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  • Dedh Ishqiya:

    …I agree with Anuj….there should be a default ban on movies that don’t intend to cater to 80% of population…..movies should be made with sole purpose of making money ….and if anybody is trying to do something different he/she should be subjected to mind numbing, incessant and excessive rants on any forum which allow users to comment …. He is right ….we Indians like our movies with a certain formula … you may add ½ tbspn here or there but how can some of these blasphemous directors think they can serve us something totally new ….after all it’s a question of our taste ….how can they make movies that don’t make money ….after all that Anuj’s parents have gone through to afford an English medium school, place in college debate team (where he entered in white pants mouthing “jagah chhini nahi banayi jaati hai”) and finally the assembled computer …why should others not understand ….how important money is ….in every single field of life …

    posted 8 years, 7 months ago