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An action romance which is less action, more romance. A little less buffoonery, a little more story. A little less Salman than we expect, a little more Katrina than we expect. Ek Tha Tiger ends up being a regular love story with a national angle and will in all likelihood be underwhelming for the fans.



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12 readers have given Ek Tha Tiger an average rating of 3/5.0.
6 yays
4 nays
2 so-so
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by New Punjabi Movies: This is good
  • Not Interested in Watching by TimELiebe: Why does Salman Khan have a career again? Katrina Kaif is, as always, stunning....
  • Not Interested in Watching by Rahul:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Indiaviolet: Watchable and thrilling
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Jake: Even the keen, wait for DVD
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by LiL:
  • So-So by guddu: There will be Tigers
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by MoviezAdda: Ek Tha Tiger Review: It’s a Blockbuster Movie!
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by virendra: Lovely , full on masala & entertaining movie
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by jitaditya: Typical Bollywood puppy love masquerading as a espionage thriller...
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Salim Qureshi: How can this movie be a superhit? maybe the answer is salman khan but how can sum1 like this movie?
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by gabbar singh: very enjoyable go watch it
  • So-So by silvan: So-So
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Suman: