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  • Just a thought - Too many genres spoil the movie:

    Understandable if you don't like horror in general. I don't too. But some films like Sixth Sense and Shining are just too amazing to miss.

    Silence of the Lambs was nice. But only because of Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. I thought the book was far more chilling as it dwelled extensively on the psyche of the serial killer. But I guess its very rare that a movie is as good as the book. Have you read Psycho? Sure you've seen the movie. An exception to the rule of 'Don't judge a book by the movie'.

    While on the subject, Godfather I and II could be examples of good (excellent, actually) movies from books while the Bourne series was a disaster. Looking forward to Kiterunner.

    posted 13 years ago
  • Just a thought - Songs in Hindi movies:

    Seen the movie and liked it. Don't remember the song though. Will surely check it out.

    posted 13 years ago
  • Just a thought - Songs in Hindi movies:

    And then there are directors like Vishal Bharadwaj. He's a music director himself which definitely lends a lyrical quality to his film-making. And his songs are much above average so they are good.

    I particularly loved the songs of Omkara and more so the unobtrusive and natural manner in which they appeared on-screen. They just blended with the action and helped take the story forward. The title song was just amazingly picturised, and so was the 'Naina Thug lenge' song. The two real and song-and-dance numbers, 'beedi' and 'namak' were also extremely relevant to the storyline and enjoyable to watch no doubt.

    I agree its gutsy for a Hindi movie director to make movies without songs. But I feel its even more difficult to do what VB has pulled off.

    Just a personal opinion.

    posted 13 years ago
  • Just a thought - Too many genres spoil the movie:

    Why shouldn't horror movies be made at all?

    I myself am not a big fan of the genre, but there is definitely something to say about film-makers who have just totally scared the s*** out of you.

    And this does not necessarily mean gory make-up, loud sudden sounds and skeletons jumping on you of the Ramsay bros. variety.

    The best horror film I've seen is easily The Shining. The scene in which the little boy is rolling his tennis ball out of the frame and when it just suddenly rolls back... it gives me goose pimples just writing about it. Of course, the director has very cleverly established that there is no other person in the corridor pretty well for it to be so effective. I have never stayed in a hotel room without thinking of this movie ever since.

    I feel Horror, maybe more than any other genre, requires finesse to make. So when somebody can pull it off, its a much bigger credit to them.

    The only other movies that came close are Sixth Sense (if you insist on calling it Horror), The Haunting (with Liam Neeson) and maybe The Ring (only the first part). Do watch but don't watch them alone.

    posted 13 years ago
  • Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI) International Film Festival 2008 - II:

    Love world cinema and have just started watching it. Time constraints don't permit going for festivals though.

    All time favourite - Majid Majidi. I would rate Children of Heaven as the best movie that I have ever seen.

    Thanks for the names though. Will catch them whenever I can. Hopefully sooner than later.

    posted 13 years ago
  • Just a thought - Remakes:

    Agree with you on remakes. What do you think of adaptations? Especially Maqbool and Omkara of Macbeth and Othello?

    If you're interested, do check out what I think. It's on my blog.

    posted 13 years ago