emotional moment, when Tusshar reveals something heartbreaking to all his brothers. Considering Tusshar cannot speak, at that moment everyone including the step-brothers, instantly understands what he is trying to tell.

Mithun’s reaction to the gift by his step-children – yeh kuch odd sa nahi lag raha hai.

Tusshar Kapoor’s mute character always stands out in Golmaal movie, but this time he had to share it with Shreyas Talpade’s stammer.

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Negligible, slap sticky sorts
  • Language: Swear words (some indistinct) and a couple of suggestive sequences.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: Two set of jobless step brothers try to outdo each other
  • General Look and Feel: Bright, frolicky, jocular and fun

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

Lead Actors:
Character Artists:
Music Director:

Golmaal 3 - Cast, crew, links

Background Score:
Action Choreography:
Music Director:
Art Direction:

Inspired by:

Khatta Meetha

Running time:
150 minutes

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I couldn't watch the trailer. I can't see myself surviving this movie if I am indeed coerced into watching it.

And I just realised that I have been using two email accounts on this site. So now there are two Rahuls here. :D

@Rahul how sad that we have such apprehensions and there the film-makers are going about saying, you liked our earlier films, so here you go...

you have two ids and you still are one of wogma's top commenter. thank you!

I'm sorry, I didn't like any of the movies.

The "trilogy" is basically a financial investment and not a film - and maybe that distinction is there. There are people who want to see it, and there are people who don't want to see but that doesn't change the fact that the entire trilogy is backed by only one motive - being the diwali blockbuster of the year.

Slapstick is great, but only if they earnestly strive to make a slapstick movie- Govinda movies in the 90s. I would much rather watch those than a business deal disguised as a film.

(Okay too harsh, but Tusshar Kapoor, esp in Golmaal annoys the **** out of me!)

@swetha ha ha ha...business deal? does that mean there was a 3-movie deal, or does that mean if the third film is a financial success there will be a fourth one.

@nirmal the thing is, its not people like you or me who dont like these movies that decide the fate. It's the other people who liked the first two editions that will make that visit to the theater

Yes a commercial deal- with pathetic attempt to create humor out of people's disabilities. I am sure humor can be more creative, mature and inclusive. In the times and age of movies like "Tare Zamin Par", this movie is retrogressive and irresponsible.
This movie will only strengthen foolish stereotypes about stammerers and promote teasing of children in schools and discrimination in work place. Is this kind of humor we deserve in 2010?

I liked the movie..it was based on the old movie "Khatta Meetha" and overall the movie was enough to make the audience laugh.The movie is a must watch on the theatres,if you watch it in DVD then the enjoyment would get halved.Go and watch it in theatres for sure!:)

Well, watched this movie purely because of this review. Had read Poonam's reviews of Jhing Chik Jhing on her blog and had seen it later. And I am glad that i saw that movie (also, summer 2007 was her recommendation). She is once again bang on with her review. As she said you get a feeling that the movie is stretched for no reason, especially the 2nd half of the movie has much of these scenes. Still, as poonam says, the movie is a 3 hr (i think 2 hrs and 40 minutes) of standup done by hell lot of actors. Golmal 3 is a sure laughter medicine despite some scenes. Pretty good especially after golmal 2. The rating options are not suitable. Had to give "so-so" rating when it is better than that, but not a "Yay"!

@Wardhaman the rating options are limited, intentionally. so that readers can give a quick assesment.

found this little irritating with all the stammering...

i like the film

Golmaal 3 was full Dhamaal.
I loved this movie alot.

Kunal dialogue was rocking.

Unmitigated jest and frolic- yes, also unmitigated humbug: it teaches Indians to laugh and mock people with disability for "pure fun"! It apologises to dogs, at the opening- but not to people with disabilities..!!
That is the limit of insensitivity. Pardonable in 1947- I guess..

@Joydeep I haven't watched 'Khatta Meetha', but I sure was relieved that movie made me laugh. Which is lot more than I could ever say about Golmaal 2.

@praneshachar: Thanks so much for your comments here. Yeah, I waited to watch the shooting scenes in end, some of them were hilarious.

@Wardhaman Thanks for the kind words. Yea, I thought it was a stand comedy show one that could easily be improvised each time without altering/impacting its non-existent plot. :) What did you mean when you said - 'Golmal 3 is a sure laughter medicine despite some scenes' What scenes you found objectionable/irritating?

@Mallika That's quite some enthusiasm, I am curious to know what you thought of the movie AFTER you watched it. ;)

@Yakub The stammering fit well in situational comedy and game of rejoinders, that I didn't much notice the irritation it may have caused to some. To each his/her own.

@Dr. Sachin: I do not remember a single instance where disability per se was being made fun of in a derogatory manner. No character was put down solely because it was mute or stammering, rather laughs happened due to situations/reactions that mute rejoinders/stammered replies created/evoked. Which is not so much different than laughing at gullibility of Vasooli or amnesiac portrayal of Johnny Lever. In truth, we try to make light of even could-have-been-dangerous moments. Don't we jest when even able-people trip or fall or makes similar mistakes. Or, would we prefer a sanctimonious mourning? Not only that, I loved the scene where Tusshar Kapoor's mute character goes to break the secret of their birth to everyone and for once they all (including the step-brothers) understand perfectly without a shred of doubt.
What would you prefer - differently-abled lead characters that can laugh at themselves and give equally back or morose disabled characters (often part of sub-plots) that only evoke pity? Personally, I would judge a movie/book/comedy based on its intention - and in this case, I didn't think it was insensitive. It's good to laugh on idiosyncrasies that life offers.

@yeahhh I think the discrepancy is because I didn't review Golmaal 3, I actually hated the film, so yes, it'd have certainly received a lower rating than FALTU :D


The dialogues are simply awesome if you have a taste for slap stick comedy.... Sanjay Mishra is awesome with his wrong spelling.... DDLJ - Diwali..... And Kuntal with his comparisons.... Johnny is as always hilarious...... Leave your senses at home and you will love the film.....

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