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Chashme Baddoor is loud (like that's a surprise!), shamelessly mind-numbing, and exceeds your expectations at being miles away from logical. Bad performances, awful one-liners, ridiculously thoughtless situations make it even worse.



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'dum hai boss' goes Seema (Tapsee Pannu) every time Sid (Ali Zafar) woos her with cheesiest of lines. This is just after Seema claims she needs something extra to be wooed. All you can say is 'dumb hai boss'. After this happens a few times, you realise that that's what David Dhawan thinks of his audience. Dumb, of course, not 'dum'!

Chashme Baddoor makes you wonder how low story ranks in this filmmakers' priorities. Situations pop out of nowhere. Even for a "mindless" script, a couple of scenes are outside reason - like a twist in the Joseph-Josephine track or people landing up in jail to arrive at a convoluted plot point. These make the film even more annoying.

Well, the frustration begins from scene one with absolutely painful performances. From Siddharth's over-zealous gestures to Ali Zafar's pretentious dialogue delivery to Tapsee Pannu's cute-yet-flat portrayal of Seema as the film's center of attention - it is one assault on your ears after another. Then again Tapsee Pannu needs another role for an opinion to made about her talent. Divyendu Sharma makes the most out of the supposedly funny lines he is given with some decent timing. Anupam Kher and Bharti Achrekar get to make a fool out of themselves once again. I'd have liked to say that Rishi Kapoor and Lilette Dubey are the saving grace of the film but that would imply that the film has some grace, so let's that be.

I don't know if the performances or the dialogues are more frustrating. The general concept of 'comedy' or 'entertainment' is very lame, making it difficult to believe, how low the standard of humor is. And this is despite rock-bottom expectations.

Shouldn't slapping, as a mechanism to make people laugh, have been out of fashion in the 50s? Scampering, in fast-forward was funny when Charlie Chaplin did it for the first few times. And pun stops being smart use of words at age 10. Even the silliest of silly comedies from the leave-your-brains-behind genre should have gone beyond these done-to-death tools of making its audience laugh. Oh yeah, and their first cousins, toilet and sexual humor. Needless to say, David Dhawan's Chashme Baddoor has the lowest possible form of gags in each of the above categories. Having the likes of Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor mouth them makes me want to cry. More so because they try to spoof Sholay's mausiji sequence or enact a SMS forward take on Chak De! India's 'sattar minute'.

For the sake of completeness, I have to mention the original Chashme Buddoor. Chashme Baddoor chooses to completely ignore all that was good about Chashme Buddoor - the simplicity and the satire. Instead, it goes on to make what was bad, worse. For example, the climax is made even more implausible.

Amidst this then, it is interesting that there was some attempt at being different in the way the songs were shot. They are loud and are far from melodious, as expected. But some smart editing and camerawork makes them stand out in this otherwise thoughtless execution. Other than that though, there isn't much they could do. After all, Chashme Buddoor had music from the pre-70s to pay tribute to, whereas yesteryears for current films is the 90s.

It is difficult to decide if my urge to cry was more because of the silly lines or because some part of the audience was enjoying it whole-heartedly. Some silliness is just so bad that it makes you laugh, Chashme Baddoor's brand of stupidity doesn't even fall in that category.

"What else did you expect?" Is a question I have no answer to. What I was thinking while drifting away from the films abysmal comedy though, was this - last week's Himmatwala fell pretty much flat on its face. What will the David Dhawans and Sajid Khans of the world do when in a few years the audience starts wholeheartedly rejecting brainless entertainment?

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots of slapping around.
  • Language: More or less free of abusive language
  • Nudity & Sexual content: No explicit content as such. Kisses are graded without any actual show of kisses on screen. Eve-teasing and disrespectful attitude towards women.
  • Concept: A slight hint towards friendship but nothing is taken too seriously.
  • General Look and Feel: Loud and garish.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 0
  • Story: 0.5
  • Lead Actors: 0.5
  • Character Artists: 0
  • Dialogues: 0
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 1.5
  • Lyrics: 1

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Very prejudiced and stupid preview. Only because you didn't like the trailer/songs for some reason, you thought none did. Let my comment be displayed and you'll see how this movie will be a super hit.

Dattaprasad Godbole:

@Anand: If for nothing else, at least appreciate meetu for her tolerance.


@Anand Your comment will certainly be displayed. Rest, time will tell...

@Dattaprasad your appreciation is much appreciated.

Dattaprasad Godbole:

@Meetu: The objectification of women in older chashme baddoor missed me... can you elaborate a bit on it (of course, without giving the movie away :D)


@Dattaprasad being called 'shikaar', for instance. :)


Thank you very much for the excellent review. Wasnt even aware of this fantastic website!

Having looked at the teasers and the loud treatment to the classic, I was quite sure I wont be the one to watch it.

Excellent review by the way. One of the best I have ever read.


Why do you review such crazy comedies since you are completely against the genre? This is visible from your every review. Instead of accepting the genre and reviewing it from the point of view of the target audience, you are always seen jotting down your personal hatred against such genre of movies. Hence, all crazy comedies get bad reviews on Wogma just because you personally hate such genre of movies.

The basic thing for every reviewer is to watch it from the point of view of the target audience.


Meetu , It was expected to be a trash, no need of further analysis of the film .:)


@Rohwit Thank you! Do come back for more...

@Keyur If only the target audience were one person. I would be claiming to be super human, if I claimed that I can watch a film from a point of view that I can tell how a group of people will react to a film. One person at a time, I can recommend or not, depending on what I know about that person's taste in films, but to say that I can watch a film like lakhs of people is ...

Like I say here always, my hope is that my reviews tell you what I liked/didn't like and why and depend on your taste you can take a call. For example, a reader can tell from this review that I didn't like the film because I found it loud and slapsticky. Now, that reader might like loud and slapsticky, so they can decide to go for the film. I think that's how a review serves its readers rather than saying, my opinion should be your opinion too.

@guddu that is one way of looking at it. Did you watch it?


@Meetu: completely agree with your views on this one. I too feel, its time we should tell some movie-makers that we are much smarter than they think.

@Keyur: I don't think Meetu gave this one a bad review because she does not like the genre. I think the point here is simple, the film is either good or bad, the story/performances are either gripping or haywire. And trust me my friend, this one is hell bad, so would probably be Himmatwala remake. I saw this because I am a fan of the original Chashme Baddoor but now I feel that watching the older version again would have been a better choice.
I too am not a huge fan of slapstick cinema but liked Delhi Belly (you might want to see Meetu's review of the film - Please forgive me for my limited technical knowledge of movies if they both do not fall in the same genre.


@Mahaveer Thank you! :D I guess there is a way to make crass look good too. Also, it works the first time or even first few times you have seen it. Just seeing the same old tricks again and again makes it tiring.


a very bad review.


Most of times your reviews @Meetu are pretty much in line with how I feel about the movie but for a change I don't agree to your rating for this movie.

In my PERSONAL opinion it wasn't a bad movie especially considering last fewDavid Dhawan movies. I had gone to watch the movie without thinking that it had anything to do with the original and I think that's made a difference in thinking.

I was sitting, getting bored at home and a friend suggested to join him for the movie and in that state of mind I would say it was a 3/5 movie i.e a decent time-pass :)

For me the biggest minus was Ali Zafar.

All said and done I would continue to be your avid reader.


I dont know in which era david dhawan was living,,,,he is still 10 - 15 years behind,,,,when people use to laugh on govinda's overacting,,,,
Everybody knows what disaster have david dhawan done by making rascal ,, and guess what he have done it again with this one


"Shouldn't slapping, as a mechanism to make people laugh, have been out of fashion in the 50s?"~Apparently NO....No wonder films like Golmaal,Housefull and now Chashme Badoor are all box office hits!


The David Dhawan's and Sajid Khan's of Indian Cinema are her to stay....unfortunately the young brigade seems to be taking a liking to trash like Housefull,Dhamaal,Golmaal and Chashme Badoor kinda cinema.


@Nauty :D

@Anil I have always maintained a significant part of how you enjoy a film depends on how you've seen it - in what frame of mind you were, who was with you and so on. And thank you for your continued patronage. The point is never to always agree, right?

@Anup yep!

@Anuj :( But hopefully they will also like the not-Housefull, etc kinda cinema. That will be enough as a starter.


I saw the original and found it superb but this was more loud and OTT
Obviously trying to make a film for today's audiences
Movie has several funny jokes though often it resorts to typical scenarios of today's comedies
I liked Ali Zafar's acting, Siddharth and Divyendu were superb too
Tapsee was dumb, but i liked Rishi Kapoor and Lillete's acting


How I wish; I had read this review before watching the horrible remake of the innocent cult classic from yesteryear.

David Dhawan does what he does the best, make dumb movie and expect, his loyal fans to put up with it.

Thanks for the site. I am sure I will frequent this more often in the future.

kareena lamba:

I saw this movie at wave cinema and to my shock it was a good hilarious movie. The character of omi was the best. Highly recommended for david dhawan fans.

Keyur Seta:

@ Meetu.
You haven't got my point. Target audience is not one person but a group of people who like a particular genre of films. So if you are reviewing a crazy comedy, you should watch it from their point of view by keeping your personal hatred towards that genre away. I am saying this not just for this review of yours, but every review of the crazy comedies that you have written since long. This is not at all about my opinion matching yours. You are just not getting this simple point.

Keyur Seta:

@ Mahaveer - My comment was not based on this simple review. It's based on every review of crazy comedies that she has written since long. Have read all of her. This is not at all about my view matching hers or yours.


@Keyur Who makes a group? Individuals. Me claiming to know the taste of one person or a group would be ridiculous, because it is not possible. Hope this article helps -


What constitutes "good" or "bad" cinema is not for u,me or any other individual to decide lady...I have no right to trash someone's views even if he goes to extent of saying that RGV Ki Aag is a better movie than Sholay!


@Anuj You got me wrong. We can trash his views, but do we have to trash him, completely? Has his comment made all his performances not worth watching. Again, you have a right to feel that way. It is a struggle to maintain the distinction. I know because I have to try very hard in RGV's case. :D

(referring to comment on Naseeruddin Shah's comment on Sholay on the Sona Spa review)


@Meetu : I was talking with the point of view of a general viewer. As for Naseer Saab i seriously think he needs to shut up and maintain some dignity especially considering that he's an immensely respected actor (among the top 5 ever in Indian cinema imo).

P.S. : RGV is the same man who gave us Shiva,Rangeela,Satya,Company and Sarkar....kindly give some respect :P


@Anuj Exactly what I am saying...I do try my best to give RGV's films a fair chance, even if my heart is not in it. :D

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