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  • What’s in the news these days?:

    Hi Meetu,

    Yes it is too much but it is required if the data is being printed in the newspaper. If it was matter of like 20K to 30K INR a month, then there is no need for research and all, even couple of lakhs a month is fine too but when the question of USD 70K comes.. i.e. around 29 Lakhs INR a month.. the research should come in place.. coz when they show some blogger earning so much a month.. there are going to be many people making decisions on what is printed in the newspaper.

    So this is going to be like showing the people the wrong information and misleading them.

    But yea, that was my take..


    posted 15 years, 9 months ago
  • What’s in the news these days?:

    One thing I did not understand, they are saying that this Jim Karter guy earned 70K USD last month.. but where is the proof? He had same kind of thing in Mumbai Blogcamp too but I don's see any reason to believe without the proof.

    And when it comes to newspapers, they should have the proof in their hand which says that the information they have received is correct.

    I would simple call this as careless journalism.


    posted 15 years, 9 months ago
  • Big B and RGV notice WOGMA’s Sarkar Raj review:

    Great stuff, I like the way they reply to people.

    btw RGV has posted reply to your comment on his latest post:

    46. I don’t know how to play cricket but I can have an opinion on how Dravid or Ganguly should lead the team.
    Ans: - Yes you are right but Dravid and Ganguly also can have an opinion of your opinion as at least they know how to play cricket better than you do.

    So, Meetu Vs RGV Round 2? hehe :)


    posted 15 years, 11 months ago