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It is an amazingly mature film. Who would have thought that could be said about a 100% family drama?



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  • zaynslytherin: Kapoor and sons is so good fuck
  • Yugac: Kapoor & Sons is a nice gradual progression from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo/barjatya - kind family dramas #kapoorandsons #FawadKhan
  • youtubemoviestv: Kapoor and Sons Movie Review and Rating: our and out Family Entertainer #Movie News https://t.co/bGStCJNTcJ
  • yourstruly111: #kapoor and sons @karanjohar keep up the great work bringing real life gay characters to the forefront!!
  • wajih_88: Watched #kapoor&sons with @_fawadakhan_ the hero #awsum movie! https://t.co/ZVXA7ppJ0Q
  • Vidhya0211: Saw kapoor and sons yesterday. It was okayish. Couldn't stop looking at @_fawadakhan_
  • VerifiedDaru: So many people loved Kapoor and sons..somehow I thought it was okayish..anything wrong with me?
  • TNRANDOM: yeh movie beautiful kar gayi chull kapoor and sons #paisavasool
  • ThumbelinaDona: Hey, I think I can write an essay on #Kapoor&Sons. Never thought abt any film this much. Am I biased bcoz of #FawadKhan?
  • thesaurabhkr: Watched Kapoor & Sons today. Whattay Movie!
  • theasianherald: #KapoorandSons is Rocking the #BoxOffice . Here is why you must watch it https://t.co/uugn4zqept https://t.co/pQr8nGp804
  • SuperShames: Ind Vs Pak. Kapoor & Sons. A weekend decently spent. However, still no light visible at the end of tunnel. #Day14
  • sowmyarao_: I loved Kapoor and Sons. Bechdel - almost fail. Problematic - little bit. Sexist - I'm unsure Watchable if you're feminist - Yes!
  • souravcfc: Strong performances, terrible subplots. Kapoor & Sons.
  • snacksinthehall: Absolutely moved by Kapoor and Sons. What a film.
  • singh20_MONIKA: .Interesting story backed up by solid performances. Evry actor doing justic to dere role. Kapur &Sons is fantastic movie @aliaa08 @S1dharthM
  • Sineetisweeto: Finally watched kapoor And Sons.. Very refreshing story about a dysfunctional family.. Good job by @shakunbatra @karanjohar
  • sib_sibby: This was literally me last night right after my Kapoor & Sons show. I'm sure that speaks volumes about my excitement https://t.co/N4TarrdEMd
  • Sha_afz: Yayyy!!! Kapoor and sons deserve much more!!! Way to go @aliaa08 @S1dharthM @_fawadakhan_ https://t.co/hL1wgMEVXG
  • shafiqulhasan81: #KapoorAndSons is a great #Family Entertainer. Watch it. #MovieReview https://t.co/qavExucO0Q https://t.co/Jusfj4UIA6
  • screeningroom_: Movie Review: Kapoor & Sons: Kapoor & sons is a dramedy at its best, with a modern yet dysfunctional f... https://t.co/07EuN8usji #Movies
  • SamanTariq88: In other news, saw Kapoor and Sons and loved it. Fawad Khan has truly evolved as an actor.
  • RTAluvzAfridi: Kapoor and Sons is ok.
  • Rrrrohini: Kapoor and Sons had the kind of heart that reminds one of handmade greetings our younger selves sent out to parents and teachers and friends
  • rishikapoorfan: 'Kapoor & Sons' is a precious & powerful family saga... https://t.co/fhRrwj4sTj https://t.co/zveRbpgbJf
  • prashantdesleMT: 'कपूर ऐंड सन्स' मूवी रिव्यू https://t.co/68OlXyRsvx via @NavbharatTimes
  • OshinMurjani: Sid is phenomenal in Kapoor and Sons. So natural and perfect! You'll not find a single scene in which he overdoes our doesn't do at all.
  • niloy_mondal84: Great movie, must watch, Kapoor and Sons
  • naveen_shukla: ' Kapoor & sons ' is a beautiful film, love the way some of these new films are changing face of mainstream Hindi Cinema.
  • nava2022: kapoor and sons is a awesome moviel,must watch it!!!!!
  • natasha_2o1o: Finally watched Kapoor & Sons! It's freaking awesome! One of those movies where every performance is stellar. I absolutely love the
  • naiyyas: Kapoor & Sons is simply awesome. It's hilarious and has a story from which we can learn. Though wud luv 2 have a grandfather like Mr. Kapoor
  • Nadya_Zaidi: Kapoor and sons was SO beautiful and touching. It made me laugh and cry and the acting was incredible
  • mohinisharma84: CineMagik: Kapoor And Sons: Miss the moments, miss the pictures. https://t.co/kEy3IOXbpj
  • ManishNaggdev: "Kapoor & sons" Beauty it is, a must watch,loved the film to the core.
  • Madaboutmoviez: Kapoor and Sons (Since 1921): A Quick Review https://t.co/0jLs5uiiVk https://t.co/J6ICbZlTcm
  • LeMeShrewd: And yayyy. I watched Kapoor and Sons.
  • KinkarMihir: Watched Kapoor & Sons!!! @aliaa08 Was Georgious!! @S1dharthM Was Awesome..@_fawadakhan_ Was Amazing!!! @chintskap Cute @shakunbatra Congtrs
  • khalidrafiq77: 'Kapoor and Sons' Movie Review: A Melodramatic Mix of Old World and New Age - India West: India West 'Kapoor and… https://t.co/YA1bfCsfO1
  • kavyakhanna123: Just came back from kapoor and sons it was beyond amazing loved it . love ya @aliaa08 @S1dharthM @_fawadakhan_
  • jayajha: Kapoor and Sons gets a thumbs up. And no - not just because of Fawad Khan :D
  • iShripalGandhi: All movies Rishi Kapoor acted in < Kapoor and Sons! @chintskap , you rock, Sir. *tips hat*
  • infinitypai: Movie Review: Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921) - After a long time, I watched a movie immediately after its... https://t.co/1Vjg2UU2Pm
  • IndraniRay: Kapoor & Sons is a sure & solid push in the right direction for gay men in India, at many levels https://t.co/iHmVGHKjkT
  • indiantweeter: Thank you for producing Kapoor and sons @karanjohar
  • ImM3gha31: watchD Kapoor And Sons <3 <3 <3 It was an AmazinG movie :* :* Alia Bhatt you're a sweetHeart <3 Sidharth... https://t.co/5tQTOvcBNJ
  • iiiamsrkk: Kapoor and sons is one of the finest movie from @karanjohar ,every actor done a great job but Budda @chintskap stealed the show...
  • iamprasurjyo: Kapoor and sons> #my_rating 1.5/5
  • Humor_Donor: Itna to main Apni Ex se 2 saal me nahi lada jitna ye Kapoor and Sons wale 2 ghante me lade hai.
  • hemanginiamin: Grt..kapoor &sons...
  • harshgujrati1: Loved kapoor & sons. Siddharth,Alia,Fawad & especially rishi kapoor sir
  • Giasaysthat: Kapoor & sons was ok - Typical Bollywood drama with a sprinkle of modern day problems. However, Rishi Kapoor @chintskap stole the show!
  • gautideewani: Kapoor and Sons...Gotcha Whatay movie. Watched something like this after long. #Family #Drama #Emotions Can watch it anytime again!!!!
  • ganeshLieToMe: Kapoor and sons was watched weekend very average movie indeed still don't know what role alia bhat has papa not role only
  • Free_World_News: Kapoor & Sons: Your own dysfunctional family https://t.co/pXyp2JQ5RO FOLLOW @MIX_ALERT
  • FEnil_SRK: Kapoor and sons is a good movie. Grt mixture of comedy, drama and emotions. It doesn't bore @DharmaMovies @S1dharthM @aliaa08 @_fawadakhan_
  • durjoydatta: Just watched Kapoor and Sons and it was pretty darn good. Recommended.
  • DP_RK_Holic: And finally the best film of the year thus far has to be Kapoor & Sons hands down. Far better and relatable than neerja n all!
  • DJPuneet: Without a doubt #Kapoor&Sons is a must watch.! @chintskap sir I love what you do. #rauflalaturnsdadu https://t.co/beRJDiZpeN
  • Dilse_Harsh: Best Of this Year @S1dharthM @aliaa08.. Special Appreciation for #FawadKhan!! Beautiful shot and high with emotions #Kapoor&Sons.
  • DevanshuVekaria: Your movie Kapoor and sons is just awesome before the halftime of movie it was funny,romance but after it was totally emotional i loved it..
  • Deepakpal: Despite reluctance in my mind, yesterday I watched Kapoor and Sons. And it didn't disappointed me. Nice movie I must say.
  • dashingshyam: Well said..!! https://t.co/Htpf0fkRfW
  • CoolRuchir: Kapoor and sons is one of the best movies I watched till date!! It has every element a movie must have!!
  • coolgirl_hj: Kapoor & Sons.. A family drama full of emotions nd I liked it coz I love emotions nd I can very well relate wid dem, good music nd acting !!
  • chinnews365: 'Kapoor & Sons' is a precious & powerful family saga... https://t.co/K1sEfQFAsh https://t.co/O6KmC5Ml9J
  • chihanos: 'Kapoor & Sons': A Thought-Provoking Family Drama That Tugs At The Heartstrings https://t.co/hJnggAWp7y https://t.co/UmwZqzV8oc
  • catherine_likes: Kapoor and Sons was wonderful! Well written, well made, well performed :) Shakun really hit the dysfunctional family nail on the head #love
  • bolly_hollywood: Kapoor & Sons movie review: Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt’s family drama is replete with TERRIFIC https://t.co/NaPOUow3BH
  • bijuantony: Kapoor and Sons - A Dharma family that finally sheds the sugar coating. Yet the sweetness lingers! https://t.co/bdaCx9JKEe @karanjohar
  • BadmashFRQ: Kapoor and Sons: A Family Drama you should not miss https://t.co/kZEDIoWTkU #KapoorAndSons
  • AtikaRehman: Kapoor & Sons is a wonderful film - a beautiful family drama which so many can relate to
  • asmaira08: Kapoor and sons is so frkn good.
  • ArtActivistNia: Saw Kapoor and Sons tonight. Would definitely see it again.
  • anushka_ftff: I liked Kapoor and Sons Not the way I like Taken,Tanu Weds Manu and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag But like Pyaar ka Punchnama
  • ankit9doshi: By the way - I absolutely loved Kapoor and Sons. Mainly for the performances. Fawad and Rishi Kapoor favourites in it.
  • anandnama: " Despite the bitterness, affections have somehow survived. It’s difficult to hold a grudge for too long..." parent..https://t.co/TZZVj4xj4m
  • Amr1ta: Read it yet? My review of #KapoorAndSons https://t.co/hXXdIg3Veu @BizAsia https://t.co/od7m6zIMy8
  • acidithi: kapoor and sons - 10/10
  • Aaliaaslover1: Neerja took away my breadth and kapoor and sons took away my heart flims...of 2016 @aliaa08 @sonamakapoor @S1dharthM tough to select best..