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  • Singham Returns: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Zanjeer: Want to Watch: haven't watched yet but expecting it to be entertaining at the least
  • Lootera: Not Interested in Watching: boredom written all over the trailer.. atleast to my eyes!
  • Raanjhanaa: Yay! Thumbs Up: haven't watched yet
  • Inkaar: Want to Watch: apprehensive about the overall package but expect sparks of intelligent film making.
  • Aiyyaa: Not Interested in Watching: so what is this, a different spin on the The Dirty Picture?
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: Yay! Thumbs Up: pretty darn good. watch it without expectations n u'll love it. ah that's an expectation ain't it?
  • Golmaal 3: Nay! Thumbs Down: not going to watch it
  • Rakht Charitra I: So-So: difficult to get it if you aren't from AP


  • Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion:

    posted 7 years, 1 month ago
  • Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion:

    I am with 'Fan' and Meetu on this one. For those who think the film's nativity worked better for South Indians - meet me. I am Telugu and I was constantly frustrated throughout the film for its unnecessary drama, inconsistent VFX quality, over-the-top heroics. Some of the emotions played out quite well but overall I thought BB2 was a wasted opportunity. Wasted because with the commercial success of BB1 they already had a big fan base that could have appreciated a more original and authentic film than this product which is fraught with plagiarism, lazy direction, predictable plot.

    If you do watch it, please make sure it's on the big screen, as only a BIG screen can hide all the film's flaws

    posted 7 years, 1 month ago
  • Singham Returns:

    @Anuj - I was referring to the franchise in general but I see your point. Sorry I got that wrong but I really hope the Southern film-makers don't remake this film.

    posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  • Singham Returns:

    @Meetu - Looking through your review and the comments that followed I really do feel I am missing something here. I watched this film last night and left the cinema thinking it was a total waste of my time. Each to his own but I really cannot understand what makes some people think Rohit Shetty is a good director. It is unfortunate that we weigh success by the amount of money a film makes. I want to suggest you have a rating called 'I wouldn't recommend this even to an enemy', and Singham Returns fits nicely into it. I am quite surprised you were suggesting there is a 'message' in the film.. Really Meetu?? And the focus is the story?? - you can't be serious!

    The film seems to be attempting to do too many things at one time mostly taking cues from current and recent headline making events in India - it has a BJP styled political party with the development and youth agenda, an Asaram Bapu type baba, previously likeable but now irritating candle tributes, a Barkha Dutt lookalike journalist who interestingly is both a journalist and a newsreader, an attempt to please culturally diverse people because for the director that's the politically correct place to be, the list it just goes on. It is like several films woven together with the cheapest wool available in the market. There isn't anything new in the film either with the exception of 1000s of policemen walking with fresh brilliant-white vests on the streets of Mumbai but even that falls flat in the events that follow. I hope we all don't just say the film has mass appeal - that would be an insult to whoever fits in that category.

    The sub-standard dialogues and the background music (noise rather!) make the experience even worse. And what is with the whole atha maajhi sataklee dialogue?? Not once in the film was the dialogue used aptly, not to mention the dialogue itself isn't punchy.. Is it just me or was there a bit too much of Marathi frequenting in a Hindi film?
    The background score abruptly shifts from a slow message oriented song with the Darga in the background, to a very fast-paced poorly delivered Bhagavad Gita inspired chanting, and this pattern repeats again and again.

    Performances -- well there is Ajay Devgan whose performance is emotionally crippled, an old looking Kareena Kapoor who is in her most irritable and loud character yet, and the others that don't deserve mention in my view. One exception being the dead constable's wife who for a couple of minutes does deliver some emotion.

    The film is an awful remake of a not so good original. Either that or I had a bad day!


    posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  • Zanjeer:

    Hi Meetu
    I'm back :)
    Interesting review.. I haven't watched the movie but I am tempted to comment mainly because you did what I hoped you wouldn't i.e. compare with the original, but you couldn't resist I presume.
    Needless to say the original was excellent not only because of execution but because it was the first of its kind. I do however question if your assessment of Ram Charan's 2 expression face as you put it against presumably a multi-expression face of Amitabh is actually justified. Amitabh in the 1973 version also had no more than 3 expressions.. but it retains impact even today because of the nostalgia that surrounds it. Ofcourse given you are a fan of Amitabh Bachhan you may not see it the way I do.

    your scores are as confusing as ever.. 0.5 for music director? 2 for story (because it was adapted from what you refer to as iconic?) but 1.5 for dialogues (despite retaining some?)..

    While we are on the dialogues point - did you really think Pran's delivery of the beimaani dialogue or any other for that matter was good? the dialogue itself was good and more importantly original, definitely not the delivery.. or so I think!

    Clearly you didn't like the film but you seem to also hate it for reasons that don't to me seem logical, and that comes across in the language you use - 'ridiculous', 'epic fail', 'condescending'!!

    I'm going to watch this by the way :)


    posted 10 years, 9 months ago
  • Lootera:

    why am I getting the feeling that this film will end up being rather boring while attempting to become a milestone in Bollywood!!

    posted 10 years, 11 months ago
  • Raanjhanaa:

    Hey Meetu
    howdy.. been a while.. I haven't watched this film yet but quite looking forward to. But I did want to say that your review while overall positive evoked in me a similar response to Raj. But hey I did notice you suggesting Dhanush's performance being good :)


    posted 10 years, 11 months ago
  • Inkaar:

    Hey Meetu.. long time
    I don't mind Arjun Rampal.. He does try his best and shines once in a while too. This film however -- hmm I am not too sure what I should expect. I get a feeling that there will some bold dialogues dotted here and there (coming mainly from the lady) but the pace could be rather dull. Sudhir will throw in some intelligence for sure but as a package will it work is the question!! we'll know soon won't we.

    posted 11 years, 5 months ago
  • Aiyyaa:

    being from the South myself I often am intrigued by either the portrayal or reference to South Indian cinema in Bollywood, and more often than not I am rather disappointed. Disappointed because while South Indian cinema has moved forward by decades, Bollywood's understanding of what South Indian cinema really is, is frozen in the 80s. I have only looked at the trailer of Aiyya and was struggling to spot any notable difference between the choreography of this film vs The Dirty Picture. But Dirty picture made sense in a way because it was about a so called sex bomb (although the real Silk had more to her than just shedding clothes). May be I am being defensive here and probably a bit premature about what the context of the song in this trailer is, but I am yet to see a bollywood film-maker or film-critic demonstrate their understanding of what South Indian cinema is all about.

    with a little bit of vexation and a bit of frustration!

    posted 11 years, 8 months ago