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Songs are certainly not necessary, but they have a purpose, that of entertaining. Some do just that. Some take the story forward.

Some express a situation. And then there are the ones that exist just because…these, of course, are the irritating kind.

I love songs in Hindi movies. But, when a director makes a movie without any songs, I think it’s gutsy!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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And then there are directors like Vishal Bharadwaj. He's a music director himself which definitely lends a lyrical quality to his film-making. And his songs are much above average so they are good.

I particularly loved the songs of Omkara and more so the unobtrusive and natural manner in which they appeared on-screen. They just blended with the action and helped take the story forward. The title song was just amazingly picturised, and so was the 'Naina Thug lenge' song. The two real and song-and-dance numbers, 'beedi' and 'namak' were also extremely relevant to the storyline and enjoyable to watch no doubt.

I agree its gutsy for a Hindi movie director to make movies without songs. But I feel its even more difficult to do what VB has pulled off.

Just a personal opinion.


Couldn't agree with you more about "naina thag lenge", Sunit...very rarely are songs so relevant in hindi movies these days.

A VB fan like you might consider it sacrilege if I mention Salaam-e-Ishq in the same note as Omkara, but "ya rabba" was another brilliantly picturised song


Seen the movie and liked it. Don't remember the song though. Will surely check it out.

Jawad Zaib:

songs are the backbone in bollywood movies without it the movies wont get the attention that are available to these flicks these days...


Yes, we can not think about Hindi movie without songs. If songs are ear pleasing then I wouldn't mind even if they are irrelevant.


Songs have been the integral part of the Hindi movies. But nowadays, songs aren't part of the story of a movies, I think it should change.

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