I Hate Luv Storys - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?) - unless you don't mind a half-bad film
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Was there any good reason why they had to give us one more reason to cringe at love stories? Sure, I hate luv storys makes for a decent date flick, but it's not perfect and neither is it the kind of imperfect which is out and out enjoyable.



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Call me old and senile, but it did take me a long while to overcome the irritation that sms-spelt words bring. That done, I'm in a mode to just give up on an intelligent film. Just give me a decent flick, people and I'll owe you one.
Will this be the one then? I'm willing to welcome a rom-com instead of the pretentious serious films being thrown our way off late. The good news is that it is a 50-50 situation, so the expectations will be neutral.
And the feel created by the news, interviews and promos is pretty balanced too. For example the official site describes the film as

‘I hate luv storys’ is the maxim Jay lives by. But as an assistant director to Veer, the most famous romantic filmmaker of Indian Film Industry, Jay has little option but to live with larger than life, glossy, cinematic love on an everyday basis

The irony and contradiction is fairly intriguing, but as soon as you say "famous romantic filmmaker of Indian Film Industry" I cringe. Basically I'm being asked to prep myself for mockery of Bollywood. Not because I don't enjoy it, but more because it's overdone and they'll have to be real novel to entertain. I'm also being asked to be ready for some spoof material. I love spoofs, but I think it is one of the most difficult genres. It's a challenge to not fall into the same pitfall as the instance you are making a joke out of.
Add to this, the fact that this is a Dharma Production product, not to mention that director, Punit Malhotra started off as an assistant to the man himself, Karan Johar. So, you are bound to have the self-referencing. I have incriminating evidence :P -

AND the director in the film played by Samir Soni is based on Karan too. -
My character does dress up like Karan. Once Karan had come for the shoot and we were wearing identical clothes. I said, ‘Oh my god Karan, I’m you!’

BUT, in this interview, there is a ray of hope. Karan Johar is actually caught saying - I've outgrown mush. But I've not outgrown love
. Also, I'm thoroughly impressed that the promo doesn't give away anything more than the one-line premise, so the curiosity is wide open. The marketing department has found a new way of publicizing the film -
The exclusive tie-up will have a series of eight books. It will have the cover of I Hate Luv Storys and will be a story of Imran, who does not beleive in love

There is an evident attempt to be contemporary. Films like Wake Up Sid by the same manner have confirmed that the focus is on confronting the internal barriers to love, as per 3-film old actor, Imran Khan. Having been a part of the changes made in the original script, he also promisesahem…subtlety -
That is the whole point of the film…It's about making jokes on other romantic films and labeling them as corny and tacky, whilst subtly weaving a sub-plot of its own, which incidentally is a love story.

I haven't heard too many of the songs, but from whatever I did, the lyrics sounded inane and the music is yet to grow on me. But album has glowing reviews by one and all, so I'll reserve judgement till I see them in the film on July 2nd -

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