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An action romance which is less action, more romance. A little less buffoonery, a little more story. A little less Salman than we expect, a little more Katrina than we expect. Ek Tha Tiger ends up being a regular love story with a national angle and will in all likelihood be underwhelming for the fans.



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76 tweeters have given Ek Tha Tiger an average rating of 3.3/5.0(?)

47 yays
23 nays
6 so-so
  • zentiafan: Must watch guyz @kabirkhankk nice direction and brilliant hollywood type film @Ek tha tiger
  • thediva_1: Ek Tha Tiger was fantastic! I have no idea why it got so much negative feedback. Honestly, one of Salman's finest films. :)
  • teeejal: I've watched Ek Tha Tiger twice. #ilikethatmovie.
  • SwapniLMalhotrA: Saw "Ek Tha Tiger" movie today. #SalmanKhan fans must see. Typical his style & some hardcore #action » #boll http://instagr.am/p/OZ6HPIL-1u/
  • sondhi08: Just watched ek tha tiger great movie 10/10 .
  • shreejayraj: ek tha tiger hit hit. super hit
  • Shingadesachin: Ek tha tiger movie is best.
  • saumilrulez: Ek tha tiger was a full pakage with proper amt of action,romance and comedy.... Its really good...
  • Sami_Julianna: Ek tha tiger best movie ever....my favorite actors katrina kaif and salman khan..whos urs @PaulaAbdul
  • Salman_love2: Ek Tha Tiger is the film that i will watch again with my family.
  • SajidRauf: Ek tha Tiger! Superb!
  • ROCKSTAR27D: EK THA TIGER iz mindblowing, fablous movie....salman khan rockzz
  • purplemoments84: Ek tha tiger - just loved the movie
  • prettyktm: Miss Every Thing But Don't Miss TIGER SALMAN KHAN In Action. Watch EK THA TIGER...Pretty
  • premchandc: I rated Ek Tha Tiger 8/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2016894 #IMDb
  • preet_kr: Omg the action in Ek Tha Tiger was sooo hott @BeingSalmanKhan.... Ahhhhh EPIC!!!! ♥
  • pradosh_hota: "Ek Tha Tiger" - Mashaallaha!
  • pavchahal: After Dabanng this is the only Salman Khan starrer I have enjoyed! Ek Tha Tiger is definitely worth a watch! Great chemistry with Katrina 2!
  • NirjraD: ek tha tiger amazing movie..................<3<3<3
  • Nav_Chaudhry: Salman khan ...... Ek tha Tiger rocked!!!
  • MYHEARTSK: Tiger Tiger Tiger Oh my tiger @BeingSalmanKhan I Love You :-) Mwaaaaaaaaah I loved ek tha tiger Mwaaah :-)
  • littlekoolangel: I just watched Ek Tha Tiger and @beingsalmankhan was just AMAZING! :) bohot maza aya yaaaaaar
  • lalmanoher: Very nice movie ek tha tiger
  • khantigers: Ek tha tiger rockkkkkss
  • kartikajumadi: Ek Tha Tiger --» Awesome, Great Movie !! You must see it !! Two thumbs up for indian movie ☺
  • kaminijhagru: saw ek tha tiger, best hindi stunt movie.love it to the core.well done job by salman and kat
  • Kablewala: Ek Tha Tiger is big entertainment all the way. Salman's charisma works full on. Music though is weak except Sajid Wajid's Mashallah.
  • jonasforever_7: Saw Ek Tha Tiger @BeingSalmanKhan it's your best yet after Hum Saath Saath Hain of course =)
  • Jeet_sharma: Ek tha TIGER. GR8 MOVIE. I. M loving it
  • JagsKG: Our commentary probably pissed the whole cinema hall off but oh well! But loved EK THA TIGER!! @JivanMann - let's go BRAZILLLLLL!
  • i_am_shreya: Watched d movie ek tha tiger...super hit movie...I enjoyed d movie...may b coz it was starring my favorite actor Salman Khan.. :-)
  • HeartwinHR: Ek tha Tiger is rocksssss...ek dum zhaakaaaas
  • gRv17: Ek tha Tiger a superhit in disguise. . . .
  • farogh_a: 1) Saw Ek Tha Tiger today.. Story is one of a kind!! A visually stunning film with powerful performances by Salman & Katrina.. LOVED IT !!
  • dilshani_manori: Ek tha tiger great .. ppl go watch it .. da best movie ... Salman khan yu rock .. :)
  • Dabangg2_: Ek Tha Tiger 3 baar nahi dekhi toh phir kya dekha!!!!!! go and watch minimum 3 times :)
  • bollywood_forum: New Thread: Ek Tha Tiger is paisa vasool entertainer! http://dlvr.it/216d5d #bollywood
  • BollyBrit: Ek Tha Tiger totally rocked. A bit far fetched but Salman was suitably restrained and Katrina was good too. An eminently watchable film.
  • arvindsrk: ek tha tiger is a clean film!! wid a little draggin firsthalf..watch it as a movie not as a salman khan movie..ull enjoy it !!
  • anubhavsoni17: Ek tha tiger is best movie and salman khan is the best:::
  • Angel_Shah5: EK THA TIGER was SUPER!!! .. Loved it
  • amitkukreja7: The best film of the year ek tha tiger l love action of these film i like salman & katrina jodi
  • AmanpreetD: loved Ek Tha Tiger another wonderful movie @BeingSalmanKhan
  • AlishbaSingh: Ek Tha Tiger wit my daddy :) <3 #ILoveMyDaddy #BondingTime #Fun #GoodMovie
  • akshata2488: Ek Tha Tiger....Awesome Movie...Salman Khan Roxx...
  • adityadev47: Ek tha tiger is sooper dooper hit and boom bastic film
  • xemram: Damn Whats with every person that saw Ek tha Tiger thinking its a super hit. I mean the movie was good….but it could've been way better
  • vikashs14166219: ek tha tiger is time pass movie
  • MathurKanikaa: 'Ek Tha Tiger' is like any other Salman Khan movie. The only good thing was nice locations. Very average movie.
  • gohilgirish: Watched ek tha tiger....its an average movie.... could have been better....kat looking gorgeous
  • AshokaHolla: I cd spot bits & pieces of 'Bourne Identity', 'From Paris with love' in 'Ek Tha Tiger'...The film isn't bad but not good either...
  • amathur_: So ek tha tiger was okayish but the interval session was most important with amazing snacks and drinks. #ekthatiger http://twitter.com/amathur_/status/236204715438915584/photo/1
  • Tanuj_tj: Dear Salmaan sir ... Being human u shud send me my all money back which were spent on Ek tha tiger Tickets !!!
  • SudhirU: Questions troubling mankind: Is heaven for real? Will Curiosity find life on Mars? and how on earth Ek Tha Tiger can be a super hit movie?
  • soyeb_patel: THANK GOD :)) Ek Tha Tiger. so there is no sequel!
  • singhcd: Ek Tha Tiger -(Cont.)2.D film is a sub-par product frm Kabir Khan(director) as its less intelligent dan his earlier efforts,while its (cont)
  • Shivrajshibu: ek tha tiger ....expected alot.... but it fel short ..
  • sawrin7: Ek tha tiger---- wat a disappointment
  • rrege1203: Ek tha tiger is such a fucked up movie. You are brain dead within the first 10 mins of the running time.
  • nikhild40: Ek Tha Tiger was a dumb movie @IndianProbz #indianprobz
  • mujjufraaz: ek tha tiger is bakwas film
  • karthikforlife: Finally, pak did something sensible. Pak censor board 'bans' Salman's Ek Tha Tiger http://toi.in/3Q8PWZ
  • jumsumhena: Thank GOD that SRK rejected Ek Tha Tiger. what a pathetic excuse for a film but its right up lallu's street. mindless bheja fry material
  • jreshu: Ek Tha Tiger bonkus :'(
  • iamAVJ: Better watch GOW2 than ek tha tiger... Faltu movie..
  • GunnerVini: Ek Tha Tiger. LOL. #Waste
  • GautamDev: Statistics show that every year brings a great movie. Every decade a great musical. And every week some crap like Jism2 and Ek Tha Tiger.
  • Desiigirl8: I still can't get over the fact that Ek Tha Tiger got 32 crore...#ughhhhh
  • DailyDominic: Ek Tha Tiger !! Hurry up and go extinct so there is no sequel!
  • bikrchoudhary: ek tha tiger boaring movie.... :((
  • Ashok_speaks: Ek tha tiger, Kidhar, we tried to figure, No seeti, No thod-phod, Par picture kamaayegaa sou karod! - Morning time pass!
  • AshokSasidharan: Watched 'Ek Tha Tiger' tonite..Went in expecting a fast paced action/comedy but turned out to be more of a dull romantic story #EkThaTiger
  • AliAfgun: Ek Tha Tiger is a sick film (y)
  • abbas_haiderr: So cool and wise of Pakistan to ban Ek Tha Tiger in their country. Unlucky us.