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  • Isi life mein:

    @meetu it would suit me because that is where I am headed - towards an ideal world. On the surface, a predictable routinized existence may seem boring, but it serves as a fantastic platform to dive into the inner world :-)

    All other reviews elsewhere on the internet were negative, but I did see sparks of some positive parts in your lines, so I'll mostly go see it soon.

    posted 12 years, 5 months ago
  • Isi life mein:

    I havent seen the movie yet, but reading your review, I cant help commenting a little. Its true, that there is a huge gap between the generation born after 1986 and before.
    Me being part of the former, I am indeed very trad - though that was not always the case, when I lived in California. The change came about after yoga entered my life.
    I'll just say that one need not ape american culture - and just because they say its ok, we say its fine too (eg, pre-marital flings, cussing, live-ins, etc)
    From your point of view, you'd find a yoga way of life very boring and subdued indeed! :)
    I am tempted to go just for the sake of checking out their portrayal of trad in modern life.
    If I do go to see the movie, will comment further later.

    posted 12 years, 5 months ago