Dolly Ki Doli

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A strange case of you being on the side of the wrong-doer. Entertaining, though only in bits.

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Director: Abhishek Dogra
Running time: 100 minutes
Genres: Comedy, Romance
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You find yourself siding with a con-artist. Not just a person who dupes the other of money. She robs emotions, feelings and wears the thievery on her sleeve. She takes offense when she hasn't been able to win someone over with her charm. She takes it up as a challenge that has to be won. Not a very likeable attitude for a person you would know in real life. Yet, you cheer for the screen her.

In a sense, you feel her liberation and you are with her when she says, she might find more freedom in a prison than being locked in a marriage. Especially, given how possessive the recipients of her fake-affection get.

Yet, not much of your involvement can be attributed to much about the film. It is very difficult to figure out what exacly makes you root for Dolly. The dialogue isn't very interesting, neither is its delivery. There isn't much striking about the other departments of the film either. The music is the kind you'd find in every other film.

Sonam Kapoor in the lead comes across very stiff, even a little more than her usual self. Sure, the side actors do their bit well from Rajkummar Rao to Archana Puran Singh, but none of the characters have enough depth to make themselves believable.

Even a shallow character like Archana Puran Singh's can evoke an emotion if written better. It is this mixture that confuse your loyalties. The victims of the con-artists' con-job are not very likeable. Then, it all boils down to Sonam Kapoor's persona itself – the actor, not the character she plays. Her face, the fact that she is the lead lady, takes away from the film.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with liking the anti-hero. But, somehow it kept me distracted through the film. I don't like the character so much, then why do I want her to get away with it? And yet again, I find myself liking a film more than I usually would because of what I didn't “get” about the film. The only thing I know for sure is I enjoyed the overall concept and felt a liberation of sorts with the way the film ended.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, Bollywood Hungama : ...On the whole, DOLLY KI DOLI is a stress buster that will make you smile as you'll leave the theatre. Debutante director Abhishek Dogra has competently extracted superb performances from the entire starcast. The unpredictable climax of the film works to the advantage too. But the four day weekend will help this Dolly ensnare many patrons. The word of mouth will be the key in witnessing the growth. We say, it's a roller coaster entertainer. Enjoy it with your families.... full review

Thumbs up, Indicine : ...Overall, Dolly Ki Doli turned out to be surprisingly delightful and light on the head by telling a story that every woman can relate to. It subtly manages to insult the institution of marriage in a funny manner. The tale of Dolly and her shenanigans are not to be taken too seriously and morality should not come in the way of enjoying this hilarious little film. It is whimsical, innocent, quirky, random and filled with the strangest of characters played by the best of character actors. If you are in the mood for some fun and not in the mood for serious films like Baby then Dolly Ki Doli surely deserves a watch. Sonam’s previous film Khoobsurat has developed a quiet fan following and Dolly Ki Doli can potentially go the same way too. Go watch it!... full review

Thumbs up, by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies : ...Even for the film as a whole, one would have loved to see more laughs since the film is set as a con comedy. However, while there are smiles galore, what really works for Dolly Ki Doli is the fact that there are no dull moments and there is something happening every five minutes. It doesn't bore and that's where the strength of this Arbaaz Khan production lies.... full review

Thumbs up, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...Debut director Abhishek Dogra gives us a film that's an above-average entertainer, with an interesting story and a solid ensemble cast. Worth a watch!... full review

Thumbs up, by Somdatta Sen, Star Blockbuster : ...The film has one of the best ensemble of actors whose low star power lends the film its substance. Rajkummar as a typical Jatt is spot on, so is Varun as a puerile Punjabi guy. Pulkit though looks like a watered down version of Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg but manages to pull it off well. Sonam needs to work on her dialogue delivery and be restrained to make her acts look more effective. The plot evokes fun at times and has quite a few natural quirks that tickle your funny bone.... full review

So-So, by Nikhil Kumar, Apun Ka Choice : ...Laced with light humour from start to finish, Dolly Ki Doli isn’t the outright laugh riot that leaves you in splits. It tickles you now and then throughout its running course of 100 minutes and leaves you with a few surprises in the climax. An enjoyable film, worth a watch.... full review

So-So, by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express : ...I liked the closing portions, though. There’s a refreshing, even thrilling, emancipatory element that seems wasted in a film this frivolous. And the last scene offers the biggest laughs.... full review

So-So, by Kusumita Das, Deccan Chronicle : ...For the first time Sonam has attempted a complex role, the result is not perfect but certainly convincing. And kudos to the director for trusting her with the role and bringing out something in her that goes beyond sartorial excellence.... full review

So-So, by Smita Vyas Kumar, Desi Martini : ...A short and breezy entertainer with a few lapses in logic. But then you can't have it all!... full review

So-So, by Inspector VIjay, Desi Martini : ...Mediocre content, decent acting make it watchable..... full review

So-So, by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare : ...Decent writing, good performances and an overall well-made film. There’s nothing to complain about the camera work or pacing of the film. But the one area where the movie suffers the most is its music.... full review

So-So, by Deepanjana Pal, FirstPost : ...Dolly ki Doli is a film about how there's more to life than keeping up appearances, this is particularly ironic. Left to the pretty faces, a film that could have been a charming caper ends up to be a simple disappointment.... full review

So-So, by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live : ...Never overstaying its welcome, the film is short and a lot of fun. I'm going with three out of five for Dolly Ki Doli. It's worth watching for Rajkummar Rao's excellent performance alone.... full review

So-So, by Arunava Chatterjee, india today : ...Dolly ki Doli is an entertainer with noticeable loopholes in the plot. Despite the half baked script, it is worth a watch.... full review

So-So, by Surabhi Redkar, koimoi : ...Dolly Ki Doli is a time-pass entertainer that you can enjoy if you keep your brains at home. This film comes as a breath of fresh air from all the South remakes and thought-provoking dramas that are most oftenly served. After particularly loving Varun Sharma’s comic antics and Rajkummar Rao’s sheer genuine acting, I am going with a 2.5/5 for this peppy film.... full review

So-So, by Udita Jhunjhunwala, Live Mint : ...Dogra and Uma Shankar Singh’s script is also highly convenient, with a host of oversights. Dolly’s motivations are poorly explained and in an already silly climax, she unexpectedly delivers a cringe-worthy anti-chauvinism speech. But this is a minor niggle in an otherwise enjoyable film that delivers enough punch-lines and sharply captures community and wedding-related quirks in all their frenzy and colour.... full review

So-So, by Shubha Shetty-Saha, MiD DAY : ...This premise could have worked wonders, if the director confidently showed the protagonist as the stone hearted, badass woman who cheated men for the pure thrill of it. That Dolly would have been far more convincing than this strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri.... full review

So-So, MoviezADDA : ...Dum? Well, there is a good amount of dum in some comical tracks and fine performances from most of its cast. The movie had potential to be much better than what it is and should have more detailing attached to it. There is lots happening in the film, but despite of that, the soul keeps missing at most of its place. On an overall factor,the movie is a decent, one time watch and will be liked by the family audiences. Thus, looking at its script which keeps running on and on without settling down at any point the movie should have been renamed as 'Bhaag Dolly Bhaag'.... full review

So-So, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...But for all its obvious flaws and failings, Dolly Ki Doli is not completely unworthy of the 100 minutes that it demands from the audience.... full review

So-So, by Stutee Ghosh, Planet Bollywood : ...Dolly Ki Doli scores thanks to top notch casting and brilliant performances. However familial ties prove to be its undoing. Pulkit Samrat as Robin Singh, the policeman entrusted with the duty of capturing Looteri Dulhan is totally overshadowed by all including the charming Sonam Kapoor.... full review

So-So, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...Even if the concluding bit of the script could do with a couple more rewrites, I am glad Dogra doesn’t cop out to accommodate an overnight change of personality. And that alone make Dolly Ki Doli worth a ride in my book.... full review

So-So, by ANUJ KUMAR, The Hindu : ...Bottomline: Funny in parts, Dolly doesn’t live up to the promise.... full review

So-So, by Madhureeta Mukherjee, Times of India : ...Watch this one for fun on the run. As long as you're not light-laugh-lactose intolerant.... full review

So-So, Zee News : ...Overall, despite glitches that test your sense of logic and actuality, ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ comes across an entertaining film.... full review

Thumbs down, by Suparna Sharma, Deccan Chronicle : ...Wish Dolly ki Doli had the courage to malign its heroine with pure criminal intent. It would have been fun and would have slightly altered the history of Indian heroines. That it doesn’t do so makes it Dolly the bore.... full review

Thumbs down, by Parampara Patil Hashmi, Desi Martini : ...Advisable only for a bland diet!... full review

Thumbs down, by martin D'Souza, : ...The scenes get repetitive and there is no novelty left in the acting as well. Even the idea that Dolly continues to do what she started doing, conning grooms, even after being nabbed, is far-fetched. The movie had a good premise but Dogra failed to juice out the plot for a fitting climax. ... full review

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1nonlyWashim: guys don't waste time

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  • Language: Abusive language silenced out. Not too much of it anyway
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Guys trying to make out with their new bride.
  • Concept: A con woman gets guys to marry her and runs away the night of the wedding with everything the groom owns.
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and peppy.

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