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  • Ek: Nay! Thumbs Down: bad over-hyped movie, much publicity ,marketing done to attract audience so they earn money


  • Ek:

    Mujhet merey paisey waapas chahiye , bhungi film hai kaash mai isay dekhney nahi jata aur isay cd ya TV par dekh leta can I get my money back , very bad movie , at-least special effect should be good but it also disappointed me, very bad movie I want my money back , its too much hyped , (khoda pahaad nikili moongi) I regret why didn't I wait to get on TV or watched it on CD as it is not Adult movie it will be definetly aired=EF=BB=BF on TV without any cuts, better I would have watched GOW 2 (gang of wasseupur 2)again, its thakela movie needs Revital ( salmaan khaan in revital avertisement).

    posted 11 years, 11 months ago