Big B and RGV notice WOGMA’s Sarkar Raj review

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So, Ram Gopal Varma reviewed some of the reviews (especially negative ones) that Sarkar Raj got on his blog. Among many other reactions, he has also reacted to my review of Sarkar Raj!!!!

Of course, he wasn’t very happy about some of the comments and has pointed out 5 observations in particular. 2 out of which were actually positive observations, but he thought they were negative. Nevertheless, he read and reacted to them. And yours truly, obviously, clarified her take in the comment space. (It’s the fourth comment)

Now comes the really exciting bit…Mr. Varma asked Mr. Bachchan Sr. to copy-paste the same on the latter’s blog, and he obliged. So, a few lines from my blog are actually on Amitabh Bachchan’s blog!!!!!

Which could imply that THE Amitabh Bachchan actually read those five lines that I wrote!!!!!

I copied my comment from RGV’s blog here too (comment #412). Of course, in my excitement, I completely missed out on mentioning how humbling it was to know that he might have read what one of his technical staff must have copy-pasted. Yeah-yeah-yeah, dumb me!

Okay, okay! I am calming down…

A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT though - These comments by RGV and Big B, point to a WRONG WEBSITE!!! I have no clue how this works out. I have requested them to change it, but obviously seriously doubt that is going to happen.

Meanwhile, this is what Mr. Varma had to say -

Posted in
1. Twists in the climax should be accepted just because Sarkar says so.
Ans: Yes that is because he knows better than you.

2. A part from Sarkar I would like to see other characters motivations.
Ans: Remember that a film can have only a limited time and also it’s a story from Sarkar’s point of view.

3. Central Character is not consistent.
Ans: Where did he stray?

4. Abhishek’s quiet demeanor goes with sudden bursts of anger.
Ans: Without reason where?

5. It’s amazing how deglamorized Aishwarya looks?
Ans: Does that mean good or bad?

And this is what I replied -

(*** Has spoilers *** Please do not read if you intend to watch the movie ***)

Hello Mr. Varma,

I’m the second last person you mention here. For some reason, the url that has been linked to is wrong. Must be see some technical glitch or might have been plagiarized from my blog

(!!!!Spoiler warning!!!! Movie spoilers ahead!!!!)

I’d like to answer your questions raised regarding my take on your film -

1. A who-dun-it kind of a movie where the character just narrates what happened doesn’t work for me. Instead if I’m shown who did what when they were doing it (or even in flashback) I feel more involved. Also, there was no foreshadowing of Rao saahab’s intentions. It just suddenly is told by Sarkar in the last 15-30 minutes of the movie.

2. Agreed. Again, a simple narration didn’t give us Sarkar’s point of view completely. It felt like grandpa was narrating a bloody story to his grandchildren.

3. Sarkar is the guy who was absolutely shocked and moved by a stranger’s daughter being raped, that he gets the rapist killed brutally. Now, when his daughter-in-law dies he tells his son to treat it as collateral damage. O-kay, maybe he has changed between the two movies. But, when his son dies, he kills everyone involved! The middle part is where I found it inconsistent. (It gives too much of the movie away, and thus I didnt mention it in such detail in the review).

4. I never said it happens without reason. All I said was we know only one aspect of Shankar. The glimpse of humanity when he knows his wife is pregnant is too brief to make any conclusion about what he must be like. Again, I guess the movies are more about Sarkar than Shankar, so may be that’s why we don’t know more about Shankar.

5. The whole paragraph reads as follows -
“Anita (Aishwarya Rai) too has a very skimpily etched out character. Her interactions with Shankar seem extremely superfluous. I think both Aishwarya and the way her part is written are to blame for it. However, it is amazing how deglamorized she looks.”

Read in context, it means that it is good. Also, amazing is a positive word when used in the context of a personality like Aishwarya being made to look unglamorous.

I wouldn’t want to comment on why or why not some people should review movies, especially when they cannot make good movies. I don’t make movies, neither do I intend to, I am an ardent movie watcher though. The analogy I use for that usually is - not many of us know how to play cricket, but don’t we all have opinions on how Dravid or Ganguly should lead our team?

I’d really appreciate if the link could be corrected. Thank you!

Why? Why?? Why??? The wrong link…

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Tarun Chandel:

Meetu tu to star bann gayee ...

I think it is high time for people to realize that blogs actually affect people in the same way as main stream media does (even more in some cases).

And I think you have a bit of bad luck when it comes to referral; be it wrong name in the news or wrong link of site :(



Thanks Tarun!! *raising my collar*

Well, both RGV and Big B are using their own blogs to deal with the media, so I think they do understand the power. And maybe, just maybe that is why they are being verbose about reactions on blogs.

"BIT" of bad luck?!? I have had more than my share, if you ask me!! You cannot imagine how frustrated I am.


Helllloooo!!!! what is this???

Wah meetu, as tarun says "tum to star ban gayee yaar"

Keep updating the post with the latest development. :)


Thank you Shashi, Rohit!! Thank you so much!!!


Thank you Nitin G!!! This is a pleasant surprise too...

Incidentally, I got a place in RGV's post because I rubbed him the wrong side :)


Thanks Seema!


been lurking for long, had to come out of the dark and congratulate you.

you come of as being pretty impartial as opposed to other celebrity reviewers and thats the best thing.

keep the stuff coming!


Hi Meetu,

That is great - you are getting noticed by the bigwigs (saw this link on facebook). While RGV is using his blog in an interesting way to respond to critics, I do not like his approach. He seems to be responding to all criticisms with more questions and personal attacks of the critics rather than any explanations or facts. Half of his answers are more questions to the critics, which he may or may not respond to in the future.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks maxdavinci for pulling yourself out on this occasion. It is always nice to know who makes those numbers in my site stats. Also thanks for appreciating the impartiality. And as always, I'm going to try and not let my love and respect for Big B effect the way I look at his performances.

Hey Harit, well, like each person has his way of watching and evaluating a movie, so does each person have a way of approaching criticism. Again as always, to each his own.

Lol rahul! This is by far the cutest comment I've received ever. Thank you! One has to understand big words to use them, so worry not, they are not going to be used any time soon. Am trying my best to understand the language of cinema better though!


Wah Meetu ji, Badiya hai... haien!! All the best and have I already told that you are the best reviewer?


Great stuff, I like the way they reply to people.

btw RGV has posted reply to your comment on his latest post:

46. I don’t know how to play cricket but I can have an opinion on how Dravid or Ganguly should lead the team.
Ans: - Yes you are right but Dravid and Ganguly also can have an opinion of your opinion as at least they know how to play cricket better than you do.

So, Meetu Vs RGV Round 2? hehe :)



Thank you, Himanshu!

Nope, Deep. I just let it be. He has completely misunderstood what I was trying to say. I never had any problems with him having an opinion on my opinion. I was in fact thrilled! Obviously, a reviewer has to be the first one to accept criticism.

Also, it doesn't look like RGV is in the mood to discuss. So...what's the point of going back and forth?

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Thank you ji!

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