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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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Inconsistently insightful and sensible. The uneven story and sermons take away from what the film wants to say.



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Wogma Review

If you watch Ki & Ka as a film on gender equality you are very likely to be peeved off. However, if you look at it as a crusade for the “sitting at home” housewives, then it has a certain case to make. It looked like it was aiming for the former. And misses big time. Even so, if even a handful of us (not just men) took the “not just sitting around” housewives point home, it is progress. If a few of us took the “being comfortable in your skin even when you are sitting around” point home, even better.

You can see Ki & Ka counter the very points it tries to make. While you could think of the contradictions as society's struggle with accepting a change in its perception, it feels like you are giving the film too much credit. They seem more like slip-ups in the writer's thought process.

These inconsistencies are across the board - in the broader strokes Ki & Ka paints and in the way characters behave. Both Ki-a and Ka-bir go completely uncharacteristically berserk at different points in the film. The tantrums and the resolutions are jolting and seem off balance in an otherwise supposedly mature relationship. This is after accounting for the fact that they are humans - they are allowed to go out of character, once in a while.

In that sense, insecurity creeping in, even if it is at its immature best, is understandable too. It simmers well before blowing up. It is the proportion that catches you off-guard. An insight at the end of the film sums it up really well. Only, if only, it hadn't felt like a sermon.

Then there is this one other scene that beautifully sums up all that Ki & Ka wants to say. I was in awe through that scene because of what we know from real life about the actors in it. Saying any more, will give the scene away, so I leave it for you to discover even if as a stand-alone clip on YouTube some day.

The performances overall are quite in place. I am too warm with nostalgia to comment about Swaroop Sampat's performance. I'll just say this - she has a cool-yet-motherly presence about her. From scene one, where Kareena Kapoor's character does not want to dance to when she goes completely mental (even if it is out of character) she does well. In fact, you quite forget you are watching Kareena Kapoor as you are try to figure Kia out. Arjun Kapoor, as the laid back, 100% comfortable with being laid back Kabir, does well too.

These performances are good enough, to leave the inconsistencies for analysis after you have seen the film and, to watch it for what it is for now. Annoyingly enough, you take the trouble of letting go and try to be a spectator to Kia and Kabir's life to suddenly find yourself in an advertisement. What is with all the product placements! Some subtle and some not so subtle.

As jarring as they are you try to ignore them the best you can and try to grapple with this comment on the way we are. Confident go-getter Kia becomes insecure almost at the drop of a hat. And cool-cat Kabir is confident even as a man-child. Isn't this how it is? Many, if not most, women have to work hard to be secure and men are raised as confident people? Is this what Ki & Ka was getting at subtly? Was this intentional or coincidental?

Even if it was unintentional, the choice to present that insight on being human, on relationships and the one scene that is pretty much unforgettable take Ki & Ka to a likable level. Yet, every time a thick wall was built between the earner and the caretaker, I was reminded of this couple I saw with a baby recently. Everything was division of labour - I fed the baby in the morning, you do it in the evening; I put the baby to bed three days in a row, now you do it. Is that what relationships are? Two people can't do the same thing together? Both can't earn? Both can't take care of chores? Which is why Ki & Ka comes across more as a pat on the back of housewives. Much needed as that pat is - and I can't over-emphasize that - it doesn't make the film a rom-com and it certainly doesn't make it a balanced take on relationships.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: One fist fight
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A few scenes with love making and kissing
  • Concept: A jab at gender equality
  • General Look and Feel: Fresh

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 2.5
  • Story: 2.5
  • Lead Actors: 3.5
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 3.5
  • Screenplay: 3
  • Music Director: 2.5
  • Lyrics: 3

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Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl and vice versa. Marital life starts off on cloud nine. Slowly reality bites, and fancy honey coated dreams evaporate; marital bliss makes way for domestic tussles. Two hours go by, director must cut the film, and so maturity prevails and marital life continues to next domestic tussle.

Nothing new. Just by reversing roles and reminding the audience innumerable times that there is no shame if husband does household chores doesn't make it a memorable film. Take my advice and save your money by not wasting it on this bogus film.

And I still prefer the Hindi film wife and husband referring to each other in tum; the use of tu looked so cheap as if they were talking with pimps and whores. And the chaddi check karvana - how does one explain it to the child accompanying you.

The only good thing, with a full capital letters THE, was the opportunity to see chirpy Swaroop Rawal nee Sampat on screen after a long time. She was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale affair.


for the first time the review did not make sense. I mean the reviewer did not make sense.


Ever heard the concept of house husbands? Ki and Ka is about that. It tells the story of a man willing to stay home, do domestic chores, take care of parents and children etc. So far it seems to be a progressive story of sorts and in a way shows the changing times in our society.


Hahaha...yet another bogus review from a reviewer whose been more of an internet troll in recent times. Ki & Ka is a noble concept that has been shattered to pieces courtesy poor screenplay, mediocre dialogues, out of sync songs and some terrible terrible acting by the lead pair. 1.5/5 (Poor)


While the fist quarter delivered 3 memorable films in Airlift, Neerja and Kapoor & Sons, the second quarter of 2016 seems to be heading for disaster with Ki-Ka followed by the self obsessed overacting narcissist blowing his own trumpet in FAN followed by a Tiger Shroff film who perhaps is the only actor in the world who needs a body double not to perform stunts, but to act :P

nikhat fatima:

nice movie..the new generation can learn about gender equality...and most importantly that your sex does not limit you to specific works or bind you to be a bread winer

Sujata Bansod:

hi friendzzz
ki & ka is nice simple true bond of love story where they showed nice need of hour topic that man wants to become house keeper where as women is career oriented this movie gives nice message to society infact it is i could say started off frm screen N must come to our real life then life will be smooth if girls who wanna works.

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