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The top and bottom line of enjoying a movie is, "Expectations make or break the experience".

Now, by definition -> remakes involve comparisons -> the very base of comparisons is expectations. Add to this equation the fact that today's remakes involve Amitabh and Rekha in the originals and you have marketing doom writ all over it!!!

If you seriously think Shah Rukh or Aishwarya are going to outdo their exceptionally gifted counterparts from yesteryears, you are seriously out of your mind! Even they don't claim to be doing that. The ludicrous comparison is a pointless exercise. Then, why bother?

My message to the directors/producers of these remakes: Don't over-use the term 'remake'. For better or for worse (that's not the point), the story has to be tweaked any way, tweak it slightly more and call it a 'tribute'. You just might win more hearts this way.

My message to the audience: You will do much better by going in with a clean slate. Would you rather enjoy a movie or complain about it? See Farhan Akhtar's Don without any preconceptions, you will appreciate it much better. Blank is how I am going to watch the remakes to come.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Agree with you on remakes. What do you think of adaptations? Especially Maqbool and Omkara of Macbeth and Othello?

If you're interested, do check out what I think. It's on my blog.


Adaptations of literary work all depends on how it is done. Or for that matter a copy or a remake. While Shakalaka Boom Boom is a hideous copy of Amadeus, I quite enjoyed Bheja Fry which is supposedly a copy of a French movie called the Dinner Game. It all depends on how it is adapted to the theme in question.

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