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Slow, long and yet it balances between taking its poetry too seriously and dumbing it down for our benefit. Only a few spots you wish were polished a tad better.

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Director: Abhishek Chaubey
Running time: 150 minutes
Genres: Noir, Romance
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Dedh Ishqiya - Preview

With a cast like this, the one thing you can look forward to is ace-class performances. You get lovely glimpses in the official trailer itself. Just the look that connects Madhuri Dixit to Naseeruddin Shah at 0:22 sets up their chemistry. I am looking forward to the banter between Arshad Warsi and Huma Qureshi too. Though Vijay Raaz does come across a shade too loud for the rest of the cast.

While this would be enough to make me watch any film once, I would still want the film to have a story and some more meat in its writing than the dialogue used in the trailer. The few lines you hear are a tad over-written to either shock or feel predictable. Hopefully, the movie has more than just this.

Unfortunately, while the music is quirky it does seem a little repetitive and I guess it is difficult to top 'dil toh bachcha hai ji' from Ishqiya. On the other hand, Madhuri Dixit's presence, especially when she dances adds spark to any song.

Music Reviews:
Bollywood Hungama - "3.5/5"
glamsham - "3.5/5"
Milliblog - "Vishal, the composer, rises to the occasion, as usual!"
Music Aloud - "8/10"
rediff - "2.5/5"

- meeta, a part of the audience

There are seven stages of falling in love claims Dedh Ishqiya. Isn't it beautiful that the director is in love, the writer is in love, the cinematographer is in love, the producer is in love and of course, the actors are in love - with their art? They are almost at the sixth stage - obsession. Lovingly, balancing their act before they go any further towards the climax. And the beauty is they take you along with them, only leaving you behind once in a way.

With all its Urdu (I refuse to use any glorifying adjective for Urdu because it just doesn't do justice), poetry and poise, the one thing that strikes the most is its quirkiness. Who would've thought Urdu and quirk would blend so well together. A character who doesn't even have a scene in the film has a quirky dying wish.

The contrast doesn't stop here. You have a foul-mouthed Babban (Arshad Warsi), a loud-mouthed Muniya (Huma Qureshi) and wannabe poet (Vijay Raaz) even it out with their everyday speak. Further enhancing these opposites are the subtitles in English. At first annoying, but once the Urdu begins you are grateful for them.

And yet, the Urdu isn't completely out there. You can approximate what the not so known words mean from the context. Very likely, the writers took a conscious decision to dumb it down for us. A wise decision which balances between becoming too intelligent for its own good and over-explaining things. There are a couple of spots where they couldn't resist spoon-feeding though and it is jarring when it happens only because it departs from the otherwise painstakingly created regal tone of the film.

The rusty, dusty palette against the royal backdrop of a prince's palace is by itself enough to keep you engaged for a good part of the film. The music subtly stays in the background with some soulful lyrics to the songs. This works perfectly for the story that adds layer after layer to itself. I loved the subtle hints at homosexuality - both good and bad.

Then, each of the main characters has an angle of his/her own. The build-up to half-time is perfect for the twists that ensue later in the film. Interestingly, even if it is predictable you don't mind it, because it is still different from the norm. Similarly, the wit in the lines, even when predictable is done with words that you don't expect making it fresh.

Of course, it helps that you have a cast that insists on topping each other in terms of their charm, comic timing, dialogue delivery and poise as needed. Sure, you will find Madhuri Dixit a little less glamorous and vibrant than she was in her heyday. But the lady is aging gracefully. That beside the role does demand a plastic kind of poise that she carries off with elegance. And when she lets her hair down, she reminds you of her old self.

Naseeruddin Shah is lovable as the old fool in love, smitten by his latest "love of life". And yet he carries of the shade of gray believably. Arshad Warsi is of course, charming from the word go as a gullible idiot. Huma Qureshi has now mastered the art of being the woman who knows exactly what she wants. Vijay Raaz too is perfect as the villain who is as smitten as our protagonist. All of them - from Madhuri Dixit to Vijay Raaz need more roles like these. For our sakes more than theirs.

And for our sake too, if there is a Dhai Ishqiya, I am not sure if I want it to stay at this stage of love - a little less than six out of the full seven. A part of me wants the next installment to go all out and challenge us with zero spoon-feeding. A part of me wants it to stick to this balance. Why? Well, because the seventh stage is rather deadly.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Anna MM Vetticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies : ... I didn’t move from my seat till the very last shot. Abhishek Chaubey has arrived, people! And Madhuri is back!... full review

Thumbs up, by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks : ...But as they say, the possibility remains that the Nawaabi feast might not suit many having a routine appetite.... full review

Thumbs up, by Natalie Rout, Bolly Spice : ...Dedh Ishqiya is an even better watch than its prequel and entertains with its dry humour, terrific dialogue and electric chemistry.... full review

Thumbs up, by Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama : ...DEDH ISHQIYA is a worthy follow up to the widely admired ISHQIYA. Powerful writing, superb direction and outstanding performances make DEDH ISHQIYA a must watch. Just don't miss it! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Rashma Shetty Bali, Bollywood Life : ...Dedh Ishqiya is a must watch for movie lovers. Unlike most of today’s commercial hit films, it is not a ‘no brainer’. Instead, take your thinking minds on an exciting joyride that impels you to enjoy an aesthetic and exciting movie watching experience... full review

Thumbs up, Daily Bhaskar : ...Dedh Ishqiya is backed by great acting performances. Madhuri has again proved that why she is the undisputed queen of Bollywood. Young divas should buckle up as they have to compete with the diva, who is all set to take the box office by storm in her second term in Bollywood. We can say Madhuri is back and ‘with a bang’. Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad might have given disastrous films recently, but their performance in Dedh isqiya will re-establish their fans’ trust in them. One man whose performance has overshadowed everyone is Vijay Raaz. He is definitely the best performer amongst the talented star cast of the film.... full review

Thumbs up, Desi Martini : ...Dedh Ishqiya is deliciously better than its predecessor laced with impeccable writing, superb dialogues and a brilliant cast that enraptures you with their acting prowess. Don't miss this marvellous experience... full review

Thumbs up, by Rony D'costa, Desi Martini : ...A rich cinematic experience that’s quirky, has the best of dialogues and is visually soothing. Lilah... full review

Thumbs up, by Somesh Sinha, Desi Martini : ...A deliciously nouvelle continuation, that is strictly *not-to-be-missed*! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Inspector VIjay, Desi Martini : ...A cracking sequel with the best dialogues I have seen in years! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Ameetbhuvan, Desi Martini : ...Solid story scintillating visuals dry wit and power packed cast make this a must watch... full review

Thumbs up, by Deepa Deosthalee, Film Impressions : ...Dedh Ishqiya is an intelligent film and better than anything Bharadwaj has directed in recent years.... full review

Thumbs up, by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare : ... Arshad Warsi and Naseeruddin Shah are a rage too. Forget couples having chemistry, forget bromance, this uncle and nephew duo have the kind of rapport comparable to Jai and Veeru.... full review

Thumbs up, by Deepanjana Pal, FirstPost : ...Chaubey is two films old and compared to Ishqiya, Dedh Ishqiya is far more elaborate, complicated and ambitious ... full review

Thumbs up, by Neha Mathur, : ...Dedh Ishqiya is more of a lumbering buggy ride. It demands to be savoured, and you will not be entertained if you are in a hurry... full review

Thumbs up, by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live : ...Dedh Ishqiya gives the UP badlands a light cloak of humor and, to the viewer - we're happy to note - a bold reveal that is more suggested than emphasized. The twist in the tale is one you can spot from a mile away, but it's nicely done. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Rohit Khilnani, india today : ...Music by Vishal Bhardwaj is not great here but his contribution in writing the dialogues for this film is the best thing to happen to Dedh Ishqiya.... full review

Thumbs up, Indicine : ...The first major release of 2013 (Dedh Ishqiya) has also set the bar particularly high for all films to arrive in the next 12 months. Dedh Ishqiya is hilarious with its poetic banter, dark humour and is also an astute thriller which manages to entertain the audiences from start to finish. Start your year with a cinematic high by watching Dedh Ishqiy... full review

Thumbs up, by Mohar Basu, koimoi : ...Dedh Ishqiya is a sexy film. Mystically poignant, grippingly lucid, dark, subtle and so invigorating-ly well performed. It’s not everyday that you stumble upon near perfect films which entertain you so enthralling-ly. I am going with a 4/5. This movie was worth every buck and there should be no reason to miss this film.... full review

Thumbs up, by Shubha Shetty-Saha, MiD DAY : ...Arshad Warsi is brilliant as usual. While Madhuri Dixit as the graceful, silent “suffering” Begum is almost relegated to the background at times, Huma Qureshi does full justice to her throbbing, assertive, passionate role... full review

Thumbs up, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ... From dilkashi to junoon, the start and end point respectively of Khalujaan’s take on the seven stages of love, the film has them both and everything in between and beyond. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Raja Sen, Rediff : ...It’s a genuinely smart film. It’s beautifully, lovingly shot... full review

Thumbs up, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...There's so much to be savoured in the film -- from the performances, aesthetics, music, and the story itself. You don’t watch a film like this, you soak it in! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Janhavi Samant, Star Blockbuster : ...Although better than many other recently released films, Dedh Ishqiya isn’t as good as its prequel. But worth a watch anyway. You could brush up on your Urdu. - See more at: full review

Thumbs up, by Meena Iyer, Times of India : ... Vishal Bharadwaj's dialogue keeps you in splits... full review

Thumbs up, by Rummana Ahmed, yahoo! India : ...Abhishek Chaubey’s ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ is entertaining, intriguing and humourous. He sure knows how to tell a gripping story peppered with generous doses of wit.... full review

Thumbs up, by Resham Sengar, Zee News : ...The music delivered by Vishal Bhardwaj is adept in rendering the required force and conviction to the film`s story. Moreover, the neatly edited scenes make the film a captivating treat for the eyes.... full review

So-So, by Naresh Kumar Deoshi, Apun Ka Choice : ...Verily watchable, but no great shakes to rave about, Dedh Ishqiya is fun as long as it lasts, but it gives you nothing to carry home except the feeling of being caught leg-before without losing the ‘gilli’... full review

So-So, by Deepa Gahlot, cinemaah : ...When Shah and Warsi are in the frame together, sparks fly, but Madhuri Dixit brings nothing much to the screen except a strained grace that makes her look as if she were holding her breath for too long... full review

So-So, by Khalid Mohamed, Deccan Chronicle : ...Dedh Ishqiya' is different and it’s audacious – not without its sack of snafus though. It’s a could-see.... full review

So-So, by Smita, Desi Martini : ...A strong story and great acting make this a good watch though not as good as the first on... full review

So-So, by Anupama Chopra, Hindustan Times : ...Dedh Ishqiya is worth watching just for Abhishek Chaubey's ambition. He is not constrained by the demands of the box office. I am eager to see what trouble Khalujan and Babban will get into next.... full review

So-So, by Shubhra Gupta, indian express : ...There is much to be liked in the film, and I wish all of it had been as good as the scintillating bits. The trouble is not just with the pace. Some of the lines, terrific as they are, seem to be added in just so that the characters can revel in their o... full review

So-So, by Sanjukta Sharma, Live Mint : ...The pastiche that encompasses all the lunacy and glamour in Dedh Ishqiya is complemented by its splendidly evocative music by Bhardwaj.... full review

So-So, by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies : ...These are the reasons why one man who comes out unscathed is Arshad Warsi. Watch it if his distinct quirk is what has brought smiles on your face in his many comic encounters. - See more at: full review

So-So, by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA : ...Well if compared with the dum of 'Ishqiya' this movie has little less 'Ishqiya' in it due to its slow narrative style and weak screenplay. On individual basis and cinematic level 'Desh Ishqiya' is a good film with lots of hard work and efforts indulged in it, but still falls flat in front of its predecessor.... full review

So-So, by Karan Anshuman, Mumbai Mirror : ...Dedh Ishqiya - it's texture, dialogue, and performances - make it good enough to hold up in a repeat viewing. And that's a lot more than you can say about the majority of other films.... full review

So-So, by Mansha Rastogi, Now : ...Dedh Ishqiya falls just a step short of being flawless and that's only because of the Tarantino-esq climax. But in the rest of the portions, the film, as promised, "Dedh" (One and a half) times the fun of the original. ... full review

So-So, by Namrata Joshi, Outlook India : ...Vishal Bharadwaj uses words as beautifully—there’s at once a delic­acy as well as an irreverent humour in his dialogue... full review

Thumbs down, by Martin D'Souza, : ... DEDH ISHQIYA is a work of art but with too much of 'attachment'. It does not work when you don't know when to say ''cut''... full review

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Supriya85336864: Nice movie

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Mayank2989: "Dedh Ishqiya" had a lot of potential but somehow it lost plot/momentum in the middle. Can easily avoid this one.

kuku307: timed at 3 girls at theater // Dedh Ishqiya bakwas movie not like much

HunnyAgrawal1: The year has began with a yukk film like Dedh Ishqiya! DI is a MUST AVOID!! The paid critics & actors praising the movie are misleading us!

DeepjyotiKumar: Is Dedh Ishqiya a film or an Urdu Documentary? Subtitles are a headache and practically killing all the fun. Vishal Bharadwaj overdoes it!!

callmebhai: Dedh Ishqiya is boring, people don't waste money on it. Go and watch Yaariyan !!

bhavatarini25: DEDH ISHQIYA Film critics steeped in misguided secularism, farted out fake positive reviews.

aurbolo: Dedh Ishqiya ko Dedh star milna chahiye

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Not Interested in Watching, by Anuj

Not Interested in Watching, by seriale online za darmo

Want to Watch, by Anup : Dont Judge Without Watching

Want to Watch, by Hazel : Chatham

Want to Watch, by Rajat

Want to Watch, by TimELiebe : Sounds Intriguing - Will Catch It on DVD

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Divya

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Divya

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Murtaza Ali : A great tribute to the lifestyles of the Nawabs of Awadh.

Yay! Thumbs Up, by seriale online

Yay! Thumbs Up, by sourav

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Vishal

Yay! Thumbs Up, by YouthTimes : ‘DEDH ISHQIYA’ is an unadulterated terrific entertainer with poetic relish!

So-So, by arpit

So-So, by Emergency prepardness

So-So, by karlin

So-So, by new theater movie releases dec 2013

So-So, by Rashid Virani : Awesome

So-So, by Siddharth : It falls short of expectation which Ishqiya recieved.i would say just so so movie

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Rajeev : A cooked story going nowhere.

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: a couple fist fights.
  • Language: a few abusive words (pleasant and poetic Urdu otherwise). The word "Sex" is used often.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A kiss and one scene implying two characters had sex.
  • Concept: Love and betrayal.
  • General Look and Feel: Rusty, dusty and yet glamorous.

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More than Naseer/Madhuri,i look forward to the supremely talented Arshad and Huma Qureshi! Arshad easily overshadowed Naseer saab in Ishqiya and i expect something similar in this one too!


Let the pseudo intellectual self proclaimed intelligent critics rant what they want to! Fact of the matter is that people like Vishal Bharadwaj and Anurag Kashyap are self indulgent film-makers who do not care 2 hoots about the losses they entail to their distributors and exhibitors through their so-called "classy" films catering to 2% of the audience. Add to that the boastful bragger,self obsessed jealous pseudo intellectual KING Mr.Naseeruddin Shah (whose spent 80% of his worthless career doing films like Jackpot & Sona Spa and yet claims to be a legend and calls an Amitabh Bachchan as 'mediocre') and you have a recipe for disaster! I do not understand when these lousy film-makers will understand that audiences still want a Dabangg,Krrish and a Dhoom-3 and definitely not a Dedh Ishqiya or some Lunchboxes! If they're so interested in makinf so-called "meaningful" and "creative" cinema they'd rather take a tip or two from the Hrishikesh Mukherjee,Basu Chatterjee or Shekhar Kapoor brand of cinema who made films with strong content but on shoestring costs thereby making profits for all concerned and keeping their limited target audience happy. Investing heavy amounts and making films like Gangs Of Wasseypur,Shanghai,Dedh Ishqiya,Omkara etc is nothing but suicidal.

PS:A 20% occupancy on the opening day is testimony to how many people want to watch a Vishal Bharadwaj crap starring the ever so repulsive bragger Naseer Shah!


...liked the movie...loved your review...though I think you could have been more liberal in overall and detailed ratings... Also liked the rediff already looking forward to dhai ishkiyaa....


Anuj, I understand that you don't like movies made by these directors, or movies in which Naseeruddin Shah has performed. That's a valid opinion. But I don't understand why you insist that the 2% that you claim watch these movies should not be allowed to watch the kind of movies they like. Surely it is equally valid for them to have entertainment they enjoy once in a while? And presumably they are quite thankful that these guys are making the kind of movies they enjoy.

You do have a point about profits for producers, distributors, etc. But remember, nobody is forcing anybody to produce and distribute these films. The fact that they choose to do so, reflects that people expect these movies to be commercially viable on average - of course any individual movie can lose money, but if all of these (in your words) "classy" films lost money, then I can assure you that people wouldn't continue to throw money at them.

As well, you seem to miss the point that there are levels of commercial viability other than the levels seen by Dabangg, Chennai Express, Dhoom 3, etc. Not every movie can be one of these, and thus it is equally important to have movies that are not super hits, but still viable, profitable, and serve the entertainment needs of minorities.

Finally, there is no doubt that some people consider making "quality" movies (based on their own definition of quality) to be an enterprise worth embarking on independent of commercial considerations. As long as people are putting money in such projects voluntarily, and with a full understanding of what they are doing, this is also a perfectly valid viewpoint. It is not necessary for all of India to have exactly the same tastes and priorities - and I'm sure India is a happier place because of it.

@Anuj - I prefer Entertainers to Parallel Cinema myself, but your stance is rather too belligerently populist for me. There's room for both kinds of movies in the world - and there are virtues other than just popularity. I hope you're not arguing that TRANSFORMERS 2; REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is a better movie than RANG DE BASANTI - because I'm not even Indian, and I know which of those movies I prefer!

Dedh Ishqiya is splendid, riveting and a very clever film that’s never obscure. While the name ‘Dedh’ adds just a half to the part one, this film is definitely a plus one. Do not miss it!


M that 2% audience (although i Havant given this % and i think this would be more then just 2 percent) who like such movies,,,made classy ,, with intelligence ,, with superb acting ,, rather flat masala flicks hitting theaters every Friday,,,,and thanks to persons like bhardawaz who keep on making movies like this,,,,and why not,,,,we are the part of audience too,,,,why shoundnt we get to watch what we want,,,,....
I have liked all bhardawaz movies excect Saath Khoon Maaf (which i didn't liked at all) and blue umbrella (which i Havant seen)....
My list also include his half baked commercial venture MATRU , the first installment of Ishqiya and n his other written venture Ek Thi Dayan....
And m pretty Sure that i will like this too,,,,good work VB sir,,,,keep doing this,,,,and special thanks to Abhishek Chaubey who is collaborating with bhardawaz........


@Tim:RDB,Kahaani etc are movies catering to urban sensibilities and molded to suit the taste of urban multiplex audiences brilliantly! They are what i call "urban entertainers". GOW and Dedh Ishqiya definitely do not come in that category. They're neither mass entertainers nor are they yrban entertainers. They're just the self obsession of a film-maker desperate to narrate a story despite knowing the fact that it has virtually zero takers,be it multiplexes or single screens! But i'm not surprised considering self obsession is the first term that comes to mind when i think of VB and Naseer Shah!


@Anup:Considering that this movie will end up having a lifetime nett collection of around INR 10 cr (incidently at par with a 38 year old Sholay which released last week,a movie which the bragger Naseer Shah has gone on record calling it "below average") probably proves that the number of people interested in watching this movie or a fake intellectual parallel cinematic legend's (aka FLOPSTAR) antics (which the swine himself describes as brilliant and better than Amitabh Bachchan) are perhaps not even 2% of the total audience. Old man Naseer should probably do the audience a favour by stop showing us his ugly face about 30 times in a year 'coz neither was anyone interested in watching his bunkum 30 years ago (barring a few exceptions) and nor is anyone interested in watching his bunkum today.

PS : Incidently,Naseer's career's biggest hits are Karma,Mohra,Tridev and Krrish which are all outright mass entertainers',a genre which he has been peeing over for the last 3 decades...hypocrisy of the pseudos evident as always!


…I agree with Anuj….there should be a default ban on movies that don’t intend to cater to 80% of population…..movies should be made with sole purpose of making money ….and if anybody is trying to do something different he/she should be subjected to mind numbing, incessant and excessive rants on any forum which allow users to comment …. He is right ….we Indians like our movies with a certain formula … you may add ½ tbspn here or there but how can some of these blasphemous directors think they can serve us something totally new ….after all it’s a question of our taste ….how can they make movies that don’t make money ….after all that Anuj’s parents have gone through to afford an English medium school, place in college debate team (where he entered in white pants mouthing “jagah chhini nahi banayi jaati hai”) and finally the assembled computer …why should others not understand ….how important money is ….in every single field of life …

Enjoyed reading your review!!!

Dedh Ishqiya serves as a much-needed breath of fresh air that comes at a time when commercial Hindi cinema seems be going through a phase of stagnation with respect to creativity. The films are cashing in on the box office but do not seem to be offering enough as far as the content is concerned.

As a multifaceted work of cinema, Dedh Ishqiya proves to be a great respite. Made in the vein of Hindi gangster films like Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) and Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster (2011), Dedh Ishqiya effortlessly transcends genres. The movie’s impeccable comic timing serves as a great means to punctuate tension as and when it builds up. The strong undercurrent of dark humor adds a whole new dimension to the movie.

Dedh Ishqiya is entertainment galore for a casual viewer, and, at the same time, it offers enough food for thought for an intelligent viewer. Highly recommended!

My full review can be read at:


Amazing prediction. Film is stagnating around ₹ 10 crores, the figure predicted by Anuj.

Hats off man, I don't know how you manage it but most of the time you are very close to final landing amount.

@Divya ha ha ha ha..hilarious!

@Murtuza thanks!


@Fan : I take that as a compliment!

@Divya : Whatever my parents might have done for me,they've definitely not taught me how to become a worthless double faced hypocritical pseudo intellectual stinking maggot who tend to like any pile of horse shit for the sake of being "intelligently different". Yeah but i do understand the frustration of u chimps though,considering that your pea sized brains can hardly get beyond your bogus obsessions of the Naseer's,Abhay Deol's and Anurag Kashyap's!


This one's a complete box office disaster. Will not even get to the final total of Ishqiya(2010),unadjusted for inflation. Once again the undeniable fact has been proven that Madhuri of 2014 is a pale shadow of her 90's self,that Vidya is a box office game-changer and most importantly worthless Naseer has had zilch popularity for the last 30 years of his over-rated and jealous life! Wish Mr. Bachchan breaks his dignified silence and puts this joker in his place once & for all.


Lolzzzzz,,,,Really enjoyed Divya’s comment alot,,,,,hats off to that comment,,,,....
Truth is that The so counted 2% audience also like to watch formula movies made by salmaan kha or our new hero of bollywood prabhu deva,,,,but the audience to watch only masala movie never like to watch movies like dedh ishqiya,,,,so our mind is beyong Naseer's,Abhay Deol's
and Anurag Kashyap's ,, but these people’s mind cant ever see beyond masala movies,,,.....


Yeah,you 2% of the chaps pay out of your pockets to watch Prabhu Deva,Rohit Shetty films and yet come online on multiple public discussion forums and crib about how lousy they are and how they take Indian cinema backwards. Hypocrisy at its mediocre best,something that i kind of expect from VB/Anurag fans. What i do not expect from u chaps is the appreciation of genuine classics like Do Bhiga Zameen,Upkar,Bandit Queen or a Nayakan which might go well above your dimwitted brains. Nor can i expect u chaps to appreciate genuine entertainers like Dabangg,Singham or an Agneepath which are true mass entertainers in the real sense. All i expect is your appreciation for dumbed down versions of what u call "intelligent cinema" like Matru Ki Bijli,Dedh Ishqiya,Lunchbox and Barfi which is neither her nor there! Ha...


Anuj - Excuse me,,,,i dont appreciate a particular type of cinema like u,,,,i appreciate good movies,,,,wether they are masala movies or they are non commercial,,,they have to be good,,,i just want that,,,,i never have said that mass entertainers should not be made,,,,like u said for for non commercial movies....for an example., singhan and agnepath are good movies and lunch box and barfi too,,,but not dabang and matru both are just average....So do comment someone else...


@Anup : Where did i mention your name in my comment aye? Itna mach mach kahe ko? Kit Kat kha mast ho ja :P ...i'v got enough experience of Bollywood films and audiences to differentiate between the genuine fans and hypocritical swines full of double standards! Give your teachings to someone else kid 'coz when u chaps actually encounter someone genuinely knowledgeable about Indian cinema,all u can do is make personal remarks in the name of sarcasm (like this dolt called Divya with some some other usual blockheads laughing like jackasses at a comment which is as juvenile as a newborn with a milk bottle in his mouth)


Oops,,,,we have an oversmart knowlagable person here(dadaji),,,,who thinks he knows everything and we are kids,,,,think m not able to understand from his comment that its for me just bcoz he hasnt mentioned my name,,,,....
Nice way to prove ur intelligence old man....But u know nothing about me,,and audience like me....U r just a person who keep.on criticising non commercial movie by writing ’not interested in watching’,,,,u r nothing more than that....


And what are u smartass? A god damn teen with a pair of snickers and burgers for a diet? The fact is that you're a dimwitted chimp whose got zilch knowledge and idea of Bollywood cinema and the various aspects of its past,present and its future. All u can do is make juvenile comments in a desperate attempt to prove your non existent intelligence and agree and "lol" like a doofus at needless comments directed at someone whom u do not have the balls to tackle or debate with!


In my 135 comments in wogma i have never said that i dont like masals.movies,,,,and u have given ur judgment that we cant appreciate singham or agneepath,,,,i dont know from where u get such thoughts,,,,and u call ur self knowlegable,,,,waow,,,,lagta hei budhape mein sathiya rahe ho.....experience ka overdose ho gayaa hei........


"we cant appreciate singham or agneepath"~we?? [comment edited for abusive language] ... toh doosro ka sahara leta hai!


Just to let this rat know,80% of my box office predictions have been spot on for the year 2013...that without watching more than half the movies released. Yeah i do have the right to claim to be more knowledgeable than some half witted nincompoop whose a fan of "intelligent quality" cinema :D


Dadaji aapke dawai khane ka time ho gayaa,,,jaiye,,,,
I never have doubted on ur predition power,,,,but look what ur condition is,,,,u r proving urself in front of a kid,,,,thats ur aukaat,,,,
and why u change ur topic whenever u dont have a reply,,,,
Atleast m not biased like u r for mass entertainers....


No that's what you call being biased. Its called calling a spade a spade even if my views do not match the worthless critics community or the 2% idiotic watchers whose only purpose of existence is to criticize commercial cinema and speak of what they term "quality cinema",of course within their extremely limited realms and definition of the term quality. A movie that does not cater to more than 90% of the audience and which is a sureshot dud courtesy its skewed economics thanks to their high headed & self obsessed makers has no purpose of existence and deserves to be panned by every section of the trade,media and viewers alike!


*that's NOT what u call being biased


Dont say that to me,,,,i dont criticise commercial.cinema ever,,,,m saying that again n again ,,,,i support both type of movies,,,,perhapes the movie should be good,,,,i dont blindly say that a movie is good bcoz it grossed more or say a movie is bad bcoz it grossed less,,,,m not atall againt commercial movies,,,,plz note that....


And i dont go blindly with critics too,,,,its not like i always like movie liked by critics and always dislike wat they dislike....(remember my comment when i appreciated bullet raja when it got watch if u have nothing to do)


Poor Anuj. He needs help.


Yes,and that's precisely the reason why i never addressed you in any of my initial comments. You're the one who's been proudly assuming that you're a part of that elite 2% club whose got taste for VB/Kashyap brand of cinema(none of my concern if u do or u don't). My initial reply was directly addressed to this person called Divya whose stopped at nothing and gotten needlessly personal for no reason whatsoever. And of course to the ever so intellectual Mrs Meeta Kabra who played party to it by giving one of her Ha ha ha and he he he nonsense (probably her only justification for he biased,one sided and now increasingly inaccurate and laboured reviews). Its only when you too began playing party to a disgusting remark in the garb of being witty that i needed to step in and address u directly!


Jai Ho review on this site : Watch if u have nothing better to do/Switch channels blah blah... :P

PS:Now that i'v premeditated her rating,she might go ahead and rate it a notch higher against her wish just like she did with the 200 cr blockbuster called Krrish-3 :D


i only say in there support bcoz there are very few people who support such movies,,,,and to say that such movies should not be made,,,,is wrong,,,,totally wrong....

ouch @Anuj! That hurt! :P Listen, I find your arguments absolutely silly and even worse repetitive, and I guess by now you all know how much I hate repetition. But, this I have to say again - please refrain from personal attacks - whether it be people from the film fraternity or other wogma readers.

As far as personal name-calling directed towards me is concerned - I find it very entertaining, so carry on. As long as it remains free of abusive language. I am sure there is a line there too, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

While I am at it, I have a genuine question though - we watch "mass entertainers" and say we don't like them and that equals to us being all the names you call us poor ol' 2% lot.

You watch "psuedo intellectual" films and want them to be banned from being made - and that is cool. Why?

If you don't watch these films and still want to be banned, I think you need a "get well soon" card wali "jaadu ki jhappi".


@Meeta:Now that's what happens when u either do not read the statement carefully or do not bother understanding them completely. I have clearly mentioned that movies catering to a minute audience yet made on a lavish scale and having huge investments riding on them serve no purpose whatsoever. Do u ever remember me saying something similar about a Paan Singh Tomar or a Fukrey or a Jolly LLB? NO,of course not since those were films having combining the perfect elements of strong content coupled with the right economics and rightly became box office winners despite being watched by the same <10% of the audience. But frankly,i do not expect self obsessed co-called critics like yourself to understand a fact as simple as that and nor do i care whether you find my arguments silly or not since "facts" are something you fake cinematic intellectuals tend to ignore at all costs.

PS:You ain't the only "critic" telling me this.Actually,i really love showing you lot your true worth when it comes to the elements of Bollywood films! And yes,i usually indeed stay AWAY from non commercial wannabe artistic films since most of them are neither entertaining nor "artistic" in the true sense (except a handful of genuine small scale entertainers like Kahaani,Aashiqui 2,Dirty Picture,Madras Cafe and Peepli Live). The fact that bunkum trash like Dedh Ishqiya and Matru struggle to cross even 25 cr is indicative of how many people watch them across India. Its a clear indication that even the multiplex audiences ain't interested in this nonsense,forget the masses. Lekin aap jaise exponential IQ waale logon ko kaun samjhaye? :P


@divya "jagah chhini nahi banai jaati hai" ROFL...
@anuj..get well soon...n hey ...dont trouble writing a tome as revert...i have stoppedreading your comment some time back


@Vishal:Beg your pardon but when exactly did i address u in any of my comments directly or indirectly? And how on earth does it matter whether u read my comments or not? I mean,where do u clowns making vague & irrelevant comments come from? Your needless comment obviously makes it clear as to who needs a doc's prescription and who doesn't!


Bakwas movie hai. No relation among various twists and turns and in the last mindless gun fighting!


Get well soon Anuj.


Well Anuj i am reading you comments for last 1-2 months and it is really enjoying and some times irritating too but leave that.
Meetu i liked your reviews but i too would say that you too are not big fan of Masala entertainers.
@Anuj just chill these are only films some may like few some may not.I one thing you are right currently Salman is the number one star but i dont like about you is calling AAmir a midget.A person is born like that man you can change looks.


there are really few movies being made in bollywood and I am really shocked that indian youth is going for yarriyan what the hell man.....
after watching the movie I felt the movieis at par, the mood and the objective behind making the movie is met satisfactorily.
it is a very well balanced and packged movie of each and every element.
anyone can say anything but the truth is if being compared between the past recent movies that re leased and some more upcoming movie that will be released in few week. ....... this movie is more worthwhile then any else. .


Get well soon Anuj...
(tumhe ab dawa ki nahi dua ki zarurat hai)


I did not want to intervene but i could not permit myself to let Anuj be taunted by the rest. Even though Anuj can perfectly take care of all pseudo intellects and couch critics, I felt it necessary to voice myself just to show that there is a silent group of people who share Anuj's view even if they might not approve his angry young man tone.

Having followed Anuj's postings the past few months i must admit that his knowledge of hindi films and box office economics and actual numbers and trends are miles better than most of the professional critics. His analysis of film to predict the total income of a film are often close to what happens in the days to come. So let's not ridicule him. The provocation, and that too a below the belt one, was launched by Divya encouraged amongst all by site admin despite it being a personal attack.

Coming to Anuj's point; why are we idolising guys who are on a loss making self pampering ride when on the other hand we do not hesitate to tear apart a Yaariyan which does not claim to be classy but at least knows how much they must invest to make a healthy profit.

Anurag Kashyap films and several others of his ilk's films , IMHO, are hyped up beyond reach by industry. And then every pseudo intellect in a social gathering with a red wine glass in one hand would drool away and say "you know I was in Barcelona the other day. And i went to see lunchbox. I must say it was a great film.". If only people would stop hyping and give honest opinions then a mediocre film maker would not make his producers lose money.


So about the movie - havnt been able to watch this yet bcoz of some personal reason but some of my frnds decided to watch this with a big group (although they dont really watch movies like dedh ishqiya mostly) just bcoz yaariyan gets some of the worst reviews(even 0 out of 5 stars in some websites)..........
And they told me that its not at all a bad movie or a movie that our generation or so called YOUTH will not like,,,,there are sufficient amount of twists and comdies and offcoarse top notch performance by actors to keep u entertain....
I havnt heard anything bad about the movie yet....the only thing to do is to give this movie a try,,,,and not to judge without watching it....
Yes it hasnt performed well in boxoffice yet,,,,but considering no big release this week and dhoom 3 have almost completed its life time m expecting that dedh ishqiya would earn some more income.....


For all interested,here is the 2013 box office roundup. You'd find the biggest hits and highest grossers on the same page!



@Fan : While i agree with you on Anurag Kashyap being self obsessed and self indulgent i do not think he's as guilty as someone like a Vishal Bharadwaj or a Sanjay Bhansali when it comes to not bothering about box office dynamics and movie economics. Anurag Kashyap films might cater to a miniscule audience but factually they're even produced at a minimal cost. Even his flops like Shaitan,No Smoking etc have at most made losses of only a couple of crores mainly 'coz they had a cost of under 10 crore. And those minute losses are compensated by his minutely profitable ventures like Dev D,Gangs Of Wasseypur(1) and Lunchbox. So by and large,he's still just there and there about despite his movies being watched by the 5-6% of the so-called "elite" sections of the audiences typically seen in the gold class ambience and at movie premiers and special screenings! Now contrast that to the likes of Bharadwaj and Bhansali (the moderately profitable Ram-Leela not withstanding) these guys make expensive extravagant films with A listers on a regular basis and yet create content catering only to the critics and the pseudo intellects! Imagine signing a Hrithik Roshan and an Aishwariya Rai and making a movie like Guzaarish. Or imagine signing up a Saif,Ajay and Kareena and creating a nasty,violent expletive filled Omkara (Kashyap made a lot more economically viable & equally acclaimed GOW with smaller actors thus cutting down the scale and costs involved). Neither do these films entertain the audiences (including the urban multiplex crowd which too has given a unanimous thumbs down to all these films) nor are they of any purpose to distributors/exhibitors (unless they intend to go bankrupt). The only purpose of their existence is win acclaim from worthless armchair critics and a few awards from an even more worthless (and perhaps corrupt too) jury.

PS : The most shocking part of this is that despite their horrendous track record there are still folk willing to invest in a VB or a SLB while genuinely profitable film-makers with a proven track record and having a good grip of audience sensibility like Mohit Suri,Sanjay Gadhvi and John Matthew Matthan struggle to find takers for their concepts! Strange are the ways of b-town.


@Anuj - Considering what u said,,,,i think bansali is now too interested in commercial ventures,,,,because u have left his projects as producers,,,,remember he produced Rowdy Rathod which is all n all commercial movie and grossed really well,,,,and his nxt produced movie will be Gabbar starring Akshay will also will be a commercial venture....
And why Ramleela is moderatly profitable according to my information (plz do correct me if my figures are wrong) Ramleela is made on a budget of 35 crore which is really good considering how beautiful the movie looks and earned 110 crores run 4 weeks which is impressive too ,,, that means it collects profit of 75 crores which is around 214 % of profit as per return on investment even more than chennai express which earned a profit of 204 % and krish 3 which only grossed profit of 109% .....
So as per return on investment Bansali is ahead of shetty and roshan.....


Hey Meetu i liked your ratings but i do believe that you are bit biased towards Masala films.
Hey @anuj i do believe that we tend to watch masala films but sometimes it gets too frustating to see the same thing over and over again and this were these niche films serve the purpose.
One thing is clear its only entertainment which works.


@Anup: You're wrong. Stop using false references like koimoi & some of the multiple blogs & BO sites being run by unreliable sources these days. Follow Komal Nahta on etc bollywood or twitter to get accurate data about film business. Ram-Leela costed its makers INR 80 cr (including P&A) and netted approximately 115 cr all India there leading to a share of around 55-60 cr. It recovered around 30 cr from non theatrical avenues like satellite rights,dvd rights etc and attained a share of around 15-20 cr from its overseas collections. Therefore on an investment of 80 cr its recovery was in the range of 100-110 cr thereby making it a Commission earner for its distributors and a Semi-Hit at the box office. Certain liberal sources have called it a Hit considering its more than expected performance at the BO but calling it a massive Hit and a hugely profitable affair is false piece of news from highly dubious sources.


Now if you're wondering why a 115 cr Krrish 3 is termed as a Super Hit and why a 12 cr Jolly LLB is only a Hit,consider the following analogy :
Total investment : 110 cr
All India nett collection : 210 cr
All India distributor share : 125 cr
Overseas collection : 50 cr
Overseas distributor share : 25 cr
Recovery from non theatrical avenues : 60 cr
TOTAL RECOVERY : 120+20+60=210 cr approx
ROI : 91% approx

Total Investment : 12 cr
All India nett collection : 30 cr
All India distributor share : 15 cr
Overseas collections+Recovery from non theatrical avenues : 4-5 cr approx
TOTAL RECOVERY : 15+5=20 cr
ROI : 66%
As you see non theatrical avenues and overseas business plays a massive role in today's market dynamics especially when it comes to big ticket films. This is what enables makers of these films to push the envelope and invest as much as possible 'coz unless the movie crashes completely (like Besharam,Boss,OUATIMD,Satyagraha etc) they're bound to at least recover their investments courtesy a lot of hype and a solid first weekend. And if the movie performs well even beyond its first weekend (like in case of Dhoom 3,Krrish 3 and Chennai Express) everyone concerned with the movie be it producers,distributors or exhibitors are bound to make huge profits.
Smaller films on the other hand rely heavily on domestic theatrical performance since their recovery from overseas and non theatrical avenues is negligible. Therefore unless the content is unanimously liked by the "target audience" and the film trends extremely well at the box office,there's little chance of them getting a HIT tag. Kahaani,Jolly LLB and Fukrey are 3 such examples of small budget films performing well purely on the basis of word of mouth and strong acceptance amongst their respective target audience. Hence these films are rightly called HITs. Then there are the likes of Dirty Picture and Aashiqui-2 which despite being produced on shoestring costs,have had a stupendous run at the box office and have ended up with astronomical profit multiples for their investors. Hence they are rightly termed as SUPER HITS/BLOCKBUSTERS which is a verdict at par with the likes of CE,K3,D3 and ETT!


*Krrish 3 investment is in the 110-115 range,values are obviously approximate estimates.


@Anuj -
ok if u r correct too,,,,but u cant deny that bansaali is concentreting on commercial projects now ,,,, with rowdy , ram leela and gabbar.....And making profit too.........
Hence he is out of the league of making non commercial movies now....

The other fact is that i sometimes have seen komal nahata gives his bollywood report on koimoi,,,,that says he is associated with koimoi....


Komal was the founder of koimoi in the year 2010 and was associated with it till April 2012 after which he left. Since then the site has been taken over by unreliable sources and have been providing inconsistent and factually incorrect data & information. The only way to follow Komal is on twitter or etcbollywood or else subscribe to his Film Information magazine which has been the most consistent and reliable trade source for the last 45 decades since the times of Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand. Even the IT dept uses that as reference on certain occasions.


*i mean 4-5 decades


Either this fan guy is anuj himself.
Or his wife / daughter / granddaughter.
Or some [comment edited for personal attack].


For all the nincompoops who consider cock & bull like Dedh Ishqiya as classics,i'd love to see the way you noobheads react to a "real" thought provoking classic like Miss Lovely. Either u retarded chimps are gonna fall asleep in 5 minutes or perhaps walk out in an even lesser duration of time. That's the true fact about u overly intelligent [comment edited to delete abusive language]!


hey guys come of it now....
enough is enough....
now stop your personal fight otherwise many of the readers will lose interest


@Anuj I completely agree with you and appreciate your knowledge on movie economics. But please try to be less aggressive. Also, what's your take on info, I usually follow that.


The only reason why boxofficeindia's relied upon is 'coz of a lack of a better alternative. Partly 'coz of Nahta's laziness in providing details of earlier films and partly 'coz of sham sites like koimoi. BOI is more of an SRK fansite than a neutral trade site (ex.Ra.1 called a HIT despite making losses for its investors). Plus it keeps manipulating verdicts and numbers of older films over and over again. their new version,Ghajini and Dabangg have been downgraded from ATBB to BB,5 years after their release(makes no sense). ALso Jodhaa Akbar was downgraded from HIT to SEMI HIT 3 years after release. BOI too is quite unreliable. I suggest u start following 2 sites by the name of "" and "". And of course,Komal Nahta on twitter and ETC bollywood! These 3 are the most reliable of the lot.


Or just follow the blog at "" Its an attempt to be the most comprehensive and detailed blog on box office verdicts and dynamics of the past,present and the future!

ehinome okojie

Considering the artistic nature of this it is a success considering the fact that it is a passion for an esoteric form of entertainment, not for toms, dicks & harrys. If producers lose money, what is that to me as long as they do not beg me.
not beg me.

@Anuj - yes, there's even room in the world for filmmakers whose taste is so individualistic that we don't get what he's going on about, which is how this film clearly struck you. It doesn't mean you have to like it - I rarely do myself - but just because producers are stupid enough to give the director money doesn't mean he's stupid enough not to take it! ;)

And sometimes, a director's annoying individualistic vision speaks to other audiences in the way it doesn't speak to the one it was originally presented to: CITIZEN KANE, for instance, was a flop when it was first released in the US, and it appears the same can be said for DIL SE.

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