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  • Mumbai Meri Jaan:

    To start-off let me just first tell you that a movie could possibly have a good cinematography, nice story, and even a few good dialogues accompanied with a pleasingly nice backdrop as standalone; but it’s really rare to have them all at one place and tickling that good movie chemical reaction in a bollywood style…yup that’s really rare…but amidst all oddities a small gang of actors made our lethargic, numb, dead soul fire on ire to become belligerent against serial bomb blasts.

    I cannot withhold myself but praise the actors you name any, say it Paresh Rawal, Menon, Irfan, Madhavan or Soha or even seemingly oblivious Vijay Maurya. One could really admire the depth the director has in the understanding of the human emotions. it wasn’t just someone crying beating his chest but even the subtle emotions were very precariously handled. This movie really gave us a break from the series of routine sleazy flicks. This is more of a documentary just because it contains some heavy, serious issues or else it contains all of the enigmatic charm of a great movie.

    But the real worthy candidate worth praise is definitely the writer who brings forth to us different characters from downtrodden to well-off, from utopian school of thought to the bohemian, from police to media; and the series of events and psychological changes which gets kick started as aftermath of these crisis. The only scope of improvement was that the actual bomb blast could have been more visual but perhaps that too was done deliberately as the theme of the movie was to show not the obvious but the emotions and cries which other wise would have unheard-of. Again Paresh truly enthralled us with complex blend of deep thoughts amalgamated in humour and the way he passed on the messages of witholding the inter-religious confronts and to take onto the hardships of life to do something worthwhile before dying.

    This movie surely could if not “would”, amass amazing amount of moolah but if it fails then it’s surely to blame onto the lack of publicity and not the movie making. Hands-off from my side to the team.

    posted 15 years, 9 months ago